The Tournament Begins

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny
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Chapter 78; The Tournament Begins
"And just for the sake of other players, Elesa you cannot ride your Pokémon at any time during this race."
"Alright, it wouldn't be much fun anyway if we took the easy way out."
After the race…
"Sigh... nevertheless Elesa still ended up winning. I'm impressed"
"What do you think she wished for?"
"Dunno, maybe to be able to find true love?"
"What is it Anabel?"
"While you were running up the tower me, Angie and Zoey all managed to catch new Pokémon."
"Oh really?"
"And what did you catch?"
"Well I caught a cute little Lillipup."
"Ah, she is very cute." Ash comments petting the young pup on the head
"I caught a Minccino."
"Wonderful, that will look wonderful in your contest battles."
"And I got a Solosis."
"Another psychic type Ana?"
"Yep, apparently he took a liking to me as I was walking around to pass the time."
"Who did you send to the ranch?"
"Well I thought Braviary and Emolga could do with some time off."
"Yeah and I sent Gastrodon and Leafeon back so they could bond with the other Pokémon."
"Well so long as everyone is happy how about we hit the road."
"Stephan, what's up?"
"Hey I just wanted to check to see if you knew about the Clubsplosion."
"Say what?"
"Don George is holding a tournament in the local Twist town. A small city just at the base of Twist Mountain."
"Interesting. Sounds like fun. And I'm sure everyone could use a good tournament to see how we sit with our training."
"Sounds like a plan Ash. How about we travel together. Cause that is where I and Sawk are headed."
As Ash and company head for twist town, a not so familiar figure appears in the forest behind them.
"Soon young Anabel, I will remove you from this worlds clutches and you shall be my queen..."
As the group continues to Twist town, Tia feels something coming and vanishes into the tree line.
Loud chunks can be heard hitting the ground, as she expels the contents of breakfast all over the forest floor.
"Did she eat something bad?"
"Doubtful, probably still adjusting..."
"Sure, she might be a while so Stephan, you and Elesa can meet us there."
"Alright Ash."
As the two continue on, Ash locates Tia and begins to rub her back soothingly until, she calms down.
"You gonna be okay Tia?" Ash asks as he continues to rub her back
The young girl nods slowly until she starts blowing chunks again.
"Cilan, do you have any water bottles on hand?"
"Yes, I have one left, but I don't think..."
"She's not dehydrated, it's just to rinse her mouth out."
"Oh, sure..."
After about another ten minutes or so. Her body calms and allows her a chance to sit.
"Yes... I think so..." she replies as she takes another sip of the water before replacing the cap
"Is something wrong Tia?"
"I was talking to Nurse Joy before we left after I was changed..."
"You mean about..."
"So you think?"
Tia nods her head slowly, as her hand begins to move to her abdomen.
"This is wonderful Tia, to be honest I didn't think it would happen so quickly..."
"Me neither Ash..."
"Ash is..."
The girls approach Ash and Tia to see them both with their hands in Tia's stomach.
"Ash is?"
"I don't really know Ana, but I'll have Nurse Joy check her out when we arrive in town."
"So hopefully the elixir worked..."
"Well if it didn't I don't think she would have conceived."
"Why do you say that, Ash?"
"Well knowing that, Tia would have wanted to bond shortly after she changed I'm pretty sure my future self tinkered with the potion a bit so that she could begin to conceive within a few weeks of becoming human."
"So are we all a family now?"
"We have always been a family, with or without the bond. With or without Arceus intervention, nothing will tear us apart, and I will make sure things do not go south when this end of the world battle goes down."
"Thank you Ash..."
"No girls' thank you, you girls have not only made me the happiest man, father, and husband; but to have all of you in my family is and always will be a blessing, even if it was forced upon each of you by forces I will not serve after all this is taken care of."
"So Tia you ready to continue or do you need to rest some more?"
"I'm fine Ash, I think we can continue."
"Alright, but if you feel sick again, lemme know and we can stop."
Ash Ketchum was not having a good day. Things had started off so well in the beginning. Deciding to get some training in before he and his group continued towards twist town, Ash had begun the day with his Pokémon to improve their technique, his wives following suit while Cilan made breakfast. After a while, Ash noticed Iris working with Svetta, Dialga's daughter. Iris was trying to teach Svetta dragon pulse, but the dragon in question was having quite a bit of difficulty. Every time she built up power for the move, it would simply fizzle out, and no amount of training and tips were helping. Finally, breakfast was served and the group paused for food. As they ate, Iris approached Cilan.
"Cilan, do you have any idea why Svetta is struggling with dragon pulse? I can't for the life of me figure it out. I mean, she's doing everything right, but just as she finishes gathering the energy it fades away." Cilan hmmed in response, and thought hard about Svetta's problem.
"Hmm, I'm going to need to get a taste of Svetta if I'm going to be any help." With a nod, Iris brought the connoisseur over to Svetta. "All right, it's tasting time!" Cilan exclaimed, much to Iris' amusement, and Svetta's confusion. Ash was also listening in as he wanted to hear what Cilan could find.
"Hmm, the flavor of your bond with Svetta is delicate and undefined, though it's not surprising seeing as she's still a very recent addition to your team. Hmm, from Svetta herself I taste a cloying saltiness within her, spoiling the tartness of her... wait that's it!" Cilan's sudden exclamation got all eyes drawn towards him. "It appears that Malice's horrendous treatment has dumped a cup of salt into our poor friend's pride and confidence, the key ingredients of a dragon. If she is to ever learn a dragon type move, this salt must be removed." At the mention of Malice, Svetta began to shiver and whimper, and all who had witnessed Malice's 'treatment' of the dragon cringed when the memory was brought up. Iris immediately began to comfort the distraught dragon.
"It's okay Svetta, it's okay. You're safe now. I won't let you be hurt like that ever again, and that comes from all of us." Nods of agreement came from all the other members of the group. The moment was shattered however, when they heard the last thing they ever wanted to hear.
"You know, one really shouldn't promise that which they cannot keep." All eyes whipped about, looking for the source of the telepathic voice. Ash soon found the culprit in the shade of a grove of trees.
"What are you doing here Malice?" Ash snarled getting between the Umbreon and his girls.
"Well Ash, it's a very interesting thing. You see, when I went to check up on you, I couldn't sense your shadows. In fact I couldn't sense a lot of shadows. Deciding to investigate I came to the area of this oddity, and well, here I am. Now you have me curious, because you are the epicenter of this anomaly." At this, Ash grinned.
"Well Malice, it's a... Secret!" Malice however, wasn't fazed by the little joke.
"I see. Well Ash I'm sorry to say this, but I'm going to have to kill you now. You see, no one I've ever faced has been able to sever my connection to shadow, save for arceus himself, but it seems as though you have done it as well. Thus, I can't let you live any longer if you are able to deny me of my main power." With that, Malice sprang at Ash, reaching him in seconds, those seconds however, were long enough for a counterstrike. Malice was blindsided mid-air by a Roar of time, and while it wasn't strong enough to do any real damage, it had the intended effect of flinging the Umbreon away from Ash.
"You know girl..." Began Malice as he got up off the ground, dusting himself off with a forepaw, "I thought you'd be smarter than that after what I did to you the last time you got in my way. I suppose if ripping your limbs off one by one wasn't enough to teach you a lesson," Shadows crawled over Malice's foreleg, before encasing the appendage in a blade of black, "Perhaps flaying you alive with something far more painful than just a shadow mace just might." Malice then charged at Svetta, but just as he leaped forward for a strike, he was tackled out of the air by none other than Iris.
"I promised Svetta I'd never let you hurt her, and I intend to keep it." Iris shouted at the Umbreon. At this Malice just scoffed.
"Do you honestly believe you can back up that claim, girl? I'll tell you right now that you've gotten me angry, and now you've just volunteered to be relief for that anger. Better brace yourself girl, because this will not be fast or pretty." Faster than before, Malice shot himself at Iris, bladed foreleg aimed to impale her. Just before he could run her through, however, her form flickered and vanished, much to the group's shock and confusion, but relief as well. Malice for his part, simply wrenched his leg out of the dirt his failed strike had buried it within, and turned his gaze back to Svetta.
"Temporal teleportation. You sent her forward in time to save her. Even you must realize though that such a swift action could have potentially devastating consequences." Svetta gulped, but nonetheless stood her ground out of breath against Malice's empty gaze.
"I... I won't let you hurt her. She's my friend, she was there for me when I needed it most, so I gotta be there for her as well."
"Touching. However after that little stunt you don't have the power to fight back." Just as Malice prepared to attack, a massive wave of power washed over him. "Hmm, I suppose I'll have to deal with you later. I believe I've gotten Ash mad." Mad however, was a gross understatement to the fury pounding through Ash. Unlike most, who had only registered Malice attacking Iris, Ash saw exactly where Malice intended to strike. Just as he was about to launch into an offensive, a clawed flaming hand stopped him.
"Ash, I know what he tried to do, but let me fight him." Ash was about to retort, but then he saw the look on Volcaria's face. Nodding, he stepped back.
"Just save some for me." He said.
"No promises. Get everyone far enough away Ash, now that we're on an open route, I can finally cut loose." Ash's eyes widened at this.
"Please don't make it necessary to redraw the maps." He told her, then began getting the group far away from the impending fight. Malice watched as Ash gathered everyone and got them far away from the Blaziken, who stood ready to combat him.
"Flare, Hime, Lets go!" Ash shouts as he throws two Pokéball's releasing the two Kalos region Pokémon.
"Flare, Hime, I need the two of you to quickly scout the surrounding area and evacuate any people or Pokémon you find, if they fail to comply, keep moving. You will have maybe five minutes, probably less. Hime use your psychic abilities as much as possible.
The two nod and take off.
"You're joking, right?" Malice asked skeptically. In response, Volcaria's wrists blazed even fiercer, and she prepared to lunge at her opponent. "Evidently you're not joking. Do you realize you've never laid a blow upon me, much less come close to any sort of victory? What makes you think you have a chance now?"
"Because all those times before, I was unable to unleash my full power due to somebody potentially getting caught in the crossfire. Now however, we're alone, and I can show you just how powerful I truly am." Stated Volcaria, and with that, her leg was coated in white flames as she leaped at the shadow lord for a Blaze kick. Said kick was intercepted by a wall of shadow that sprang between the two. However, as soon as the kick struck the wall, it created a powerful explosion, ripping the wall apart.
"That was interesting." Said Malice as he leaped out of a shadow a short ways away, but was soon on the defensive as Volcaria unleashed a barrage of moves that would detonate on solid impact. Having enough, tendrils of shadow snagged Volcaria's limbs at blinding speed and splayed her out, giving Malice the opportunity to charge a sphere of darkness. The attack was dissipated when Volcaria unleashed a flamethrower so hot it glowed white, and so focused and compressed it sliced with laser precision. Malice was forced to avoid the lethal beam of fire, thus breaking his hold on Volcaria. The Blaziken for her part, kept the laser up, forcing Malice to keep ahead of it's point, until finally she could hold it no longer. Malice stopped and observed the damage and power the move caused, noticing how the very boulders around the area were sliced in half from the attack and were still melting from the heat. The fight felt... familiar to him. He had seen this before but he could not place where or when.
"All right Malice, enough playing around. I think it's high time we turned things up a notch." Said Volcaria, and the air surrounding her began to warp and shimmer from the sheer heat she was generating. Suddenly, Volcaria started outpouring and compressing a colossal amount of fire, until suspended in her open beak was a fireball the size of a pinhead, and glowing with the intensity of a star.
"The first move; Blast Burn!" And Malice's eyes widened.
"Ash, what's going on? We can't just leave Volcaria." Said May as Ash led the group away from the battlefield.
"May, Volcaria can handle herself. Right now all we have to worry about is getting as far away as possible." Replied the aura guardian. Upon finishing that statement, the sound of explosions reached the group's ears, causing Ash's eyes to widen. "Damn, she is not starting things off small. At this rate... Guys hurry, we're almost far enough away. I'm just glad she's still kinda rusty with the forbidden moves, else she'd wipe route 7 off the map."
"Ash, what are you talking about?" Asked Dawn, only to get her answer when a colossal explosion of fire and heat swallowed up the entire battlefield they had left behind, though the shockwave still knocked them all over.
"...Oh." was all Dawn could say after the experience.
"Ah Flare, Hime, down here!" Ash shouts calling to his two Pokémon.
As Flare lands, Hime falls off her back exhausted.
"You two did a wonderful job, how many listened and how many stayed?" Ash asked as he fed them both sitrus berries to help with their recovery.
"Everyone we came across left without a fuss, and we didn't encounter any humans…"
"Good, take a nice rest you two…" Ash thanks as he returns both Pokémon to their Pokéball's.
Fire. An inferno the likes of which had not ravaged the world in eons, exploded outwards in the center of route 7. Trees were immolated to particles. Earth and stone melted and shattered from the sheer heat. All moisture in the air and surrounding atmosphere was stripped away. After seconds that felt like eternities, the flames collapsed as the inferno gorged itself into suffocation on the surrounding air, a monolith of smoke belching into the sky. In the center of it all stood Volcaria, knee deep in thick lava collecting at the bottom of a crater eighty yards in diameter, alone.
"Come out Malice. I know that wasn't enough to kill you." At first silence greeted her, then she saw the surrounding shadows crawling to the center of the lava pool. Once the shadows had collected themselves into a single disk, out of it rose Shadow lord Malice.
"Well I certainly was not expecting that." He said as gazed at the destruction Volcaria had wrought. "When I saw you the first time as that little Torchic I had figured Arceus simply reincarnated you like those other two fakes. Seeing this though, well, I knew he was a hypocrite, but to break the one he said he could never touch? It appears we meet on the field of battle once more o great fire Khan."
"Indeed, and this time Malice, I'll kill you." Snarled Volcaria, the lava surrounding her beginning to brighten as the heat she exuded began to re-melt the slag.
"Ah, but that's where you're ever so wrong Volcaria, for there is one drastic difference in this fight that shall offer you no chance of victory."
"What? That I'm weaker than you?"
'No Volcaria, you were always weaker than me. Back then..." And with that, Malice shot forward far faster than anytime Volcaria had seen him do so, and before she could make a reaction, Malice had slammed a paw into her gut. "I wasn't trying to kill you." And the force of his punch caught up, sending Volcaria rocketing across the lava field. Gasping for breath, Volcaria struggled to rise, but just as she was on her feet, Malice was in front of her again, an orb of seething darkness in his maw.
"The third move; Sphere of Darkness." Letting loose the ball of black, Volcaria had no time to brace herself as the attack smashed into her full force, slamming her under the pool of lava, a fountain of molten earth kicking up upon her impact into the slag. "Come out Volcaria, I know that wasn't enough to kill you." Parroted Malice. Said Umbreon however, was not expecting a Sky uppercut that burst through his shadow platform and slammed him in the jaw, the bone breaking with a very audible crack. Just before he made impact with the molten slag beneath him, he literally fell into his own shadow cast upon the lava. The instant he did so the platform he had been on previously flipped up vertically, allowing Malice to rocket out of it a slam Volcaria in her stomach again, sending her away sprawling once more. Landing back on his once again flat platform, golden light flowed from the yellow ring on Malice's forehead, and with audible cracks and pops, his broken jaw was reset and healed.
"Well you certainly punch harder than you did before that's for sure." Malice remarked as he watched Volcaria rise once more whilst clutching her stomach. Pushing past the pain in her abdomen, the Blaziken's mane literally ignited into flames.
"The second move: Immolation!"
Ash and the group looked on in worry as the sounds of battle continued from within the colossal column of smoke. Suddenly, a white hot beam of fire shot out of the smoke, before fading in an instant.
"I'm going over there. Volcaria needs help." Ash said, and began to make his way to the battlefield, when a hand grasping his own stopped him.
"Let us come with you." Said Angie, but Ash shook his head.
"Volcaria's unleashing the forbidden moves of fire. I can protect myself, but I can't protect anything around me without Akane and Serenity assisting. You girls need to stay here or the sheer heat her attacks let off will badly injure you." Angie gulped.
"At least promise to come back safe." She asked, to which Ash pulled her into an embrace.
"I promise all of you I'll come back alive." With that he rushed over to the battlefield. Upon reaching the perimeter of where Volcaria's blast burn had scorched the land, Ash stepped into the thick smoke obscuring the battleground. After a ways in, Ash saw Volcaria and Malice fighting on a lake of blackened lava, the Umbreon standing on small platforms of shadow below each paw, allowing him to combat the Blaziken over the blistering ooze whilst Volcaria had to wade through the tar-like slag. In such terrain, Volcaria could not properly maneuver as Malice weaved around all her attacks. Orbs of hatred manifest collided with globs of magma to create a deadly fireworks show as the two traded ranged attacks. Coughing from the smoke and fumes, Ash made his presence known.
"Volcaria!" He shouted out, getting the Blaziken's attention.
"Ash!?" She exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing over here?" Suddenly a black blur, shot past Volcaria, Malice taking the opportunity to attack Ash. Said attack was foiled when Malice's shadow blade struck Ash's chest, the umbral armor Arceus had bequeathed Ash blocking the strike completely, and repelling Malice back.
"What was that?" Malice asked, but was soon on the move as he outran another immolation beam, traversing nearly the entire circumference of the lake in seconds as he kept ahead of the attack.
"Damn he's fast." Huffed Volcaria as she released the attack. "Now what are you doing here?"
"Volcaria, he's coming back!" Volcaria turned back just in time to catch Malice's paw right in her face, flinging her out of the lake, and colliding with Ash, both of them sprawling out on the charred ground.
"What the hell Ash!?" Volcaria snarled upon getting up. "What made you think it was a bright idea coming over here?"
"You need help." Replied Ash as he too got up.
"Oh no, this is personal, I don't want any interference. Not from you, not from anyone." At this, Ash brandished his mega bracelet.
"You remember what Sycamore said. Only by working together is mega evolution possible. Let me help. I won't fight, I'll just help."
"Mega evolution." Ash and Volcaria turned to see Malice walk out of the crater of hardening lava. "So that is what that power is called. The power to go beyond your final form and become something far more powerful than ever."
"Don't even bother Malice. You can't achieve it." Said Ash.
"I never said I wanted it in the first place. I honestly have no need of such power, and neither will that power help you."
"Well you don't know until you try. So Volcaria, you willing to prove Malice wrong." Volcaria sighed at this. On one hand she wanted to fight Malice on her own power, but on the other hand, Malice was a lot stronger than he was when she fought him so long ago.
"All right Ash, you win. Juice me up would ya."
"Gladly." And with that, Ash tapped two fingers to the stone on his Mega bracelet, and massive amounts of power surrounded Volcaria. Finally, the ball of power exploded revealing Volcaria in her mega evolved form. Malice's empty eyes simply narrowed at the display.
"As I said, that power will not help you." He stated, and lunged at the Blaziken, who countered the strike with her own.
"Ash, thanks for the boost, but you need to leave. My forbidden moves are going to be a lot more powerful now. I can't let you get caught in them." Said Volcaria, and Ash nodded, and hurried back to the group. Malice watched him go until the smoke obscured him.
"You stood a better chance with him fighting with you. Now you have no hope."
"That's what you think. Now then, moves three and four will do nothing at this point, so I'll skip right to five." Volcaria's eyes glowed a burning crimson and the ground beneath the two began to quake. "The Fifth move; Song of the Volcano!" At this, the ground burst open with geysers of magma erupting from beneath the two combatants. Burst after burst, the geysers erupted all around the two as they resumed their fistfight, Volcaria's limbs once again coated in detonating flame. Finally, the two were fighting upon a lava field once more, only this time fresh lava was constantly keeping the lava hot and thin, so Volcaria had a much easier time moving through it. As the two fought the geysers erupted again, one very nearly engulfing Malice, though smoldering burns covered his right side. A flow of energy from his rings took care of the wounds however, much to the Blaziken's aggravation. Malice however, was getting bored.
"This is starting to lose it's luster very quickly, so I hope you don't mind if I end things here." Malice's eyes then began to darken even more, until they were nothing but black voids. "The seventh move; Devouring Hatred." A beam of darkness much like Volcaria's beam, only broader, blasted out of Malice's open mouth, all it touched corroding away like it was struck by acid. Volcaria leaped out of the way, her legs easily able to carry her quite some distance away from the impact point, but the moment she landed, Malice leaped out of her shadow and unleashed a barrage of close quarters strikes that she could only endure. Punches, kicks, even tail strikes, Malice struck away at her at speeds she could not defend from. Finally, after being pulverized harder than a tough piece of meat, Malice allowed her to collapse. Volcaria for her part, could barely breathe. Heavy bruises were forming all over her body, and quite a few bones were definitely broken, including a couple ribs. Despite her injuries, she continued to get up.
(A/N: if you listen to Naruto Shippuden OST - Edo Tensei / Gedô Mazô (Remastered) from this point it goes along with the scene)
"You just don't give up do you? Fine, if you can't be beaten down, I will put you down." Malice's eyes glowed hellish crimson, tails of light dragging through the air with every movement the eyes made. His muscles flexed and swelled to twice their original size, and his teeth became serrated daggers in his mouth. With a feral grin, Malice slammed a paw against one of the few boulders remaining in the area, the impact shattering the rock into rubble. "The fifth move; Fury of the Darkness." Malice coiled back, ready to spring, and Volcaria blinked. When her eyes opened she was flying through the air, and suddenly agony erupted in her chest.
'Fa-' She couldn't even finish her thought before she was struck again, this time in her back, and again in her stomach. Soon Volcaria was practically suspended in the air, Malice raining blows down on her at speeds that exceeded the likes of Extremespeed and sucker punch, being perceived only as flashes of black and red. Finally, after an eternity of pain, Malice let Volcaria unceremoniously drop to the ground, a silent scream tearing through her upon impact. Volcaria could not move, she had reverted out of her mega evolution a short time into Malice's beating, and she was slowly slipping out of consciousness. Blearily, she saw Malice leisurely prowling towards her, and a solitary tear escaped her eye.
'Why? Why can't I beat this guy? I thought I had a chance with mega evolution, but even that was useless. How am I supposed to avenge them if all he needs to do is play around to win?' Soon Malice was standing over her, shadow blade poised to stab through her heart. Bringing the blade down with deliberate slowness, Volcaria felt the tip of the blade press down on her skin, harder and harder, until finally the tip pierced her skin. Again with deliberate slowness, Malice drove the blade deeper and deeper, earning agonizing screams from the Blaziken. Despite her current state Volcaria actually started to feebly thrash about, but tendrils of shadow bound and splayed her upon the ground, immobilizing her. Once again going as slow as possible, Malice began carving a circle into her chest, and soon screams of terror accompanied her screams of pain as Volcaria realized what the Umbreon intended to do. Finally, Malice finished carving the circle, the blade shifting into a clawed hand. Once again in a deliberate slowness, Malice began peeling the flesh he had cut out off her ribcage, Her shrieks of agony rebounding in his ears. With a final yank, the circle of skin and flesh was removed, and a pulse of healing light staunched the bleeding it's absence caused. Volcaria could only gaze in horror at her now exposed pounding heart. Again, as slowly as possible for maximum terror, Malice reached for the exposed organ, blood dripping off of the ebon black claws. Volcaria could only utter choked sobs as she saw the tips of those claws begin to enter the hole in her chest, her bladder releasing as they slowly fell deeper in. Finally they came to a stop just before her heart, and Malice's glowing eyes met her terror struck orbs.
"Any last words?" If there was any way to make the situation any more terrifying, the sound of Malice's voice did it with ease. There was nothing in that voice; no satisfaction or desire, no regret or remorse. Malice wasn't doing this because he enjoyed it, or because he had to. Malice was doing this simply because he could, and that frightened Volcaria worse than anything. Before Volcaria could speak, a ball of aquamarine blue smashed into Malice's side, flinging the Umbreon away from the downed Blaziken. Just as Volcaria processed what had happened, a hand hovered over the hole in her chest, aura streaming out and repairing the damage.
"Sorry I took so long Volcaria." Said Ash, "But you know how it is when it comes to convincing those girls to stay put." Just as Ash finished healing the hole, Malice was back on his feet, golden light pulsing around the impact point of Ash's aura sphere. As soon as the light faded, Malice's musculature shrunk back down, and his eyes and teeth returned to normal.
"Well now, back again Ash? Saves me the trouble of hunting you down I suppose." With a pulse of aura, Ash dissolved the shadows binding Volcaria, and rose to fight Malice. Materializing a great sword of aura in his hands, Ash fell into a ready stance. In response, numerous tendrils stretched out of Malice's shadow.
"Your shadows can't beat me Malice. Not anymore."
"Hmph, so you say, but I'm about to prove you wrong." And to both Ash's and Volcaria's shock, Malice began impaling himself with his own shadow blades. Over and over he stabbed himself, blood flowing out of the gaping holes, slicking his fur and pooling beneath him. Finally, Malice ceased riddling himself with holes, gazing back at Ash.
"The fourth move; Black Spite." That was the last thing Ash heard before his world exploded in pain. Malice had punched himself full of holes, now those same holes appeared all over Ash. Immediately, golden light ignited from all of Malice's rings, working overtime to heal the wounds and replace the lost blood. Malice however, couldn't continue standing due to blood loss, and collapsed to the ground. Ash however, was faring no better, soon his vision went hazy and he too collapsed from blood loss. Struggling to focus his aura, Ash tried to heal himself, but his concentration broke when it felt as if someone drove a harpoon into his brain. That harpoon soon became claws that began tearing away at his mind. Registering the sensation as a mental attack, Ash tried defending himself, but the amount of pain he was in both mind and body made focusing impossible. Just as Ash began losing consciousness, a rock flung at high speed impacted Malice's head, the pain in Ash's immediately vanishing as Malice collapsed. Turning to face his savior, Ash's eyes widened when he saw who it was.
"T-Tia?" he stuttered out, but was silenced by a delicate finger upon his lips. Tia then called out Hime from her Pokéball, and had the Meowstic check and heal any mental damage in Ash. Suddenly, Tia was grabbed around the ankle by a tendril of shadow, and was dragged towards Malice, his dull red eyes smoldering in anger.
"Tia!" Ash shouted as he tried to do something, but was painfully reminded of his injuries, adrenalin the only thing keeping him awake at this point. Hime grabbed Tia in a psychic hold, but was blasted back by a Dark pulse, nearly knocking her out. Soon Tia was right in front of her worst nightmare, the Umbreon's eyes boring into hers.
"You know, I've had just about enough of you all. You've interfered for the last time. I just about had Ash there, but you just had to come along and spoil it, didn't you. I suppose then I should kill you instead." Blades of shadow positioned themselves at Tia's vitals, ready to strike at a moment's command. "Wait, perhaps I'm being too hasty. I held your life before young Latias, it's of even less value than that or poor little Ash here, but perhaps this life..." Tia's eyes widened in horror as the tendrils surrounding her all shifted to aim at her womb.
"No please, don't. Not that, anything but that." Tia pleaded.
"And why shouldn't I after all you've done to foil me? Or shall I shatter your mind like I did in Altomare?" Tia flinched at the memory, but just as she was about to retort, she saw the grin on Malice's face. "No. No you and your child shall not perish, unless of course someone decides to be an idiot." Ash, who had nearly finished healing, was about to rush Malice, when he heard that statement, causing him to still with great reluctance. Malice kept his eyes on the aura user for a moment longer, then continued. "No, you shall have your life, and that of your child for now, but they will not be the life and child you want."
"W-What do you- Gahk!" Tia was silenced when tendrils of shadow snared her legs, arms, and throat and held the girl suspended in front of Malice. Ash was about to lunge when Malice stopped him cold.
"One more move! One twitch of a finger, and I kill her and the unborn child within her! You have two options Varrock Mon, I'm weak and you are armored from my shadows. You could kill me now, but it will cost you your mate's life. Or, you can let me proceed, I escape, and your mate and child shall keep their lives. Make your choice!" With extreme reluctance, Ash held still, Malice had him completely by the balls in this position. Satisfied, Malice turned his attention to Tia. At first nothing happened, then the Umbreon's eyes widened and began to glow azure, and Tia began to scream in pain. At this, Ash twitched forward in reflex, causing a tendril of shadow to whip out and aim itself at Tia's neck and abdomen, halting Ash for the time. Soon Tia began to glow azure, and some kind of liquid seemed to be leeching out of her skin. Then she began to change, and Ash realized just what Malice was doing.
"No!" he screamed, but further action was halted when the tendril of shadow pressed itself against Tia's extending neck, drawing a bead of blood. Finally, Malice finished, and dropped Tia to the ground, the girl once more a Latias. Floating beside Malice was the collected concoction that had made her human, and with a flick of the eyes, he threw it into the lava lake behind him.
"NO!" Screamed Ash, who could only watch helplessly as the potion fizzled away in the molten rock. "No." Strength giving out, Ash fell to his knees and clenched his fists in anger. Malice simply scoffed at Ash's reaction, and turned his attention back to Tia, who was crying in despair.
"The only thing you had of greater value than your mate and child's life, was your future as a human. Payment accepted. Ash gets to stay alive, yet again." With that, Malice sunk into his shadow, and vanished. As soon as he was gone, Ash rushed over to Tia, pulling her close in a loving hug.
"It's okay Tia, it's okay, I'll fix this. You're still alive, that's what matters.
"No, it's not about me, Ash. It's our baby. Our baby changed with me. Oh Ash, Arceus is going to have to seal it away isn't he." Clutching his sobbing wife, Ash struggled to hold back tears of his own.
"I promise you Tia, I'll find a way to change you back, and if I can't, I'll find a way to save our child." Just then there was a distortion in the air, and Iris reappeared. Immediately she flinched back, still perceiving Malice to be attacking her, but soon she noticed things were drastically different.
Suddenly without warning Malice reappears in front of them.
"Change your mind?"
"Actually I'm feeling a bit generous today, I'll fill you in on a little tidbit of information."
"No… it cant be…"
"Yes young Ash, so the great defender of Earth finally figured it out. Yes, my channeling is complete, the end is nigh."
"But then…"
"All that he awaits is the Grave Eclipse, and on the day of its appearance…"
"So the Varrok Mon isn't so dense after all… yes, on the Day of the Grave Eclipse, that will be the last day of this feeble existence…"
"Think on it young Ash, your time is almost up. You best be prepared if you plan to stop me."
And just like that Malice vanishes into his own shadow once again.
"Uh, what just happened?" She asked.
"Iris!" Ash exclaimed, relieved that Iris was back. Turning to see who had called her, Iris saw Ash, as well as Tia. "Ash, what happened to Tia? Why is she a Pokémon again?"
"Malice happened." Before he could explain more, Cilan and the rest of the girls reached the area.
"Iris! Thank grandpa you're okay!" Exclaimed Svetta, the young Dialga nearly bowling Iris over in her haste to reach her trainer. Soon the entire group was questioning Ash about what had happened, but Ash knew now wasn't the time for such things.
"Hime, before we get these guys to the Pokémon center I need you to summon the rain, this area has to be cooled off before we leave it alone."
The Meowstic nods and she take a few steps in front of the new lake of magma before starting her dance.
"Mrrow!" She shouts as the rain begins to pour over the surrounding area, like a tropical storm.
"All right that's good. We need to get everyone to the Pokémon center now. Volcaria's in bad shape, and route 7 is a disaster zone till the rain takes care of it. We need to get out of here unless you want to go explaining to Officer Jenny why there's a massive lava lake, and a tropical storm in the middle of the route." Nodding the group hurried down the route towards the Pokémon center, Ash recalling Volcaria back into her ball as he passed her while Hime rode on his shoulder, Pikachu letting the act slide due to the emergency at hand.
"Ash what is it?" Iris asks as they continue to run seeing Ash open his ranger gear.
Ash gives her a serious look and she is effectively silenced.
"Ranger HQ, go ahead Ash."
"Just a moment Lavender, I'm patching Sol and Luna in. They need to hear this as well. And I need Simon in this conversation as well."
Within moments all five are on the line.
"What is it Ash? Did something happen in Unova?"
"Yes, over the past few days, Lunaros has attacked us multiple times."
Everyone save for Ash, gasps at this revelation.
"What has he done?"
"I'll fill in the details later on, but first Lavender I need you to put a warning out within the next ten minutes to all surrounding towns in Unova that Route seven will be inaccessible for probably the next week."
"Alright, Officer Jenny will need a reason otherwise…"
"Yeah, well let's just say that route seven is experiencing some really bad weather and until it passes and the lands have hardened, it will not be accessible."
"As you wish, I'll get the message to Officer Jenny now."
"Thank you, now for the second item, Simon I need you to do assign a team to start researching immediately something called the Grave Eclipse."
"Alright, and why is that?"
"Simon, I literally just escaped from Lunaros with no Fatalities, but massive injuries. And then he tells me that he is ready, only that he waits for the Grave Eclipse. No date, no reason, just that. I need to know everything you can find on this event."
"Well since it involves an Eclipse of some kind, we can use that as a base. So the sun or the moon will be blocked out by something or somethings. I'll put a team together and get them right on it."
"Good, get me this info as soon as you can, with his plans pretty much complete, everything hangs in the balance because of it."
"Alright Ash, we will get right on it."
"Anything else Ash?"
"Yes how goes the search?"
"To be honest Ash, we have found the location of two, possibly three. But we are continuing to search."
"Wonderful, I don't care what's going on, the moment you have them all. Contact me immediately."
"Roger, anything else?"
"That is all."
"Roger, Ranger Sol and Luna signing off."
"Yes, I'll continue to keep you posted if Simon finds anything."
"Thank you"
"Ranger HQ, out"
And with that Ash removes his earpiece and continues to run towards the next town with the entire group in tow…
"Let's get 'em both inside the Pokémon center!" Anabel shouts as Ash runs along behind her with Latias on his back and Sceptile running with Volcaria over his.
After two hours of treatment, Nurse Joy walks out of the ICU removing her gloves.
"So how are they?"
"Volcaria will be fine after a day of rest, the quick response healing you gave her saved most of her long recovery time."
"And Latias?"
"She is stable… I've left Audino in the room to keep an eye on her as well as the young one she is carrying and make sure the two of them stay that way."
"That's good…"
"What happened Ash?"
"Unfortunately Nurse Joy to be honest my mind is still trying to piece together those details. So after I can do that, I'll tell you what I can."
"Alright, would you like me to take care of your other Pokémon then?"
"Sure, and if you don't mind after you look over the Pokémon inside the Ultra balls could you put them in Latias' room?"
"Of course. So long as…"
"Trust me, they will be probably some of the most willing and obedient Pokémon you've met."
"Are they gonna be alright?"
"Yeah, Nurse Joy managed to stabilize her. Audino is watching over her right now, and Volcaria will just need about a days' worth of rest to recover fully."
"That's a relief…"
"Yes, it is…"
"Do you think they will be alright? Mentally I mean?"
"Honestly Ana, I really don't know. Lunaros literally did something I didn't even think was possible."
"Ash, I just saw you guys run into the center, I figured I would let you cool off and catch your breath was that…"
"Yes Elesa that is the whole purpose of my mission right now…"
"It is what it is, but never the less he will be stopped."
"What about what he said before he left?" Dawn asked looking worried.
"You mean, about his preparations being complete, and all he awaits now is the Grave Eclipse?"
Dawn nods.
"Well to be honest I wish I could tell if he was bluffing, but thanks to his seal still being in place on my aura, I can almost feel what he does when he is close. He isn't bluffing, when this 'Grave Eclipse' comes through. Well that's when shit will go down."
"You mean…"
"I have some guys back at ranger HQ looking into this whole 'Grave Eclipse', so when they find out more I will know exactly day time, hour, hopefully down to the very nanosecond it is supposed to happen."
"But will we be ready?"
"Of course we will. And what do you mean we?"
"Well Ash, I thought…"
"Girls, our very existence will be falling apart at the seams in this battle. If I didn't have this weird feeling I would have already sent you girls to the castle, but…"
"But, we will fight as a family. And if in the slim chance we fail, we will fall as a family."
"Oh Ash…"
"Hey guys!"
"You haven't registered yet?"
"No, we had something come up before arriving in town…"
"Well there is still time, the registration closes in an hour."
"Well I guess we can still go register…"
"Come on Ash, you know you want to."
"Alright, but…"
"Latias will be fine as will Volcaria, Nurse Joy has Audino watching over them."
"And so are my Kalos Pokémon, okay… lets go."
Just as the group is about to walk out the door, Ash snaps his fingers.
"Wait, I have the perfect Pokémon for this competition. And boy does he need a good challenge."
"Who Ash?"
"You will see." Ash says as he rounds the corner leading to Latias' room.
He quietly slips into the room and sees his Kalos Pokémon either resting or quietly conversing with one another.
"Cross, you up for a little competition?"
The Pokémon looks at him with curiosity before seeing the fire in Ash's eyes.
He nods and Ash picks up his Pokéball from the nearby coffee table.
"Alright, return and get ready for a battle you are bound to enjoy."
Ash returns the Pokémon after he waves goodbye to the other Kalos Pokémon.
"Alright Hime sorry to steal your boyfriend for a bit."
The Meowstic shakes her head and jumps into a nearby chair before relaxing into the cushion.
"Keep up the good work guys and Flare keep me posted on any changes okay?" Ash whispers glancing back at Latias who is still lying in bed.
The Talonflame nods before resting its head back down.
Ash quietly slips out of the room before returning to the foyer and then out the front door.
"So who are you gonna use Ash?"
"Sorry girls but that's a secret, but I will tell you this he is a fighting type."
"That's awesome, this tournament is meant for fighting types."
"I figured it would be."
"But Ash you don't have that many fighting types…"
"That you girls have seen, this will be his first battle outside his home region."
"Wait is he from Kalos Ash?"
"That he is Elesa, but even you haven't seen him in battle yet."
"Get out of the way!"
"Oh boy…"
Ash quickly sidesteps before he is plowed over by the freight train that is Bianca. And she runs into Stephan stopping in her tracks.
"So good to see you again Bianca, and good to know you haven't changed much."
"I was in a rush to go register for the Clubspolsion…"
"Well you are in luck, so are we."
"But they close…"
"It's alright we have time, it should take us all of about five minutes to get there."
With a reluctant sigh, Bianca leans into Stephan and the group makes their way to the stadium.
Several agonizing minutes later the group arrives at the stadium and gets registered. Unfortunately Burgundy and Georgia had registered as well and are currently nagging about winning their match before things have even begun.
Iris restrains herself from bickering with Georgia due to her condition. And the group prepares for the next morning.
"Alright, you know what you have to do correct? "
"Yep, release the seal on what your future doctor self gave you, commence the training, and dismiss when we are confident our technique is ready. We will also not dispel at the same time."
"Good, now remember to stay out of sight and if need be head to route seven."
The clones nod and one takes the note from his future self and they prepare to head out.
"Finally now all I have to worry about is something happening while they are releasing the seal..."
Due to the rather large registration the start of the tournament was delayed 'til the next day, which what everyone is walking to bright and early.
"So girls do you think you are ready for the competition?"
"I think so Ash, it has been a long while since we had a good tournament to test ourselves with, despite…"
"Despite all that we have been going through the past few months."
"That it is Iris, just remember once we step through those gates regardless of the matchups remember we are all still family, but that doesn't mean you need to holdback anything."
The girls nod and Georgia looks at Iris quizzically.
'Just what happened to set her resolve this high?' Georgia asks herself as she enters the stadium
"So you are is this tournament as well Ash?"
"Trip! Nice to see you again."
"So what happened to the young naïve, country bumpkin?"
"He grew up, and grew a pair. Trip you don't stand a chance against me, and next time we battle…"
Trip waves him off and passes through the gates leading into the stadium.
"Same old Trip, I will enjoy putting him in his place."
"Oh it's nothing… Iris?"
"Please don't tell me you are using her are you?" Ash asks in a low voice were only Iris can hear him.
"Of course not! She is still recovering, and I want to give her plenty of time to recover before we start to train intensively."
"Well good, oh and her father told me to pass this along. Any time you speak to her, call her by her name."
"You mean Svetta?"
"Yes Svetta, that is what her father named her when she was born and that's what he wants her called so long as she is outside her home."
"Okay, it's definitely a lot better than referring to her by her title…"
"Ah, I was just about to ask about that, but anyway just continue to care for her is all he asks."
"You don't have to tell me twice."
"Oh and one more thing Iris."
"What is it?"
"Do you remember that attack she used yesterday?"
"You mean that roar she used against Lunaros?"
"How could I forget, it…"
"Under no circumstance is she to use it again."
"None! If she uses it not only out here again but in her current state she could do far more damage to not only herself, but many other things…"
"Okay Ash…"
"And if she does look like she will use it…"
"Simply call her… (whispers in Iris' ear)…"
"But Ash?!"
"It will work, Lord Dia has assured me that anytime she was ever called that when attempting to do anything she wasn't supposed to. Well let's just say she stopped on a dime."
"Now, let's focus on our match."
As the contestants stand on the sidelines, Don George and the announcer introduce themselves and explain a bit about the tournament.
"And here is the first matchup!"
"Stephan vs. Edmond!"
"Good luck Stephan!"
"No sweat!"
The two arrive on the field and upon releasing their Pokémon, it begins to rain. Hard.
"Seismitoad we have the advantage, go!"
"Sawk, get in close and use..."
But Seismtoad's swift swim was in effect allowing him to move faster than eyes could track.
"So fast..."
"But not fast enough, Sawk low sweep!"
Sawk impacts the large toad's knee badly bruising it.
"Now cross chop!"
As the two Pokémon continue to battle for dominance, Seismtoad's leg gives out and it collapses onto the ground. The rain stops and Sawk is declared the victor.
"Now for our next match, Flora vs. Cilan!"
"Wish me luck guys!"
"Take 'em down Cilan, show them what a gym leader can do!"
"Pansage, Gothorita, let's go!"
At first Cilan is backed into a corner until his tasting time, and makes a comeback for the win.
"What an astounding come from behind win, now for our next match Angus vs. Ash!"
"Looks like it's time."
"Good luck Ash!"
"Thanks girls, I'll come back with a win."
"Alright, trainers ready? Begin!"
"Simisage, Cross, come on out!"
"And it's Angus' Simisage, versus... well I don't really know what Pokémon that is..."
"Wait a second, that's a Pancham from the Kalos region. A fighting type panda Pokémon that has yet to be seen outside its home region."
"So that's what he had..."
"Alright Cross, move in a hit him with a karate chop!"
The small panda almost vanishes and hits Simisage on his shoulder forcing him to the ground.
"Whoa, that was fast!"
"Yes and it looks like Simisage is badly injured from that move..."
True to the announcer, Simisage gets up holding the arm that was hit.
"So Simisage is down to half strength right off the bat, what will Angus do to get back in the game?"
"Simisage can you go on?"
The grass Pokémon struggles to respond but nonetheless want to continue.
"I applaud your Pokémon for it's never give up attitude."
"Yeah, well we won't give up till our will gives out."
"Well he has some tenacity but this is where it will end. Cross, Sky uppercut!"
"No! Simisage, dodge it!"
But with its damage to its arm Simisage is unable to move, and just stands cringing.
"Cross stop!"
And just a hairs breath away from Simisage, Cross stops dead in its tracks.
"Do you really think he can battle anymore with that injury?"
"Of course he..."
"No he can't you see he can't even dodge anymore."
"Alright... we can try again at the next one, but you better be ready for the next time we meet..."
"No need to shout, we are finished, Simisage is in no condition to continue."
"If that's your decision... trainer Angus has forfeit the match, Ash wins by default!"
"Come here Cross."
"Alright you did good, but ease it up, we don't want everyone to give up on us."
The young panda nods, and Ash allows him on his shoulder.
"So for our next match up its Burgundy versus Iris!"
"So I got paired up with you huh?"
"Yeah, looks like it. You ready to lose? "
"If you think I'm going to use to you before I face Cilan you are gravely mistaken."
"Well I'm not going to lose to you either, so be ready."
"Let's settle this on the field."
"Dewott is Unable to continue, Excadrill wins. And the victory goes to Iris!"
"And surprisingly Iris makes a come from behind win!"
"Way to go Excadrill!"
"You may have dodged a bullet this time, but next time I will defeat each and every single one of you!"
"I look forward to the match Burgundy."
"The next match will be…"
After several matches go by Betty and her Simipour, Georgia and her Bisharp, and Bianca and her Emboar, the eighth is Montgomery and his Throh versus Domon and his Mienshao.
"And begin!"
"Mienshao use force palm!"
"Throh end it with superpower followed by seismic toss."
And before Mienshao can make contact Throh has Mienshao in a bear hug and is high in the sky.
The two plummet towards the ground, Throh holds Mienshao down as he slams her down full force, and follows by tossing her into the walls surrounding the battle field, knocking it out.
"Mienshao is unable to continue, the winner is Montgomery and his Throh!"
"What power!"
"Cross, if we face him in any round you have my permission to go all out."
A grin appears on the pandas face and he nods feverishly.
"The next match up is Anabel versus Warden!"
"Well I guess it's my turn, wish me luck."
"Good luck Anabel!" the girls comment
"Hey I'll do something better." Ash says as he gives her a peck on the lips
"Easy there lover boy, we don't need something obscene on the field now do we?"
"Well you did say wish you luck and that's my way of doing it."
"I think I could get used to that."
"You better get out there Anabel."
Anabel steps onto the field with her opponent Warden on the other.
"Trainers select your Pokémon!"
"Gallade, come on out my friend!"
"Gardevoir, show them your passion!"
"Well this is a surprising turn of events. Two of the Ralts line with trainers of the opposite sex at their side."
"I can't wait to see how this will turn out…"
"Gardevoir use Double team followed by Calm mind!"
"Two can play at that game, drain punch!"
But to Anabel's disadvantage the attack misses and Gardevoir continues to power herself up.
"Gallade vacuum wave!"
Gallade slashes in every direction hoping to get a strike in, and fortunately all the illusions vanish leaving Gardevoir open.
"Now shock wave, followed by x-scissor!"
Both attacks hit home knocking Gardevoir for a loop.
"Gardevoir double team, followed by Calm mind again. Don't worry our moment will come."
And with a repeat Gardevoir continues to power herself up.
"Damn. He just continue to prepare for something, just what are you planning?"
"Shock wave Gallade!"
"I think we have powered up enough, now Gardevoir use Stored Power!"
"Anabel! The power of this move is influenced heavily on the stat boosts he has done all match long!" Ash shouts from the sidelines
"No, Gallade!"
The attack strikes home, knocking Gallade to the ground.
"No… Gallade can you continue?"
As Gallade struggles to rise his eyes flash and he stands tall panting heavily.
"Well I guess we can finish this, Gardevoir Stored power one more time and end this match!"
"Gallade you can do it!"
Both of Gallade's hands come together and a ball of darkness appears.
"Is he…"
"Yes, he is using Shadow ball!"
"Plus with his boost that he stole from Gardevoir this should even things out!"
"Remember when he stood up, his eyes flashed for a moment?"
"Well as he got up he used a move called Psych up, it copies all stat boosts his opponent got and gives it to him as if he used it himself, just all at once." Ash explains
"Wow, so that would put him on par with Gardevoir wouldn't it?"
"Well I can't really say, I haven't seen this Gardevoir in battle besides what she has used so it could go either way!"
Both balls of energy impact dead center, and Gallade disappears.
"Where did?"
Gallade strikes down hard on Gardevoir with x-scissor forcing her to the ground.
"Gardevoir you can do it!"
Just as she gets up to stand up to Gallade, he vanishes again and allows the incoming shadow ball to finish the match.
As the smoke clears, Gardevoir is shown on the ground knocked out.
"Gardevoir is unable to continue, Gallade is the winner."
"Well it definitely looks like Gallade has been training."
"That and Anabel has had him sparring with some of our Pokémon."
"Next up we have May versus Master Rioshi."
"Wow, it definitely appears that everyone is really getting into this tournament."
"That they are Don George, now for our match!"
"Hariyama prepare for battle!"
"Blaziken, On Stage!"
"So we have now two fighters from the Hoenn region."
"Trainers begin!"
"Milady, I'll be a gentleman and allow you the first move."
"Why thank you, Blaziken use Blaze kick!"
"Hariyama use arm thrust to force your way through her defense!"
The two attacks collide and Blaziken is forced back.
"Blaziken fight back with Brave bird!"
"Counter with Heavy Slam!"
Blaziken strikes home but the weight and power behind Hariyama's attack repels him at a near equal speed and flies into the barrier of the stadium.
"Blaziken, no!"
May's starter Pokémon slowly pulls himself out of the crater he made in the wall and returns to the field kneeling.
"What a feat! Blaziken flew straight into the barrier of the stadium at twice the speed of its attack and still manages to pull himself out even with all the damage. That is truly an amazing Pokémon!"
"Let's end this Blaziken, Overheat full power!"
The Blaze Pokémon gets on all fours as he prepares to attack.
"What the..."
All his front claws dig into the ground and an orb of fire appears in his mouth.
"He's charging up the attack!" Ash comments as he and the other continue to observe the match
"Hariyama use heavy slam one more time and finish this!"
The arm thrust Pokémon throws all his weight in and flies towards Blaziken.
The supercharged fire attack is unleashed point blank on Hariyama and a cloud of smoke encompasses the field.
As the smoke clears, Blaziken is on the ground and Hariyama is barely standing.
"No!" May shuts fear and sadness filling her voice
"Blaziken is..."
But before the referee can finish, Blaziken is struggling to get up.
"Blaziken, you've done enough, don't hurt yourself more for this."
"Wow, I would have never expected him to give out his much for a battle. He must be barely conscious..."
"A stare down between the two Pokémon entails before Hariyama finally falls, knocked out."
"Hariyama is unable to continue, Blaziken wins!"
"What an incredible upset, it looked like Blaziken was going to lose by knockout, but come back at the very last second to take the win."
"So this is Driftviel city huh?"
"Well it definitely looks like Anabel has been here, but never the less I need to catch up."
"Come get your nice fresh berries here!"
"Wait is that a flea market?!"
"I think I may have just found a way..."
"Hmm... What is this... feeling I'm getting, like another powerful psychic is in Unova... how could I have missed this? Perhaps now I could possibly have two queens at my side... I must investigate this new psychic..." A figure says entering into Twist town looking back at route seven
"So my sweet Misty, are you hungry?"
(Sigh) "Yes, Hayate I am. What's for dinner?"
"Well since the only supplies we had left were fish, berries, and water."
"Well I guess it's better than nothing at all... "
"So Hayate... where are we?"
"Well according to the map, Ms. Misty we are on route 8, just outside Icirrus city."
"Well perhaps we can pick up some more supplies, before we reach the next town..."
"Well Ms. Misty we will have to cross over Twist Mountain before we can hit twist town and then Mistralton city." Sakura comments pulling out a large oversized map of Unova.
"So mountain climbing huh? Not something I can do..."
"Do not worry Ms. Misty, there is a path that goes around the mountain. It may take about a few hours to go around, but it is the safest way with your condition..." Sakura replies still looking at her map.
"Thank you Sakura..."
"No my love how about we get..."
"Shut it Hayate, if I catch you so much..."
"Just what has got you so angry at me lately?"
"Just shut up Hayate, I'm tired of hearing you and your..."
"Misty can we just talk?!"
"No, we..."
And Hayate silences her with a kiss. She tries to push him off but he holds her to his lips until her will gives in to his own.
"Now, will you..."
"Don't ever do that without permission!"
"Why would I need permission to..."
"I am not your wife, or mate or whatever it is you refer to me as."
"No buts!"
"No shut it Hayate, I'm sleeping in the carriage"
"(Sigh) as you wish..."
"Alright everyone we will take a break for lunch and return in about one hour for our next match. Dawn versus Sam, now everyone go enjoy your lunch and we will see you in an hour."
"Well girls who's up for some lunch?"
"Sounds good Ash, I think our little ones are hungry as well." May comments
"Sounds like a plan, plus we can check on Tia and Volcaria."
These are the main Pokémon everyone has one them, they do tend to change without notice but that will happen a lot off the record due to the fact it kinds gets tedious to put in a scene (unless the situation calls for it) to have Ash call up the ranch to change Pokémon. So if you are curious as to when, it usually happens anytime they first get to a Pokémon center.
Ash: 20; Pikachu, Unfezant, Blaziken (Volcaria), Sceptile
Kalos Pokémon: Sammy, a Greninja; Flare, a Talonflame; Cross the Pancham, and Hime, a Meowstic.
Anabel: 18; Espeon (Solaria), Ralts, Gallade, Lilligant (Prayer), Darmanitan, Galvantula, Elgyem, Solosis
Dawn: 14; Piplup, Lopunny, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Quilava, Togekiss
Angie: 13; Cubchoo, Purrloin, Blitzle, Luxio, Lillipup
Iris: 14; Axew, Excadrill, Emolga, Charmander, Lady Dialga (Svetta)
Cilan: 15; Pansage, Dwebble, Stunfisk
Zoey: 14; Glameow, Deerling, Gallade, Cottonee, Minccino
May: 15; Blaziken, Venusaur, Wartortle, Glaceon (Artica), Delcatty, Pichu
Salvia: 16; Snivy (shiny), Dewott, Cinccino, Lopunny (shiny), Honchkrow, Flareon
Latias 'Tia'