Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games or any recognizable characters. That belongs to Suzanne Collins. Not that I want to own the Hunger Games, I dislike the book and fail to see the hype surrounding it. Yes, shocker. I know that means I'm really crazy for writing a Hunger Games fanfiction. Blame my English Teacher for making me read the damn thing!

Pairings: Cato/Peeta, minor Cato/Clove, mentions of Peeta/Hannibal(OC of mine)

Warnings: Future Crappy Sex Scenes between two extremely attractive men... Don't worry though, Mr. Depp still holds my heart. ^^', OCs.

Summary: At the age of eight Cato is presented a servant(slave) that will attend to his every need and/or whim. At the age of six Peeta Mallark sold to the Scipio's and given to the eldest male child. In doing so, their destinies become intertwined. These will be fragments of their life from Peeta's POV until the end of the Hunger Games. Slash! AU!Universe.

Chapters: 10+


I really should stop starting stories before I finish the others I have. Ugh, I hate being a writer... and I hate liking yaoi... just kidding! XD


Chapter 1

The sky is painted a midnight purple with twinkling stars poking through. A luminescent crescent moon hangs high in the sky. Nothing dares disturb the peaceful night, nothing but a middle-aged woman who stands in the middle of a cobblestoned street. A crying child near her feet. The woman stares distastefully at the small child whom is only six.

"... Mommy -, " the word barely makes it out of his mouth before a harsh slap resounds through the air. The child holds his aching cheek. His shoulders hunch forward and whimpers escape his mouth.

"I told you to never call me that!" She hisses at the child who flinches at the cold tone. The woman glares once more before her icy blue eyes flit around her surroundings, searching the shadows. "Where are they?" She mutters under her breath, irritated. She wants to go home to her loving husband and two wonderful boys but first she had to deal with this vermin. He was nothing more than a mistake thrust upon her and a constant reminder of her foolhardy weakness.

No matter, she thought sadistically, he would be out of mind soon enough. Without him, there would be no more reason for those whispers that constantly surrounded her family. No more accusing stares from their fellow District Twelve residents or tense silences between her husband and her. No more! A crazed smile spreads on her lips before she is pulled from her delightful thoughts when she feels nervous tugging on her dress.

"What!" She snaps at the source. Her smile grows wider as he jerks back and hesitantly points in front of them. She follows his pointer finger seeing two PeaceKeepers abnormally dressed in black. The PeaceKeepers stand at a distance until she pushes the vermin in front of her. They moved closer till they stood within arm distance.

"Do you have the money?" She asks eagerly, unfazed by the disgusted look thrown her way from the PeaceKeeper on the left. The PeaceKeeper on her right throws her a small bag filled to the brim with golden coins. She holds them to her chest while pushing the vermin toward the duo. The left one hoists the vermin up in his arms not at all affected by the struggling the vermin seems to be doing. She turns on her heel and starts to walk away. A sense of joy fills her. Everything was perfect!

"Hey, don't you want to say goodbye!" One of them yells. She spins back around. Surprise clear on her face and she just stares, incredulous.

"No," she replies succinctly.

"He's your kid!" The same one that wanted her to say goodbye shouts toward her angrily. She does not care though. He wasn't her kid when she signed the birth certificate and he wasn't hers now.

"And I sold him for a bag of coins. I don't care what you do with him. I wanted him gone the day he was born and you're doing the job for me. A goodbye is meaningless since I've said it from day one," she retorts. Her eyes flicker to the stilled vermin who stares at her with betrayal and sadness. The place where she slaps him is still an angry red. She decides it needs to be redder.

"You're sick!"

"It doesn't mean much coming from you. Now, if you'll excuse me I'd like to go home to my real family." She turns away yet again.

"Tell him goodbye and use his name," the PeaceKeeper growls and yet she still stays amused by all of it.

"Why? That action has no point." She shrugs and smirks.

"Just do it or I'll let it slip that the Mellarks haven't been chosen for the Games in awhile," he says, taunting her. She freezes at his words and thinks of her eldest boy, Rye that will be old enough to enter the games come summer. She is forced to follow his wishes.

She turns her body halfway, the shocked look still on the vermin's face. His pale blue eyes are big and teary; it is pitiful how he acts. He's always trying to gain attention and favor from those around him. This should be no shock to him. She has never liked him and never will. "Goodbye," she says softly. "Goodbye, Peeta."

Those parting words are her exit. She descends into the darkness of the village ignoring the anguished screams and cries that reverberate through the air.

Perhaps she really is the witch everyone makes her out to be.

He's never been anywhere outside the baker's shop or the marketplace. When little Peeta boards a train with the PeaceKeepers he howls as loud as he can. The train is moving; he can feel it and he doesn't like it at all. It makes him feel very woozy. The PeaceKeeper that holds him securely tells him to calm down. He's making a scene, but Peeta refuses. He's scared of everything. He wants to go home to where his family is, not on some odd moving contraption. So, he continues making a commotion until one of them looses his patience.

"SHUT UP, BRAT. IF YOU DON'T..." The sentence trails off threateningly. That succeeds in making Peeta stop his current actions but it brings on a new wave of tears and he cowers, waiting for a blow. He waits and waits, but it never happens. Instead a soft hand runs through his ashy blond hair. Peeta glances upwards at the person who is touching him. It's the same PeaceKeeper who oddly keeps comforting him.

"It's okay, Peeta. Garnet doesn't mean it. He's just had a long day," the PeaceKeeper coos while the other PeaceKeeper stomps off.

Peeta doesn't know how to respond so he nods quickly. The PeaceKeeper chuckles and then temporarily retracts his fingers. Peeta makes a small whimper at the loss and the PeaceKeeper apologizes as he takes his black helmet off. Peeta is amazed at how beautiful the person is. He has flawlessly tanned skin with slanted hazel eyes and curly, dark brown hair that falls a bit passed his ears.

"Pretty," Peeta whispers and then blushes heavily. The PeaceKeeper laughs, threading his fingers back into his hair.

"You think I'm pretty? I can't believe I would garner attention from a cutie like you! Why, I'm amazed," he teases Peeta lightly. Peeta looks away, his blush growing heavier. "I don't think I've told you my name yet. My name is Hannibal Honorius."

"Hannibal... Hon-hon-re-uh-s," Peeta repeats, earning yet another laugh from the Hannibal boy.

"You'll get it eventually, cutie." Peeta smiles the tiniest bit at the encouragement from the pretty teenager. "So, are you okay now, cutie? Not that I don't enjoy your company but there's a lot you and I need to do before we arrive in District Two," Hannibal says as he stands up with Peeta, who wraps his little legs around his mid-section and tucks his head in the crook of Hannibal's neck.

Hannibal rubs Peeta's back soothingly, "Now, now, cutie, I'll be there." Even though Peeta just met Hannibal he trusts him, so, he nods reluctantly. Hannibal carries Peeta carefully as he walks down the train's hallways. They enter a room decorated in rich red and cool yellows. A long dining table sits in the middle of the room surrounded by many chairs. Hannibal sits at the head of the table putting Peeta in the seat next to him.

Hannibal gives Peeta a quick smile as he rings a small silver bell that is placed near his empty, crystalline plate. Peeta shivers as three young Avoxs entered the dining room. Peeta kept his eyes down until they were gone in a sign of respect. His father told him about Avox, and how they were to be treated like people too. If you ever saw them never stare at them with pity, instead lower your eyes in a sign of silent esteem. Only when they left did Peeta dare look up. He stares at Hannibal and waits for him to tell him what to do. He refuses to let the tantalizing smell of food affect him.

"What's wrong, cutie? Aren't you hungry?" Hannibal asks, his brow furrowing. Peeta nods furiously, of course he's hungry, but he gestures to all the weird things around him. He doesn't know what to do. There is silence until Peeta sees Hannibal's pink lips quirk upwards.

"You're lucky that it takes three days to get to District Two. I'm going to feed you today, but tomorrow you're learning how to use all the utensils." he smiles. Hannibal picks up Peeta and sets him up on his lap.

Peeta doesn't dare relax; the trust Hannibal's won only goes so far. He opens his mouth obediently when Hannibal offers him a silver fork wrapped in spaghetti. A small satisfied sound escapes him. Peeta has never tasted anything so good in his life. Immediately this has become his favorite food. "More," he quietly demands.

"As you wish," Hannibal snickers feeding Peeta while taking bites of fish filet. Peeta eats as much as he can, which turns out to be the entire plate. Again, Peeta lowers his eyes when the Avox come and clear the dishes, replacing them with plates of simple desserts.

Peeta squeals when he sees a small two-layered chocolate cake. He points rather excitedly at it and bounces up and down on Hannibal's knee. Hannibal draws it closer to them, cutting out a large piece for them to share.

Peeta waves Hannibal off when he tries to feed him. Instead Peeta grabs a weird silver object that sort of looks like a trident. He stabs it into the cake and pulls up, extremely happy when a chocolate piece sticks on. He places the thingie in his mouth wincing as he sticks his gums, however, it was overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing through his taste buds from the fluffy chocolate cake. He moaned the tiniest bit.

"You really enjoy the cake that much, cutie?"

Peeta jumps in surprise at Hannibal's amused voice and then he nods. He jabs at a piece of cake with the trident item. He toddles the large piece of cake on it as he turns around carefully. He wiggles the mini-trident in front of Hannibal. "You want me to eat it, cutie?" He asks, amusedly. Peeta nods. Hannibal leans and eats off the trident, copying the little moan Peeta had made. He chews appreciatively. "Very good, cutie, I like it. Thank you!" Peeta nods and then turns back around.

He can only eat two more pieces of cake before he's full. Hannibal rings the small bell for a final time and picks up Peeta, who wraps himself around the teen. Peeta yawns adorably as he lays his head on Hannibal's shoulders, his eyes flickering between open and close.

"Time for bed, I see," Hannibal says softly. Peeta nods as he is carried down another hallway. After a couple of minutes he heads a faint a beep and the sound of odd clicking. Peeta feels cool air and the sound of a door shutting closed. Dim lights turn on above. Hannibal sets Peeta down on a big bed. His world is growing out of touch; so, he lies down on his side. Hannibal picks him up seconds later, swiftly undressing him and then dressing him with a large white t-shirt. After Hannibal changes into pajama pants, he tucks himself and Peeta in bed. He claps once and it grows dark.

"Goodnight cutie," Hannibal coos. Peeta sleepily nods and then twists and turns a couple of times before settling in one spot. Hannibal keeps his eyes on him for a few seconds more until he allows himself to relax. As he drifts off into sleep he swears he hears Peeta whimper,


For three days Peeta gets used to his lifestyle and Hannibal speeds Peeta through his new duties. Peeta learns that he was sold to Hannibal who in turn will hand him over to his eldest nephew as a birthday present; the eldest nephew of Hannibal's is from an old and distinguished family in District Two. Peeta's future position in the family is desirable.

Peeta trusts Hannibal and nods in agreement to whatever he utters. The day Peeta and Hannibal reach their destination, Peeta is scared. So very scared. Hannibal dons his regular eggshell white PeaceKeeper outfit. He is not allowed to hold Peeta or comfort him in anyway. His job is to lead Peeta to the family he will be serving. Peeta constantly has to remind himself that this is not another separation and he is not going to an abusive home. They are not the brutes his former District makes them out to be and Hannibal lives in District Two, he will visit him.

Despite those mental reassurances Peeta still feels frightened. All of this is happening so fast for the six year old. He hopes that it'll slow down soon. Peeta bites his lip hard enough to draw blood when his hopes come true a little too soon. A house, much larger and more lavish than his former, comes into sight. Hannibal speeds up his pace and so does Peeta. They are there at the house within three minutes. Hannibal knocks furiously, bouncing on the balls of his feet eagerly. Few seconds passed and a beautiful woman with long, fiery locks garbed in a tasteful cocktail dress opens the door. "Yes?"

"Aunt Ruby," Hannibal greets. "Can I come in? I've got a present for young Cato."

"Of course." She stands aside. Hannibal sweeps passed her while Peeta scampers after him. He can feel her acid-green eyes staring at his form. Peeta breathes harshly but stays calm. He stops when Hannibal stops, which happen to be at the end of iron stairs that spiral upwards.

"Cato!" Hannibal calls. There is strange quietness before a quick blur flies down the stairs and Hannibal is tackled to the ground. Peeta jumps back quickly and watches in awe as a skinny blond boy a bit older then he, wrestles with a PeaceKeeper, and is actually holding his own. However, Hannibal overpowers him in a single action and pins him to the ground.

"Do you admit defeat?" Hannibal challenges and the boy shakes his head, squirming in Hannibal's hold while snapping like a rabid animal. "Good!" He praises before letting the blond boy up.

The boy rocks on his heels as Hannibal puts him under intense scrutiny. "I'm here to give you your first real birthday present." Peeta wonders about that. Aren't all birthday presents real, but he doesn't question what Hannibal says. "Are you ready?"

"Yes!" The light blond-haired boy screams with enthusiasm only a child like him could muster.

Hannibal pushes Peeta forward to stand in front of Cato. "Cato, meet Peeta. He's your personal servant. I hope you like cutie, here."

Blue and Brown eyes blink at the same time, both children drinking up each other's acquaintance. A slow grin spreads on Cato's face and he grabs Peeta's wrist suddenly. "You're mine!" Cato announces proudly, "All mine!"

For some odd reason, Peeta agrees to those words. He doesn't really mind that this boy, Cato, has claimed ownership over him. In fact Peeta has the distinct feeling that he was going to enjoy his time with Cato.

"I'm yours," he seals with a smile.