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Chapter One

"Ready?" I called to my roommates Thalia and Juniper.

"Yeah!" I heard them call. I pulled my cover up on over my bright blue bikini. As I walked down the stairs I noticed something small and dark in the corner…

"AHHH!" I screamed and ran down the stairs.

"What?" Thalia asked franticly.

"S-Sp-Spider!" I said as I panted. Thalia and Juniper just started laughing at me. I didn't appreciate that, so I humphed and sat on the couch. Thalia and Juniper were still laughing.

"Is it really that funny?" I protested. They started to control their laughter. "Can someone just kill it?" I asked annoyed.

"Sure. Where is it?" Thalia offered.

"On the stairs." Thalia went to get the arachnid.

We pulled up to the pool. It took us a good thirty minutes to get there with the New York traffic. We layed out for a while but soon got bored. Thalia and I were ADHD so staying still for long periods of time didn't work well for us. We decided to get in the pool. I walked up to the diving board when I spotted a lifeguard staring at me. He quickly looked away, but I saw a pair of sea green eyes just before he did. I looked the black hair on the back of his head for a while, but Juniper pulled me back to reality.

"Are you gonna go or what?" she asked.

"I'm going," I said walking to the diving board. I climbed the ladder and walked to the front of the board. I pushed down with my legs and propelled into the air. I turned my body down towards the water and dived. I entered the water cleanly with no splash. I swam to the shallow end to see Thalia and Juniper clapping and smiling. My blonde hair was dripping wet. We went to the deep end and talked for a while. All of a sudden I felt a hard thunk on the back of my head. I heard a faint scream as I went under, blacked out.