Chapter 5: Through Rose Colored Glasses

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Lars huffed as he washed away the last of the suds. Maybe it was because it came from Tougou's mouth...

That had to be it. There was nobody else on this planet that he sought approval from, just that one man waiting behind the bathroom door.

He was so pissed off about it too, and his alcohol induced mind wasn't helping. He thought it was supposed to help relax and calm him, then again there was the judgement problem too, meaning it really was just a double edged sword.

Lars sighed heavily as he brought his hands up to his drenched hair, running his fingers through the blonde locks. The water from the shower was helping him calm down from the incident earlier, though his heart rate suddenly spiked, gasping in surprise when a set of arms came around him.

"It's fine, it's just me..." Tougou grinned toothily at the Swede's startled reaction. He was so lost in his own thoughts, and the water jets hitting the tiles had muted the other man's movements.

Lars growled in protest, "You can't give me five minutes?"

"If I get you angry, that means I screwed up bad. I wanted to apologize properly." Tougou held the Captain's body closer to his, his back practically molding to his chest, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you in anyway."

Lars closed his eyes, exhaling evenly through his nostrils. Tougou was always sincere with his apologies, and the Swede found it hard to stay mad at him...Despite what he had said. He was still hurt by the cruel words and assumptions, but he had it in his heart to forgive the other man. He didn't know much of his past after all...

"...It's alright. I forgive you." Lars spoke up, reaching over to pat the top of the hand draped along his chest. If it were any other man, Lars would have shoved him out of the shower and covered himself up by now. Being in the army meant communal showers, and communal showers meant seeing each other naked. Lars really didn't mind sharing the shower with Tougou, especially now that they were in a relationship. That and it was actually nice having him there.

"What got you so upset anyway? I mean...Why did my comment about the Mishimas affect you so deeply?" Tougou just held the Swede for a moment, this made Lars glad that he had already washed up in the shower, since having the other man clinging to him didn't make it easy to move around anyway.

After everything Tougou had said, Lars wasn't sure if he was so ready to tell him tonight. The bruise on Lars' back was graced with delicate kisses; it didn't hurt anymore, but the discolored flesh was still unsightly. Not that he wasn't used to having such injuries on his body, he had scars on his face after all and so did Tougou. Lars shifted to run his fingertips along the side of Tougou's head, tracing the long, sharp wound that had been inflicted on him so many years ago.

Figuring it was safe to touch without Lars snapping at him now, Tougou allowed his hands to wander the Swede's flesh, fondling the inclines and crevices of his muscles. Lars hummed contently and had tilted his head some get give Tougou's hairline a kiss.

"Alcohol always makes you so touchy-feely?" Lars teased, enjoying Tougou's touch.

"How often do I get to shower with a good-looking guy? Of course I'm going to touch you..." Was Tougou's retort, his ministrations proceeding down Lars' hips and thighs now.

Lars was a lot more laid back thanks to the drinks, loosened up as Tougou put it. He felt bold enough to turn around to face his Japanese lover and pull him forth into a kiss. He couldn't help but smile into it as Tougou gently nibbled and tugged on his bottom lip.

He pulled away from the kiss momentarily, "What's this? Aren't you supposed to be the submissive one?" Tougou snickered, and Lars pulled a face in disagreement.

"When was that decided?" The other man had moved forward, forcing Lars' naked back up against the cool tiles. The stone brought about a shiver to his skin, though Tougou's body served to warm him back up. He had gotten in close, Tougou's broad chest rubbed up against his while his lips took to the Swede's neck, his hands now grabbing his rear. Lars' heart started to beat wildly in his chest and his breath hitched, feeling Tougou grind a rather excited groin into his. Tougou claimed his lips in another heated kiss, with Lars moaning into it, his fingertips digging deep in Tougou's biceps.

While he was enjoying the contact a lot more than he should have, he remembered how late at night it was now and they had work the next day, hung over or not.

"I...I think we should turn in for the night." Lars stammered.

The water had gone tepid, Lars panted and reached over to shut off the shower after Tougou had finally let him go, not liking the cold water much himself.

"I'm glad you forgive me." Tougou smiled widely, he seemed to be completely oblivious to his own arousal, Lars' eyes continued to dart down occasionally and the other man didn't notice. Needless to say, he liked what he was seeing, though his gaze wavered once Tougou made a move for the rack.

He took a towel for Lars to dry off with and was already rubbing the water out of the Swede's hair. The younger man chuckled lightheartedly.

"You look good with your hair down you know." Tougou snuck in a kiss while the cloth was still covering Lars' hair and eyes, "But you prefer wild."

Lars lifted the towel off, he flashed Tougou a smirk and shoved it into his hands, "And you prefer simple, crew cut almost..!"

"Hmm...well if I preferred simple, I wouldn't be with you now would I?" Tougou beamed wide. He stepped out of the shower as well, following the Swede back out into the main room to get themselves dressed. Just because they were done with the shower didn't mean Tougou had to stop admiring the view though; seeing someone with a body like Lars' nude was a sight to behold. The intoxicating substance was putting all sorts of thoughts into his head.

Lars brought both of his hands up to his damp hair, his eyes closed, and his fingers combing through the locks slowly. What a night, the alcohol certainly made it interesting too. He didn't drink very often and this was probably the most he's had in a while. If it wasn't with Tougou his lips probably would have never touched the rim of that glass. What had happened in the shower stirred a part of him, one that he had been hiding away for the longest time. He found himself craving more of it, wanting to have progressed more than just kisses and touches. Time was against them tonight however, so Lars had been forced to restrain himself. That and he didn't think it would be such a good idea for them to be doing anything so physical while they were under the influence of alcohol.

After both men had dried off and clothed themselves, Lars got himself comfortable in the bed, choosing to lay at the right edge of it while Tougou took the left. He didn't mind sharing the bed, they were at a hotel after all, and not back at base. He had left more than enough room for Tougou to sneak in to nestle himself beside him. A pair of strong arms came around the Swede, to hold him in close in an embrace. A light kiss came to Lars' shoulder, and Tougou's voice muttered out in a whisper, "Lars...Come on...It's killing me knowing I upset you. Can you at least tell me why?"

Although reluctant, Lars felt bad now, and his fingers slowly made their way to rest on Tougou's forearm, "There's a reason why I asked you what you thought of the Mishimas."

"Go on..?" Tougou sat up a bit in interest.

Lars heaved a sigh, closing his eyes as he continued to explain, "I don't care about what other people say or think about me. It's just...hearing you say that, say such awful things about them. It felt like you were saying that about me."


"Just listen..." Lars continued, "That secret I said I would tell you about...And you gave me all night to tell you. It's about my father."

He finally turned over on the mattress so that he was face to face with Tougou. Although the lights were off, he could clearly see just how distressed Lars was about all this.

"That time I told you I had to speak with Heihachi when I had the chance, just before the operation in South America started. It wasn't to get information about Jin...or an alliance or anything like that..." There was a significant pause and Lars found himself contemplating whether or not he should go on speaking, "I wanted to speak with him, because he doesn't know I'm his son."

Tougou had no idea that his eyes could grow so wide. He was beyond amazed, beyond baffled and even shocked. For a time he had no idea how to even respond to what he had just learned.

"Lars, a-are you...serious right now? Please tell me it's the alcohol speaking?"

Lars held his breath, felt his heart skip a beat and his blood run cold. Apprehensive was putting how he felt lightly. The first person he had told and things were already going downhill...Nonetheless he still had to make himself clear.

"Do I look like I'm lying to you? I was angry because I didn't appreciate you saying cold-heartedness and the evil associated with it is hereditary."

"So you'reeee...What?" Tougou's forehead wrinkled, "This is...My god I don't even have words for this right now."

Not good. Those two words were repeating in his head over and over again, Tougou wasn't going to leave him was he?

"T-Tougou...I..." Lars was having trouble forming words himself, "This is why I said this is a mistake. I shouldn't even be here right now."

"Lars, I said I had no words...I didn't say this was a mistake." Tougou pat Lars' chest with the back of his hand, "I don't care if you're a Mishima or if you're purple, Lars. Okay? I was just a little shocked by the revelation. You're the same person before you told me this and you're still the same after, you hear me? This explains a lot about you, but it doesn't change how I feel about you. We've come too far for me to just drop you because you happen to have a crazy gene pool, that would be such a waste. Besides, you being all...Well Mishima...Kinda adds a little spice to the relationship wouldn't you say?"

Lars chuckled at the last bit and shook his head, "I'm glad you feel that way. All this is really messed up I know, it still is to me to this day but...I don't know. Life is like that I suppose, full of surprises." He was relieved that Tougou was so accepting, for a moment there he thought he was going to lose one of his closest friends.

Tougou ruffled the Swede's hair with a smile, earning another laugh from the other man, "Hey, you're my best friend and lover now, I'm not just going to give up on you because you're different..."

"Thanks Tougou, it means a lot." Lars kissed his lips in appreciation, a distinct hint of their earlier drinks was still present on them.

"You were the oddball when you were drafted, and despite you kicking my ass in everything we did in training, I was drawn to you." The Japanese man's fingers caressed and coursed through Lars' golden locks, "Hell, I was glad we became friends, but then I waited so long...Just feeling out your personality to see if, well..!"

"I was attracted to you?"

Tougou smirked with a nod, "I can't just assume you like guys."

Lars gave him one last smile, "Okay...I think we should get some sleep now. I guarantee we won't be feeling all that great in the morning. At least sleep in before work." He leaned forward for a goodnight kiss.


"Yes?" He paused.

Tougou kissed him and nuzzled the edge of his brow, "I love you."

"I love you too..." Lars' lips pulled into a warm and sincere smile, "Thank you."