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1750 SET, 17 February 2111. Granica City, near River Eberswalde Delta, Mars, Sol star system.

"Get your ass back here Private!"


Several blasts hit nearby, throwing up large piles of dirt.


"I'm hit!"

"We got three KIAs and one WIA, repeat three-"


"Took out my shields!"


Maj. Leonhard ignored the chaos of the comm. chatter and peered around the plywood box he was hiding behind. A bluish-white beam crackling with electricity grazed his helmet.

"Dammit dammit dammit…" he cursed as he blindly returned fire with his standard issue RF17 All-Purpose Combat Rifle.

A gurgle followed by "glarking" signalled his success. Comm. chatter, however, remained worrisomely pessimistic. He fiddled with his helmet to override the channel such that only he could be heard; a command option for officers and leaders. With his other hand he picked up an LR-10 Sniper Rifle. He quickly sighted a "papaya head" sniper and placed it firmly in his crosshairs.

Counter-sniping, he thought as he squeezed off a shot.

A shot to the chest took out the enemy's shield and formed a hole near where a human's heart would be. A second white line flew across the battlefield a second later and impacted on the head of the sniper, taking out half of its oversized brain and putting an end to its miserable life.

"See that? They're losing with every shot we fire boys! Come on, we've taken half the city, what's there not to lose now?" The Major broke out into a huge shit-eating grin, "Charge them! YEAAAAAAAAAAAARRGHHHHH!"

Nearby soldiers gaped in shock as they saw their leader emptying a chaingun at 200rps into a panic-stricken enemy at the same time as charging out without any cover whatsoever.

"What you waiting for? Let's remind ET why they should have stayed by on 23 Librae or wherever! And let's remind them why we are the best in the galaxy! Raze Task Force, CHARGE ON!"

237 surviving Razers smiled the same grin as their CO, left cover and emptied whatever weapon they had at the enemy.


The air filled with bullets of all calibres as the human line advanced upon the shattered alien defence. Some crazed soldiers even picked up Zappers—alien microwave weapons—and ran forward to cook any high-forehead they found.

In fifteen minutes, it was over. The city of Granica was recaptured. A tired Major Leonhard lifted his captured Thundergun over his head and bellowed in victory as fellow Razers hoisted the USCG flag over the highest ruin. He was joined by over a two hundred strong voices. The wind carried the glorious sound over the destroyed city. In the moment the 14th RTF Company were closer than ever, brothers and sisters in humanity, tasting the sweet taste of victory.

The song and praise of Victory, the voice of Humanity empowered by the human Spirit, rolled across the Martian landscape, an unseen force that broke any remaining alien's confidence.

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