Warning: Language. Alternate Universe. Cheesy humor. Mentions of Sex.

Pairings: Suzaku x Lelouch. All others that occur are either not important or short-lived.


III: Who Know Each Other So Well

"You've used my books for the last two weeks Suzaku. Two. I thought you were going to buy your own?" Stormy violet eyes glared at the brunet smiling sheepishly.

"About that… Between the student council, swim team, and homework, I've been too busy and too tired to do anything else. But that's why I'm here today. We can go get my books and I'll take you out to dinner. What d'ya say?" Suzaku shifted from leg to leg as he stared at Lelouch with pleading olive green irises.

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning and the first day since the school year began that he and Suzaku would be able to hang out- just the two of them. Lelouch did miss the freedom that spending quality time with his best friend brought him. It also felt odd that there'd been a hiatus in the time they spent together after being around one another every day throughout the summer…

"Fine, but you're paying." Lelouch grabbed his jacket from the rack beside the door before he stepped outside.

Suzaku's smile was that of a winner. "I know, I know." His smile was ever present as he walked beside Lelouch, the wind rustling their hair.

The last two weeks had been hectic and he was glad to finally have a break. He didn't know that being captain of the swim team would require so much work and paring that with Milly's student council whims… he was lucky if he had enough time to do his homework. Suzaku ran a hand through his thick brown hair as he glanced at Lelouch from the corner of his eye. It was nice to enjoy the boy's company within a group setting but he did enjoy the time that they had to themselves. Lelouch wasn't guarded around him nor did he have to force himself to enjoy things that he really didn't.

Suzaku liked Lelouch Lamperouge, vice president of the student council, modest genius, and sweet talker but he liked Lelouch Vi Britannia far more. The prince was more entertaining than the common noble who sought to dissuade everyone from his true identity.

"Do you want to hear something funny?"

Suzaku glanced at Lelouch's amused face. "What's that?"

"Cee-Cee thinks that it'd be a good idea to have hate sex with you." He chuckled at the look on Suzaku's face.

"God no… and for so many reasons." Why she would even consider such a thing was besides Suzaku. On the other hand, he'd delved into the realms of angry sex before and it was good- really good. But with Cee-Cee… Never.

Apart from the fact that she was Lelouch's on-again/off-again fling, his personality clashed with hers entirely. She was too blunt, too outspoken, and she didn't know when enough was enough. Suzaku had attempted (in the beginning) to break bread with her because she was one of few people who seemed to understand and accept Lelouch for all that he was. But her personality was, in his opinion, atrocious. Cee-Cee flaunted her beauty and was in no way modest. Not only that, her sarcasm, intellect, and wit were on par with Lelouch's and that was something that she tended to turn against Suzaku.

Apparently, it brought her great amusement whenever she attempted to figure out why Lelouch was friends with someone such as Suzaku seeing as they were so different. But Suzaku didn't need to hear that from her. He'd wondered such a thing since he was old enough to see that there were glaring differences in their personalities. He would attempt to comfort himself with the thought that opposites attracted, like protons and electrons, but that could only work for so long. And when it stopped working, he would start to think that Lelouch and he were only friends out of the comfort and familiarity that had engrained itself into their everyday lives because he could find no other reason in his mind.

Was that really the only reason that they were still friends? Because they were comfortable with each other?

God… Suzaku hoped not.

But there was a strong possibility…

He damned Cee-Cee for not being there and still having the ability to make him insecure about where he stood in regards to his friendship with Lelouch.

"She was serious you know."

Green eyes darted to the right to stare at Lelouch. "What?"

"Cee-Cee was serious about copulating with you. She's twisted like that, although, I think she's since set her sights on Kallen." Something about that made the eleventh prince feel relieved.

Better Kallen than Suzaku… at least then he wouldn't have to worry about the awkwardness that would potentially follow such a strange pairing. Not that Cee-Cee had a chance. Suzaku really didn't like her, which he'd always found amusing considering the girl was almost exactly like a Lelouch doppelganger only more forthright so to speak. And she did enjoy thoroughly provoking his best friend whenever she thought that Lelouch wasn't around to admonish her. She didn't particularly like Suzaku either because she thought him too simple. Lelouch would easily disagree but not many knew about the deeper side to the boy and it was their loss. Nevertheless, he was glad that his friend was opposed to the idea.

It spared him the worry and the sharing of a sexual partner, which was disturbing in it of itself.

Suzaku grinned as he allowed his mind to wander away from its negative train of thought. "Kallen? How does she even know about Kallen's interest?" He hadn't slipped up and say anything, had he?

"She was in my room when you called me a few weeks ago and she heard your conversation." He didn't think it a big deal that she knew considering she wanted the girl.

"I see. I think she'd be Kallen's type."

Suffice to say, the girl was aggressive and sensual, which were things that Kallen had mentioned liking in a potential girlfriend.

A slender dark brow rose as Lelouch stared at Suzaku curiously. "Really? How would you know?"

"Remember how I came to class the next morning and I was barely alive? Well, it was because the three of us had stayed up talking until it was time to get ready for class. I learned a lot." Suzaku smiled as he thought about that night and the ones that followed it. He'd gotten to know so much about those two as well as himself… and he wanted to share it all with his best friend. "I actually wanted to talk to you about that."

Lelouch hummed in acknowledgement but said nothing else. He didn't know what to say. Suzaku was bonding with Gino, as he should because they were roommates. It seemed that he was also spending a lot of his time with Kallen, which made sense because Kallen was much like his Cee-Cee. Knowing all of that, Lelouch didn't understand why he was so bothered. Perhaps he simply didn't like the idea of his friendship with Suzaku being threatened and those two posed a great threat.

Unlike himself, they had a lot in common with Suzaku, personality wise, and he didn't know how he'd be able to compete with that. Now it seemed as though they had secrets and inside jokes amongst each other that he wasn't privy to. It was like, little by little throughout their high school years, Suzaku was drawing further away and Lelouch didn't like it.

Not in the least.

Suzaku was his friend first. The boy knew his ups, downs, and mellows better than anyone else, his siblings included. And Lelouch would like to think that he knew Suzaku just as well. Maybe he was being selfish but Suzaku had been his first friend outside of his brothers and sisters and Lelouch didn't want to lose that.

He didn't want to be replaced.

He wouldn't let himself be replaced as Suzaku Kururugi's best friend.

And he would kick Suzaku's ass if the boy ever attempted to do such a thing.

"We're gonna eat first because I know that shopping for books really means shopping in general when it comes to you." Suzaku smiled as he held the door open for Lelouch.

Despite his rather pessimistic train of thought, the corners of his mouth twitched upwards. "You think you know me so well." There was something so very reassuring about that thought.

"I do. I'm one of very few people who know everything about you, Lulu." And Suzaku hoped that he hadn't sounded as if he were attempting to convince himself of such a thing.

A true smile over came Lelouch's face as he mentally agreed. In reality, Suzaku was the only person who knew everything about him (though he wouldn't dare to tell Suzaku this lest he wanted to aide in giving the boy an even bigger ego). He was comforted by that thought. "I wish that I could say the same about you." He resisted the urge to smile again as Suzaku's face fell into a frown.

"What are you talking about? You know me better than I even know myself." To some degree, was what Suzaku wanted to tack on but he refrained. Soon enough, Lelouch would be all caught up and he'd be able to give him advice that only Lelouch Vi Britannia could give.

In the mind of the young prince were thoughts of how those words had minutely satisfied the insecure child within. A little confirmation when he was in doubt was enough to slake his worries. "I was only pulling your leg Suzu." His gaze strayed from the brunet to the hostess openly gapping at the two of them. "Bring us to a private booth in the back."

"Of-Of course. Right this way."

Suzaku elbowed Lelouch and shot him a look as they followed behind the girl. He'd brought out the "intimidating prince" in order to get his way. It was something that he unconsciously did whenever he wanted to be sure that he got his way. Lelouch was so spoiled sometimes…

"I'll send a waiter over right away sirs." She scurried off quickly.

Lelouch smirked as he opened the door to the small room. "Had I not done that, we wouldn't have any privacy."

"I could've asked her."

Violet eyes twinkled with mirth. "Sure you could have. But it no longer matters."

Suzaku frowned as he shut the door and took a seat. "I bet it doesn't."

"Now, now, don't sulk. I'll apologize in the form of a nice tip later."

That picked up Suzaku's frown. "Don't you mean that I'll be leaving a nice tip?"

Lelouch smiled. "You, me, same thing."

When the waiter knocked on the door the two quickly ordered their long awaited sushi platter. Shortly after, the waiter returned with their appetizers. Aside from the cheesy Japanese folk music playing in the background, a comfortable silence had settled about the room. But silence wasn't what either of them wanted.

"You said that you wanted to talk to me about something." Lelouch wasn't one to forget and he'd been curious ever since Suzaku had brought it up.

Absently, he picked up a piece of tuna and offered it to the boy and after Suzaku took a bite and nodded in approval, he deemed it good enough to eat for himself. He could never be too cautious.

Suzaku smiled as he watched Lelouch plop the rest of the tuna into his mouth. Old habits died hard and the prince was certainly no exception to that rule. They'd been friends for so long… and he had a lot to tell Lelouch, his oldest, dearest, and most treasured friend.

"Oh yea… Well… I…" But he didn't exactly know where to start. How was he to tell Lelouch that there was a strong possibility that both males and females were attractive to him? It wasn't something that people discussed regularly and he hadn't prepared a speech for the occasion. It was still a confusing concept to him.

"Just say it as it comes to mind."

That made sense to Suzaku. Leave it to Lelouch to help him even when he didn't know what was going on. "I think I like guys." It sounded awkward to his ears and he'd left out the fact that girls weren't out of the picture but Lelouch had told him to say it as it came to mind…

"Excuse me?" Amethyst eyes stared on in confusion as that lone statement attempted to register itself in Lelouch's mind.

I like guys.

Was Suzaku joking? And what exactly did he mean by saying I like guys? Was Guys a new band or did he honestly mean that he liked-

Suzaku chuckled as he sat back in his chair, his gaze trained on Lelouch. "It's crazy, I know, but after talking to Gino and Kallen… who's to say that I can't like both guys and girls? The idea was odd to me but I wasn't opposed to it so I figured there must be a possibility that I'm for it." A shaky tan hand snaked its way through tussled brown hair. "I've looked a few guys over the last few weeks and some of them are cute, you know, but I don't know… Girls are still at the top of my radar but I'm not appalled by the idea of going out with another guy…" He was rambling, he knew it, but that's what he did when he was nervous and Lelouch's face was too blank for him to read…

"So you like guys as in, you like males or people of the same sex?" Lelouch's voice was calm and steady as he attempted to assess the situation properly. He wanted to be sure of all the facts before he voiced his questions and opinions.

All of the facts.


"But you still like females?"


"And you came to this conclusion simply because you weren't opposed to the idea?"


A small smile touched Lelouch's face as he shook his head. "That's so very like you." Only Suzaku would think that something was fine based on the lone fact that he didn't find offense to it. It was one of the things that Lelouch had always liked about him. "Well… So long as this is your choice and it makes you happy then more power to you." Honestly, he would have never pegged Suzaku as any type of queer… then again, the boy tended to follow his cock when it came to his relationships so yes. His choice to incorporate both men and women into his sexual repertoire made sense in the long run.

Really, Lelouch should have called such a thing from the very beginning.

The breath that Suzaku didn't know that he'd been holding was released as he collapsed against the table in front of him. "Thank god."

Lelouch frowned. "What? You thought I'd toss you away because of that did you? Do you not know my family?"

The royal family was filled with people who held eccentric taste.

Schneizel had a penchant for men more so than women, though he didn't deny a woman if she had qualities that he admired. Furthermore, Schneizel felt that men were closest to being his equal in both strength and intellect and he didn't have the time to coddle a second Prince also liked that men were far easier to coax into his bed than a woman who needed- needed romance, needed commitment, needed security... women needed far too much for his taste.

Clovis dabbled in both sex pools and stated regularly that he was European friendly, or rather, everyone was fair game. His love had no bounds, which was to be expected of an artist.

Guinevere had an affinity for beautiful things, which ultimately led to her keeping a female harem. They were her jewels so to speak and everyone simply accepted that particular quirk of hers.

Perhaps the one with the most outlandish form of love was the King himself, Charles Zi Britannia, who had a horde of 138 consorts over the years and not all of them were of the female persuasion.

Suffice to say, Lelouch would be a hypocrite were he to judge Suzaku for his taste in partners. It was still surprising… but not in a bad way.

Suzaku smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. He did know Lelouch's family and he felt like a fool for even daring to think that his best friend would look at him differently after such a confession. "I know that you'll always love me no matter what. I was just testing you."

The prince scoffed. "Testing me my ass… But I do still love you so rejoice in that."

There was a knock on the door before it opened and their food was set before them. The sushi platter was large and though they both knew that it would in no way compare to what they could have were they in Japan, they would enjoy it no less.

In between bites, Lelouch decide to continue their conversation. He still had questions that he wanted answers to. "How did talking to Gino and Kallen bring you to this sudden conclusion?" And where had he been? Such life altering decisions were usually passed through him before Suzaku finalized anything… so how had Gino and Kallen been able to help?

"I didn't know that Kallen was into other women when she said it so I asked her about it, which led to Gino saying that he batted for both teams… And then Kallen asked me if I was secretly in league with them and I told her that I didn't know." He shrugged and took a sip of his soda. "I'd never thought about it. I didn't need to and it'd never come up before."

A jet black brow rose inquiringly. "Not even when guys confessed to you?" Because he knew of Suzaku's surprise every time it happened.

"I never took those seriously but now I feel like an asshole for it." Maybe he could still apologize to those that he'd hurt with his ignorance. The only thing that made him feel better about it was the fact that he'd turned them down just as nicely as he turned down girls that he wasn't interested in.

"And what about when the girls started the floating rumor that we're secretly an item?"

Suzaku's grin was wolfish as his emerald eyes met violet. "That's a truth, not a rumor Lu. You know very well that you were and always have been my first love." He laughed as the prince's ivory cheeks took on a lovely scarlet hue.

When they'd first met, he'd thought Lelouch to be a girl and he'd called it love at first sight but the image was shattered the moment the arrogant prince opened his mouth to speak. He'd told Lelouch this a few years ago and it was a running joke between them and their mothers.

"Imagine if Cee-Cee or Milly were to catch wind of that. We would never hear the end of it." Lelouch smirked as a thought came to mind. "Unless that's exactly what you want. Have you been harboring feelings for me Suzu and this is your way of slyly letting me know?"

The boy in question scoffed at such an accusation. "As if you'd be my type." He knew Lelouch too well to think of him as more than what he already was: his best friend.

Lelouch's face contorted in mock hurt. "I am beyond your type. In fact, you'd be lucky to have me as your type."

"If you say so." A smile played at his lips as he popped a piece of tuna into his mouth.

Periwinkle eyes narrowed into a glare. "I do say so."

"Fine. You can be my type if you want. You have your moments I guess." Suzaku winked but he couldn't contain his laughter any longer, nor could Lelouch.

And though they were laughing, something about that statement made Lelouch swoon. He wasn't sure what it was and he didn't want to dwell on it either. Not when they were only joking. Maybe he was happy on account that he felt closer to Suzaku when he'd recently felt as if the boy were slipping away from him… That was it.

There was nothing more to it.

"So Gino likes boys does he?" And the change of topic was easily embraced as they continued to eat and discuss how the school year was progressing.

"Bitches love me cuz they know that I can rock!"

Amethyst eyes glowered in the direction of the noise. This would be the fourth time that the same song was going to play. How were Gino and Suzaku able to sit there as if they couldn't hear a thing?

"Bitches love me cuz they know that I can rhyme."

Why? Why did the world seek to punish him when he'd done nothing to deserve it? Wasn't he sitting there teaching Suzaku and Gino calculus out of the kindness in his heart? He was such a giver and yet that horrid excuse for music had yet to shut off.

"Bitches love me cuz they know that I can fuck!"

He'd been nice… most of the time. And he'd attended all of his classes, even that insufferable P.E. course that he would resume skipping once he found a good hiding spot.

"Bitches love me cuz they know that I'm on time."

Angrily, Lelouch rolled out of Suzaku's bed and yanked open the door. He walked the two yards or so to the room beside Suzaku's and, without knocking, he pushed the door open and glared at the ignorant boy fumbling with the switches on a high-tech radio. In four long strides, he was standing in front of the stereo and he easily turned it off before focusing his steely gaze on the smaller boy.

"Would you mind telling me why it is that I and the rest of the occupants in the A Dorms have been forced to listen to that trash for the last fifteen minutes?"

The smaller boy nervously glanced up at him before his eyes darted back towards the radio. "I- I didn't do it on purpose. I mean… my roommate has this on a timer and I didn't- I don't-" He fidgeted with his hands as he stared at his feet.

"Just be sure to tell your roommate to keep it down. I can't concentrate with this sorry excuse for music blaring into my room." Honestly, who listened to a song that only spoke of bitches over and over again?

The boy nodded meekly. "Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

Lelouch sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "No need to apologize. Tell your roommate to be considerate to those living around him." He turned to walk away but paused when that small voice called out to him.

"Do you live next door?"

He turned to stare at the fragile looking boy. He had accidentally referred to Suzaku's room as his own hadn't he? He was there enough to consider it parts his. "Not exactly… but my friends do and I've been told that this happens far too often for me not to say something about it." Next time he hoped to say something to the asshole who insisted upon torturing the masses with his lack of taste in music.

"Oh… well… I would like to apologize to them as well." His words sounded sincere enough.

"Very well, follow me." Lelouch trailed out of the room feeling accomplished. He pushed open Suzaku's room door and smiled in the boy's direction. "Aren't you happy that I did something about that?"

Suzaku laughed. "I didn't care either way." He raised an eyebrow as he stared at the kid standing behind Lelouch. "Who's that?"

"Oh… he's-"

The boy stepped from behind Lelouch to smile softly at the other occupants of the room. "Hello, I'm Rolo Halliburton. I live next door and I came to apologize for the disturbance." He bowed slightly before he stood again.

"Eh? Don't worry about it. It wasn't really bothering me. I'm Suzaku by the way." He jutted a thumb in Gino's direction. "That's Gino." Gino gave a quick wave and a smile before he returned to glaring at his homework. "And the guy who probably scared the shit out of you by bursting into your room is Lelouch."

Lelouch frowned as he reclaimed his seat on Suzaku's bed. "I did no such thing. I was rather reserved considering my annoyance."

Emerald irises pointedly glanced at the haughty prince before Suzaku returned his gaze to the boy still standing in the middle of their room. "I'll apologize for him in advance."

"I don't get this shit!" Gino's chair scrapped against the floor as he stood and stretched. Calculus was the bane of every man's existence. "When in my daily life am I going to use functions?"

"If you go into Engineering…" Rolo trailed off as all eyes turned in his direction.

Suzaku's lips stretched upwards. "Engineering?" The boy nodded. "You can sit down if you want to. Or maybe you can even help us. Are you in calc?"

"I… I have college level calculus." Was his careful reply as he seated himself on the couch.

Green eyes widened as Suzaku glanced at Lelouch. "Lelouch was in that class a few years ago. That's why he's helping us now." He ignored the scowl on his best friends face and swiveled in his chair to face Rolo. The boy was kind of cute in his opinion and he'd be the perfect starter… "Do you think you can help me with this problem and Lelouch can focus on helping Gino since he needs more work than I do?"

Sky blue eyes thinned as Gino stared at Suzaku in disbelief. "I can't help that I'm not a math person."

"I… I can help. I just… Sorry if I'm not good at it. I've never really- I haven't helped before."

"I'm sure you'll do fine." Suzaku stood from his desk to bring his books over to the couch where Rolo was seated.

Gino watched in fascination as the two got down to business. He knew Suzaku's intentions from the instant the boy made the suggestion and he didn't miss the subtle flirting on his friend's behalf. Rolo seemed to be slightly oblivious but the light tinge of pink on his cheeks showed that he wasn't completely unaware of Suzaku's charm. And damn if the Japanese boy wasn't good at what he did. He'd easily moved into the swing of playing both fields but Gino supposed it came with his whole being a "predator" versus being the "prey". Suzaku was a lucky man.

It was interesting to watch him work.

But it was more interesting to watch Lelouch's reaction to the entire ordeal. The boy was quietly seething. Gino could tell by the blank stare that was directed at the two on the couch.

There was one thing that Gino had learned after acquainting himself with Suzaku, it was that Lelouch came along with that package and the dark haired boy didn't like to share. It'd taken him two years to worm his way onto Lelouch's good side and sometimes he still wasn't sure that he'd made it there. In essence, the same could be said about Suzaku. The two were close and, if he recalled correctly, they'd been best friends since they were fairly young. Friendships like that were hard to come by so it was no wonder that they were protective of theirs. Or maybe it was something else entirely and those two simply weren't privy to it yet.

Either way, that issue currently paled in comparison to Gino's unfinished calc homework. "Come on Lelouch, help me with these damn functions."

Lelouch hummed in acknowledgement as he moved to sit near Gino. He would ignore the other two in the room in favor of working on the task at hand… for now.


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