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One thing about Edward Cullen, he'd never wanted for anything in his whole life. The mere thought of something that caught his eye and he had it in his possession within the blink of an eye. He was the only child to Carlisle and Esme Cullen and they never allowed for him to miss out on any of life's greatest pleasures or experiences.

While you would think he was a snob or an egomaniac, he really wasn't...but, he accepted that he was privileged...entitled to more than those around him.

So, when Isabella Swan moved to town and wouldn't give him the time of day, he was suddenly in a realm of doubt and confusion...somewhere he'd never been before. She didn't care for his flashy ways or top dog appeal, she saw a boy who didn't know what real life was all about.

Bella wanted nothing to do with this pompous jock...and he wanted everything to do with her.

Edward had grown up in Forks, having been born there and his parents were affluent in the community. So it came as no surprise that he would be asked to escort Bella to school and the various after-school activities because Chief Swan and Esme Cullen worked closely together at the Women's Protective Shelter and the Lodge Country Club.

Chief Swan was quite fond of young Mr. Cullen and often told him stories about his daughter so as to spark an interest between the two children for one of Bella's yearly summer visits. However, they'd never met before she moved to Forks at the beginning of their junior year following some tragedy with Bella's mother. All Edward knew was that something bad had happened to her and that Bella was a witness to it...it kind of made her all that more intriguing.

Edward didn't want to hurt her or string her along like all the other girls that he'd spent time with. No, he just knew that he was drawn to her and wanted to know every single thing about her.

Chief Swan tried his darnedest to keep Edward around the house for a variety of reasons so that maybe Bella would spark some interest in the young man. But, his only daughter wanted to nothing to do with Edward and had asked Charlie to kindly stop trying to force him on her.

Charlie was worried about his own bright and bubbly daughter. The years of being away from her had made his heart heavy and he just knew that something…someone had to get through to her or she'd be lost to him forever.

Esme noticed a remarkable change in her son and brought it to Carlisle's attention. But, he'd told her to not make a big issue about it because while he was enjoying the difference he himself had witnessed, he feared that hurt his son would feel when he realized Bella was someone he could never have.

Carlisle had seen the medical reports and knew of the tragedy that Bella had endured. He knew about her brief visit to a psychiatric facility and how much medication she was on for her anxiety. But, he couldn't tell his son any of those things and he truly hoped his son didn't push the sweet girl to far.

Everyone has their limits.

Bella often wondered why Edward treated her so differently than how she'd seen him treat his friends and the other girls that hung all over him. But, she quickly formed her own opinion that Charlie had set him up to watch out for her and that she was like the shiny new toy in town, just another notch on his bedpost.

She certainly would not ever be that for him or any other man, not if she had her way about it. She just wanted to go to school, graduate and move away to college where she could live the invisible life that she so desperately wanted to live.

That's all she wanted, was to be left alone so that she didn't have to think or talk or feel. And, having the town's "Golden Boy" hovering over her like a hawk sure wouldn't allow that to happen in this small town. The girls were mean and jealous of the attention she received. The boys were vulgar and always vying for her attention. Didn't any of them understand that she wanted nothing to do with any of them, including the elite Edward Cullen.

It seems the harder she pushed him away, the more he was drawn to her.

Little did she know he would become everything that she never knew she needed.

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