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CHAPTER 1: Best Friends

I paced impatiently in the clearing. It was midnight, and I was in the middle of one of the creepiest forests you could ever imagine. Why was I here?

I am waiting for my lazy friend to show her face.

So far, that hasn't gone so well. I even showed up half an hour late…and THAT was FOUR hours ago. My legs are killing me!

Well, I guess I should take this time to explain myself. My name is Kit. I, as you may have figured out, am half human- half fox. My friend, Kat, is half cat-half human. We both never really knew out parents, so I guess that's what brought us together.

It was kind of like a random, 'what's your name oh wow you live on the streets too?' moment.

We're both 12, a little young to be living on our own, but I don't really mind. My funny and deranged attitude can support that. Besides that, I have waist length red hair; I wear a black knee length skirt with a black t-shirt.

I wear a blue bandana to cover my white fox ears and I just hide my tail (which is extremely hard with a skirt). Kat is a little different…actually, I don't even know if we are the least bit alike.

I'm the midget, she's the tall person. She has knee length black-almost purple- hair, always wears some sort of ripped up black jacket, and torn jeans. She has black cat ears and a tail…which she never bothers to hide. She has absolutely NO shame.

Also, her personality suggests she's some cold hearted demon with little patience (and I'm the one waiting). The only one she tolerates is me…she kind of thinks of me as a little sister.

But, unfortunately, if I was her sister she wouldn't be almost FIVE HOURS LATE TO MEET UP WITH HER!

"I'm right here, you can quit yelling." I nearly jumped out of my skin as I looked behind me to see Kat, casually leaning against a tree. Had I said that out loud?

"Eheh…gomen…I just got a bit anxious." I lied. I'm an amazing liar. "If you don't want to follow me, Chibi, then you can stay here." Her voice held that cold and uncaring demeanor. But I knew, that deep down, she cared for me.

Why else would she give me an adorable nickname that I'm so fond of?

"Kat-Chan! (Ha-Ha that sounds so weird when you say it out loud) I've been here forever! Why would I stay here when I can go with you?" I pouted, and a very microscopic smile played on her lips. "Gomen, Chibi. I ran into some trouble on the way here…" her violet eyes shifted over the clearing, as if waiting for something to spring out and attack.

I knew nothing of what she spoke of. She'd always say 'I ran into some trouble' or 'something came up'. Even stranger the fact that she'd show up injured. Kat never let me leave the woods and explore the city like she did.

She said I'd be hurt by other demons or 'exorcists'. I'm still having trouble pronouncing that.

I sat on the ground and crossed my arms over my chest, pouting. "You always say that…" I mumbled, and another small smile spread on her face. It made me feel good that I was the only one that made her happy.

She, even though she doesn't show it, always holds onto her past. I let mine go and completely forgot about it, so I have no reason to be all cold and venomous as Kat.

"Let's go." She commanded, flicking her tail back and forth as I hurriedly stood and ran over to her. She towered over me by a good few feet. Maybe because I was up to her elbows in height and she was almost a good 5 feet tall.

"Kat-Chan, what's it like in the city?" I asked, excitedly hopping up and down to her right as we walked through the woods. Her face seemed to darken a bit as she spoke, "It's not a place for you, Chibi. Never go there." I pouted again at this, it's a habit.

I know a long time ago I lived in the city, but I can't really remember that far back. Kat said something about 'bullies' before we moved into the woods, but that's all I can remember.

"But you go all the time to get food and stuffs. Sometimes you go for no reason." She sighed deeply and looked up at the trees. "If people know of my or your existence…they have to be…" she paused, searching for the words, "…dealt with." I raised an eyebrow at this but shrugged it off.

"Maybe that's because you show your cat side a lot." I giggled, poking her tail. She rolled her eyes at this, "I don't like hiding my true nature. If being half demon is wrong, then being half human is too. Why hide when we shouldn't have too?" the question made me thinks for a while before I spoke up.

"But…aren't I hiding?" her ear twitched and she passed a glance over at me. "No Chibi, there's a difference between hiding and protecting. Hiding is for cowards. Protecting is for the one's that can't fight." This made me scowl, "I can fight perfectly well, Kat-Chan!"

She let out a small chuckle and ruffled my hair, "I'm sure you can. But I'd rather be safe than sorry." I grumbled and crossed my arms over my chest. She always babies me…

Then again, it could have something to do with her never-let-go-of past. As I said before, we both never really knew our parents. All I remember is playing in a park all alone…while Kat remembers a lot more.

This probably mentally scared her for life. She had told me that she only remembers being mistreated by humans and beaten. She also remembers she had a little sister…who she watched die in front of her.

She couldn't remember the killer…but by the look on her face when she told it, I doubt she wanted too. Then again…Kat might be the type to get revenge.

I hope I never have to find out.

"You look deep in thought." Kat pointed out, still gazing up at the trees. I shook out of my stupor and nodded. "Just wondering where our next home will be." I lied, weaving my mad lying skills.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, probably contemplating what she was going to say. Wherever we lived, it was usually and abnormally large tree or cave. I was seriously hoping it was somewhere near the beach. I've always wanted to see the ocean…

"It's a ways from here; it'll take the whole day to get there." Kat answered truthfully. I could hear a bit of…anxiety? Was Kat nervous? "Is something wrong, Kat-Chan?" She sighed, rubbing a hand through her hair.

"You always have that bizarre gift to read people's emotions…" I raised an eyebrow at here. Since when did I have super powers? She looked at me and chuckled at my confused expression, "The area we're passing through is commonly used by exorcists…you've never run into one, and I don't want that to change."

"Don't worry Kat-Chan, nothing can bring me down!" I cheered, at which she shook her head, "And you have the ability to make almost anyone smile and become your friend…" I raised another eyebrow at her but she waved her hand dismissively, obviously not going to explain it.

The things she says I swear…it could probably confuse einste…einstern…uhm…

"Hey, what's the name of that scientist that was super smart?" I randomly asked and she raised her eyebrow at me, "Einstein."

"Ohhhhh, thanks' Kat-Chan."


…yeah so anyways she could confuse Einstein. But, I guess that's what makes her cool. Well…in my view she's cool. For some reason she says others think of her as a cold blood-thirsty monster. Kind of like Dracu…Dracun..uhhh…

"Hey, what's the name of that famous vampire?" I again randomly asked.

"You're asking a lot of questions today."

"Well, I've been thinking a lot today."

"Don't strain yourself."

I growled as she chuckled lightly, "Edwar-…"

"No not him, the other one."


"Yeah, that's the one! Thank you Kat-Chan!"

…so anyways, it's kind of like Dracula. Wait, what was I thinking about again?

. . .

My stomach growled, interrupting my thoughts. Unlike most people who would be embarrassed, I just looked back at Kat. She didn't stop walking, "We'll eat later."

At least it was better than an 'Hn'. Is that even a word?

I was again thrown out of my thoughts as Kat stopped abruptly, eyes narrowing on the path ahead of us. I stopped and turned to face her, tilting my head to the side. "Something wrong?" She didn't answer, just lifted her head up and took a short sniff.

"So…they've caught up…" A bit of fear rose in me. I've never had contact with the outside world so I know that whenever Kat revers to 'they' or 'them' it usually means humans. Or worse…


Or even worse…


"Who's caught up?" I asked, lowering my voice to a whisper. My nose wasn't very accurate with identifying things, so I couldn't rely on it to know what we were coming across. Her ears twitched and she frowned in the direction we were walking in. "We're going to have to go around…"

I bit my lip and let my tail fall from beneath my skirt. It was really long, reaching just above my ankles. Kat's only goes to her knees. By the way, for all you weirdo's out there, I 'am in fact wearing short short's under my skirt.

"C'mon Chibi." Kat grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the left, going deeper in the woods. It was hard keeping up with her speed, she had amazing agility. Her black and purple hair flowed behind as she ran, making me stare in awe at her beauty in the moonlight.

"They're gaining on us." She growled, starting to run faster. I took in a deep breath and ran with her, determined not to fall behind. It would help Kat a lot of I kept up with her.

"Is it demon's?" I whispered, not sure if she heard me through the wind and rustling of the bushes as we rushed past. She didn't answer, but I know she probably heard it. Her cat ears aren't just for show.

"They're trying to corner us. I need you to hide." She commanded, coming to a complete stop. I raised an eyebrow at her, "but I thought only cowards do that." She turned to me and I was a little worried of the situation.

Was Kat scared? Any normal person wouldn't be able to see it through her blank face, but I could. It looked…fearful. "Not if I'm protecting you." She winked and shoved me into a nearby bush.

Protecting is for those who can't fight...

I frowned as she stood out in plain sight among the trees. It was deathly quiet…only the sway of the leaves to the wind provided a small sound. Rays of moonlight shown throughout the woods, the rest too dark to see. It was so…nerve wracking.

Kat remained still, back facing me. Inside, I was panicking. What was I going to do if Kat got hurt? What if I get found while she's battling?

Or, the bigger question, what if Kat is taken away?

The snapping of a twig brought me out of my inner panic, and I scanned the area for the source. Out of the shadows…carrying guns and wearing black overcoats…

…Came 8 humans, all with murderous glares.

I could see Kat tense a bit, and then slowly reach into her jacket. The humans reacted quickly but drawing their guns, aiming them directly at my friend. By now my heart was ready to jump out of my throat and start doing 180's in the air.

Panic Mode: ON

"Shadow Blood, we're here to put a stop to your rampage." One of the humans spoke, and all they're guns made a clicking noise. Kat's ears flattened on her head, still not drawing out what she had hidden in her jacket.

"Chibi, close your eyes." The humans looked confused, but I understood and did just that. There was a moment of silence before a gut sinking scream pierced the air. More followed, with the disturbing cracking of bones and splattering of blood.

"You can come out; just don't open your eyes." I let out a shaky breath, happy to hear my friend's voice again, before slowly stepping out of the bushes. "Kat-Chan, are you alright?"


Well, it wasn't a no…but it wasn't a yes. That really didn't reassure me. A hand gripped my wrist and gently led me forward, away from where I was standing. I felt relieved by the familiarity of the hand, recognizing it as my friends.

"Just follow me." She commanded quietly, "There are still more lurking around." That made my heart pick up its pace again. It's not over yet…

"You can open your eyes now." I did so, and my eyes widened considerably. Kat…she was covered in blood. Though…none of it was hers. "Are they gone?" I asked quietly and she nodded.

She continued to lead me on, not releasing her grip on my wrist. I felt a little bad for the humans who… "What happened to them?" I whispered, and I could feel her tense a bit. Then, she relaxed with a small smirk.

"I was so awesome, they killed themselves."

Again, my eyes widened and she chuckled, "Kat-Chan…you're like a god…" She shook her head and continued to walk, scanning the area with her normal calm look. Then, she frowned.

"Uh oh…are they back?" I muttered, not hiding the worry in my voice. "No…and yes." I raised an eyebrow at her answer. Seriously, she can confuse Dracu-…wait no Einstein.

There was a long silence before I remembered something, "Kat-Chan, why'd that human call you 'Shadow Blood'?" I asked, then immediately regretted it as sorrow flashed through her eyes. "They must have mistaken me for someone else."

I nodded, but wasn't fully satisfied with that answer. I was about to ask why she looked sad when I asked, but a voice broke my thoughts.

"WHAT THE *censored* HAPPENED HERE?" It was behind us where the humans had confronted us. The voice sounded so…unlike the others I've heard. It didn't sound formal at all. "Hey, what does *censored* mean?" I whispered to my friend who cursed under her breath. "It's a bad word, don't repeat it."

My eyes widened and I clamped my free hand over my mouth. That voice…it should be put in time out for saying that!

More voices seemed to seep through the woods, each one sounding closer at closer. "They're tracking us." Kat muttered, breaking into a run with me close behind. I heard a booming noise and something whizzed past us, breaking a branch a few feet away. I managed a look behind me to see another human running after us, pointing her gun at our backs.

Kat growled and stopped, shoving me forward, "Keep running and don't look back." I wanted to stay behind, but she pushed me forward again, forcing me into a run. When I was a ways away, I looked back one last time to see my friend facing a small crowd of humans. The sight made me wants to turn around and run back to her.

Keep running and don't look back.

I bit my lip and charged forward. The wind hissed around me as I continued to run. Tears threatened to escape my eyes, but I forced them away. Kat will be alright, she always is. And when she finishes up, she'll be with me again. Plus, I don't have to worry about her not showing up.

She's not one to show up on time.

Time flew past, the trees blurring around me. Little did I know I had been running for so long until I saw the sun peeking through the trees.

Dawn? But that means…

I've been running for 6 hours straight in a random direction to god-knows-where. Finally, my legs slowed to a stop. The woods around me, the smells that were there and the noises as well were all unfamiliar.

That's when the pain in my abdomen hit, the searing ache of the run causing me to fall to my knees. That's a problem with being a demon, the pain doesn't hit till later on, kind of like a pain hangover.

I was panting breathlessly, taking off my blue bandana to free my ears. It felt good to not have them tied against my head.


My eyes widened considerably. If I've been running for 6 hours…where's Kat? What happened to her and why hadn't she showed up yet? My mind swarmed with questions as I sat down. Extreme exhaustion and lack of nutrition was already starting to take hold.

Okay, think. What do you do in a situation like this? Where do you go? That made me bites my lip in irritation. How can I answer that when I'm lost? Oh, Kat is going to be so mad at me.

"Rgharg…" I sprung to my feet and gazed around. What was that noise? It obviously wasn't the wind…it kind of sounded like…gurgling? "Rgharg…" I followed the voice and froze. Why did I not realize my bandana was missing…?

And was now in the hands of a toad-monkey?

The toad thing eyed me suspiciously, waving my bandana around like a flag. Okay…what was it Kat called these things? Hog-…Hub-…Heg-…

"Hob Goblin!" I exclaimed, snapping my fingers. That outburst caused the Goblin to bolt into a…err…hopping run? "Hey! Give me back my bandana! I need it!" I cried, chasing after it. How else will I hide my ears?

It made that same gurgling noise before gaining more distance between us. "Wait up I-…" I was interrupted as it jumped off a tree and landed on my head, doing a twirl and jumping back off in a different direction. A giggle escaped my mouth. Maybe this could be fun?

I chased after it for probably half an hour, laughing and yelling at it to 'release the treasure!'. Little did I know I was causing all sorts of noticeable ruckus.

"Hello? Is anyone out here?" The voice echoed from within the woods, causing me and the goblin to freeze up. "A-ah…Give it back! They can't see I'm half fox!" I hissed, attempting to snatch away the blue cloth, but the little toad dodged me.

"This isn't funny! Hand it over!" I growled, tackling it and wrestling with each other. It growled back and we ended in a total cat fight. That is, until it managed to get out of my hands and onto my head. It did a victory dance and I sat down, pouting.

"Fine, you win." It gave me a thumb up, which I found weird for a demon to be doing. Shrugging it off, I gave him a thumb up too. "Ya know, you're pretty cool once you get passed the thievery part." It cocked its head to the side, making me laugh.

"You're so adorable! I'm sure Kat won't mind if you tag along with me, if you're up to it." It just stared at me like a grew another head. Did it not understand what I'm saying? "Hm…so all you need is a name…" I tapped my chin, pondering.

"How about evil?" My eyes widened as I looked up at it on my head. "Woooooah I had no idea you could talk!" It just blinked. "Over here, stupid." My eyes traveled to the source of the voice, until I saw him.

He was a boy, probably a few years older than me. He had blonde spiky hair and wore one of those black over coats. He's an exorcist.

The Goblin hissed as he approached, obviously not pleased with his presence. He knelt in front of me, pointing a gun directly in my face. "Now, what manner of demon are you?" I just blinked, staring at the hole in front of my face. I didn't know it was so dark…

"Hey, idiot, quit spacing off on me." He growled poking my nose with the end of the gun. "Huh? Oh, gomen. I was just thinking about-…" He poked my nose again, "I don't care."

. . .

"G-gomen…" I lowered my head a bit. No one's ever said 'I don't care' to me. It feels…kind of painful. He raised an eyebrow at me, still ignoring the hissing goblin on my head with a bandana in its hand. "I've never heard of a demon apologizing before."

"G-gomen…um do you want me to hiss like Moe?" his expression turned to confused. "Moe?" I nodded and pointed to the goblin on my head, "I named him that."

"You do realize that's a girl name…"

"Uh huh."

"…and that it means sprouting?"

"Uh huh."

He face palmed, chuckling lightly. "You are the weirdest little demon I've ever met." Moe gurgled something, probably a threat because he was starting to whack the boy with my bandana. "Moe-chan! Give that back! I need it!" I whined, snatching my bandana away and sighing. Finally, it's back in my possession…even though it took half an hour.

"…-chan? You get stranger by the minute." I grinned and saluted, "Thank you, Sir!" He stared at me for a moment more before standing up. This left me confused, "A-ah, excuse me for asking, but aren't exorcists supposed to kill demons?" he froze at this and glared down at me, "You know of us?"

I raised an eyebrow and nodded, "Yeah, Kat-chan told me everything about you guys." He stood there for another moment, silence seeping through the air. "What's your name?" I finally asked, startling him. "It's Katsu." He sighed and started to walk away, but not before stumbling on a tree root.

"Gah! Who the *censored* put that there?" My eyes widened the size of dinner plates and I quickly stood up, pointing accusingly at him. "I know you! You're the voice that needs to be put in time out!"

. . .

"You're sputtering nonsense. Just go play with your goblin; I've got hunting to do." He growled, walking away. But I wouldn't let it slide as I ran in front of him and pointed at him again, "Listen you, I should report you to…your um boss for cursing like that! That's a bad word; Kat-chan told me so!"

He was unfazed by my threat, "Look kid, you seem nice so I'm going to let you off the hook. But getting in my way only makes me want to shoot you, so stop wasting what's left of your life on stupid things. Move aside." I didn't move, but I put my hands on my hips. "No way, if Kat-chan said never to say it again, you shouldn't either!" He groaned in annoyance.

"You really speak highly of the Kat girl, who is she to you anyway?"

"She's my best friend! And she can kill you because she's so awesome, you'll do a suicide!"

"Oh really, enlighten me."

"Well, I've never seen what she hides in her jacket but she's really strong and brave and kind and awesome and HEY ARE YOU LISTENING!" I screamed, jabbing him in the stomach as he faked being asleep.

"Ow, jeez that hurt. Listen, I don't know who this Kat is, the only demons around here are Hob Goblins and the elusive Shadow Blood. Which, I must add, I 'am currently tracking." He stuck his nose in the air, puffing his chest with pride.

I tilted my head, remembering that's what the humans called Kat back before. They had mistaken her for that demon. "When was the last time you saw Shadow Blood?" I asked curiously, making him gain even more pride in his words.

"Northeast of here. I'm an excellent tracker!" Katsu boasted, while I started to cheer, "YAY~! HERE I COME Kat-CHAN!" and with that, I took off in the direction of northeast. Or, I tried to, but someone had their grip on the collar of my shirt.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…since when is Kat in the direction of Shadow Blood?" Katsu asked, starting to get suspicious. I growled, and cracked my knuckled, "because someone names Shadow Blood is framing Kat-chan! She's being hunted by exorcists so I'm going to clear her name!"

"You're crazy if you think you can take on Shadow Blood-…wait…what does this Kat look like?" He asked, pulling me closer to him. I obliviously tilted my head, "You do know she kills the people who ask her on a date." This caused him the face palm. I decided to explain anyway.

"She has long hair with black clothing…OH and she's half neko!" I grinned, taking pride in my friend. This only made him turn pale. "Kid…you wouldn't happen to be traveling with Kat?" Katsu asked, hiding his eyes with his bangs. "Um…yeah, why? Did something happen to her?" I started to panic.

He glared at me, pointing his gun at my head. "So, you're with Shadow Blood?" My eyes widened. "Didn't I just say I was on a mission to clear Kat-chan's name?" I cried, but he didn't put down his gun. "Then you've been deceived. I watched with my own eyes this Kat of yours tear apart exorcists with her purple flames, giving her the name Shadow Blood. She even has a habit of severing limbs from her opponents. She even kills the ones that don't attack."

I felt my heart sink. It…can't be…but it all makes since. Why she made me close my eyes and…why they were chasing her. "N-no…K-Kat doesn't kill innocent people." I trembled, trying hard not to burst into tears. "You didn't add the –chan that time…" He pointed out, making me drop to my knees.

Somewhere deep inside I knew Kat killed, I just never admitted it. However…killing more than one person so brutally…

"Shut up! You're lying! Kat wouldn't kill innocent people! She's nice and kind!" I cried, slamming my fist into the ground. He was silent for a moment before he lifted me up on his shoulder. "Hey! Put me down! I don't want to be carried!" I growled, kicking him. He didn't seem affected.

"I'm taking you someplace to be questioned. With you, we might just bring down Shadow Blood." I clenched my fists and began to punch his back. "Stop! I don't want to go! Moe-chan, help me!" I called to the goblin that was shockingly no longer on my head, but sitting nearby on a rock. He just cocked his head and trotted beside Katsu, looking up at me obliviously. "Gee, thanks for the help you traitor." I groaned, making Katsu smirk, "He likes me, I win."

"Could you tell me where we're going?" I sighed, becoming annoyed with all the events taking place. "True Cross Academy, an exorcist school." This made me giggle, "I didn't know you teach little kids to shoot guns!"

"Idiot! That's not what it is!" That only made me laugh harder.

At least when I get to this 'True Cross Academy', I can try and figure out where Kat is. But…what happens when I find her again? How will I confront 'Shadow Blood'?

I shoved those thoughts out of my head. It doesn't matter. As long as I find her, everything will turn out okay. Then everything will go back to normal and I can make Kat smile again…everything will feel complete again.

The only problem is the interrogation…but that should be easy.

I'm an amazing liar.

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