Warning: Language. Alternate Universe. Cheesy humor. Mentions of Sex.

Pairings: Suzaku x Lelouch. All others that occur are either not important or short-lived.


V: Who Are Awkward At Times

A yawn fell from pink lips as thick chestnut colored lashes slowly blinked open to reveal jade irises. Unconsciously, Suzaku pulled the warmth pressed securely to his chest closer and the body adjusted to fit against him. His mind supplied the word "perfect" and he smiled as he realized that yes, he fit against that smaller body perfectly. As the sleep haze began to lift, he took a moment to look at who it was curled at his side and whose legs were entangled with his.

"Lu…" He murmured and ran a hand through his thick brown hair as he studied Lelouch's serene face.

Lelouch looked so peaceful and delicate when he slept. It was almost as if that was the way that he was supposed to look. When Lelouch was awake, he donned many appearances: the regal prince, the intelligent student, the people's person, the confident business man, the strategist. But in none of those personas did he simply allow himself to just be.

Suzaku smiled as he realized that he'd forgotten Lelouch's most important guise: the best friend. Lelouch always crumbled his walls and just was whenever he was around Suzaku or their families. Suzaku was grateful that he was one of the few who had such an extraordinary privilege.

Lelouch seemed rather easy to approach or interact with from everyone else's point of view but Suzaku knew better. The prince held himself at a distance because of who he was and the potential dangers that followed that particular title. Suzaku had watched throughout the years as the royal children attempted to make "friends" with other children of noble background and it always ended with those children wanting something from them. They were essentially pawns for their parents and they played the role well. Such a thing had caused Lelouch and the others to build a thick wall around their hearts because they were tired of putting themselves out there only to be disappointed. Suzaku liked the fact that he was special and was able to see all sides of the royal family.

The selfish part of himself liked it more that only he was able to know the Lelouch that was tucked contentedly in his arms.

But one day that would change. There would come a time when Lelouch found his special someone. He would open up his heart and spend the remainder of his life with that special someone… And Suzaku knew that he would no longer have the right to fill whatever space it was that he held in Lelouch's heart.

"Zaku…" Lelouch's words were slightly jumbled and slurred on account of his slowly waking. He blinked his gorgeous gem like irises and wiped at them, a small yawn falling from his mouth as he snuggled closer to Suzaku. "You're warm." He mumbled.

Suzaku chuckled into Lelouch's nest of onyx hair. "I'm only warm because of you. You feel like a heater." Lelouch was always unusually hot to the touch, it'd been that way since they were children, but Suzaku didn't mind. There was something comforting about his warmth.

The corners of Lelouch's mouth turned upwards. "Then you should thank me." He yawned again before staring into bright green pools. "What time is it?"

"Almost noon." Suzaku sighed and allowed his fingers to tangle in Lelouch's hair, curious as to whether or not it was as knotted as it looked.

It wasn't.

"You didn't actually think that my specially made shampoo and conditioner were for show."

He'd been caught. He let his hand move from Lelouch's hair before he settled it against his side. "I did."

Lelouch pushed at Suzaku's hard chest feeling the muscles constrict beneath his fingertips as he sat up and untangled himself from the boy. "Obviously you were mistaken. Are you hungry yet? I know you eat like a starved animal in the morning and it's obviously paying off," he enunciated his point by pushing his index finger against Suzaku's chest. Rock hard, were the words that surfaced in his mind, but he knew that Suzaku had such a nice body because he worked at it.

Lelouch couldn't say the same about himself. He was on the thin side with no flab as well as no muscle definition but he didn't mind. Exercising was a tedious task to take on and he couldn't imagine himself as built as Suzaku… not at all.

"If you weren't so lazy, then maybe you'd be as lucky." Although, Suzaku didn't think it mattered because Lelouch looked fine as he was and a majority of those around him seemed to think so.

The prince snorted. "No thank you. Let's go eat and then you should probably go get ready for your hell date."

Suzaku groaned as he was reminded. "Joy. I'll text you as soon as she gets there." He wasn't looking forward to his date with Cee-Cee, not in the least, but being the man that he was, Suzaku intended to wine and dine her as he would with someone that he actually wanted to take out.

"What do you have planned?"

"Theme park, dinner at Pizza Hut because she's obsessed, maybe a movie and dessert since this thing is all day… I'll see."

Lelouch smirked. "She'd actually like all of those things. I'm surprised you remembered any of that."

"I have a memory made of steel." He tapped his head thoughtfully as he sat up, the covers pooling around his waist.

"Or maybe you like Cee-Cee more than you let on." There was a possibility considering how thin the line between love and hate truly was.

It was Suzaku's turn to snort. "As if. Ask me something, anything about you or anything that you've ever told me. Go ahead."

"Who was my first kiss and what was my reaction to that?" Lelouch would start easy, test the waters and make Suzaku feel confident before he crushed him.

"Elise Taft and you thought that it was, and I quote, 'unrefined and sloppy' but you were only twelve so you wouldn't know any better." Suzaku laughed at the memory. He remembered Lelouch being outraged that the girl had dared to tackle him and rape his mouth so thoroughly when in reality he'd enjoyed it and had snuck around behind everyone's back for the sole purpose of sharing "kisses" with Elise for months.

"What happened the first time I got drunk?" It'd only happened once because he wanted to abolish such childish curiosity and he'd decided that he would never allow it to happen again. The memories of that night…

Suzaku's grin was wicked. "You threw up twice, were coerced into dressing like a girl, and you sang the Britannian anthem- perfectly might I add. You kissed Cee-Cee accidentally and that was how you two met. You passed out in the middle of telling me how much you appreciated me for nonsense from the past. You almost even told everyone that you were a prince but I distracted you and instead you told everyone that talked to you how amazing they were while insulting them at the same time. God you were funny that night." And Milly had happily taped the whole thing.

He felt sorry for Lelouch… almost.

"Last question, and this one will really let me know just how perfect your memory is." Violet eyes gleamed beneath the sunlight. "When I was three-"

"You fell in love with chess and the only person that you have never beaten, not even once, is Schneizel. Still, to this very day, you haven't been able to beat him and it's the one other thing that irritates you beyond rationality." Suzaku would never forget about Lelouch telling him that or the look on his young face when he'd told him.

He'd looked so vulnerable and upset because not being able to beat Schneizel in chess signified far more than losing a board game to him. They'd vaguely spoke of it a few times in passing but not as in depth as they had that very day all of five years ago. Even so, he'd known about Lelouch's love of chess since the day they'd met and once they became friends, Lelouch had even attempted to teach him about the mechanics of the game.

Lelouch sat in awe as he stared at Suzaku. He honestly hadn't thought that Suzaku would remember any of that when he took into consideration the state he was in when they'd discussed it. He was twelve when losing to Schneizel had upset him the most. It'd been fairly late at night when he'd stormed past Suzaku and lost himself in the gardens. Suzaku was on the cusp of sleep when they spoke and he'd barely been awake to listen but he'd tried and had made himself stay awake until Lelouch was ready to pass out amongst the flowers. When they woke up the day after, Suzaku didn't seem as though he'd remembered any of their conversation… but it was now very obvious that he had.

"You know that you're my best friend, correct?" It was rare that he reaffirmed such a thing but Lelouch felt as though he needed to. He wanted to show how much he appreciated his oldest and dearest friend.

Suzaku smiled softly. "You're mine too, don't ever forget that."

Green eyes met violet and the two just stared at one another. Something was transpiring between them as they sat in thick, comfortable, silence basking in all of the memories of their long friendship. Without each other, it was hard to imagine where they would be in the now. It was nice to know that if the world around them collapsed, if no one else lived up to their standards or expectations, they would always have each other… as friends.

The best of friends…

Tan fingers brushed aside stray strands of inky hair before they paused on a lightly flushed cheek. "And I wouldn't want anyone else." Suzaku meant those words with everything that he had and he assumed that that was why his heart was thumping in his chest as he gazed into gorgeous amethyst irises.

Lelouch felt feverish and he had a feeling that he looked the part. Though Suzaku's words were simple and the meaning seemed straightforward, they felt heavy as they sat unattended to in the space between them. His chest felt a bit constricted and his breath hitched as he attempted to formulate a proper response in his mind. Lelouch knew without a doubt that this moment between them was monumental even if he wasn't instantly privy to why that was.

His mouth slightly opened so that his tongue could quickly brush over his dry lips before he spoke. "My sentiments exactly."

With those words, the moment was… complete.

Suzaku's thumb brushed against Lelouch's soft cheek before he drew his hand back, a smile playing at his lips. "Let's go eat something, I'm starving."

The prince nodded. "When aren't you hungry?" He smiled a little as he slid from the bed and stretched. "I smell breakfast."

"Thank god. I thought I'd have to wait for you to cook something." Suzaku loved a meal prepared by Lelouch.

He'd been surprised when he originally found out that the boy could even cook, although, he was apprehensive of eating it. When he did, he'd realized that he'd never tasted anything as heavenly… It was so delicious that it put the palace chef's to shame. The only problem with Lelouch knowing his way around the kitchen was the fact that he was far too intelligent to be creative with his meals. Because he sought to be precise and accurate in every meal that he prepared, it took Lelouch forever to finish cooking anything.

"But you would have loved it if that were the case."

After a moment of thought, Suzaku shook his head in agreement. "True."

"Rolo? What are you doing here?" Despite his shock, Suzaku smiled and stepped aside to allow Rolo entry into his room. He wasn't finished getting dressed, hell, his hair wasn't even done drying out, but he still had about ten minutes before Cee-Cee said that she'd be there.

Rolo bit his lip and glanced away from Suzaku. There was water… trickling down that chiseled chest and that, among other things, was making it hard to focus. "I… Cee-Cee told me to come over around this time."

"What?" Confusion spilled onto his face and as if on cue, his cellphone rung. He walked over to his bed and picked it up. "What's going on?" He stared at the girl who smiled back.

"You'll thank me for giving you this opportunity later. I was getting tired of watching you two play cat and mouse so I decided to give you a push."

Suzaku frowned. "You never help, just meddle. What's the price of your kindness?" Because there was always a price with her or she turned things into a game. He didn't like either of those outcomes.

"Nothing really. I'm already booked for today and tomorrow or have you forgotten?" Not that that was the truth because what she really wanted… well, only time would give her what she sought to see and this "date" was simply a stepping stone.

Kallen came into view and she blew a kiss at the monitor. "Have fun!"

He laughed and caught her 'kiss'. "The same to you." He hung his phone up because he wasn't in the mood to play word games with Cee-Cee and it was rude to stay on the phone with company present. His gaze strayed towards Rolo and he smiled, a date with him was far better than one with her. "Well Rolo, it looks like we're going on a date, that is, if you want to."

"Of course!" He answered quickly before clamping his mouth shut and blushing. "I… yes. I need to get ready."

"That's fine. I'll come pick you up from your room in fifteen minutes?"

Rolo nodded. "Alright. I'll see you then." He fled from the room in a rush to get dressed.

Suzaku dragged a hand through his damp chestnut brown hair and decided that he'd let it air dry. He always looked sexier, more ethereal so to speak, when his hair was natural mused. And for what he wanted, he had to turn up the charm for the night. He picked up his phone and decided to send Lelouch a text to let his friend know that he wouldn't be needed as a buffer.

"I'll be fine tonight but plan something fun for tomorrow… What are you up to witch?" Lelouch contemplated calling Cee-Cee to inquire why it was that Suzaku no longer needed him as his chaperone because that text reeked of the girl.

He'd racked his brain all afternoon and he'd come up with three possible reasons as to why she'd bought Suzaku's "date".

The first was that she hoped to be gifted with the option of having carnal "hate sex". That option was very slim considering that her attentions were now on Kallen.

The second reason for her hasty decision would be because she wanted to annoy both he and Suzaku. She would annoy him by keeping him in the dark and making him ponder about her manipulation (as Lelouch was currently doing) and she would annoy Suzaku simply because they didn't get along.

The third possibility (and this one seemed as likely as the previous one to him) was that she'd pawned this date off to someone else to profit from it and annoy him in the process. In fact, that was the most likely reason for her purchase of Suzaku.

Lelouch grimaced as he stood from his desk. Option three was the correct option- the only option that made the most sense to him. If Cee-Cee was out to simply irritate him and make him waste precious time thinking on a matter that deserved no thought, then she would pick someone to go out with Suzaku that he wasn't fond of simply to prolong his irritation and pointless mental activity. She would choose someone like…

Violet irises widened. "Rolo…" He muttered as he sat down on the edge of the bed and cursed her.

She truly was a witch.

"I have a confession to make." Lilac eyes gazed into emerald.

"What's that?"

They were at the peak of the carousel, the sun setting in the horizon presenting an amazing view of the entire theme park below. It was gorgeous, romantic even, and the perfect way to set the mood before they went to dinner. Unless of course Rolo's confession ruined that…

Rolo smiled but it wasn't one that Suzaku had seen on his gorgeous face before, no, it reminded him of the expression that crossed Lelouch whenever he was about to win a game of chess against a fierce opponent. It was downright predatory. "You see, I'm not exactly as shy or passive as I've led you to believe." Soft fingertips trailed along Suzaku's palm teasingly. "I also don't stutter and I'm quite confident." Those teasing fingertips drew a line from wrist to jean clad thigh. "And I knew that I wanted you when I saw you, I just wasn't 100 percent certain that those were your intentions or if you were even available." His smile stretched. "Until Lelouch and yourself confirmed it for me last night."

Sparks traveled from Suzaku's spine to his cock as Rolo's words began to register with him. He'd never been hunted before and it was an amazing feeling to be the prey when he'd thought the complete opposite. It made things easier for him. It also made him want Rolo all the more.

"Then this date…" Had Cee-Cee and Rolo planned this all from the start?

That would be both irksome and interesting.

"Was Cee-Cee's doing alone. I had no part in it but I knew that this was her goal." He wasn't coined a genius based upon his looks alone.

Suzaku resisted a shudder as that devilish hand slid closer to his inner thigh. "What are you looking for out of this?"

Amethyst irises danced beneath the light of the night sky. "The same thing as you I assume: some fun. If you want a real relationship, I'm game. If you just want to," he pressed his soft lips to Suzaku's ear, "fuck around, be my guest." His tongue darted out to tease the silver stud in Suzaku's earlobe before he leaned away. "Just tell me what you want right now and we can talk about the rest later."

Dear god… Suzaku's brain was putty and he was now entirely obeying the whims of the quickly hardening muscle between his thighs. "Let's get off and go back to my room, your room, I don't care." He groaned as Rolo's index finger painstakingly traced the growing bulge at the front of his pants.

"I think I like that idea."

Suzaku could tell by the look on Lelouch's face that his friend was in an absolutely shitty mood, which, in contrast to his own ecstatic mood, was kind of a downer. He'd woken up to the sight of Rolo perched on top of him and from there, well… Suzaku resisted the urge to grin at the memories. Nevertheless, he weighed his options and mentally sifted through greetings as he stood in the doorway with that gorgeous violet glare directed at him.

"Good morning?" That was the safest choice.

"It's three in the afternoon." Lelouch intoned as he turned away from the front door and headed towards his kitchen.

Suzaku shut the door on his way in and quickly followed after the angered prince. "I lost track of time. I'm sorry." He'd been a little distracted by the naked body casually sprawled on a bed that he had just climbed out of but after successfully taking Rolo three times before he'd even had a meal that morning, Suzaku had (eventually) managed to make it out of Rolo's room.

If there was one thing that he would never do, that was stand up Lelouch.

"It doesn't matter." The prince paused at the counter where his cup of tea sat. "You wasted your time coming here because I'm not in the mood to do anything today." And that was putting it lightly.

Pairing the fact that he hadn't slept well that night along with an irksome early morning phone call from Cee-Cee that only confirmed what he already knew had taken place after Suzaku's date, had shortened his fuse. He was so irritable that his temper was prone to flaring at the slightest provocation.

Lack of sleep and an annoying witch of a woman had that affect on him.

Lelouch pinched the bridge of his nose.

Suzaku's being late offset his ire for several reasons. The first being that lateness had always been a small pet peeve, though it was one that he was usually able to overlook. Another of those reasons was the fact that Suzaku was late on account of being preoccupied by Rolo. Lelouch knew very well, courtesy of Cee-Cee, that his best friend had spent the night in Rolo's room, which meant that they'd slept together. That was an un-debatable fact because Suzaku lived next door to Rolo so there was no other feasible reason for him to be in Rolo's room after their date.

And again, Suzaku was late to meet him on account of being with Rolo… of all people.

The mere thought made his mood darken several notches.

A frown marred Suzaku's tan features. "Come on Lu." He whined as he walked into the kitchen and cornered the boy between the counters. "You owe me a date! I promise, I'll never be late again." He grinned as he trapped Lelouch between his arms and the countertop. "And If I don't hear a 'yes Suzaku' in ten seconds…"

Violet eyes widened, Suzaku wouldn't dare…. Would he? "I already said-"


"That I don't want to-"


"Be reasonable Su-"


"You're not really going to-"


"Tickle me if I-"

Suzaku cracked his knuckles before he resumed cornering Lelouch. "6…"

There was only one thing that Lelouch absolutely hated beyond reason and that was being tickled. He had sensitive sides, which was something Suzaku had found out when they were younger and he'd used it against him ever since.


Lelouch did not want to be tickled.


At all. "Fine damn it… fine! But I'm not going to have fun."

Suzaku beamed. "Yes you will because you'll be with me. Now go get dressed. I'm ready to be wined and dined."

The eleventh prince grumbled as he maneuvered away from his pestering friend and upstairs to change. His sour attitude wasn't enough to scare Suzaku Kururugi away and he'd almost forgotten such a thing.

"I can't." The wind ruffled midnight tresses.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Of course!" Teeth worried a plump bottom lip. "But it's dangerous."

Jade eyes twinkled beneath the sunlight. "I'd never let anything happen to you."

"I know." Lelouch muttered in defeat as he took the helmet from Suzaku's hands and climbed onto the back of the motorcycle. "Just… we could take a cab you know, or not go there at all. It was a mistake to even suggest it." Because going to the small town outside of the city just to eat at their favorite restaurant wasn't worth risking their lives.

It wasn't that Lelouch didn't trust Suzaku, he had absolute faith in his friend's capabilities, but he didn't trust the rest of the world and their driving skills. Or even the motorcycle itself. It was top of the line but it'd been in storage for months so who was to say that it wouldn't give out on them at any given minute? There were so many horrifying possibilities of what could go wrong and Lelouch did not want to tempt the fates.

"You've ridden with me so many times before, Lu."

"I've been scared every single time."

"Just put on your helmet, zip up your jacket, and hold on tight."

Lelouch did as he was told and before he could ask one more time whether or not Suzaku wanted to just take a cab, they were off. The air was cold and crisp but that was to be expected of November. Orchid irises disappeared behind ivory lids as Lelouch squeezed Suzaku's middle and ignored the swaying of the bike. He could see in his mind's eye Suzaku bobbing and weaving through the hectic Sunday afternoon traffic and the thought was making him a bit ill.

But he trusted Suzaku so there was nothing to panic over, nothing at all.

The wind caressed his back in rapid, nearly soothing torrents as he pressed his head to the broad back in front of him. Despite the cold and the barrier of Suzaku's leather jacket, Lelouch could feel warmth radiating from the body secured by his arms.

It was a small reminder of who he was with and that he would indeed be safe.

All too soon the bike began to slow down. Eventually they came to a complete stop and Lelouch dared to open his eyes. They had stopped in the parking lot of the small café and they were but one of two other vehicles. A sigh fell from blossom colored lips as thin arms unraveled from a strong waist. They'd made it to La Petite Pêche in one piece.

"I turned a potential hour long cab ride or three hour bus trip into a twenty minute bike ride." Suzaku pulled off his helmet and hooked it to the back of his bike.

Lelouch followed suit before patting himself down. "Congratulations. I think you deserve a cookie."

"Then you'll just have to buy me one now won't you." With a smile, Suzaku headed towards the café with the prince on his heels.

When they walked into La Petite Pêche, they were comforted by its familiar intimate ambiance. The room was lit by candles that sat atop every table as flowers dangled from the ceiling giving the illusion of a jungle canopy. Soft music wafted in the background and nearly every table was filled despite how empty it'd looked from the outside. They exchanged a greeting with the familiar hostess and were then taken to a table in the back corner of the café.

"I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order." The hostess walked away as soon as the two were seated.

"When was the last time we were here?"

Pink lips pursed as purple eyes glanced at the flickering flame of the candle in the middle of the table. "Last October when you wanted to come down here to watch the leaves change color for the fall."

"Wow… It's been that long?" A year… a lot had changed in a year for the both of them. It was an odd thought. "You're going to order the usual, aren't you?"

"I might want something different."

"No you don't. You'll sit here thinking about an impossible order to try to throw off the chefs but that's not what you actually want to eat so you'll reconsider and just end up ordering that lamb thing that you like."

Lelouch scowled. "I can't help it that Rafael makes it the best. But I could think of something else if I really wanted to." It sounded childish but he didn't care. His mood was all over the place at the moment and he entirely blamed the boy seated across from him.

Suzaku smiled as he leaned into his chair. "I know you could. At a restaurant where they cook whatever your heart desires, I imagine a lot of people have trouble deciding what they want."

"What are you ordering?"

"French fries, a cheeseburger, and a strawberry milkshake." It'd been years since he'd had an Americanized burger meal and since it'd been the first thing to come to mind, Suzaku had settled on that.

Lelouch's nose scrunched in confusion. "Why on earth would you want to eat a meal filled with grease?"

"You'll eat some too and you'll like it. You always do."

"I'm getting tired of you knowing what I will and won't do."

"Haven't we already established that I know you best, Lelouch?" Suzaku leaned onto the table, chin resting in the palm of his hand as he studied the prince's face.

"Yes… well…" Garnet eyes rolled skyward before they pinned the other boy as a thought dawned on Lelouch. "How was your date?" He hadn't asked and he was curious to some extent.

How had Suzaku coaxed the seemingly shy Rolo into a bed?

A dazed look settled upon Suzaku as he recalled the previous day and all of the events that followed. "It was fun… a lot of fun. You know, I thought that I was the one trying to trap Rolo but, you know what, I was the one being cornered and before I knew it, he had me caged." And the thrill of being in power whilst powerless… Suzaku's blood raced at the mere thought.

A dark brow rose inquisitively. "What are you talking about?"

"Yesterday I took Rolo to the theme park, we got on rides, ate, I won him a few things from those game stands, and then he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel before we went to dinner. While we were up there, he told me that the Rolo I'd gotten to know wasn't exactly the Rolo that he was. It was just a rouse so that he could get me in bed because he wasn't sure if I was interested in guys, let alone him. At least not until you said that I was. So, he seduced me, brought me back to his room, and I'm sure you understand what followed." A smirk played at his lips as vivid memories of a night that dragged into the morning came to light in his mind. He'd had Rolo withering and squirming beneath him, his name falling from kiss swollen lips and bouncing off of the wall as he'd plunged into a warmth so tight… it was an amazing learning experience.

Just as Rolo had promised it to be.

Repulsion rippled through Lelouch at the satiated look that had so easily blossomed on Suzaku's face. Rolo was the cause of that look and Rolo was… the boy was far more intelligent than he'd let on. He'd even fooled Lelouch into believing that he was a stuttering, nervous, wreck when it came to dealing with people. His mood was officially soured yet again.

"I have but one request." The words were hard and bitter as they flew from Lelouch's mouth.

"What's that?"

"Never again tell me about your sexcapades when they concern you and that boy." It was one thing to know or even have the assumption that Suzaku had slept with Rolo but it was another thing entirely to have such information confirmed.

Emerald irises twinkled with amusement. "Why don't you like Rolo? Is it because you two are so much alike?" It was true. Suzaku saw that the two had a lot of mirroring qualities and, in general, two like people either really got along or they really didn't.

Cee-Cee and Lelouch got along perfectly.

Rolo and Cee-Cee seemed to have gotten along as well.

So why was there was a miss-fire when it came to Lelouch and Rolo?

"We are nothing alike." Lelouch couldn't believe that Suzaku would dare to suggest such a thing.

Hearty laughter floated around them as Suzaku sat up straight. "Are you kidding me?" Lelouch couldn't be serious. "You're both smart, witty, sarcastic, blunt, you have the same sense of humor… whenever you're irritated, your left eyebrow twitches, kind of like it's doing right now, and the same thing happens to him."

"…There are moments, though they are few and far between, where I hate you." Lelouch looked dead serious as the words fell from his mouth but they held no real malice.

Suzaku clutched at his chest in mock anguish. "Ouch! Man do you know how to stab a guy in his heart." He would have continued had the waitress not walked over to their table.

"May I take your orders?"

"An American cheeseburger, French fries, and a strawberry shake."

"I'll have the rack of lamb with whatever garnishes the chef sees fit."

The hostess smiled. "Right away sirs."

"I'm sorry." All jokes aside, Suzaku now knew that Lelouch truly didn't like Rolo and when he had his mind set about someone, there was rarely room for change. "I won't talk about Rolo around you, alright?"

Lelouch sighed. Suzaku was one of few people who were capable of bringing out his childishly spoiled side and he hated it. "Don't censor yourself. I'm just having an off day today so ignore most of what I've said so far."

"There's nothing to forgive really. I mean, you never complain when I talk about how irritating Cee-Cee is so why should I care if you don't like Rolo. We can't always like each other's friends." There were plenty of women and men that Lelouch had befriended over the years- many of which that Suzaku wasn't particularly fond of. He knew that the same could be said about Lelouch in regards to the people he'd met and befriended as they'd grown.

The prince was touched. It always seemed like Suzaku put up with his whims and mood swings without question and Lelouch knew himself well enough to know that he wouldn't be so understanding were their positions reversed. "I know that but it's still selfish of me. I like knowing things about you, whether it's something I want to hear or not."

Suzaku's laugh was jovial as he gazed fondly at his oldest and dearest friend. "That's good to know."

"Then go on, continue telling me about your night. Was being with another male everything you expected it to be?" Lelouch was a tad curious about this himself only on account that he couldn't really imagine Suzaku cuddled up with another male let alone intimate with one.

Of course, he entirely disregarded the fact that he and Suzaku had "cuddled" on several occasions.

"Well…" Pink lips pursed in thought as Suzaku's gaze followed the flickering of the candle's flame. "In a way, it was better than being with a girl- the sex that is. I didn't have to worry about being too gentle or if I was too rough. Plus, Rolo knew what he wanted and how." A devious smile lit his face as a flash of memory came to the forefront of his mind. "It was fun." A lot of fun, he mentally added.

"How has it changed your view on the female species?" Lelouch could have gone a lifetime without the knowledge of how Rolo was in the sack but he supposed that it was a small price to pay for being friends with someone like Suzaku.

"It hasn't really. I still like them if that's what you're asking. I mean, there's something soft and nice about a woman's body- their company too… I guess I just really don't care anymore and everyone is fair game to some extent. I'm not attracted to just anyone though. I still have a type." A grin tugged at his mouth. "And yes… yes, you can still be my type Lulu."

Lelouch scoffed. "I don't want to be your type out of pity."

"Aww, it's not pity, Lu. Please say you'll be my type? You know you want to…" He cooed sweetly, mockingly.

The prince sighed in reluctance. "Fine… fine. I'll be your type. But only because you asked so nicely."



A/N: Rolo... I swear he's serving a purpose. I mean, he's Suzaku's type. If I could, I would've used Gino but then Gino wouldn't really make for a smooth transition of Suzaku dating him and then Suzaku dating Lu. Plus, I really, really, love Gino and I could never break his heart! Never!

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