Disclaimer: This will be a Shizuo x Izaya yaoi fanfic! Not for the queasy or faint of heart! :) Rated M for language and sexual implications!

I do not own Durarara! or any of the characters. If I did, my life would be a lot more interesting~

Out of the corner of his eye, Shizuo saw something land on the railing outside of his room. Although he already had a sneaking suspicion of what, or who, it was that had caught his attention, he got up to check anyways.
"Why hello there, Shizu-chan. I thought you might be lonely, so I came by to play."
Shizuo felt his body tense up, and he was sure that Izaya had seen the minute movement as well.
Laughing, Izaya dodged the random bedroom item that the blonde bartender had flung at him with ease. As they repeated this old routine that happened every time the two met, Izaya noticed something on the bedside table that caught his eye.
As he was straining to see it more clearly, Izaya tripped over a pile of wrinkled, old clothes that had been tossed haphazardly onto the floor.
Before he collided with the floor, Izaya noticed the newfound, triumphant glimmer in Shizuo's eyes.

The first thing that Izaya noticed when he regained consciousness was the very heavy, very muscular being above him.
The second thing he noticed was that that being was Shizuo Heiwajima, the man that hated him.
"You're finally up. It's no fun when you're not screaming and kicking."
For what was possibly the first time in his life, Izaya felt a tiny spark of fear.
"Get the fuck off of me, Shizuo. This isn't funny. What the hell are you doing on top of me anyways..?"
"When have I ever messed around with you? And what's wrong with being on top of you?"
Pressing his face closer to Izaya's, Shizuo whispered something indistinct into his captive's ear.
"You wanna know why I'm always telling you to get the hell out of my sight? You wanna know why I'm always going after you, trying to kill you?"
At this point, Izaya began shaking. It was a strange sensation, one that was foreign to him. He whimpered -what a strange sound it was!- and shook his head in a movement that was barely perceptible.
"Whatever. I'll tell you anyways. It's simply because I can't control myself around you. When I see you... Huh. The things I would like to do to you. The notion is scary, even for me."
The shaking had escalated into violent shuddering.
"What the hell are you going to do, Shizuo? Please.. just let me go. I won't bother you anymore!"
Smirking, Shizuo replied, "It's too late. I told you to leave, didn't I? Now you've gone and gotten me all excited."