I know all of you are saddened that SE:AMS is coming to a close, so I have some good news. There have been several moments in the series that for whatever reason have gone unused in the main series. So, I decided to come up with something of a side story series to showcase those unused classes and scenes (which are now unfortunately noncanon to SE:AMS) in the series.

Also, I know you're all probably tired of hearing this, but the SE:AMS art contest is still going, and there's still no deadline as of yet, so I eagerly await your entries.

Anyway enjoy!

Everything seemed more or less normal for the P.E. class at the ninja academy. The students were taking their usual three lap warm-up around the academy, and their teacher, Yahiko Satoru, was simply observing his pupils as they ran their laps. But he saw something unusual as the students finished their second lap, moving onto their third; someone was lagging far behind all the others, even further behind the overweight Chouji.

Hinata Hyuuga, not one of the fastest, but by no means the slowest, was far behind her typical place today, almost at a walking pace, gripping her chest uncomfortably. Was she not feeling well today? Sure enough, as everyone finished their laps, Hinata walked up to Yahiko and asked him,

"Yahiko-sensei, I need to see Anko-sensei."

"She's in the middle of a class now, I think." said Yahiko. "Is it really that important?"

"Yes." Hinata nodded, a blush creeping across her face.

"Alright, then." Yahiko sighed. He made a Shadow Clone to fill in for him, and escorted the timid student to Anko Mitarashi's classroom, where she was in the middle of teaching a very in-depth lesson about anatomy to some very embarrassed and intrigued girls.

"And this part here is the clitoris." She was telling them, indicating the little nub. "Which can..." She was cut off by a knock at her door. "Sorry, one moment please." She pulled her dark blue jumpsuit back up over her waist and peeked outside the classroom door. "Sorry, Yahiko, but if you're here to volunteer for an intercourse demonstration..."

"It's not about me, it's Hinata." Yahiko shook his head.

"Hinata?" Anko blinked. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure. She won't really tell me." said Yahiko uncertainly.

"Alright, I'll be right with you." Said Anko, turning to her class. "Alright girls, I have something to take care of, so be good for a few minutes." She took Hinata to an empty classroom next door for them to talk. "What's the matter?" She asked with genuine concern. "You didn't start your period yet, did you?" She remembered hearing from Yuko that she had an imperforate hymen, meaning that if her period started, she would be in some pretty serious pain.

"No, nothing like that." Hinata shook her head. "It's that..." She had a hard time keeping her eyes off of Anko's still exposed breasts. "My... my breasts have been bothering me..." She stuttered, not sure how else to say it. "They've been making my back ache lately, and during Yahiko-sensei's classes, they shift around painfully all the time."

"I would imagine." said Anko, knowing that women on her mother's side of the family developed at early ages.

"Is there any way to make them smaller? Or at least make the pain go away?" Hinata asked.

"There are some forms of breast reduction out there, but in the long run, you're likely gonna regret it sooner or later." Anko said with amusement. "But if you really want the pain to stop, just get a bra."

"That... that's it?" Hinata blinked. She had a few 'training bras' that her mom had given her, but she had long out grown them over the past year, and she didn't expect the solution to be that simple.

"Yeah. It's also good for maintaining their healthy shape too." Anko nodded. "I don't know how you've kept them so delectably round and firm this whole time,"

"An-Anko-sensei!" Hinata blushed, covering her chest.

"But even a daughter of Hitomi needs to maintain that healthy build sooner or later." The sex ed teacher concluded. "But remember, you can't pick out just any bra to put on."

"Thank you, Anko-sensei." Hinata smiled.

"Today may be a girl's day in my class, but since this is important to you and your physical health, I'm going to assign you to get some 'support right now, as a class assignment." said Anko.

"But what about Yahiko-sensei's class?" Hinata asked.

"Don't worry, I'll let him know what's going on. He'll understand." Anko smiled.

"Thanks again, sensei." said Hinata, going into town right away to look for a new bra.

Searching the village's shopping district, she found a lingerie store called 'Ayame's Secret,' which, with a very red face, she stepped into. Almost immediately after stepping into the store, she felt the annoying sense of sexual arousal that she got around women as sexy lingerie of all sorts were displayed across the walls, from thongs to boy shorts for girls, and some that didn't even cover the nipples, pussy, and/or butt, which made Hinata question why someone would even wear them.

"Hello, miss. Is there anything I can help you with?" Hinata flinched as a woman in her underwear greeted her. Now that she noticed, this was the only thing that the employees here wore.

"Uh, no. I'm just here for a... for a bra..." Hinata whispered this last part, too awkward around the scantily clad woman.

"You seem pretty well-endowed. Would you like to be measured to ensure a quality fit?" The woman asked pleasantly.

"No! No, that's... that's alright." Hinata squeaked, moving as far away from her as possible. She hated getting this way around women. Just the thought of feeling arousal for another female made her scared it would ruin her love for Naruto, no matter how many times Anko told her to the contrary.

"Anko-sensei said that not just any bra will do." She mused, searching the adult sized bra section, avoiding glances from older women as she looked for a bra she thought would suit her. She remembered from a discussion with her mother about bra sizes, and that she would be about a C. After a moment of searching, she found a white one with a flower-shaped clasp in the front between the cups, which she bought, asking the cashier to put it in a more concealing bag. She wanted this shopping trip to be less embarrassing than it really had to be.

"Hello, Hinata. What'd you get?" Hinata's mother asked as her daughter came in through the door.

"N-nothing!" Hinata blurted, scurrying quickly up to her room.

"Should we...?" Hiashi started, sounding a bit concerned

"No Byakugan!" Hitomi told her husband firmly as he looked upstairs. "You too, Hanabi! Hinata needs her privacy right now."

Hinata stripped off her jacket and shirt, and examined her new bra. She pulled it on over her shoulders and, with some difficulty, fitted her breasts into the cups, clasping it shut. It was rather tight fitting, the straps digging uncomfortably into her shoulders and her already tender breasts being pressed tightly against her chest, but as she tested it with a simple Hyuuga kata, she found her typical motion pains she had with taijutsu to be significantly reduced, and her back aches slightly lifted.

"They still hurt, but... that'll go away over time... right?" She asked herself.

The next day as she walked down the hall, she felt a few stares upon her, no doubt several people had probably noticed that her breasts seemed even more 'concealed' under her thick coat than normal, and felt glad that, despite the new discomfort with her tight and, she was beginning to suspect, undersized bra. But she was a C, this bra was a C, why would it be too small?

"Hey, did you hear?"

"I heard that someone challenged Sasuke again!"

"Let's go watch him kick their asses!"

Hinata found herself bombarded by other students as they ran against the grain to the sparring fields outside, knocking her around. Just as the rampage had ceased, she felt a loud, frightening SNAP! as something fell out from under her shirt. She realized with immense embarrassment that this was a large piece of her new bra. Unable to contain herself, she locked herself in a stall in the girl's bathroom and cried for several minutes, until there was a firm knock on her stall door.

"Hinata, come on out." It was Anko. "What's going on in there? I know you're not crying because you're taking a piss."

"It's nothing." Hinata lied through a sob.

"Bullshit. I'm coming in." Though Hinata was about to object, Anko had already vaulted the stall door before she could open her mouth. "Don't worry, they're still trying to break up Sasuke's rematch with the other boys." She added, in what she hoped was a reassuring way. "So what's wrong? You know you can trust me at this point. Is it about your breasts again?"

"S-sort of..." Hinata looked away, pink in the face. She showed Anko the piece of bra that fell out of her shirt.

"Oh, geez." Anko cringed, understanding right away. "Yeah, I wouldn't be too happy about that either. Nice bras can be pretty expensive, so you have every right to be upset if it breaks... hang on..." She peeked at the measurement written on the bra fragment's tag. "That can't be right, can it?" She then unzipped Hinata's jacket and, to the timid girl's dismay, pulled her shirt up, the remaining piece of bra falling off and leaving her perky tits exposed.

"W-what are you...?" Hinata squealed.

"Just hang on a sec." Anko shushed her as she touched Hinata's breasts, making a loose estimate of their measurement. "Yeah, just as I thought. This thing was way too small." She said.

"What do you...?" Hinata blinked, trying to wriggle Anko off of her chest, who was now only playing with her boobs to tease her.

"You didn't think that you could pick just any C-sized bra off the rack and think it'd fit, did you?" Anko asked rhetorically. Of course she knew that since they were in that situation, that was obviously the case.

"Well..." Hinata muttered awkwardly.

"Tell ya what, I'll let your mom know, and you two can go bra shopping the right way." Anko sighed.

"But won't that be skipping?"

"Nonsense. You'll still make it back in time for Yahiko's class and mine. And those are the only ones that really matter." Anko laughed. "Now put your shirt back on and come on out. Your mom's waiting."

"But didn't you say..." Hinata blinked.

"Did I say that 'I WILL let your mom know'? I meant I DID let your mom know." Anko teased.

"But how did you...?"

"Come on. Let's go." Anko pulled Hinata's shirt back on and guided her out of the bathroom to Hitomi, passing Iruka, Mizuki, and a few other teachers who were escorting Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru, Naruto, and Sasuke to detention. Anko gave all but Sasuke high-fives as she passed them, knowing they kicked the emo kid's ass this time.

Hitomi had brought Hinata to the same lingerie store she had visited yesterday, this time calling for one of the lingerie-clad employees for a measurement.

"Right this way, ma'am." She was led into a fitting room in the back of the store.

"Please take off your clothes." She was instructed.
Though she rather wouldn't, Hinata removed her jacket and shirt, exposing her supple breasts.

"I'll have to ask you to remove the rest of your clothes as well, so that you can be fitted for a top and bottom set."

Hinata blushed, and then sighed with embarrassment, pulling her pants and panties down together. Almost instantly, she was grabbed from behind by lecherous hands, which stroked her boobs, with soft gropes, and strokes across the skin.

"Ah! Stop it!" She squealed.

"Relax, Hinata. Onnasuki is easily the best lingerie saleswoman I know." Hitomi smiled. "She can perfectly determine a girl's size simply by feeling their body."

"D-did you say... Onnasuki?" Hinata cringed, knowing this name all too well. She dared to turn around, and sure enough, there the hardcore lesbian stood, naked, and admiring Hinata's boobs. "Wh-what are you doing here?" She cried out, in a panic.

"I work here, silly." Onnasuki smirked teasingly, taking another grab at her customer's large mounds, making Hinata squeal a little more. Hitomi stood by her daughter to hold her and comfort her while Onnasuki 'measured' Hinata.

"Yup, these are Hyuuga boobs, alright." She smiled. "Not just big, but perfectly round, firm, and supple." She lifted both of Hinata's boobs under one arm, and continued to grope and feel at them with the other.

"Please stop that." Hinata whimpered, Her face red, and trying not to moan.

"Alright, you're a 65C." said Onnasuki (Note: I'm using Japanese measurements), who then moved further down to grab Hinata's butt, making her quaver uncomfortably once again. "Waist 68cm (27in), and hips 96cm(38in). You'd be a size Medium Size 4."

"Can I put my clothes back on now?" Hinata mumbled timidly, covering herself with her arms, once onnasuki had ceased her gropes.

"Nope!" Onnasuki teased. "You still gotta pick some stuff out now that we got your exact size." She left the fitting room for a moment, Hinata giving a weary sigh, and Hitomi patiently smiling, before Onnasuki returned with four lingerie-clad women. "All four of these fine ladies are here to model for you. So, take your pick." She chirped enthusiastically, as the four women began to parade around, in front of her, showing off their bodies, and how the lingerie they modeled fit them.

"Uh..." Hinata muttered, trying to focus only on the underwear, and not the sexy women wearing them. Once again, she was getting that annoying sense of sexual arousal she got when around women that made her fear for her sexual orientation. She closed her legs tightly as her nether regions began to moisten, her eyes looking over the women, their breasts, asses, and tight underwear.

Hinata was so focused on trying to only see the lingerie, she failed to realised her legs had been slowly opened. It wasn't until she felt a cool tongue enter her wet pussy, that she returned to her full senses, and saw Onnasuki licking her out.

"W-What are you d-doing?" she gasped from the sensation.

"Customer service." Onnasuki smirked, "You were aroused so…"

Hinata let out a moan as the models continued to move around, even moving in an erotic fashion; Hitomi watching on, and glancing to her daughter who was leant back, eyes on the women and moaning out.

"Make a choice, Hinata." Hitomi smiled.

"I… I… c-can't.. d-decide…" she moaned out.

Her mind was spinning too much to make a choice. She hated what Onnasuki was doing to her, but only because it felt so good, and already bringing her close to when she finally came, Onnasuki swallowed all her juices, before wiping her mouth and standing up, as if nothing happened.

"In my professional opinion," Onnasuki cut in,stopping the models from moving. "I would go with the 'Oni Leather' package." She groped the breast of a woman with bright blue hair, who Hinata realized with further exasperation was Yuko, the owner of X-Ranked Mission, the local sex shop. "For the common well-endowed Kunoichi, this is set is your best bet whether you're fighting enemies on the plain, or you just wanna train. Available in nude, black, white, dark blue, and tiger-print for the true oni look."

"Alright, I'll go with that." Hinata spoke up, not wanting to drag this out any further.

"Fantastic." Onnasuki grinned, as she retrieved the correct size for Hinata, and putting them onto her, really taking her time to put on the bra, playing around with her tits more than necessary to 'ensure quality fit,' and digging around in the panties after pulling them on to see that 'there were no unnecessary snags.'

"You look lovely, Hinata." Hitomi smiled. "I'm sure Naruto would love it too." She winked.

"M-mother!" Hinata whimpered in a humiliated tone, looking to her feet, with Hitomi simply giggling.

"Oh Hitomi, would you like to get fitted for a new bra for yourself?" asked Onnasuki, her naughty fingers drawing closer to the front of Hitomi's kimono.

"No thank you, Onnasuki. I'm just here for my daughter today." Hitomi answered, amused by Onnasuki's no doubt craving for her ultimate bust.

"Too bad! I'm 'measuring' you now!" the hardcore lesbian yanked Hitomi's kimono open and plunged her face right into her boobs, Hitomi laughing as she was groped and moterboated.

"Go on back to class, Hinata!" She cried through a fit of tickled laughter. "I'll be home in a while."

Hinata showed up just in time for Yahiko's start of class warm-up, some students turning their heads to see her as as she took off her jacket and stood ready along with the rest to start their three lap run around the academy. Although she was late, Yahiko simply gave her a nod, which Hinata took to mean that he knew where she had been.

"And... go!" The teacher called. Although frightened of which could happen, Hinata ran at about the same pace as the other students. Though she was scared it would hurt her breasts, or otherwise her bra would break like the one before, neither problems immerged. In fact, she was even unintentionally outrunning Naruto and Sasuke, who commonly, as they did today, raced ahead of everyone else, and she even finished a solid minute ahead of everyone else, without a single ache or pain she felt the previous day.

"I take it everything went well?" Yahiko whispered, with a quick glace down at Hinata's now well-supported chest. Hinata simply turned pink and nodded. "Glad to hear." He grinned.

"Graduating year sure is an unusual one." Yahiko mused after pairing the students off into pairs for taijutsu review. "There are those who look like they could pass as second years," He passed a glance at underdeveloped Emi. "And those who look like they could pass for early Chunins." He looked over at Hinata. "And... there are those whose minds are miles ahead of even experienced shinobi." He thought as he looked over Sakura and Shikamaru. "And... those who still have some growing up to do..." He looked to Naruto, who was in yet another brawl with Sasuke, who he wasn't even paired up against.

"Amazing how individual they are at this age, isn't it?" Anko smiled. Yahiko didn't expect Anko to be standing right next to him, but he knew her enough years not to be fazed by her surprise appearance.

"Sure is." Yahiko grinned.

"Just don't focus too much on Hinata's development." Anko teased, slipping out of sight.

"That's not funny!" Yahiko snapped, trying hard not to blush, Anko laughing at him. "Don't you have a class to be teaching?"

Today was a boy's day in Anko's class, so Hinata returned home as usual, but when she stepped through the door, it was to a sight of over-the-top proportions;

"Onnasuki! Isn't it time you went back to the store?" Hitomi was saying, being wrestled on the floor by none other than the perverted lesbian that just hours ago 'fitted' Hinata with her new undies.

"I can be on break all I like, Hitomi Boob-ga!" Onnasuki retorted, roaring with laughter as she wrestled Hitomi out of her kimono and played nonstop with her body, Hiashi not knowing what to make of things as he watched his own wife be played with sexually, by another woman, no less. Hanabi simply watched them curiously with a red face.

"Um... I'll be back later..." Hinata muttered, backing out of the Hyuuga house before Onnasuki could see her.

She opted to wait for Naruto at his place, but the minute she opened the door, it was to find Naruto on the ground, and as her eyes moved across, she noticed his pants down, and his cock being suckled upon by his older, womanly look-alike, Naruko, who looked up with a cock-filled smile as she saw Naruto's girlfriend.

"Hey, lil' sis!" She said through a mouthful of cock, sucking him harder and faster with moans emanating from her mouth, and making Naruto moan out too. Hinata watched, blushing, unable to look away. Naruto's body soon quivered as he let out a more audible moan, Naruko stopping as she swallowed what came out of his shaft.

She smiled as she licked her lips, and stood up, and put on her skimpy 'work clothes'. "Have fun with little bro!" She said, winking, as she waved and jumped out the window.

"Um... sorry about that..." Naruto muttered sheepishly as he sat up, and Hinata fully entered. He didn't mind the sexual pleasure Naruko gave him, but he did feel it was unfair to Hinata that he was doing these things with a girl that wasn't her.

"It's... no problem..." Hinata shook her head. She felt a little uncomfortable with Naruto getting these sorts of treatments from other girls, but mostly because she wasn't the one to give him such pleasure.

"Hm? There's something different about you, Hinata..." said Naruto, looking down at her chest area. "Is there something different about your boobs?"

"Huh...?" Hinata blushed brightly. Of course there was something different about her boobs, but did he need to say it like that? "Oh. I, um..." Hinata didn't know how else to say it, so she showed him. She unzipped her jacket, let it fall to the floor, and pulled off her shirt.

Naruto was blushing, expecting to see his girlfriend's big boobs spill right out of her shirt, but instead they lightly bounced as the shirt was lifted over them, supported by 'Oni Leather.'

"Wow." Naruto said feebly. He had never really seen Hinata in a bra before, so there was something strangely enticing about seeing her in one now. "So is this why you were able to outrun me and Sasuke today?" He asked, remembering how she held herself on previous days.

"Mhm." Hinata nodded. "D-do you like it?"

"Yeah."Naruto smiled. "Can I... I mean...?"

"Yes." Hinata blushed, knowing what Naruto meant.

His hands reached out, and gently stroked across the surface of her mounds, as he felt her breasts through her bra, which were soft to the touch as ever, yet somehow considerably firmer, and with a new quality that he couldn't quite describe even to himself.

Hinata gave small moans as his fingers moved over her nipples, stroking carefully, the sense of arousal reduced by her bra, but nonetheless present as Naruto familiarized himself with this new feeling.
Knowing he wanted more, she unhooked herself, her breasts falling out of their restraints, her new bra falling to the floor. She used to be nervous and shy about this, but, with all that had gone on, she was comfortable with Naruto and her naked breasts.

Naruto had already seen Hinata's boobs before, but there was just something about seeing them be exposed like this that made it seem like something entirely new. His palms cupped her breasts, and he groped them some more as he felt her up, making her bite her lower lip. Naruto stared at her chest and before he knew it, he was giving into temptation and sucking on one of her nipples, making her squeal and close her legs as she was beginning to moisten and her new panties were starting to soak with her natural lubricant. He continued to suckle one on of her tits, while he a hand to pleasure the other, and his free hand slipping into her pants.

Hinata gasped as he began to finger her. She clutched his shirt and head as she squeaked, turning red in the face.

One hand moved down, and naturally went for his shaft, as she began to pump him as best she could. The two of them continued to stand and pleasure the other, both moaning out, Naruto getting hard in her hand. And before long Hinata drew closer to an orgasm.

"Wait, stop." She squeaked, holding his head away.

"What? Is... something wrong?" Naruto blinked, afraid he messed up somehow.

"No," Hinata shook her head. "I just..." She lowered her voice to a whisper as her face glowed bright red. "I got new panties too, and I don't want them to be... you know... so soon and..."

"That's no problem." Naruto smiled, pulling Hinata's pants and panties down together.

"Ah! N-Naruto!" Hinata squealed, covering her moistened nether regions.

"Why not? I just wanted to clean you down there..." Naruto said as though he doing something as basic as eating a meal. "After all, it is kinda my fault you're..."

"N-never mind..." Hinata flushed, thinking Naruto was up to something else. She let her hands fall to her sides, and Naruto gripped her round butt as he dove in and licked her pussy clean of its juices as Onnasuki had done only hours ago, though Hinata felt more comfortable with it somehow. Was it just because it was Naruto doing it? Or because it wasn't the yuri-letch?

Though Naruto had licked Hinata clean down there, he found that she was moistening even more, though of course, he was too dumb to realize that it was his actions that made her do so.

He was honestly trying all he could not to make Hinata moan out in ecstasy like she was, but he found that to be impossible, for even a tiny touch of the tongue to her pussy made her react so huskily.

Her knees soon buckled and she slid down the wall she had propped herself up against, and shifted her body until she was lay on the floor and they were in a 69 postion. Naruto licking her out more, as Hinata jerked him off as she licked the length of his shaft, rather than sucking on him, and continued until she orgasmed, spraying her juices right into his mouth. As he came and shot his load across her face.

He took a leaf from his big sis's book and swallowed Hinata's juices, before giving one quick, final lick to Hinata's pussy, making her cringe from pleasure one more time and moved on to her panties.

"That won't be necessary, Naruto!" Hinata blurted as he brought his tongue to her moistened undergarment, pulling both panties and pants back up.

"Sorry about that, Hinata..." Naruto blushed. "I didn't mean to..."

"That's alright." Hinata giggled, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I... I rather liked it." The young soon to be ninja kissed each other on the lips, Hinata glowing bright red as she realized that Naruto's lips tasted of her juices. "Is that what I taste like?" She thought crazily. Though of course, she didn't want to ruin the moment by saying this out loud.

"So... did you really like that...?" Naruto asked awkwardly.

"Of course." Hinata giggled. "I hope we can do it again sometime..."

"Uh... yeah..." Naruto blushed.

"Sorry, um... I have to get... to get home now." Hinata spoke up, putting her bra, shirt, and jacket back on. "See you tomorrow!" She called back.

"What, Hinata...!" Naruto waved, but she had rushed off too quickly.

"Nicely done, little sis." Naruko nudged Hinata in the boob as she walked home. "I bet you'll make little bro feel REAL good on your 'big day' together." She giggled.

"Thanks..." Hinata mumbled, before a realization came to her. "You... you saw all that?"

"Eh, some of it." Naruko teased. "Anyway, I betcha lil' bro'll be all over it if you sent him some pictures."

"Pic-pictures?" Hinata repeated, starting to feel light-headed as though she'd faint.

"Oh, it's nothing big, though. You can just start with a few in your new lingerie, and then work your way up... or down." Naruko giggled. "Guys love that stuff. Some girls, too."

"Oh, um... o-okay..." Hinata mumbled.

Naruko then stopped her, and stood in front of her, with a smirk.

Hinata blinked, wondering what she was doing, when suddenly Naruko cupped Hinata's cheek, and leant in, licking her other cheek, in a sensual way.

Hinata blushed, and felt panicked, as well as that irritating sensation of pleasure from girl on girl eroticism. When Naruko pulled away, she smirked, wiping her lips.

"Lil' bro left something on your face." She giggled. It was then Hinata recalled Naruto had cum across her face, and went bright red as she had walked out in the open with semen on her face, despite there were almost no one around.

Naruko just giggled and put her arm around Hinata as the two continued to walk. The sisterly stripper gave her more advice on 'catching lil' bro,' but her thoughts focused primarily on one musing question; "How did bra shopping lead to this?"


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