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Quincy the Pokemon trainer was walking through the halls of the brawl house. The brawl house was basically a mansion attached to the brawl stadium. It was a nice place.

Squirtle was walking next to him and Pikachu was following closely behind. Squirtle tugged at Quincy's sleeve.

"Yes?" Quincy said. Squirtle gestured to his stomach. "Dude, this is like the 5th time today," Quincy said.

'These guys are a handful," he thought. 'I love them and all, but I need a day to myself. Who do I trust enough to watch over these guys? Samus? She's usually busy. Marth? I don't really know him well enough. Ness? Too young. Ganondorf? Too... Why would I even think that. I could ask Pit!' Quincy thought with a smile. He ran through the hallways with the pokemon following with confused expressions. Squirtle grumbled. "You'll get food soon," Quincy said and Squirtle's face lit up.

The trio finally got to Pit's dorm. He knocked. After a few seconds, Pit opened the door.

"Hey Q," Pit said cheerfully. "Whaddaya need?" Quincy got ready for a rejection.

"Could you baby-sit my Pokemon today?" Quincy pleaded.

"No need to beg, even thought I enjoy it. But sure, enjoy your day off." Pit answered. Quincy then let Charizard, Ivysaur, Pichu, and Jigglypuff out of their pokeballs.

"Wait all of th-" Pit started but Qunicy interrupted

"Thanks!" then made a beeline for the other direction.

"QUINCY!" Pit yelled angrily.

Quincy yelled back "They're all hungry!" then ran off laughing.

"Uhh, can all you guys just go into my dorm while I get some help from people?" Pit asked them. They all made sounds which must have meant yes. After Pit put closed his dorm door, he started walking through the halls wondering who he could ask to help him. He saw no one. Suddenly Pit remembered the Pokemon possibly tearing apart his drom room. Then remembered Charizard. "Uh oh," he said then ran/flew as fast as he could to the dorm.

Pit was glad that the smashers didn't have to wear their battle outfits here. He looked like a normal 14-year-old. Except for the wings.

When he got to the room, he saw a warzone. Pikachu and Pichu were playing thundershock tag, toasting his pillow. Ivysaur was growing so many vines he thought his dorm was a jungle. Jigglypuff was singing quietly to itself. 'That one gets a treat' Pit thought. Charizard was torching Pit's bathroom. "I am going to kill that kid," Pit said angrily. 'Where to start?' he wondered.

He started by prying Pichu off of Pikachu when their electrotag game got out of hand. To calm them down he put them next to Jigglypuff. It's song immediately knocked them cold out.

"Thank you!" Marth said to the puff ball.

Next he went to Ivysaur and tried to stop him from jungle-fying his dorm room. Sure he liked "The Great Outdoors" but this was ridiculous. He managed to pick the Pokemon up, but it didn't go down without a fight.

A half an hour of vine-choking/ razor leaves and other painful Pit-torturing methods, Pit got the "Evil" creature down next to Jigglypuff. It fell asleep instantly. "Dude, I so owe you for this," Pit said to Jigglypuff. It chirped happily. The angel finally managed to push himself back on his feet. When Pit turned his back, The pink puffball grinned evilly and pulled out a sharpie.

Next Pit went for the monster of the group, Charizard.

(AN: The events that happened with Charizard and Pit are too Pit-torturing for me to write.) Finally he managed to push the thing next to Jigglypuff. "You get no treats," Pit said angrily trying to stand up. In return, Charizard used flamethrower, berfore promptly falling asleep. "Never-again-poke-sit," pit said in-between coughing up smoke. Then Jigglypuff's song reached his ears. One thought went through his head before he blacked out. 'Am I forgetting someone?'

Quincy walked through the hallways of brawl mansion in black jeans and a red shirt with his signature hat. His hair was wet after having a splash war with Marth, Samus, Ike, and Sheik.

"What have my little minions been doing?" he wondered with an evil smirk. Snake passed him and gave him an amused, yet confused expression.

"Follow me and you'll find out," Quincy said with another evil smirk. Snake shrugged his shoulders and followed the kid.

When they got to Pit's room, they saw Pit lying face up on the ground with all the pokemon around him. He had a sharpie-drawn mustache and other crude looking art on his face. Squirtle held up a camera that had appeared to have been recording the whole thing. Quincy burst out into laughter and Snake couldn't help but chuckle. Pit awoke hearing their laughter.

"Wait, wha?" Pit asked obviously still dazed. Then he realized his situation. Then he looked at Squirtle with his video camera. "I knew I forgot someone," Pit grumbled angrily.

"Quincy let me make this clear," Pit said in a scary un-Pit-like voice. "You have exactly 10 seconds to run. Snake can I trust you to watch them?" Pit asked pointing to the Pokemon. Snake nodded.

"10...9...8...7...6..." Pit started but Quincy had taken off.

That afternoon their was laughter. From Quincy. And yells of revenge from Pit. And splashes from Pit falling in the pool. And more laughter. Another day in the office at Brawl Mansion.

AN: How was it? I think I edited it better than last time. I hope you guys enjoy. Credit for Quincy goes to MouseMaster42. Check out The Game, it's really good! See you next time in-(Dramatic pause and then says in movie announcer voice) THE COLLECTION!

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