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A/N: This is David Tennant's (Tenth) Doctor.

P.S. This is in the style of the original WordGirl shorts. As usual, the narrator's lines are in bold...


Investigating a plot by Doctor Two-Brains, WordGirl and her sidekick, Captain Huggyface, find herself walking through a mysterious, abandoned building-

"Um, excuse me, but you used the word 'Mysterious' wrong. Mysterious means 'Having an atmosphere of strangeness or secrecy,' and it's pretty obvious what is in here: Doctor Two-Brains, and his evil Goop ray, which he says he'll use on the city's most valuable items unless he gets all the cheese! Nothing strange or secretive about that!"

Oh, sorry. I'll try to be more careful with that word next time, WordGirl.

"Well, what about you, WordGirl? Will you be 'careful'? BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!"

WordGirl and Captain Huggyface turned around, to find...Doctor Two-Brains, and his Goop ray, right behind them!

"Gee, I wonder what will happen when I use my goop ray on a superhero and her monkey sidekick. It's all so... mysterious! But not for long!" And with that, Doctor Two-Brains laughed maniacally as he pressed the button on the massive menacing machine.

WordGirl and Captain Huggyface found themselves rooted to the floor in fear, unable to move as the emitter tip of the Goop ray started glowing...


"...Wait...we're not goop?"

"You're not goop?" Doctor Two-Brains repeated, and looked at his Goop ray in shock...and immediately exclaimed: "The wires are missing?"

WordGirl and Captain Huggyface, however, simply shrugged. And then they tied up Doctor Two-Brains.

"Alright...however that happened, your plan has failed, Doctor Two-Brains! And now we're going to take you to the police!"

"Don't bother," said another voice (in a British accent) behind them: "I already called the police. They're on their way."

Shocked to hear another voice, they turned around again...and standing behind them was a tall, young man in a blue suit, with a brown longcoat over it, and spiky hair on his head!

Just before WordGirl could ask who he was, he pulled three multicolored wires out of a pocket in his coat, and handed them to WordGirl, saying: "I hope you can find a better use for these than Doctor Two-Brains had."

She took them...and as he started walking away, she realized that it was this guy who broke the Goop ray! She ran after him as he walked into the next room, tried to ask his name...

...and then stopped as soon as he stepped into a large blue box with the words 'Police Public Call Box' written on the top! And, as soon as he closed the door (but not before shooting WordGirl an appreciative smile), the box started fading away!


Wait...was that the Doctor? The time-traveling hero who's helped WordGirl out a few times in the past, each time with a different face?

"Must be...and the way he was acting...it felt like something was happening to him, but I can't figure out what..."

So, he was behaving...mysteriously?

"Yeah. Exactly. All I can tell is that he is feeling very sad, and lonely...oh, and thanks for using 'mysterious' the right way!"

Thank you.

The following drabble was what I imagined would have been included in the companion montage in 'The End of Time' if my WordGirl Crossovers are canon.

(P.S. For those who don't see the Sarah Jane Adventures (R.I.P. Elizabeth Sladen) the Doctor, in one episode, said he visited all of his past companions before his regeneration.)

So, short little ficlet just for fun, tell me what you think!