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The first thing Claire saw when she woke up was Myrnin's face looming above her. It wasn't the face that bothered her, no, she found it strangely attractive (no matter what she told her boyfriend) but it was more the expression on it…and the fact that he was in her room!

Needless to say, Claire did what any self-respecting girl in Morganville who had vampires able to get into her house would have done; she screamed at the same time as rolling over in her bed to reach the emergency stake on the top of her drawers.

"Relax, child; I have no desire to hurt you." Myrnin sounded amused as he moved away from being as close to Claire as before, yet the expression on his face was slightly more hurt than amused. "Why would I hurt my assistant? It would make no sense…I would have to spend all the time I've spent training you with someone else, and with my experiments, I require you." He smiled across at her as he spoke, yet there was the touch of manic-ness about it that had Claire slightly worried.

Scratch that, it had her wondering whether or not she should be getting the hell out of the room and down to the spare blood in the fridge, because Myrnin looked hungry rather than anything else. In fact, she thought that he was more bothered about having some fresh blood than science, which was unusual, because everything took second place to science and alchemy – even feeding, because of why he had become a vampire. But Myrnin's back story wasn't particularly her interest at that current time; she was more concerned with getting him out of her room without him killing her…and, secondly though it probably was almost as important, she had to get him out without Shane knowing he had been in there. She could tell that he was even less fond of Myrnin than he had been before the impromptu trip to Blacke they had taken, even though Myrnin hadn't even been there, and she did try her best to keep the two parts of her life as separate as possible; there was no point antagonising one man, especially when she cared for them both.

"Would you like to explain why you're in my room, or is it just that you got lost trying to get to the strip club across town?" she snapped, rolling back across in bed as she made sure that the quilt covered everything it needed to. She was pretty sure that he loved Ada's memory still – well, she hadn't exactly planned for a heart-to-heart with him about his love life – but she wasn't sure, and if she was listening to Shane right, he loved her…so there was no point in giving him a chance to see something he shouldn't be seeing, was there?

His facial expressions almost lost the hungry aspect to them; instead, it was replaced by shock. "You mean to tell me that there is a strip club in Morganville?" he asked, intrigued. "Why did nobody tell me about this jewel of information? I would have ensured-" he made to continue, but Claire cut him off, not particularly keen on hearing about what he would have probably done.

"Shut up about strip clubs and tell me why you're in my room, or I'll throw this stake at you." She aimed the stake in his general direction, the shock from waking up not quite counterbalancing the sleepiness – she didn't know what time it was, but she guessed the early hours wouldn't be a bad approximation – and guessed that the threat would, hopefully, be enough.

It wasn't. Of course, Myrnin wouldn't fall for what Oliver had, down in that little town. "Claire, you realise that I could merely dodge your stake and then drag you with me to my laboratory, if you are unwilling to come with me?"

She merely stared at him, trying to make her point. Unfortunately, it didn't work with Myrnin; he didn't get that staring at someone basically meant that one understood that they were a complete idiot. "If you had said that you wanted me to your lab, I'd have said, 'oh yes, Myrnin, if you leave however you got here, I will be there when I'm dressed,' but you didn't tell me you wanted me to go to your hideaway lair!" she rolled her eyes, wondering what the time was. It was still dark outside, so that basically meant it was any time before about six in the morning.

Eve was probably still up, not having gone to bed, since she preferred the early hours; Michael would be with her. Shane could be anywhere, given that he hadn't come running to see if she was ok when she screamed, as he would have if he had been in the house. He was probably hunting rogue vampires, she thought with irritation, something he found he was able to do easier since they had returned from Blacke and he had managed to nick some of Oliver's weapons.

Myrnin merely blinked at Claire, any emotion leaving his face to leave him more emotionally blank, besides for the desire for her blood that hung around on his face; it was desire of some sort – what, Claire couldn't tell – but given the fact that he drank so much, she linked it to the human life source. "Very well, Claire, I want you to come to my laboratory now, or whenever you are dressed. I shall expect you through in five minutes, no more. Do you understand?"

She nodded, not bothering to speak because it would mean that he would leave sooner and then she could go back to sleep and "pretend" that she forgot that she was meant to be going to him. Unfortunately, he levelled her with that glance that made her sure he knew what her plans were, and she got the shiver down her spine that gave her the feeling that he would be back in five minutes – and he would use brute force, if he had to.

As soon as the portal was shut, a disapproving Myrnin stepping through it, Claire turned to look at the clock.

And she was instantly irritated and depressed... at the same time, naturally.

"Why the hell do I have the only boss in Morganville who makes his employee go to work at three forty five in the morning?" she moaned to herself, swinging her legs out of the bed to dress. Five hours sleep wasn't enough for even her to be on top form; she was sure that cutting corners on experiments and reminding Myrnin every second of the working day why she was so mad, would be in order. That was the only way that she would be able to make it through, she thought – that, and an extra large coffee and muffin from Common Grounds, specially ordered.

Part of her wanted to ring it in now, just to irritate Oliver some more, after they were all forced to take that road trip together. Then again, she thought, perhaps angering the second most powerful vampire in Morganville wouldn't do her any favours, the next time she came up to the council and decided to try and argue for something Shane did to be ignored. Or, more importantly, if he banned her from Common Grounds; then there would be no purpose in her life when she had to do all these early morning starts. Since she had been introduced to them, chocolate mochas were Claire's life, and she wasn't going to give them up to just play a prank on Oliver.

No, she would get ready and head to work, and demand that she was paid overtime for the appalling times she was being forced to start work at. Though she knew, in her head, that Myrnin would claim that they were keeping a British clock and that she was already late by their times.

She could never win.


She made her way into the lab only four minutes later – early, though it wouldn't be early enough for Myrnin, probably – and she found him staring at the wall in the far corner, something that wasn't normal behaviour, even for him. The entire time she'd known him, even when he was fighting his inner demons with the disease, he had managed to keep enough sanity to at least look the person he employed in the face. The wall wasn't interesting – as far as she could see, it was the same ugly green colour it had been the last time she was in here – so she couldn't see the massive allure from it, and that was worrying. Maybe his insanity had returned, but there was no disease so she'd just be waiting till he turned back into a regular vampire and hoping he didn't kill her in the process.

"Uh, Myrnin?" she stepped forwards, clutching her cardigan around her to try and regain her body warmth. Her bed had been warm; so had the Glass House hallway, where she'd left a note saying she'd gone to work, but Myrnin's lab was freezing, as though they were in the middle of winter rather than the balmy spring that was currently in season. "Are you alright?" she wondered if touching him was the best idea, since he seemed completely out of it and she knew better than to interrupt an occupied vampire, but she finally decided to do it. He had invited her here to work – forced her, really – and there he was, just standing there, completely unresponsive.

She approached his body with caution, keeping her mind cautious as to how she could possibly throw him off, if he tried to attack her. Biting tended to do the trick; it just left one hell of a pissed vampire…but that wasn't the issue.

The issue was what happened when she put her hand on his shoulder.

He whirled around, his eyes wild and unseeing, looking for who dared to touch him, and there was a wildness that scared Claire. But, more than that, there was a sense that she could actually understand the hunger in his eyes. It wasn't hunger for blood – though that probably was part of it; it was Myrnin, after all – but a desire for someone, and she had a feeling that that person was Ada. If I have to run a counselling session for him at four in the morning, I will not be happy, she grumbled in her mind, yet continued to get closer to Myrnin, despite the look on his face.

"Myrnin…you told me to come, remember?" she reminded him gently, her voice soft and soothing. "I'm working with you…you know that, right?"

He didn't say a word to her in response; it was more of an action that was so sudden and unexpected, that she couldn't fight it off – and part of her didn't want to.

His lips pressed to hers.

There was something in the air that sparked between them, something that occurred as he forced himself on her, his eyes bright and shining brighter than she had ever seen them before; there was something feral in them, something in his expression that told her that he believed in what he was doing one hundred percent – and once she had realised this, it was far too late for her to cut him off. She couldn't even bite him, for God's sake, because her mouth was on his, and he was kissing her…and, fuck, how had it taken her an entire two and a half minutes to remember about Shane? She was dating someone! And Myrnin was kissing her! Was he on drugs or something? Or had he drugged her, to be able to kiss her without her remembering about Shane, because there was something in this kiss that made him tempting to her?

Finally, she fought him off, twisting and turning to wrench herself out of his grasp. "Are you crazy?" she snapped at him, wiping him from her lips, though the memory was still there, with the way they were slightly swollen and tingled. "Myrnin, I'm dating someone…I only work for you!"

His face creased into a frown, and it was as though a mask was lifted from his face; he seemed confused and disorientated, unable to understand where he was and what he was doing. "Wait…you're not Ada…" he said, and she was unable to contain herself when she next spoke.

"No shit, Sherlock," she snapped, sounding completely unlike herself, but she felt that she had the right, since he had kissed her. "I think I'd know if I was a projection of myself and that my head was in a machine."

"Brain," he corrected her automatically, yet there was no small smile or twinkle in his eyes, as there always was. "And…it was only ever Ada who approached me when I was…occupied."

"So that made you think that your girlfriend was back from the dead, and so you had to snog her senseless," Claire replied deadpan, her eyes flashing with anger. "You're deranged, Myrnin, seriously."

And then she did the most idiotic thing she had done that night – or morning. She turned her back on a confused vampire, one who continued to thirst for blood, and especially for her blood, now that she was the last woman he could taste on his lips. She was divine, something that he felt was exquisite, and feelings for little Claire were not part of any of his movements. He was controlled by the insane part of his mind, the one that he didn't understand, and how to get out was an entirely different manner; he could be 'crazy' for weeks, unable to have contact with the people he was closest to, or it could last mere hours.

Regardless of this, he saw his chance when Claire's back was turned. He saw the pumping of the blood beneath the delicate membrane of her neck, and just how beautiful she was physically. If he had been rational and had kissed her, he would not have considered this; he would have been licking his wounds that Claire had rejected him…but he had not. He was under the control of his split brain, the one that allowed him to have two personalities almost, both completely focused on science, yet one more detached from the real world than the other.

It was this insane patch that had him striking, lunging forwards and biting into her neck, throwing her into the wall to get a better grip on her. It was the part of him that was controlled by bloodlust and confusion, that would allow him to appear normal and request his employee to enter the building when he was actually fighting an inner battle, and it had him eagerly sucking her blood, wanting her to be the replacement Ada.

Yet it was with the other part, the part that surged through when he was mid draining the screaming girl, that came to the rescue, forcing his fangs out of her neck, ending with her in his arms, limp and near lifeless.

All he could think was, what have I done?

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