Written for badbadbathhouse kink meme!

Original post was: I really want a fic inspired by this song:

http: / www. youtube. com / watch?v = LuPkDxKJo

Adachi/Yosuke Adachi/Souji Souji/Yosuke

Use the lyrics as Adachi's actual dialogue:
"You suck a pretty good dick, for a high school kid.
You suck a much better dick than your boyfriend did."

With him saying it to Yosuke.

Just because that'll stir up insecurities because that means that Souji fooled around with Adachi.

Lush Lush Lush

The kid's – Hana, maybe? Fuck, he could care less – mouth is straining open, choking and gagging, with spit running down his chin and eyes shut tight, squeezed really, as if that were going to make him not see this any less, and all Adachi can do is admire the way he's got the kid pinned.

That's what the little moron gets for jumping in alone: A cock in his mouth and a pistol at his head.

Adachi thinks the kid might actually look good like this, hogtied with caution tape tied around both arms and legs, arms and legs which were straining to get out of their binds. Fat tears are rolling down both cheeks, and that makes Adachi even harder, if it were possible. He thrusts, in and out, one finger curled loosely around the trigger of his gun.

It's a warning, of sorts, though this little fling was going to end the same way both ways, regardless of whether or not the kid behaved himself.

Adachi has one hand coiled in downy-soft brown hair, sitting on the edge of Mayumi's bed with that same head between his legs, pants unzipped and shirt untucked, and the kid's dorky glasses slipping on the edge of his nose. Figures the kid would have a bigger head than him.

High school kids were just so fucking full of themselves, and it almost made him sick.

Adachi pulls the kid closer, holds him there so the kid's nose is buried in dark curls, and lets out a small grunt as he comes. He waits, and the kid's eyes open slightly, little brown slits.

"Go on," Adachi says, smarmy and smug. "Swallow it."

The kid tries to twist his head away, and Adachi cocks the gun. He stops, freezes, looks up at him like a deer caught in the headlights. Adachi smiles, sickeningly polite, his eyes half-lidded.

"Y'know kid," He watches as the kid swallows, slow and loud, adam's apple bobbing in a way that almost makes Adachi hard all over again. "You suck a pretty good dick, for a high schooler."

The kid stares, eyes wide and getting wider still, and Adachi lets go of the kid's hair, and he jerks back almost immediately, spits on the ground and falls sideways in his haste. There's a loud thunk, and Adachi props one elbow on a knee and with his chin on his hand just looks down at the kid, smile haughty and spreading, cutting like a knife.

"You…" The kid mutters, breathing heavy, chest rising and falling, wavering though with each breath as though all the wind had been knocked out of him. He spits again. "You won't get—"

"Away with this?" Adachi laughs then, nearly snickers himself sick, holding his gut. "Kid, please, you think I'm just gonna leave you here for your little friends to find you?"

And this time the kid's eyes really get wide, and his head jerks around to stare at Adachi.

"Hmm… maybe I'll just bring you back with me, keep you around…" Adachi looks around, flicks the glasses up his nose, fake contemplative. "You do suck a better dick than your boyfriend."

And the look on the kid's face is so beautiful, that it makes Adachi's smirk grow even wider. Adachi zips up, tucks his shirt back in, and turns the pistol in his hand over and over.

He shoots, bang.

Let Souji find the body later, Adachi thinks as he steps back into Magatsu Inaba, maybe it'll teach him a lesson.

Feedback is appreciated~! (especially since this is my first attempt writing porn...?)