This is basically my way of trying to get back into the groove. This is very AU, and I mean as in Mary is still alive, Bobby is Brooke's real father…that kind of AU. I'll explain more in notes at the beginning as it goes along.

WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Sex, Dark Themes



Perhaps it was the sound of broken glass on the other end of the line that brought Dean into the reality and seriousness of the situation, but perhaps it was more than that. Little Johnny had just been cooing to his brother while Dean was catching up on some work and he had this giant grin on his face when his phone rang. It was Brooke of course and so he picked it up, but his wife's voice didn't come through on the other line like he was expecting it to. Instead he heard all sorts of sounds that started to make his stomach churn and wiped the smile clean off of his face.

It was almost as if the twins knew that something was wrong, because along with the paler of Dean's complexion as he heard the breaking glass and the screeching tires and the screams on the other end, the cooing ceased. Besides the sounds of the water and Brooke trying to make sure that Jamie was alright, there was absolutely no other sounds happening. It was almost as if Dean's heart had stopped beating and yet it was trying to break through his chest.

"Brooke…" he managed, but it was strangled.

"Jamie! Hey, honey. Are you okay?" Brooke asked her eldest son, concern for his well-being over her own present in her syllables.

Jamie nodded even though he was stuck. "Yeah, Mom. I'm not hurt."

"Brooke…" Dean said louder.

The sound was garbled a bit now as the water began to do its damage on the car, Brooke trying to get herself free in time to save her son. Her leg was stuck and yet she could still reach back and help with Jamie's seat belt as the care began to sink. He didn't want to leave his mother, but she practically forced him out of the car as Dean called his brother, Sam, from the land line and called for him to come and look after the twins while he went out to fix this.

Brooke's cell had a lojack on it, so he could find her.

He had to.

That was his family that was in danger.

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