A/N: There aren't enough stories out there about Tougou, so I decided to write one up. Also thanks to the encouragement of some friends of mine XD You all know who you are! Anyway, enjoy :3

Chapter 1

The Mishima Zaibatsu's forces had ramified across the globe, oppressing nations and civilizations who lacked the strength to defend their countries. Thanks to the global war, and the world's losing battle, the Tekken Force had assumed control of a large share of the earth in a mere few months.

To those blind to the Zaibatsu's crimes this was frightening, and to others the result of their immense power was all too familiar.

As Jin and his mighty army gradually consumed the world in chaos and anguish, hope seemed lost. Take-overs became easier and easier as the days ticked by. Jin could have been reveling in his throne chair, watching victoriously as his new nation grew in power and numbers, that was if a portion of it hadn't broken off in rebellion. The coup being orchestrated by the Tekken Force's now former Captain, Lars Alexandersson.

The army's activities contradicted with his morals. Taking innocent lives and oppressing them just for the sake of power? That wasn't what Lars was after, and the only way he would let this come to be and flourish was over his dead body.

Several years ago, Lars had heard of an incident involving a mythological being that went by the name of Ogre, or Toshin back in Japan. The locals deemed him as an Aztec god that came down from the heavens, wreaking havoc on the people. Lars usually disregarded such folklore, however upon discovering that this Ogre had existed and that Jin himself had come into contact with it, his mind was quickly convinced.

The Zaibatsu had an outpost stationed at this location. From what he had heard, their goal was to wipe every bit of evidence involving the creature. While Lars was somewhat in favor of erasing such a beast, the Zaibatsu's method of destruction was to burn down and force out anyone living in the villages populating the temple land.

Lars had sent his army down to South America to defend and hopefully salvage the village. By the time they arrived, the Zaibatsu had already burnt down a portion of the forests. Fortunately the rebels had managed to force them back for now; all was quiet, though Lars was sure Jin would be sending reinforcements in due time.

The villagers had been kind enough to lend Lars and his troops some of their land to set up camp. Having a base close to the area of operations made everything much easier for both parties. They would be there for a few weeks at the most, until Jin's interest in the location wavered.

"Perimeter is secure." Tougou, a tall Japanese man with short raven hair, and a groomed beard of the same shade passed underneath the tent flap. He was Lars' Lieutenant through the entire coup d'├ętat and also his closest friend. Wherever the Swede went his comrade usually wasn't far behind.

Anyone inside or even out of their army knew the Captain and Lieutenant were close, they had a long history together and their friendship grew because of it. They saved each other's lives more times than either could count, went through hell and back together even. No matter how much either complained about doing errands and such for the other, or even joked about it, really they'd do anything for each other...

Tougou especially.

There were times where the Japanese soldier asked his companion what he thought of their friendship. Lars would answer with everything a friend would want to hear, how much he valued Tougou, more than just him being his Lieutenant and the like. Tougou would smile and give a devoid nod in agreement. Yes, that was exactly what a friend would want to hear, but not a lover.

If only Lars knew...

Tougou had a smirk on his face as he set his sheathed machete down against one of the metal poles supporting the tent, eying the Captain accompanying him in the military shelter.

Without deterring his attention from the computer screen before him, the Swede lifted his hand away from the keyboard and held it out towards Tougou with wiggling fingers, as though he was asking something of him.

"Oh." Tougou pinched the bridge of his nose, "I forgot. I'll go do that right now."

He was so busy making sure everything was in order in the event of an attack that the task Lars had given him slipped his mind.

Lars finally turned in his chair to face his Lieutenant, "Do that in a moment, I want to show you something." He waved his friend over to the table side and scooted the laptop so he could see clearly.

Tougou made his way over and hovered the Captain's shoulder, examining the computer. There was a map that took up the entire screen, some of which was highlighted in red, while the rest remained untouched, "Looks like they occupied a lot less territory than we anticipated."

They had chosen a good place for their encampment as well. If the Zaibatsu ever made a move, they had enough time to intercept them or contend if that was the case.

"They were probably just moving through the jungle when we saw them then..." Tougou mumbled to himself mostly, yet Lars nodded his head anyway.

"With that said," Lars leaned back in the chair to stretch his arms out, his stomach was growling from being deprived of nourishment for over an hour, "Now you can go fetch that food I asked you for, I'm starving!"

"Right, my fault." Tougou snickered, "Why don't I go grab you something the locals cooked up huh? Fried monkey and ant soup perhaps?"

"That's disgusting. Not enough to wane my appetite though." Lars pulled a face in repulsion, laughing at his joke regardless, "Also an insult to the kind people who lent us this land. Have some respect will you?"

"What ever you say Captain." Tougou gave a mock salute then was off on his way to get them something to eat.

It didn't take long for Tougou to return to their working tent with rations and some fresh fruit the locals had afforded. By now Lars had relocated from the table he was working on prior to Tougou's departure, to one of the cots. He dismissed the screen to see what was being brought in.

His eyebrows knit together, what was seen wasn't what Tougou had 'promised'.

"After thinking it over ant soup sounded delicious..." Lars took his share of the fruit and set it aside after thanking the other man, "Guess you couldn't find any?"

"Sorry to disappoint you." Tougou shrugged his shoulders. He took a seat across from Lars so that he could eat as well.

The half Swedish Captain rummaged through their supply bag for a knife, once found he used it to peel the inedible skin from the mango he was given. He couldn't help but notice that something seemed to be disturbing Tougou, he could tell by the distant expression he bore.

"You know you do that every night?" Lars lowered the knife down from the fruit, "What's the matter? Every time I ask you say you're fine."

Tougou dismissed the question with a wave of his hand, "Nothing to be concerned about..." He took a bite from his orange to fill his mouth with rather than speaking. When Lars stood and waited for him to swallow, his entire scheme of silencing himself was balked. He was going in for another bite anyway, though Lars' hand was set on his wrist to challenge his resistance.

A frustrated sigh came from Tougou, he proceeded to stood so they could have a proper talk, "Lars, you told me yourself there were some things about you that you preferred not to share with me. That's mutual right now."

Lars rose a skeptical brow, "And that's utter bullshit."

Tougou was taken aback by Lars' reply. The Swede went on to explain himself, "I have a valid reason for not telling you, but in your case I know it's not something that could potentially abolish any trust this army has in me, or in you."

Lars made it a point not to tell anyone of his origins, that included his father and the family he belonged to. Any one of them hearing that he was related to Jin and the rest of that godforsaken clan could leave his army in shambles.

"And how can you be so sure?" Tougou retorted, "If what you're hiding could affect the army's trust, you don't trust me enough to tell me?"

Tougou was trying to avoid his end of the question by putting Lars on the spot. While this did make the Captain ponder, he shook his head in defiance and routed the conversation's focus back on his friend.

"It's not that I don't trust you, Tougou. That aside, what's your reason for not telling me then? If you don't think mine is good enough maybe yours is." Lars chided, crossing his arms over his chest.

Tougou mentally cursed himself. He couldn't really give Lars an answer could he? Give him an answer and jeopardize the entire mission if he reacted badly to it? Throw away all those hard-earned years of friendship? Hell no.

Though there was always a 50/50 chance with these sorts of things...

While the Japanese man was busy having an internal conflict with himself, his eyes were adamantly staring back into Lars' blue ones, which were awaiting an answer in patience.

"Can't seem to think one up..." Lars finally said, about to take a step back to the cot until Tougou seized his arm, "Or not..?"

Tougou closed the gap between them, drawing Lars in by the limb in his vice. The Swede wanted to be thankful of the armor on their chests preventing Tougou from bringing him in any nearer, invading his personal space. Lars inhaled to get a word in, only to be shut up by a blatant kiss on the Lieutenant's end. Lars' eyes grew to an ample size while his brain attempted to process what the hell was happening.

Tougou was kissing him?

His eyes had fluttered closed on instinct, resorting to his sense of touch alone, as he felt betrayed by his eyes. He still couldn't comprehend or believe, though the warm mouth advancing on his own was undeniable. As disconcerted as he was, Lars couldn't bring himself to pull away.

His emotions wreathed into a tight and complex knot; despite the violent sea of sentiments, Lars' lips made a decision long before his belated mind had, opting to reciprocate the Lieutenant's kiss.

Sensing something was off, Lars shoved Tougou off of him abruptly, and reclaimed the air that had been sucked out of his lungs with a ragged breath. Tougou stood his ground in frozen silence, waiting for Lars to make any sort of comment, but none came. He wasn't even looking at him anymore...