So! The SEquel is on its way! ...sort of. One of the biggest struggles I've had when coming up with a Sequel to SE:AMS has been trying to decide 'what's the story?'. Sure, the sexploits of Anko Mitarashi must continue, but how?

And while the main source of continuation has been "Advanced Sex Ed", that's far from the only potential story line that I've come up with, and quite honestly, there have been a LOT of SEquel story concepts (far more than I could recount in this A/N), but most recently, I've been able to knock it down to three possible plot lines.

First, of course, is Advanced Sex Ed, in which Anko continues to teach more advanced sexual technique, and later Erojutsu, to graduated Shinobi, which I've previously made a prototype chapter for (See ch6). The second is actually a prequel to the series, following the life of Anko Mitarashi from late academy life up to SE:AMS.

The third and final is set in Shippuden era, where Naruto and Hinata teach sex ed to a new generation of academy students, and the story you're about to read here is a prototype of how that story may potentially unfold, with an older NaruHina couple passing on their ways to a new cast of characters.

Enjoy! And please, any useful feedback that you could give would be much appreciated!

"Eh?" Hinata Hyuuga blinked, looking at her former teacher uncertainly. "Teaching?"

"That's right." Iruka nodded. "All Chunnin level ninja are required to serve at least one year of mandatory teaching at the Ninja Academy, and The Hokage has recently asked both you and Naruto to teach this year starting next Monday. Do you think you're up to the task?"

"Um... is 'no' an acceptable option?" Hinata asked, though knowing exactly what the answer would be.

"Hinata," Iruka chuckled. For as far as his former student had come, she still had those little moments of anxiety that made him feel like she was still in his classroom. "I doubt the Hokage would have chosen you to teach if he didn't think you weren't ready for it."

"I suppose..." Hinata sighed. "What will I be doing?"

"Come to the Academy later today around noon." Iruka instructed. "We'll be holding a brief meeting for all of our new and volunteer teachers for the year, and giving them each individual orientations, depending on what they'll be teaching. And of course, we ask that you wear your standard Shinobi attire. Can you do that?"

"Yes, of course." Hinata nodded.

"Great, I'll see you later, then." Iruka grinned.

That night, Hinata bustled down the steps of the apartment she shared with her teammates/lovers, taking off piece after piece of clothing as she reached the bottom, until she was donned only in her underwear when she opened the door into a room that would make any shy person faint.

Up against the wall to her left was a large, red heart-shaped bed large enough to accompany up to four people with room to spare with a mirrored ceiling, the wall to its left full of sex toys, bondage gear, and aphrodisiacs, the wall to its right full of books with suggestive titles, and opposite the bed sat a TV with enough pornographic movies to last somebody for many years to come.

Ever since Hinata graduated both the Ninja Academy and her virginity, she and her classmate, now lover and teammate Naruto Uzumaki, had called this little sex dungeon their home, and as such made their own special touches to the room, including drawers under the bed for their clothes, and a bathroom addition was made to the basement, complete with the most sensual bath/shower they could ever ask for.

"Hey." Smirked a spiky-haired teenage boy lying on the bed in his boxers.

"You haven't been waiting for me this whole time, have you Naruto?" Hinata stifled a laugh.

"You seem like you've been eager to get back to me." Naruto teased, though raised an eyebrow as Hinata ducked to the side of the bed to search one of her drawers. "Hm? What are you looking for?"

"You haven't seen my standard Chuunin uniform, have you?" Hinata asked, searching through a drawer filled with some rather provocative shirts reserved for party nights.

"Nope, can't say I've seen mine in a few years either." Naruto shrugged. "How come?"

"You know, if you're looking for your favorite strap-on, then look no further." Both heads turned to face a woman currently wearing nothing but a pair of black panties with a blue phallus sticking out of its front. This woman was the woman who made their wondrous lives possible: Anko Mitarashi.

'Sexual deviant' would be an understatement when describing Anko's hardcore sex drive, and 'wild' would be an understatement when describing her personality. Anko was simply a one-of-a-kind woman that no red-blooded man or woman could resist if they tried, and neither Naruto nor Hinata would have her any other way.

"She said she was looking for her Shinobi uniform." Naruto informed his sense. "I'm not sure why, though..."

"It's because she's been appointed for volunteer teaching duty." Anko grinned.

It was volunteer teaching that was the reason that she, Hinata, and Naruto were even in the same room at this very moment; despite her initial reluctance, Anko had, for a full year, taught the graduating class of the Ninja Academy sex education. That year had, for better or worse, left a gigantic impact on almost everybody at the Academy, for better in the case of Naruto and Hinata, who were only a couple now because of their sex ed teacher, and who were just lucky enough to be selected as her squad mates when they were made Genin.

"And so have you." Anko smirked, pointing to Naruto, who simply blinked at her.

"...I have?" He blinked again.

"Ah, yes!" Hinata poked her head up from her search. "I forgot, Iruka-sensei told me that you were to come with me today for orientation."

"So... So I gotta find my uniform too?" Naruto muttered, realizing with fright that he just moments ago said he hadn't seen said uniform in years.

"'Fraid so, bud." Anko teased as Naruto tumbled back to check his own drawers. "But anyways, wow! You two, teaching?"

"It's mandatory that every Chuunin-level or higher ninja do it sooner or later, isn't it?" Hinata asked.

"Well yeah, but remember, I was promoted to Chuunin the same age you two graduated, and I didn't teach until twelve years later." Anko smiled. "You two were only promoted... what? A year or two ago? And now it's already your turn to pass on your ways to a new generation. Ah, if I were a housewife, I'd probably cry right now!"

"I doubt we'd get a class as fun as yours though, sensei." Naruto grinned, remembering how amazing Anko had made her class during her year of teaching.

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that." Anko teased. "You may be in for more fun than you think. And besides, I made my own back in my teaching days! The way that class was set up, you kids would have been in for one hell of a boring year if I didn't. That is the first thing piece of advice I should give you; Make your own fun! If you can do that, and teach like you're supposed to, the year's going to be over before you know it... and you may wish that it would never end."

"Could we have ever gotten a better sensei?" Naruto smiled, finding his uniform at last.

"Hell no, you couldn't!" Anko laughed. "How's that thing fit now, by the way?"

"Not very well..." Naruto answered, pulling at the neck of the shirt, which was very tight around the chest. "How's yours, Hinata?"

"Ooh, I shouldn't have gotten the bodysuit version!" Hinata moaned uncomfortably. She had to take off even her underwear to be able to pull the super-tight suit up past her wide hips, and it took both Naruto and Anko to fit her immense breasts into the tight garment.

"...whoa..." Naruto commented as he starred at Hinata, now fully donned in her uniform's bodysuit. Somehow, Hinata almost looked sexier now than she did naked, a long crevice visible running from the crevice of her rear, all the way to the front of her crotch, every one of her curves showing through the tight material, and her boobs squeezed tightly in, her nipples showing very prominently through the suit's material.

"Please don't stare like that, Naruto...!" Hinata blushed, Anko grinning at the pair. Even after as much as Hinata had grown over the years, her embarrassed reactions never changed. "Anko-sensei, could I borrow your uniform?"

"You could, but I really doubt it would make any difference." Anko sighed, remembering her own teacher's orientation, and how poorly she fit into her own suit. Now Hinata was getting to be almost the same height as her teacher, and her boobs were considerably bigger, leading Anko to think that lending her suit would only make Hinata even more uncomfortable.

"Sorry, but it's just for one day. You'll be able to fit into something more comfortable when you get to teaching. Not TOO comfortable just yet, mind you though!" She added in a teasing laugh.

"That's not very funny, sensei!" Hinata lied, fighting back a laugh herself.

"I think we'll all have fun when we can finally take these dumb things off!" Naruto grinned. "And hopefully, never wear them again."

"At least the vest is one size fits all..." Hinata thought as she and Naruto met with the headmaster for their assignment. Not only was the massive camel toe running all the way around her bathing suit area attracting many unwanted looks, but every step only ran the material of the suit up between her legs even more, making the girl wish she had taken her personal growth into account more when she first picked it out.

"Sorry, but the headmaster couldn't make it in right now." Iruka Umino spoke up as the couple, as well as three other volunteer teachers gathered for orientation. "At any rate though, welcome to the Ninja Academy. I hope that all of you will find your own place at this school, and leave an important impact on all of those you teach. Your first day won't begin until Monday, but I would advise that today be spent getting ready for your first lessons; remember, first lessons are every bit as important as first impressions."

"So, what will we be doing?" One of the volunteers asked.

"Let's start with you, Kuroi." Iruka replied. "You will be teaching history..."

As Iruka spoke with the other volunteer teachers and telling them of their assignments, classroom duties, and extra advice, Naruto and Hinata both listened intently, hoping that none of the others got the Sex Education job that they both coveted.

"It's going to be Naruto, without a doubt." Hinata thought, eyes turning to the boy she loved. "He's always been Anko-sensei's favorite, and he practically IS Anko-sensei in many ways!"

"It should be Hinata." Naruto mused, returning Hinata's glance. "I might want it, but Hinata's a better teach than I could ever hope to be, and I bet the teachers here would trust her more than me..."

"...Naruto, Hinata, you two will both be teaching Sex Education." Iruka stated, giving the pair a confident grin as he handed each of them a scroll. "I trust I won't need to tell you very much, other than tell you to read up on the school's revised sex ed curriculum, and be ready for class by 2 o'clock on Monday."

"Wha... but, wait! Iruka sensei..." Naruto spoke up.

"Is something wrong?" Iruka blinked.

"You said we would both be teaching this class..." said Hinata. "Was that a mistake?"

"No. I made no mistake, and neither did the headmaster when he made this decision." Iruka stated. "We have decided that you would both be quite suitable to teach this class together."

Naruto and Hinata exchanged surprised looks as their orientation continued.

"So... teaching Sex Ed, are you?" Anko greeted her students as they returned home.

"You had something to do with that, didn't you?" Naruto asked.

"Oh... maybe." Anko teased.

"I have a hard time believing anybody but you would have us both teaching the same class together." Hinata remarked, knowing her teacher too well.

"I guess you caught me!" Anko laughed. "So... how do you two plan to teach this class?"

"Well..." The two said together, before turning to each other and realizing that they had no idea. "Um..."

"You don't have to answer me right now." Anko shrugged. "I had to spend a full night working on my own curriculum, so I don't expect you two to have a plan right off the top of your heads."

"Sensei, I know that tonight's Friday and all, but..." Naruto started, but Anko already know where he was going with this.

"Go ahead and spend the night together." She sighed. "This is a business matter, so go ahead."

"Thank you, Anko-sensei!" Naruto and Hinata chimed together, hurrying down stairs to start their lesson planning right away.

"I hate business nights." Anko sighed. "I guess I'll go see how Onna's doing..."

"This is it... Tomorrow, the first day of my final year at the Ninja Academy will begin, and this time, I will NOT screw it up!"

The new sex education teachers weren't the only ones buckling down for the weekend to make sure that they were ready for the first day of the year; somewhere across the Leaf Village, a student of the Academy, twelve years of age, and entering her final year before becoming Genin, was making her final preparations for the first day of what she felt to be the most important year of her life. She locked the bathroom door behind her before stripping down of all her clothes and looking at herself in the mirror.

What looked back at her was a very attractive girl with long blonde hair, deep blue-green eyes, and a thin, yet perfectly proportioned and fit body, her waist nearing the ideal perfect womanly curves, her breasts not small, yet not large, topped with bright pink nipples, and a pubis clean of any hair.

The girl nodded, satisfied with what she was seeing before getting into the shower, beginning to wash her long gold hair as she concentrated her thoughts on her ultimate goal.

"Finally, just one more year, and I'll be done with this stupid academy crap." She said to herself, lathering her skin with body wash. "But I won't have to wait for the year to end to achieve the goal that I've worked towards all these years..." She rinsed off her body, then began to rub lotion down her legs.

"Everyone's expecting me to be some kind of perfect academically educated Kunoichi like mom, but I don't care about grades or junk like that." She muttered, having finished rubbing the lotion down her arms, and moving on to applying it to her breasts. "What good does reading a bunch of dumb books and passing a bunch of tests in a classroom do you, anyway? We're ninjas! Shouldn't we learn to actually BE ninjas?"

She looked down at herself now, examining every inch of her body for any sort of unwanted blemishes. "We're going to be old enough to kill soon enough; doesn't that make us as good as adults? So why are we being treated like kids, and forced to sit through this dumb elementary class BS? It just... makes no sense to me!"

She concluded her shower and looked herself over in the mirror again, looking not just at her front, but also her back, her sides, and between her legs.

"Let's see..." She said, scanning her legs and armpits. "No unwanted hair or blemishes..." She lightly stroked her fingertips down her legs. "Skin's silky smooth..." She also admired the slight shine that her skin gave off as she lightly lifted her breasts. "Boobs are nicely shaped and proportioned..." She turned around and looked over her shoulder into the mirror at her back. "Back's clear, butt's all good..." She ran her fingers through the length of her hair. "Hair's looking good..." She smiled, admiring herself in the mirror a little more. "I'd say I look perfect..."

Now came the most dreaded part of her examination. She sat down on the floor, spreading her legs wide to examine the space between them. "...Except for down here." She cringed. "Why does it look like this?!" Sure, she maintained proper hygiene for every inch of her body, and she'd even gotten a doctor's confirmation that her genitals were perfectly healthy and clean, but she always just HATED looking down here! "I try everything I can to make it look more like those pussies you see in hentai, but... why does it look so weird?!"

She sighed, closing her legs and getting up, putting on a camisole and panties before heading back to her room, where she threw herself onto her bed, both exasperated about the bodily state of her nether regions, and anxious for the next day.

"My pussy might look weird, I might not be the most voluptuous woman out there, but that won't stop me." She declared, sitting up with determination in her eyes. "One way or another... I WILL have sex with Getsuki!" She jumped about a foot in the air as her door flew open and a naked woman stomped in, quite irritated with her daughter's noise.

"Nikko, is that really necessary!?" She growled, sighing as she leveled out her temper. "I know you must be excited for tomorrow, but do you have to spurt out everything that's on your mind?"

"Oh... sorry, mom." Nikko said sheepishly. "I... I'm just really worked up, and..."

"Here, take a chill-out jerk." Nikko's mother sighed, tossing her daughter a pen. "You can keep that if you want."

"Uh? Um... thank you, mom." Nikko smiled, blushing as she examined the pen she'd been given. It was pink, with a bookish brunette woman splayed down it, saying something about using this pen for 'study breaks.'

"Hey, Tsukuyoko? Everything okay here...?" Asked a man donned only in heart-printed boxers.

"Not at all, just giving my daughter a little talk." Tsukuyoko replied simply. "Are we good now, Nikko?" She asked her daughter.

"Yeah, we're good." Nikko nodded. "Thanks mom."

"See you in the morning, then." Her mother grinned. "Now come on, you..." She smirked provocatively, dragging the man with her back to bed as she left her daughter in peace.

Nikko rolled her eyes as she listened to the faint, yet incredibly cheesy, sex talk that her mother exchanged with her partner, before it went silent as they returned to her room.

Nikko was one girl who learned about the facts of life long before she was supposed to; her mother had been a porn star since before she was born, and even though she very much wanted to leave the adult film industry when it was time to raise a child, Tsukuyoko just could NOT leave the sweet temptation of the erotic arts, and after her would-be husband left her (he was just a dick like that!), she had been taking men home to bed with her on a regular basis.

Nikko didn't mind at all however, either that her mother was a porn star, or that her mother never slept with the same man two days in a row. As a matter of fact, after Tsukuyoko was forced to spill the facts of life to her daughter when she was 7, Nikko had actually gotten to love all things erotic, even watching her mother have sex once or twice.

But while she wished very much to have sex, Nikko dreaded the idea of losing her virginity to anyone other than the boy she loved most: A timid boy in her class named Getsuki. She had her eyes on shy Getsuki for many years of her Academy life, but had never found it in herself to confess her feelings to him.

"But this year, I'm not only going to confess my love to him; I'm gonna steal his cherry!" Nikko declared determinedly, slapping a hand over her mouth as she realized she said these words out loud. Sighing, she turned over and went to bed, eagerly anticipating the coming year.

"So... are you ready?" Naruto asked as he and Hinata approached the door to their new sex ed class.

"As I'll ever be." Hinata grinned, shrugging. "How about you?"

"I'm... not sure..." Naruto muttered, Hinata giggling.

"I thought that being shy was my thing?" She teased.

"Cut it out, I was just kidding!" Naruto lied, the two of them sharing in a brief laugh.

"Okay, keep it cool, you two." The couple gave a little jump as Iruka stood behind them.

"Uh? Iruka-sensei?" They said in unison.

"I just wanted to give you two my support before you started your first class." Iruka smiled confidently. "Just go in there with a positive attitude, and pass on your knowledge to our next generation. I know you'll make your sensei proud!"

"Thank you, Iruka-sensei." Naruto nodded.

"Yes." Hinata smiled. "We'll do our best." She slid the door open, and stepped into the classroom, Naruto right behind her.

Just then, as he closed the door and joined Hinata at the teacher's desk, both of them lost the confidence they had just gained from Iruka's pep talk.

Tons of eager faces looked down at the two Chuunin in wonder, the class slowly breaking out into whispers.

"Whoa! That girl is so pretty, isn't she?"

"Isn't that the boy that our parents hate?"

"I wonder which one of them is going to be teaching us?"

Naruto cleared his throat importantly to the class, speaking over the murmur. "Hello, everyone. Uh, welcome to Sex Education. My name is Naruto Uzumaki..." He wrote his name in Kanji on the chalkboard behind him.

"And I am Hinata Hyuuga..." Hinata introduced herself, writing her own name next to Naruto's. "And we will both be your teachers for this year."

"Both of them teachers?" several of the students remarked, whispering to each other again in confusion.

"Yes, we will both be your sex education teachers," Hinata spoke up. "But this class will be handled differently from other classes at the Academy; this class has such deep subject matter that we can only truly teach you everything you need to know by having the boys and the girls be taught separately."

"...Separately?" A blonde girl in the front repeated, a note of disappointment in her voice.

"Yes." Hinata nodded. "Tomorrow, I will be your teacher, and I will only be teaching the girls of this class."

"And the day after, I will be teaching only the boys." Naruto added. "Thursday, I will be teaching again, this time to the girls,"

"And Friday, I will be teaching the boys." Hinata concluded. "From next week onwards, Fridays, we will teach both boys and girls together, as we are today."

"Ma'am, if I may ask...?" The blonde girl raised her hand.

"Yes, ms...?" Hinata confirmed, inquiring her student's name.

"Nikko." The student replied, standing. "What will the girls be doing during the boys' classes? Or the boys during the girls' classes?"

"Since this is your last class of the day, you're free to leave home early." Naruto answered.

"Pardon me Hinata, Naruto, but it seems that you're stealing this sort of schedule from Anko Mitarashi." All of the students in the class turned to face a rather stuffy-looking woman with curly black hair, oval glasses hiding her now frowning eyes, and an adult-sized high school uniform. Naruto tried to suppress a snort of laughter as he recognized the woman as Suzume, former Academy teacher, and current 3rd-year student.

During Anko's teaching days three years prior, Suzume was an annoyingly professional and strict teacher, who strove a little too hard to keep order in the Academy. During an unfortunate incident three years ago involving several students taken captive by the sinister crime organization Daimao's Den, Suzume sought to keep the piece by dismissing the students' horrific experiences as mere 'bad dreams', and the very nature of Daimao's Den's existence as 'a lie.' Infuriated by her decisions, The Third Hokage punished her actions by revoking her Shinobi status, forcing her to attend the Academy all over again, in hopes that she would recall what it meant to be a student, and even more what being a teacher truly meant.

"You are partially correct, Suzume." Hinata spoke up, silencing Naruto's laughter with a nudge to the chest. "Anko-sensei has inspired this alternation, but we have our own reasons for choosing to teach in this manner." She couldn't resist a smile though as she recalled that Suzume deserved to be in the position she currently assumed. "Additionally, you are to refer to us as 'Sensei,' Suzume." She added.

"Very well... Hinata-sensei." Suzume grumbled, pushing her glasses up indignantly.

"Are there any questions?" Naruto asked of the class. A boy with dark blue hair raised his hand. "Yes, your name?"

"Getsuki, sir." The boy replied, his voice incredibly nervous as he fidgeted with his hands.

"This seems awfully familiar!" Naruto thought, seeing a striking resemblance to Hinata's early timid self in this boy.

"Um, I was uh, kinda wondering why we only, ah... why the boys and girls only share one day of class in the whole... in the week?" Getsuki stammered.

"Naruto and I each have things that we wish to teach all of you," Hinata answered. "And so we will each have a turn with boys and girls individually, and the last day of the week will be devoted towards some lessons that would best be taught to everyone together, as well as culminating what all you have been taught that week."

"Oh... okay." Getsuki muttered. "I just... was hoping to be with everyone else more often..." Everyone laughed at Getsuki's timid ramblings, forcing the boy to duck under his desk in embarrassment.

"This really is quite the familiar scene." Hinata commented internally, noticing that the boy had his eyes on Nikko almost the entire time he spoke.

"Well, unless anyone has anymore questions, that's all for today." Naruto concluded. "Now remember; tomorrow, only the girls are to show up for class. Boys, you get the day off."

As the students departed from their final class of the day, a few stayed close to their assigned seats, taking their time putting their things together.

"Nikko? Getsuki? Class has ended." Hinata spoke up.

"Uh? Yes, ma'am..." Nikko muttered. "Uh, Hinata-sensei? Can I talk to you in private about something?"

"Sure, Nikko. What about?"

Taking the hint, Getsuki gathered his things and scuttled from the room, Naruto following after him, letting his girlfriend have time to speak to her student alone.

"What is this about, Nikko?" Hinata asked, once she knew that nobody else was around.

"Well, there's somebody that I kinda like..." Nikko explained. "And well... can you give me any advice, y'know, girl to girl, how I can get his attention?"

Hinata smiled, knowing already that this was a year to remember. "Just talk to him and tell him how you feel, Nikko." She answered. "I'm sure he will return his feelings."

"Hey, Getsuki?" Naruto called, halting the shy boy's escape.

"Y-yes, Naruto-sensei?" Getsuki replied.

"Naruto-sensei... it just sounds so... weird!" Naruto thought. "There's something you want to talk about with me?" He posed this as a question, though it was intended as a statement.

"Well..." Getsuki fidgeted, scratching the back of his head. "...Well, yes, I...There's been something on my mind, yes..."

"Can you share with me?" Naruto asked invitingly. For a long time, Getsuki was very quiet, an internal struggle no doubt wreaking chaos in his head, whether or not he could, or should, ask this of his teacher. At long last, he swallowed, saying at last,

"Naruto-sensei, can you tell me how to get with girls?" He threw both his hands over his mouth as though he had said a nasty swear word in polite company.

Naruto just smiled, playfully ruffling the boy's hair as he walked past him. "In due time, kid."

"So...?" Anko prodded as the two new teachers returned home. "How did it go?"

"I think we did okay..." Naruto shrugged.

"Just 'okay?'" Anko raised an eyebrow.

"It was only our first day." said Hinata. "All we really got to do was explain how our classes would be run."

"So? Didn't I do the exact same thing on my day?" Anko reasoned.

"You definitely did a better job of your first day than us." Naruto grinned.

"Did I now?" Anko smirked. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see, now won't we?"

To be continued...?

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