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She was a loner, always had been but then again so was his weird way.

But she had grown up on the streets, fighting for her life...fighting for her life. For food, for drink. She had no family, didn't need one all she needed was her Spirit.

He was a spolit brat who hadn't a clue what the real world was like. All he cared about was his damn family pride. He needed didn't know what it was like to be hungry, to be strong. He thought he had it bad...maybe his dad was a scarey evil dude, maybe he was huge, but she, she was alone from the start.

Been on the streets since she was 6, been with the Aura since she was7. She was a shaman, she was trained on the streets by a gang in central Tokyo, a shaman gang. He lived in a huge flat in a skyscraper in the best part of Tyoko, she in a tiny apartment aobve the pool hall she rented out living off the money she won in the poolhall itself.

His name was Tao Ren, the Tao heir, she was called Tuara, Tuara Shadow. No one knew her real last name, not even her but...she knew one thing. She was going to Patch and she was proving, she could win.

They first met the day he came to Tokyo. She sat up on a telephone pole and watched him feeling strong mana.

Then...he just turned around and stared at her right in the eyes. Even from her distance she could see he did not being spied on, his arrogence and his pain. It was hidden well but it was there...deep down. He was in pain, the pain of being alone and god she knew it well.

She sighed and took a swig of her drink.

One one touched her in the pool hall, they knew better she was the onwers girl special friend who lived above the hall.

She smirked, she remembered his anger she had beaten him two wins was all she needed to get into the second round, she did and he had to win the next match or he was out.

That was two weeks ago, she had heard he was now facing the Asakura heir Yoh Asakura. He had a battle ahead she was sure. She didn't like the Asakura's, their line were full of shaman that pissed her off, how strong they were, how great they were, they were pampered brats who were born with the silver spoonv in their mouths, she hoped they'd choke on it.

"Lady, what are you thinking?" Her spirit ally asked.

"Nothing really Aura, just wondering what happened to the brat." She said sighing.

"Yes, I am too wondering about Bason, he was,...such a fighter." Her spirit said.

"Your such a sap Aura." She chuckled ddraining her drink laughing at her air, ice and water goddess worshipped by the people of one of the islands near Japan.

Her long black hair was tied in a very low pony tail, dressed in a pale blue kimono a big slit up the right leg.

"I resent that." She huffed.

But seriously I wonder what he's up too...


"I don't understand Ren wha tdo you mean you need a trainer, yu have one!" Jun excailmed.

Her brother growled. "Because nee-chan, I do not have a trainer who is street wise and strong, I need someone stronger then me to train me, not someone I can slam to the floor without trying...I need I never thought I'd say this but I need..." He flinched.

"I need Tuara Shadow." He finally said.

Jun started to laugh. "The street rat!" She gasped.

"The street rat, that beat me. The street rat wih something against the Asakuras the street rat whose control over her mana was...amazing." Ren pointed out.

"But, where can we find her..." Jun sighed.

"The Tuki pool hall, she lives above it." Bason said appearing beside Ren.

"Wiat how do you this?" Jun frowned.

"Um...uh..." He blushed.

"Never mind that, I am going to go talk to her." He said pulling on his coat and leaving his sister alone.


He finally found the place walking in he made his way to the bar in the corner of the smoke filled hall.

"I'm looking for Tuara Shadow." He said.

"Hugh, not many visitors for her lately...last table down the end, can't miss her." He said then handed him a glass.

"Bring this down to her, tell her Smoke bought it for her." He said.

Rn raised two eyebrows glared at the man and carried the glass down o the table.

She was playing pool with a middle aged man she was winning from what he saw.

"Oh lookie here it's the Tao Brat, that for me?" She asked turning to face him and he took in her day to day clothes.

A long seelves black crop top that laced up the back by a white ribbon. A pair of black skinny jeans, her orcale bell was on her right arm. Black sunglasses up in her hair.

He nodded she took it and drained it.

"Smoke I'm guessing?" She said slamming it down on the table next to the pool table itself. The man she was laying was getting annoyed.

"Yes, look Shadow I need to talk to you." He said corssing his arms.

"Fine. You leave." She said to the man.

"Hey what..."

"GET LOST!" She yelled at him.

"Fine...but I'm keeping the money!" He growled taking the money off the table.

"Fine!" He took the money and left.

"Now, what you want, brat." She asked leaning against the wall.

"I need you to train me."

Her eyes widdened then narrowed.

"Why?" She asked.

"Your strong, as much as I hate to admit it...and...I need a trainer whose street smart as well as strong,your perfect, I'll pay you." He offered.

"Your facing the Asakura dope aren't you?" She said.

"I the way what's your pprobelm with the Asakuras..." He asked.

"Lets not go there, okay, your strong already, but your not wise, your tough and good mana, you'll do anything to get what you want, your bloodthristy...and hopefully you pay well. But, there's a few things we gotta go through." She said.

"Fine." He growled, she was very annoying, she better make him stronger or his qwan deo was going through her stomach...

"I need a better place to stay, I love it here but come on a 14 year old girl in the worst neighbourhood in town in a poolhall, come on...I'm not gonna last much longer am I? Don't answer that. And next, if you become Shaman King I want...a safe pass. If you go on a killling spree I want you to leave me out of it and I want your word." She told him he was surprised they weren't hard to grant.

"You have my when do we start?" He asked.

"Are you sureyou want to do this?" She said.


"You know I will push you past your limits." She said.

"I know."

"And I'll make you bleed, you wont get to stop until you bleed."

He nodded.

"There's a chance I can kill you."

"I know dammit! Just yes or no, will you help me!" He yelled.

"Sure, could be fun, you never know!" She smiled.

"Tomorrow six, my place I'll send a car." He said.

"Fine. I can't wait...Ren." She said letting his name roll out on her tongue.

"Bye...Tuara." He nodded.

He felt her smirk.

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