Harry Potter and the Prophesised One

Disclaimer – I in no way shape or form own harry potter or its characters etc… they belong to J. I am just using the character within for my own purposes and make no money from doing so. Now that's cleared up let's get on with the story (oh and that's the only time the disclaimer shall be shown in this fan-fiction)

Summary- This story is about a harry potter that isn't the boy who lived, but he is the brother of the girl who live, neglected by his parents and looked after by the potter house elves harry potter becomes an enigma to the rules of magic. He becomes something… more so read and find out just what he is and what he can do.

Warning-this story may contain adult situations unsuitable for a younger audience. (So that means R or on this site M)


In the time of darkness and depression

Shall rise the one of change

Baring the mark of oden's wrath

The prophesized one shall come

Changing the tides of war

Equalizing the magical realms

The prophesised one shall come

Take heed my prophesy

For without the chosen ones power

The worlds shall fall

Darkness shall gain power

And in the depths of despair

No other shall rise

Take heed my warning

He shall come unknown to all

A mere child neglected by his protectors

Take heed my warning

For if not the realms shall cry in despair for eternity

Take heed my warning

the prophesised one is coming.

Prophesy given by Llangslen (Lanny) Emerys, daughter of Merlin, seer of true prophesies, giver of the gift of knowledge. 576 AD

Chapter 1- How it all started

Life is unfair, there is no changing that fact, life is full of worries, despair, upset, hate, death, pain, suffering, war, and yet life's also full of happiness, kindness, fun, fulfilment, peace, prosperity, enlightenment and so much more. Life is a constant in any world, from the tiniest organism to the tallest humanoid; life is always there and always will be there because of one thing…. MAGIC.

Magic has been there since the beginning, it created the universe, the dimensional space that we inhabit, a yet it created more for every second that passes and every decision that is made a new dimension is created. In many of these dimension you my dear reader will read a story of harry potter, the boy who lived, the boy who had everything taken from him at such a young age and yet still came back to be the hero.

But this story does not follow that dimension this dimension shall show you what happens if harry potter was born 3 years earlier, if harry potter had a little sister, if harry potter was not the boy who lived but something… different, something… more special, something that could change…


The autumn leaves blew restlessly in the wind, the church bells ringing in the distance, as a man hooded and cloaked walked slowly down the middle of the street, children passing him happily, not taking notice of what they would think to be an amazing Halloween costume. Lord Voldermort smirked, on any other day these children would run in terror at the mere sight of him but due to this stupid muggle holiday, a holiday by rights should be for a different purpose, such as the druids had intended the day to be; samhain. A day to fear and yet respect the dead a day for the darkness of mankind to come about to find their way to the ever after a gate to heaven as so many put it or hell. Oh how he found the day perfect for what he planned, a day to ensure his immortality.

He walked down the idyllic street, with ginger bread looking houses on either side, picket fences with hedges separating the gardens and yet even in an area where you wouldn't suspect killings or burglary's he was going to perform an act so evil it would change how the warding world saw the area, oh how he loved the irony that he Salazar Slytherins last descendant would desecrate the land named after his forefathers greatest adversary; Godric Gryffindor.

The gate creaked open has he calmly walked up the path, up to the empty space he now realised was not supposed to be there and so he thought of the words of his little spy or rather yet his little slave would be a better description of the rat. 'the Potter family live at number 17 Godrics Way' and to his wonderment in front of his eyes a house slid into view as if it was always there just hiding in the corner of his mind's eye ready to be seen and yet not be seen. This was truly old powerful magic and yet he overcome it with such a little thing as false friendship.

He pulled his 13½" yew wand out and felt the draw that connected him and his wand through his magic just as it did all them years ago when he first picked up said wand. His movements were swift "Reducto" he watched as the door and part of the wall smashed into the house he could hear the scurrying of feet and the crying of a child as he swept into the home. A quick "Homenum Revelio" and he realised something was amiss. There was only 3 signatures in the house not including himself so where was the fourth or was he going to have an easier time of this than he thought; were the potters out leaving their children to a babysitter.

He climbed the stairs effortlessly making it look as if he glided rather than walked, already he could hear quickened breaths as if the person they belonged to had ran or were in panic. Another Reducto to the door on the left hand side of the stairs revealed what was left of a large bathroom, a Reducto to the door next to it showed a door with a blockade of furniture behind.' Silly child thinking such a crude example could stop me' he quickly made a path through the block and came into what was a nursery with a baby girl in a crib of to the side in front of which was a teen girl and a little boy "GO AWAY… leave them alone" the teen shouted.

"Avada Kedavra" and just like that the girls life was taken, and she, if you believed in their beliefs, as the druids would say went wandering the plains looking for her salvation as all spirits do on this day, or be swiped up by lord samhain.

Lord Voldermort smirked cruelly as he looked at the little boy in front of him, how was he a mere toddler going to stop the greatest dark lord since Morgana Le Fay, he looked into the emerald green eyes of the raven haired boy and violently sent a legilimency probe at him, sending the boy to the ground holding his head in pain, and yet the boy stood his ground and got back up after a few moments and glared at him, a fire in his eyes the dark lord had never seen before.

"you shall not harm my baby sister, you err, you stupid idiot" the child's voice cried across the small distance between them a slight hesitance in his voice and before the boy could do or say anything else he was hit by a piece of debris Voldermort spelled at him, knocking him out.

Voldermort crossed the room to stand in front of the crib, looking down he saw a baby girl who seemed to of just woken up. Deep hazel eyes looked up at him as if judging him 'how dare this child, search him and find him wanting she shall be no more, and my immortality with her death will be complete' he levelled his wand at the child choosing his mark carefully, "Avada Kedavra" the spell shot at the child but as Voldermort was about to start his next spell to unleash his soul into his next container something he did not happened, a blinding white light shone around the girl and a cry, similar to that of a phoenix but as if it had a mix of dragon with it as well swooned and he saw his spell come hurtling back at him, destroying his body and banishing his wraith out of the room leaving his wand, a black cloak and a compass where he last stood.

With the powerful cry the wards came crashing down, alerting the ministry of magic its sensory overload unable to take the amount of magic from the failing Fidelius charm and so on seen a couple minutes later a team of Aurors saw as the potter family came out of the house a baby girl in the arms of her mother and a little boy in the arms of his father.

The Aurors quickly questioned the parents on what happened but nothing was confirmed as they had just returned, due to the wards failing, from a Halloween ball hosted by their good friend Sirius black, they found their house in ruins and their children unconscious with a robe, a wand and as James said to them a box thingy at the side of the crib.

The Aurors then questioned surrounding people asking what they saw all seemingly believing the house popped out of nowhere and so they obliviated them and sent them on their way. It was not until Albus Dumbledore arrived on scene that things started to become clear. After a through look throughout the building and at the children he declared to the Aurors, the potters and the surrounding wizarding folk "by the powers invested within me, as the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards I deem this child; Daisy Lillian Potter the defeater of Lord Voldermort and the first survivor of the Killing curse therefore I name this child, The Girl Who lived"

Cheers erupted throughout the crowd as they all came to gather around the Potter family, little to anyone's knowledge the little boy still knocked out laying on the bench just outside the Potters cottage was left out of the festivities and forgotten by those who should of remembered him and so the thought of only the three Potters was situated within the minds of the wizarding world. This was further supplanted when that evening's special edition of the daily profit came out;

Daisy Potter, The Girl who lived by special reporter Nicole Tomlinson

Daisy Potter today was announced as the Girl Who Lived, she survived the killing curse from you know who and at the same time destroyed him. On scene was Albus Dumbledore who announced this surprising event and told this reporter "my dear Nicole Daisy here has just survived the killing curse and taken Voldermort down, can I trouble you to announce to the world of this happy event and know that the Potter family (picture shown above James, Lily and Daisy Potter) will take interviews when the shock has receded and they have found a new place to live.

The Potters moved into James's parent's old Mansion and home to the Potters through the ages; Potter manor within days after the event they quickly situated themselves before they gave orders to Lozly, one of their many house elf's to look after Harry, they went out with Daisy to Diagon Alley to meet the crowds and shop for new toys for their darling Baby girl.

The Potters didn't return for days on end their shopping spree continued on with adoring fans buying whatever the Potters asked for or the shop keepers giving things for free as thanks for Daisy's defeat over the dark lord. The Potters didn't return home as they stayed in luxury hotels so they ensured they had got everything Daisy could possibly want. They started in Diagon Alley on the Monday and returned home the Monday after, due to going to the different Wizarding hubs throughout Europe. After Diagon Alley they got a Portkey to France where they shopped at the Rue de Merivorn de lumière for a few days, then they travelled to Germany and shopped at Hinsernt-strabe staying there for two days as the wizarding hub was much larger than in England , then to Italy and shopped at Trionfo strada del potere where they decided to spend a short vacation luxuriating in the sun.

They returned home pockets full of shrunken shopping bags and trunks; they quickly got the house elves to expand a room and make it into the perfect palace bedroom for Daisy and to put all her new clothes, toys and other things like a pure silver cauldron and gold scales that the wizarding populace was kind enough to buy for them.

And so the Girl who lived controlled the Potter household from there on, she didn't lord it though she just got whatever she wanted content knowing she had everything she could possibly want. The Potters in general never saw their 3 year old son/brother but he was always there they were just never looking.


Chapter 2 - A life worth living, A life long neglected

5 years had passed since that haunted night, Daisy Potter was now 5 years old and although she was a spoilt child she never became arrogant or fat like most would in her shoes, but she still had never wanted anything in her life. She had rooms of toys, collections of teddy's and dolls and she also had a room of things she could use when she was older. She mostly spent her days playing with other children who were apart of her mother's circle of friends, people such as Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones, Neville Longbottom and many more.

The adult Potters however let the fame go to their heads James rammed through the ranks of the Aurors by throwing his daughters name around , whereas Lily became the light of the social spotlight any party she wasn't at was a party not worth going to or that's what they said in witch weekly's magazine anyway.

James was now Auror captain in charge of a 12 man team who got the best jobs in the department thanks to his daughter and the connections she got him. In his team he had his best friend Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, who he twisted the rules to allow him into the Aurors ranks. Whereas Lily was starting to prepare for her New Year Ball the single most important event in the socialites calendar. Held every year since the defeat of Voldermort it was an event of spectacular proportions, undertook to hold the crowds presence riveted to the Potter family. It was now June and to prepare everything she had to start now or that's what she told everybody and herself.

Now dear reader you may ask what about the last Potter, or have you forgotten him like his family has, where is Harry potter.

Like always Harry was in the shadows now 8 years old nearly 9, over the years he didn't understand why his family didn't… like… NO that's not it… love… that's not it either… accept him. Why did his sister get attention and not him? But he soon realised that asking that question wouldn't be answered and so he decided long ago to be the best. It didn't matter to him what it was he was to be the best and so he read, he trained, he battled through sweat and tears, he lived a hard life and yet he was now starting to show the fruits of his labour.

Years of a training regime he picked up after reading many of the advanced exercise books in the Potter library left him looking like a professional swimmer, years of reading old dusty tomes he found hidden throughout the manor had a great impact on his knowledge of well everything from the common curses, hexes and charms to ancient spells of power to the arcane to potions and so much more.

And so the Potter family continued on the way it was Daisy not knowing she had a brother, James believing in the mightiness of the Potter name and his sweet daughter and beautiful wife. Lily becoming an icon of her own for fashion while at the same time showing she was the perfect mother, well that's what she liked to believe, because she was the mother of Daisy and lastly Harry stuck in the shadows training to be the best, looking for some semblance of understanding, looking for love.

3 years had now passed and the fame that had once been the most important thing had now clamed in the potter parents, after a large row with her parents Daisy made them see the errors of their ways and they came back from cloud nine to be a family once more. Lily was still seen as the socialites Queen and James still got the best jobs but they always had time to spend with Daisy and each other now trying to be the best family they could be.

Time had changed the oldest Potter child, through his readings he learnt of what his parents had done to him was wrong and that he was worth something he started to understand he could be the best but he could start levelling off, well that was mostly because he couldn't find much else interesting to read in the Potter library but from his reading he understood things such as pureblood customs, etiquette, law, power play etc… and he understood for him to be the best he had to start now to get his foot in later.

So Harry started attending open ball, parties, gala's, he talked to the different factions throughout the wizarding world and started making his own contacts. Hard to believe he's only eleven many of them would say. He soon had a network like his books said he should, that would be able to get him anything and everything he would need in the coming years.


Harry woke 3 days before his birthday to breakfast from his personal elf Lozly on a silver platter with a variety of juices and tea. He sat up and Lozly carefully placed a tray on his lap and then placed his breakfast on it. "Lozly, can you bring me the daily prophet and any mail for me, oh and can you make sure my animals are tended" Lozly perked up at the request of jobs "of course master Harry, Lozly be backs in justs a minute" she popped off returning as she said in a few minutes with the requested items.

She then went off to Harry's hidden land that he commandeered off to the east of the Potters property shrouded by thick forest and bordered by the coast, hidden by all the wards he had learnt from his books. She quickly fed and watered Harry's owls a large eagle owl with dark ebony feathers and a medium sized snowy owl. She then wandered over to his rare golden gryphon that was still in its early ages. He found it injured up by the cliffs when he was wondering around the orchards and decided to explore, it looked as if she had fallen down the mountain or out of the sky, but Harry cleaned the gryphon's wounds and tended to them, leaving the gryphon indebted to him. She quickly left a large chunk of cow meat and a troth of water knowing full well that the animal was easy excitable due to the last time it nearly took her arm. Lastly she put bird seeds out towards the area he kept a flock of snidgets, the forefather to the now common golden snitch used in Quiditch.

Harry lazily ate his breakfast reading through the prophet with his legs over the arm of his royal blue arm chair, looking like the relaxed pureblood prince the Potter name gave him. With a pop Lozly was back but she was fretting something fierce and so with a quick whistle he shouted "Lozly, Lozly calm down" she took a deep breath and quickly blurted out "master Harry sirs Lozly is sorry's she didn't bring him all his mail like he asked for, but Master James and Mistress Lily got it before Lozly could brings it and when's I asked for it back they said they'll" "bring it themselves?" "yes Master Harry sirs"

Hmm he mused ' finally when he didn't want them to notice, they notice him, and at the same time it was an important matter such as his Hogwarts letter. This is not good, not good at all'

A quiet tap was all he heard on his door before his parents barged in without precedence Lily rushed over and tried to hug him but he shied away but stood his ground. "harry we're so sorry, we know we haven't been the best parents but can you forgive us for everything we've done"

"forgive, you've never been parents, since the day Voldermort was defeated, Lozly was more a parent then you both. You left me out cold hungry and alone with no human contact so no I don't forgive you, I'll never forgive you. But for now I'll leave it be. Now please can I have my Hogwarts letter I would like to go shopping today and afterwards I have other business to attend to so please" he held his hand out waiting for his letter, Lily looked shocked but she eventually passed the letter across to him. James on the other hand looked between shock and outrage.

"Don't you need us there for your shopping or to get to Diagon alley or money or … anything" Lily wept. "I've been going around the world since I was 7. I doubt I need your help for anything anymore and no I don't need your money I have my own thank you"

And so the heir to the Potter family strolled out of his room leaving what most will call parents he on the other hand calls them caregivers even though they've never give him care. Lily continued weeping stuck on the seat where Harry last sat while James tried to sooth his wife's woes.

Harry walked through Diagon Alley waving to those who acknowledged him but otherwise staying quiet, keeping to himself. He quickly walked up the steps of Gringotts and walked through the lobby to a door behind the High Lord Teller "I'm here to see Ragnok, I trust you are expecting me" the goblin just nodded and let him pass. He walked through extravagantly decorated corridors following an endless trail of corridors that others would get lost in he just strolled along as if without a care in the world.

He walked up a flight of steps and onto another landing where at the end was an intricately designed golden door with 2 guards on either sides. They bowed and opened the door letting him pass without converse.

"Lord Ragnok, greetings from the heir of Potter to the High Manager of Gringotts, may your gold grow as your enemy's tremble at your feet"

"ah Scion Potter, I have been expecting you my young friend. I have much news to talk with you and I must update you on your network"

"what news do we have to speak of, and what of my network ?"

"your network is safe no need to worry about that I merely wish to tell you Lord Delacour and Lord Fitzgerald wish to converse with you face to face it's the upmost importance you go when possible and now to the news, we have intercepted messages from the higher echelons, it seems another open ball is to take place at Malfoy Manor to commemorate the young Scion Malfoy going to Hogwarts as well as this your investments are going extremely well and I must commemorate you on investing in Nimbus brook company and The three broomsticks they have gained you massive profit over the last 5 months thanks to the new nimbus model and the new variety of drinks sold at the inn"

"thank you for the update on my financial status and please send message to the Lords that I shall see them tomorrow. Now if that's all I shall take my leave. May your gold forever flow."

"and you young master Potter good day"


Harry stepped out of Gringotts into the early autumn sun, the crowds had yet to gather for their shopping needs and so Harry had a relatively easy time of navigating the Alley. He stopped by many of the shops for his school supplies ensuring to buy the best possible equipment; he started his shopping at Sessile's sparkling cauldron supply shop for a pewter cauldron 'Ha he thought I'll get a silver self-stirring caldron with automatic stasis charm just to show I can make my own way and I'll do it with everything else as well' and so after bargaining heavily with the owner a one Mr Sessile Sevat he bought his cauldron with added features such as a protection charm stopping anyone but him from tampering with his position and ensuring if anything happened the potion practitioner would be safe.

After buying his cauldron he decided he wanted to show the world but mostly his parents he had money and not from the Potter family coffers, and so he decided to become slightly extravagant in his purchasing and went into Twilfit & Tatting's upper echelons robe shop. After over an hour within the shop acting as a pin cushion for the designers nimble fingers he walked out carrying bags of extravagant wizarding robes of all kinds for any and all occasions, in the best materials they had and so he came out in one of his outfits; stylish dragon hide shoes, black Acromantula silk dress slacks that seemed to shimmer with a blue tint, an open off white dress shirt with silver buttons, a pair of sunglasses similar to the muggles sports glasses, the frame in black with platinum metal and a greyish blue tinted glass, that helped correct eyesight while also protecting from the sun and lastly due to its upper scale the shop also sold watches so Harry decided on big extravagant and functional while at the same time having cool gadgets and so he walked out with a one of a kind white gold watch, with hands that changed colours depending on the temperature, a black clock face with silver numbers and a beautiful Antipodean Opaleye pearly coloured dragon hide leather strap that shone in the sun light.

He continued down the Alley passing the street venders with a look of contempt on his face, he saw a shabby looking building he had never seen before on the crux between Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley and decided to see what was inside. Walking in a tinkling bell rang, telling the owner he had a customer. The shop looked as if it was rarely pursued as it seemed the spiders loved the shop with the amount of spider webs around.

Harry walked a circuit around the shop looking to see if he could gleam any hidden treasures within the, as he thought, 'tat that no one else wanted'. He saw many rare tombs that would usually be found in a private collection somewhere. He also saw things he had only heard of things such as a pensive a rare artefact that allowed you to see you memories thanks to the bowls enchantments and runes. He saw many ancient artefacts that should be in a families vault or museum and yet all was stashed in this decrepit shop waiting for someone like him to understand the worth.

He quickly searched for something to put the many things in and came upon a trunk made of cherry wood, with large iron clasps and hinges. He opened it to find himself speechless for inside was rolling hills as if a distance land could be reached with climbing into this one trunk. He quickly pulled it to the front and asked the owner, an old woman with greying hair and skin who looked as if she'd seen better days.

"Madam may I ask about this trunk, what is it meant for? What does it do? Why does it have a mass of land inside? How much is it?" he blurted out in quick succession his age showing due to his eagerness to find out more about his mysterious trunk.

The old lady turned her head, many clinks could be heard and chuckled in a wheezy voice answered "Ahh you are not the first to find the wonder of this one of a kind trunk, to answer your questions young man, it is used to store things not only materials as most trunks but you could hide a civilisation in this trunk and they would continue to live happily with everything they need it is the perfect place to hide anything and everything, its meant for a wizard or witch to choose it, so it can show its many mysteries to them, I have already told you why there is land inside but that is not the only compartment it has 13 but you must find them yourself if you buy it that is, and finally it is there for any who can move it as is everything else. I am but a lady on her last legs with no family so I shall allow you to take everything you want and then I shall close my shop for the last time. I advise you to choose carefully there is more in here that should not be touched by many but there is also many things you may be destined for so look and take and let me go back to my rest"

Harry couldn't believe his luck, this old lady was giving him a positively huge amount of powerful items he spluttered but started looking for things he saw that called him for he understood the warning of the lady. He turned the shop upside down looking for what he wanted after all she said everything and so he cleared many of the priceless things on the ground floor then he took a look upstairs and in the basement, he also looked for hidden doors and found many taking the things he felt call to him. Over an hour passed and he was still searching he finally reached the ground floor once more and decided to look behind the till and found a variety of things that he felt called him as well. For gold coins to goblets and vials he took them all while the old lady just smiled contently knowing she made the right decision giving this child. The child of prophecy her last items, these that will help him become who he needs to be.

Harry left the shop thanking the lady profusely only to find himself starring at the entrance to Knockturn Alley and many mothers passing by giving him the evil eye for looking as if contemplating going down there. Harry quickly finished his shopping getting more books than needed and an assortment of many other things. The last thing on his list was a wand and so he searched out Ollivanders but as he was about to enter, he felt a pull taking him towards the entrance of Knockturn Alley again. He followed the pull to an open display down one of the side streets of Knockturn Alley and found himself in front of Broms wands. A relatively old looking shop in good condition with burgundy peeling paint showing underneath a ghastly lime green. He walked in and for the first time in his life he felt as if he was in the muggle world while still being in the wizarding world.

The shop was clean, spacious and designed as if a muggle owned it, with comfy looking coaches sat around a glass coffee table as a waiting area, light coloured hard wood flooring with rugs and shelves full of different materials and a large counter at the far end with glass balcony above and a circular staircase up to it.

From a door behind the counter came a large man that wouldn't look out of place on a rugby team, muscles easily seen through his tight leather vest and pants he looked like one of those ancient Greek gods he had read about with a short beard of ginger. A smile plastered in his face "welcome stranger to my shop, I'm glad you've turned up. I'm Brom and I have been expecting you"

"Hello sir, why was it you were expecting me ?"

"Why, young sir you felt the pull that's why I was expecting you. Your magic realised I could give you that which no other could. I can give you that which no other can… your focus, I can give you training, I can give you power that you are destined to have. So stranger when do you want to begin"

"err sir why offer me this" Harry quickly realised his magic was pulsing around this man as if he was always meant to be here "I accept sir on the condition you tell me, why me, what's wrong with my magic and what will you train me? Oh and I'm Harry, Harry Potter "

"From now on in here you are not Harry Potter you are my trainee, and once I get to know you I will rename you. For now you shall be stranger. Now to answer your questions why you, I have no answer to give to you, you are here, you can feel the magic calling you and so you are meant to be here"

"For your next question there is nothing wrong with your magic, and for you information it is not your magic. Magic is its own, no one owns magic, we coexist with magic, magic allows us to use it and in its own way it uses us to become stronger. However in recent years magic within us has been declining because we have been misusing it, and so with my help I will train you to become the one who will change this, reinvent the magical world"

"And lastly your training is in all aspects of magic, muggle martial arts, swordsmanship, archery, muggle technology and anything else I deem necessary"

"When you say all magic sir err I mean Brom, does that include the dark arts? "

"Of course and there is no such thing as dark or light arts, like I said before magic is magic it's we that control what we do with it and what we make of it. The dark arts is so called as it is a way of controlling the masses"