"It's too late. I told you to leave, didn't I? Now you've gone and gotten me all excited."
These were the last words Izaya heard before the shocking realization of what was happening came crashing down on him.
Is Shizuo... going to... oh my god... no... this can't be happening..
Izaya watched Shizuo as he prepared to bind his arms and feet. The rational part of his brain responded with fear, and told him to get the hell out of there, while he still could.
The wild, unpredictable half of his brain answered in anticipation, and told him to stay there, Shizuo wouldn't hurt him, and if he did, it wouldn't be anything that Izaya couldn't handle.
After all, Izaya was the famed info broker, who had accomplished so much, who had caused so much chaos, who had brought down so many.
He couldn't be taken down by one, freakishly strong, most likely insane bartender.
Who was also looking very attractive and sweaty at the moment while on top of him.
Izaya shrugged and squared his shoulders. Whatever was going to happen, he was going to take it like a man.

"Finally stopped struggling? Damn. I liked it when you did that. Eh. I guess this means you're accepting what I'm going to do," said Shizuo with a devilish grin.
Sliding out of the plain T-shirt he wore only at home with an ease that even Izaya couldn't help but gulp at, Shizuo began taking off his prisoner's shirt.
This was somewhat difficult because of his bound hands, but Shizuo, being himself, ripped it into pieces out of sheer impatience.
Izaya couldn't help but make a strange squeaking sound, which was totally uncharacteristic of him, but somehow seemed appropriate given the situation.
After getting over the shock of getting his shirt taken off, or rather, ripped off, by someone else, Izaya began to notice Shizuo's chest.
Oh god, it was beautiful. If his hands hadn't been bound, Izaya wouldn't have been able to resist running his hands across his captor's chest.
Shizuo noticed Izaya staring and smirked. If Izaya's eyes hadn't been glued to the other man's chest, he would have noticed.
However, Izaya did notice when Shizuo began unbuttoning his pants.

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