Before I begin, I want to give a shout out to Leviosa0812, because her story "Maybe", actually pushed me to write this - thank you! I've been trying to write a story with some sort of gender scenario for awhile and I was going to simply switch one characters gender, but it sounded kinda...boring, after awhile. However, this story is in no means out to copy Leviosa0812's story. It is a different scenario, plot, and everything else under the sun, for engaging the transsexual theme.

Logan Mitchell watched as the red webcam light slowly came to life, the bright iris bringing upon another wave of nausea.

You can do this…just..

He breathed heavily and brought out a notebook from behind him, he had made a few notes for himself in case he became nervous. I'm already nervous.

He finally clicked the icon for the webcam window to pop open and stared into the grainy image of himself.

Who I used to be, who I never was. He reminded, settling himself down comfortably before the webcam.

With another shaky breath, he began.

"H-Hi…I'm Logan Mitchell and I'm a girl."