Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Those words hung heavy in Peeta's head as he sat on his bed. Katniss was in her own room, away from him. She'd volunteered in place of her sister. No one stood up for him when his name was called. Why would they? No one cared about him..

Effie had left him clothes for bed, but he didn't choose to wear them, staying in a loose greet shirt and brown pants. He couldn't sleep. Could anyone?

"Hey." Katniss walked in slowly, dressed in the clothes Effie had left her to sleep in. "You okay?"

"Can't sleep."

"Yeah.. me, either." Katniss moved to sit beside her fellow tribute. "Thinking about training tomorrow?"

"Why did you stand up and volunteer for Prim?" Peeta asked suddenly.

"Be.. cause she's my sister. She wouldn't have survived the Hunter Games. I wasn't going to let her compete in them. I care about her."

Peeta was quiet for a minute. "Night, Katniss."


Peeta was left alone as he laid in bed, eyes open as he looked at the wall. I wish someone would care about me..


Training was the next day. Peeta and Katniss were dressed in identical outfits in black, red, and gray with matching '12' on their chests and shoulders. Katniss was avoiding the archery range like Haymitch told her to. Peeta didn't really know what to do himself. He was.. the loose end, almost. Something no one saw as a threat or problem.

There was a tribute who caught his eye. Cato. The District 2 tribute. A Career. He was throwing knives at a dummy, hitting the mark with every throw. Impressive..

"Hey, pay attention."

Haymitch turned Peeta's attention back to him. "Now, no one's gonna see you two as threats. More like.. targets. Easy kills. Katniss, you're a decent shooter." Better than decent. "Peeta, what can you do?"

"He can lift a 100 pound bag of flour over his head," Katniss offered.

"I really doubt I'll be able t kill someone with a bag of flour," Peeta muttered under his breath. He walked away when Haymitch put all attention on Katness, heading to the camouflage station. He could feel eyes on him as he started painting his arm like the tree behind him. Looking up, he could see Cato watching him from where he stood with the other Careers. Peeta could feel his cheeks burn a bit as he looked back down.

Well.. Cato was.. handsome. Strong. A Career tribute from District 2. Volunteered because he was confident enough that he had the skills to be the victor of the Hunger Games. Peeta tried to ignore the glances from the blonde as he went through the various stations in the day.

"Hey, 12!"

Peeta lookd up. Cato was standing in front of one of the mats used for wrestling. "I need a partner." Peeta looked around. Katniss was nowhere around, he was the only 12.

"Why me?"

Cato smirked, looking a bit smug in his actions. "I don't want to tire myself out."

Peeta slowly walked over, walking onto the mat with Cato. He was nervous, to say the least. Cato had been trained to do things like this since a young age. Peeta was just a baker's son. No training at all.

Cato smirked again, starting to wrestle with Peeta. The District 12 tribute had no chance. He soon found himself pinned under Cato, the Career on top of him and pinning his wrists with one hand and holding the blade of a knife to his throat with the other. "Poor little 12.. "


Cato's gaze faltered a bit. "What?"

"Peeta. My name is Peeta. Not 12, not hey you. Peeta."

"Peeta.. My name is Cato." Not that anyone didn't know that already. Cato's body was so close to Peeta's.. He could feel the heat of the Career's body.. There was a light twitching in his pants.. and it didn't escape Cato's notice.

The Career smirked, hand lowering the knife and brushing over the small tent in his pants. "Am I getting you hot, Peeta.. " he whispered. No one was anywhere near them. No one was watching, paying attention, or listening.

Peeta bit his lower lip, trying to keep quiet. Cato's hand moved again over the bulge in his pants, rubbing a bit. "Nn.. C.. Cato.. " he couldn't help but groan out softly.

Cato grinned at the groan, leaning down until his mouth was hovering over Peeta's. "You're pretty cute, Peeta.. " he whispered. "For a District 12 minter.. "

"I-I'm not a miner. I'm a baker's son.. " Like it was really any better.

"Mm.. Sweet.. " Cato practically purred, brushing his lips over Peeta's. "Baker's boy.. " Peeta's face grew red at the sudden kiss. "Where are you staying?"

"F-Floor 12.. "

Cato smirked again, getting off of Peeta and walking away suddenly. Peeta just stared up at the ceiling, stunned at the actions of a District 2 Career to a District 12 tribute.


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