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This one has a bunch of twists and turns in it, as well as Dean being a Daddy, which I think you'll all really enjoy…I know I enjoyed writing it.

WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Sex, Dark Themes



All Bobby wanted to do was visit his daughter, and perhaps talk to Dean about what it was that was going on in his head because right now he felt like something big was going down and Brooke was in the middle of it. Perhaps that was because he'd talked to a chatty demon recently, but he also felt like maybe Brooke and Haley were onto them all because his daughter wasn't stupid and because Haley had been trying to figure this all out for years. Add in that a demon was saying that none of this was a coincidence or an accident, and Bobby knew that that meant that Brooke was in trouble.

"DADDY!" Brooke exclaimed happily.

That part she remembered—finding out that Bobby was her biological father. They had been close since she found him and really there for each other and even though she didn't currently remember the more recent bonding, he was her father. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug, Bobby holding her tightly, Dean smiling at the embrace as he held the twins in the back and front holder that Brooke had fashioned for them. Of course she hadn't been the one to invent it, but she had wanted all of her boys to have things she had made and Dean liked having the twins right there with him.

"How have you been, baby girl?" Bobby asked her with smile, stroking her hair.

Brooke smiled sadly. "I've been managing. Dean has been the perfect man through all of this, really. If you hadn't given him your blessing before, you should give it now. I don't think any other man would be quite as understanding of my lack of memories."

"I'm sorry, have you seen you? Other men would do it just to be able to—"

"—that's quite enough out of you, Boy," Bobby warned him shaking his head as Brooke laughed. "Though I was meaning to talk to you…"

Brooke nodded at the trailed off hint. "I was going to take Jamie with me to go and see Haley, actually. Sam had to run off and do something and I want to spend time with my nieces and my favorite little man."

"Brooke, baby, you can't pick favorites," Dean said covering little Robert's ears. "It's not what good mommies do…"

"You've got a point," Brooke told him as Jamie bounded into the room and squealed with glee.

He was always happy to see his grandfather and Bobby picked him up and held him tightly before setting him down and hugging Brooke once more. Bobby had almost lost both of them and he knew that he wouldn't be able to handle that because they were his flesh and blood. He remembered it like it was yesterday, Brooke setting the little blue bundle in his arms…just as he remembered Brooke running to him when she found out she was pregnant with the twins. Both times she had told him first and while the first time he wasn't as happy that Dean Winchester had knocked up his little girl, Dean had made an honest woman out of her…that saying was still weird for him.

Once Brooke and Jamie had gone, Dean offered Bobby some coffee and smiled when Bobby got Johnny out of the back of the holder, Dean getting Robert out and both of them looking at each other. Somehow, normal life had crept up on Dean and he wanted it more than anything which was why he'd pretty much quit and got a real job. He had a family to support and while he didn't always say 'no' to a hunt, he knew that this was where his heart was.

"I don't think that the accident was an accident," Bobby said suddenly as Dean poured him coffee.

Hearing those words, Dean shook his head and then went to put Johnny and Robert into their playpen, coming back out into the kitchen so that he could address Bobby better. He ran his hand down his face and grabbed his own cup of coffee, sitting across from Bobby and trying to figure out what it was that he wanted to say to him because this was news to him and not the kind that he actually wanted. Bobby hadn't wanted to tell him like this either, but it was important and together they could get down to the bottom of this and he knew it.

"What are you trying to say, Bobby?" Dean asked him slowly.

Bobby ran his hand down his face. "I'm saying that Haley and Brooke caught wind of the one thing none of us wanted them to know. Remember when she got mad at you for telling Jamie that sometimes bad things happen?"

"I…yeah," Dean admitted shaking his head. "I didn't want to have to train him, but I don't want him caught off guard either. I want him to be an innocent but if this—this is a demon? Did the demon take her memories?"

"No, the demon ran her off the road," Bobby clarified as he drank his coffee too. "I just finished up a hunt that said that Brooke was the key to something. She and Haley digging about? Not good."

"We should have told both of them from the beginning!" Dean said louder than he had intended to. "Now, what if Haley is next, huh? Brooke's fine as long as she doesn't get her memories back…or at least the demon hasn't come to try and finish the job yet!"

It was obvious that Dean was really angry about all of this and Bobby understood, angry about it too because their lies had done this. They had lied to the two women that they loved most and even though Sam and Dean had gotten out of the game mostly and Bobby was happy for the normal lives, you never really got out and Brooke and Haley just weren't prepared. That meant that it really was possible that Haley was next and maybe…maybe keeping Brooke's memories gone was a good thing. No, they needed her to remember exactly what happened and why she was in the car that night.

"What does she remember right now?" Bobby asked him, chewing on his lip and then adjusting his baseball cap. "I need to know why she was in the car that night."

Dean nodded slowly. "Yeah, we need to know what she was doing out that night because even Jamie was suspicious. I could ask him, but that might tip her off."

"She won't remember yet, so what's the harm?" Bobby asked him. "We need to know what she was doing that night, or how are we supposed to protect her? I don't even know what demon is behind this…and she just might."


Haley was glad to see Brooke so happy with Jamie, having left the twins with Dean because Dean wanted to get in some time with them on his day off. Brooke was feeling better these days because she and Jamie were pretty close and he was talking to her about the accident because she wanted to remember and he knew it was important to talk about it. They were the medicine each other needed and she rustled his hair as he came in to grab a bowl of apples to take out to his cousins, all of them playing soldiers out in the back yard.

"So how is the ol' memory?" Haley asked Brooke slowly.

Brooke shrugged a little bit. "It's alright. I'm remembering a little bit here and there, but the accident is pretty blocked out. The doctor says she wants me to see a counselor, so I'm meeting with one in a couple of hours after I drop Jamie back off with his father. She thinks I might be blocking it out on purpose."

"Well, who wants to remember such a traumatic event, right?" Haley asked with a gentle laugh, biting into an apple and pausing. "But you don't remember anything at all?"

"Hales, what are you asking me exactly?" Brooke asked after a pause. "You're acting like I need to remember and I know I need to remember but…what was I doing? Do you know?"

"I just…" Haley paused a moment and then took a deep breath. "You and I were working on a project of a sort and you said that you had information and that you were coming home with it. I don't know what happened right after that, but sometime in between that phone call and you coming home, you were in the accident and now…"

"…now I can't remember," Brooke finished for her.

She nodded at her best friend and then chewed on her lip, wanting to know what it was that was so important, because Haley had this look in her eyes. It was almost like it was a matter of life and death or something and Brooke was starting to feel pretty anxious because she didn't quite know what her part was here. Brooke had figured something out and was that why she had been run off of the road? All she knew was that now it seemed like it was rather imperative that she get some answers.

"Hales…what were we trying to find out?" Brooke asked her.

Haley took a deep breath. "We were trying to find out what Sam and Dean are hiding from us."

Brooke didn't quite know how to take in that new information, but she knew that Haley must not have thought it was all that bad whatever it was since she was willing still to have Sam around her and their kids. Not to mention that Haley was so sweet to Jamie and the twins and Dean and Brooke was starting to feel like maybe part of Dean's guilt was because he knew. Did he know? After asking Haley a few more questions she was pretty sure he didn't, but nevertheless he knew something was up when she dropped Jamie off and just gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek even though they'd moved up to kissing each other on the lips when entering and leaving the house, and sometimes just a room in general.

All Brooke wanted to do was get this over with, so she went to see the counselor, smiling at the redhead and taking her seat on the couch. She started by explaining why she was there and explaining what she could remember, and then the woman asked her to describe in length how her few sorted memories that she had now had come back to her. It seemed simple enough to Brooke, so she laid down on the couch in the office and she closed her eyes as she tried to explain what it was that was helping her to remember her own life.

She didn't even notice the counselor's eyes go black a moment…and then return to normal.

Note: I know it has been forever, but I'm totally working on it! We've worked up to a bit of the climax of the story and I'm really enjoying where this is going. Next chapter will be a bit angsty with a cliffhanger of a different kind than this one, and hopefully I'll get it up either tomorrow or the day after that because it's partially done. Feedback is always appreciated!