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December, 1998: James Buchanan High School, San Diego, CA

"Wow, Sarah, can you believe it?" Chuck grinned as he held his girlfriend's arm, the two strolling down the hall and out the main entrance, ditching their last few classes. "We'll be graduating in a few months! Stanford, here we come!" he grinned.

Sarah glanced at the tall, lanky, curly brown haired guy before her. Glancing into her eyes, she found those deep pools of chocolate she found solace in so many times.

"Chuck, Harvard's way better." She replied with a grin, moving her light brown hair out of her eyes. She was tall as well, or, "the perfect kissing height", as Chuck liked to call it.

"Yeah…..But not all of us get to choose from every school in the country." Chuck shot back jokingly, swinging their entwined arms.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "If you'd only put that brain of yours to something other than videogames, you might actually become something."

"Ouch, no love for the nerd who showed you Zork? Man, this relationship is going downhill fast." He quipped, as Sarah turned and leaned up, gently pecking him on the lips.

"Better?" she smiled, as the two continued their walk home, as they lived down the street from each other.

"Much. Have you found a prom dress yet?" Chuck asked, suddenly remembering how close by it was.

"Oh, god, no. Why can't we just ditch it and do something else? I don't want another session of ribbing from Heather Chandler about how I'm not her, and how I'm a dork, and all that great stuff. And if Dick Duffy says one more thing, I'm going to kick his dumb ass." Sarah finished with a huff.

"Hey, calm down…" Chuck gave her a comforting smile, as they passed their favorite tree in the park near school. "Firstly, Heather is stupid. She's not the one with twenty letters from colleges everywhere." He grinned, making Sarah smile back immediately.

"Furthermore, Dick's name implies how he'd behave, so what more do you expect?"

That earned him a giant grin as she spun around, kissing him lovingly as he responded in kind.

"I knew there's a reason why I picked you…" Sarah grinned, pulling away gently.

"What, my rugged good looks? Or my smooth talking skills?" he teased.

"Well, those are a given…" she laughed. "But, Chuck, you're honestly the greatest person I've ever met."

"Ditto, Sarah…." He grinned and gently kissed her cheek. Love was simply beautiful.


Freeway, Southern CA: 2007

"So, what happened to make you two fall apart?" Jill asked, watching her boyfriend carefully.

"Our parents, they did business, together. They invested in tons of property. Hell, together, they probably owned half the town."

Jill nodded, waiting for him to continue.

"But one day, My Dad's money was gone. The last person who might've handled it was Jack, Sarah's father. After that, things went south. Sarah's dad made her pull up roots, and they left, to DC I think. Sarah and I tried hard to stay in contact, but college just got in the way…..and we parted…" Chuck finished answering Jill's question about just who his first love was. "And that's the story of my famous Sarah Walker." He grinned.

"That's really sad, Chuck…." She smiled sympathetically, placing a hand on his cheek.

"Ah, but that's also where you came in, Ms. Roberts." He laughed. "And then…well, you've known me since."

"And we've gotten closer every day." She added with a smile, as the two made their way across the ocean side, going to stay in a small, getaway resort.

"Yes we have." Chuck smiled as he turned on the radio. "Wow, Backstreet boys…..talk about a blast from the past…" he laughed as Jill searched through the stations, trying to find something more from the current century.

"Hey, what do you know? We made good time." He grinned, pulling into the lot of the beautiful hotel.

Getting checked in was simple, and getting their luggage up was easy, since they both packed lightly. Flouncing onto the bed, Jill grinned over at Chuck, who was busy checking out the mini fridge.

"Don't drink anything!" Jill smiled. "Let's wait for tonight. We can go to the bar, grab some drinks, and dance a little…."

"Well, the brochure does boast an excellent club." Chuck smiled back, leaning over to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I'll get ready…."

"Alright…" Chuck smiled as he watched his girlfriend walk off to the bathroom. Humming a tune to himself, he stood; going to see which of the choices he brought would be an acceptable outfit for the night.

Chuck decided on Jeans and a nice, long sleeve button up. Fixing his curls to look slightly tamer, he looked far more handsome than expected. "Jill, ready?" he called gently, as his girlfriend stepped out of the bathroom.

"You look beautiful honey." He smiled as he saw her wearing a nice red dress, not too formal, with a matching shade of lipstick.

"Thanks, not bad yourself Chuck." She teased and gave him a peck on the cheek.

The two left the room, going down to the club.


Chuck really didn't like clubs all that much. They were tight, closed off spaces with lots of sweaty, dancing people, most of them tipsy or drunk. What was so great about that? They even played lame music. But since he'd been going steady with Jill, he'd made tons of sacrifices for her, and coming out to clubs was one of them.

After bumping into many people and apologizing, Chuck managed to get to the bar with Jill.

"I'm going to use the bathroom, I'll be right back. Order me something?" Jill asked with a cute smile and set off for the restroom.

"Uh, sure, yeah…" Chuck nodded, ordering two drinks.

Turning around to survey the club, he found himself getting bored quickly. Deciding he needed some fresh air, he set their drinks down, making a beeline for the door. Unfortunately, he missed a girl coming in with a drink in her hand. Colliding, he fell over, as the drink poured on his shirt. Toppling onto him was a blonde by the look of it.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" He immediately responded, as the blonde lifted her head to reveal a gorgeous, stunning, very familiar smile. Taking each other in for the first time, Chuck immediately recognized the beautiful blue pools and smile.

"Oh….my…Sarah?" He breathed.

"Chuck?" Came her equally astonished, smooth, and familiar voice.

This was going to be tough to explain.

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