If desired, listen to either Namine's Theme or Dearly Beloved Reprise to get the full effect of the mood in this fic. I'm clashing fandoms together, I'm aware.

70: 67%

There she was, her beloved sister was lying there broken beyond repair. She had no clue what had happened; her only knowledge of the incident was that her sister was sent on a mission and returned suspended between life and death.

Her skin was devoid of color; even her pink hair seemed a few shades lighter than normal. Layers of crisp white sheets kept her grotesque wounds out of sight. Dozens of wires and tubes were hooked up to her, like a science specimen undergoing a through examination. Only these devices were keeping her from falling into the arms of death. The only thing that told her that she was still alive was the steady beep of her heart monitor. It pained Serah to see someone so strong like her sister to be in such a vulnerable, feeble state.

Sixty-seven percent.
Sixty-seven percent.
Sixty-seven percent.
That was Lightning's chance of pulling through this.

Serah gripped her sister's hand, much like the way a mountain climber holds their rope; er skincool to the touch and her hand limp. The first tears broke through at the sight of her sister's face. Her ice-colored eyes were closed, her hair hung over her forehead in tangled strands, and her cheek was swollen and had turned a pale shade of purple.

Waterfalls of tears were now dripping down Serah's cheeks. Her body was trembling with sobs as she gripped her sister's hand harder. She couldn't die now, she just couldn't. First her parents then Lightning…the thought itself made Serah's heart rise into her throat. If Lightning died now, she wouldn't be there with her on her wedding day, she wouldn't get the promotion she's had her eyes on for months now, she just wouldn't be there anymore. There would just be an empty void where she used to be.

Serah's legs were trembling as she lowered herself to her knees, Lightning's hand still in hers. She closed her other hand over her sister's, as if trying to warm it on a cold winter's night. Serah knew her sister was too deep in her state of comatose to feel or even hear her bereavement, but feeling the dim warmth beneath her skin gave her a sense of comfort, a sense of knowing she was still here.

"Don't die…please…" She pleaded through her tears. "Don't…die…" Words were too hard to form.

A gentle squeeze pulled her out of her whirlpool of sorrow. Serah lifted her head and the tears stopped. Lightning's eyes were cracked open enough to see her crystal-colored eyes. Lightning ran her thumb over her sister's hand, as Serah simply stood there, immobile.

"I don't…plan…on dying…" Her voice was merely a whisper.

Lightning's eyes fluttered as she squeezed Serah's hand again before falling back into the dephs of sleep. Serah could feel a meek smile on her lips as she tenderly brushed her sister's hair out of her face.

Maybe sixty-seven percent was enough.

Author: Been working the 100 themes challenge for some time now. Probably one of the saddest things I've ever written. And yes I'm procrastinating on updating Guardian Angel II. I'll get around to it...eventually ^_^