One late evening, Benson and Pops were sitting on the couch watching some Cartoon Network. Benson fell asleep due to being exhausted from all the work he previously did. Adult Swim had came on, almost the exact same Benson had fallen asleep. Pops had never seen this kind of programming. The worst word he had heard was ' crap ' or ' pissed '. Pops was surprised to the language he had heard on these shows. He started hearing bleeps on some shows such as Robot Chicken or Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He had wondered why he had heard the beeps from time to time. After a while, the bad language had become frequently used in these shows.

If these good men use these words as a normal part of their vocabulary, maybe I myself should use it as my vocabulary also. Pops thought to himself. He then fell asleep next to Benson.

The next morning, Pops was using 'some new words'. All you could hear from the man was swear by swear. Benson had seemed most surprised by this. Benson thought that since Mordecai and Rigby swear around the house a little bit, that Pops picked up the foul language from him. Benson stomped up the stairs and busted the door open.

"HEY SLACKERS! EXPLAIN TO ME MY POPS IS SAYING ' ASS BITCH FUCK AND SHIT ' A LOT!" Benson screamed in the two co-workers' faces.

"Whoa Benson, calm your tits" Rigby began, but he was interrupted by getting punched in arm by Mordecai. Mordecai then shot Rigby a face that said ' shut up and let me handle this '. Rigby understood and did as so.

"Benson what are you talking about? I haven't heard one cuss from Pops' mouth!" began Mordecai. Pops then walked by the room and saw Benson red faced and walked in.

"Benson my good man! What the hell is going on?" said Pops in a joyful voice and began giggling. Benson then began turning redder and held up his hands, shaking them as if he was trying to stop himself from choking Mordecai to death.

"You gunna answer me or not you cunt?" said Pops. Benson then calmed down a bit, turning a lighter shade of red.

"Pops, where did you get this language from?" asked Benson placing a hand on Pops' shoulder.

"From the magic talking machine in the living room of course!" Pops replied, laughing a bit. Benson's eyes widened a bit. Benson had watched TV with Pops all day yesterday, and never let Pops watch an inappropriate show.

Did I fall asleep or something? How the hell did Pops pick up these words. It couldn't have been Muscleman, Skips, nor High Five Ghost. Must have been those damn slackers. Benson thought to himself.

"Er-Pops, who showed you these shows?"asked Benson.

"Nobody. Just myself", replied Pops.

"Was it on the Cartoon Network?"


Benson looked a little faded. Must have been that damn Adult Swim shit.

"It was Adult Swim wasn't it?" Benson asked calmly.

"Yes!" Pops relied in a joyful voice. Benson sighed.

"We gotta watch that block."