I pretend the wind is all that there is. Nothing else exists but the flowing wind. Nothing.

I dance around in the sky with my eyes shut, imagining a perfect world. I'd have grown up with both my parents in the desert, learning from them how to hunt and fight. I'd take to a certain speciality and help our society. I'd fall in love a special someone and have children, and teach them what I know.

A soft exhalation into the air brings me back to the present. No, that's not a perfect world. I would have missed out on meeting so many new people. I would have never seen the different sights this world has. I would never have known how to fly like someone free. I would never be burdened by any responsibility.

And plus, why have children? What a waste of time and effort. Who cares about these material desires when I'm magical?

…That reminds me. I still don't know how that works. I should test it out.

Opening my eyes again, I spot a lone tree ahead. Diving downwards, I land at the base. Plucking a leaf off, I throw it in the air and watch as it floats downward. And I will it to stay still.

It seems to falter for a moment before continuing its downward path.

Excited, I pick it up again, and this time I concentrate my mind, my eyes focused on it. I hold it outward into the air with my left arm, make a motion with the other, pretending the leaf is an extension of it. The leaf will go wherever you want it to go.

I let go of it with my left arm but keep my right one tense. The leaf seems to shake slightly but it is definitely hovering in midair.

Taking a deep breath, I walk forward from out of beneath the tree, keeping my arm up the whole time. The leaf keeps a distance away but moves according to my position.

I retract my arm and the leaf follows with it. Looking up to the sky, I bend my arm down, preparing to propel it to the air. With a surge of strength, I lift my arm, and-

"Nova! Wait!"

I turn around and see Vie flying towards me. I notice the leaf floating back down to the ground in my peripheral vision as I clutch my arm tightly and stare tensely at the oncoming Flygon.

She lands in front of me much less elegantly than I would have, sending some dust into the air. "Are you feeling okay?"


"Well… I understand. If that happened to me I'd probably react worse than you. But you were the only other person that moved when Silex disappeared. Do you know what happened?"


"Okay, then." She tries to grasp for my arm, but I shift away. "At least come back."


"Nova!" she shouts, frustrated. "We can just ignore him if you want to. But you should be fine with the rest of us, right? You don't have to talk if you don't want to."

I stare at her face. If I told them everything it would just add to the confusion.

"Fine," I answer curtly and leap into the air, back in the direction I came from. Vie gives a startled call but I ignore her.

The others quickly come back into view. They seem relieved that I'm back. But I'm not.

I eye the Salamence staring at me for a moment before I look away quickly.

"So, Nova, do you have any clue what happened to Silex?" Rue asks. "Everyone says they saw that you're the only who moved at that point when she disappeared."

I shake my head lightly, keeping my eyes on the distant horizon.

"Nova!" The Haxorus' claws latch onto me. I try and pull away again but her grip is too strong. "No one else moved. Are you sure you don't know what happened?"


"Fine, just tell us what you happened from your perspective."

I'm thinking of what to make up when there's a sound of someone landing behind me. "Hey, Rue," Vie says to Rue. "I'm sure he wants to be left alone for now."

"Well, he's our only clue to what happened to Silex and he's not telling us," says Rue. "I'm sure he knows something."

"No," I say out again and simply sit down on the ground.

"You little-"

"Calm down," Hale intervenes. "We can sort this out later."

"But someone just disappeared!" Rue exclaims. "I think that comes before his daddy issues."

"So he really is my son?" I close my eyes at the voice.

"Yep," Rue says. "Anyway, do you know what happened to Silex?"

"No, sorry. I've known her before but I'm equally as confused about her disappearance as you are."

"Ugh. Nova, can you pleeease just tell us what you know? I promise I'll leave you alone afterwards." Rue turns back to me.

"No," I repeat without opening my eyes. "I don't know anything. I fell over when shouting and she disappeared."

"Pretty sure falling over takes more than a blink," Rue huffs.

"…Nova?" that awful voice sounds again. "Can I speak to you?"


"I'm sorry that I've left you behind. But can you still bring me back to your mother?"

I give a bitter laugh and open my eyes. Seeing his clueless face makes me so angry. "Where have you been?"

"I was with-"

"That was a rhetorical question, idiot." I stand up and stare him in the eye. "She's dead."

"What!? Look, I'm know you're angry, but please don't-"

His clueless face makes me angry. "She's actually dead! Killed by a Salamence! I saw her bleed to death!" I turn around try and take to the air again but a sudden weight pulls me down. I didn't even notice Phendrene was holding on to me.

"Let go of me!" I yell at the Charmeleon. She shakes her head lightly but firmly. "If you don't let go, I'm still going to fly and you're going to-"

"Come on, Nova," Hale's voice suddenly appears. "I know you're mad but he's your father, you should-"

"After he left Mum to die? No!" I squeeze my eyes shut again, trying to avoid all the faces appearing before me.

"Nova, please, just-"

"Go away!" I yell and shake Phendrene off, but a much larger force pulls onto me this time. "Rue, you-"

"Grow up," she says. "And talk to your father."

"The dragon who left my mother to die? She was killed by a Salamence! How do you think she felt in her last moments!" I yell out, breathless and struggling in Rue's grip. "It's all his fault!"

"Please." He walks around and into my sight. I close my eyes. "I tried to go back to find her… but there was always Flygon that would try and fight me."

"You defeated the Hydreigon, didn't you?" Vie is answering for me. "I'm sure you could power through them."

"But I couldn't hurt innocent Flygon!"

"Flygon that prevented you from seeing your mate are innocent?" Vie argues.

It feels a bit strange. She would probably have been one of those Flygon.

"So that's where his complex against hunting comes from. At least we know this father is authentic." I don't need to hear the voice to know who would say this. How heartless.

"Shut up," Vie tells the Haxorus.

"Nova." I hate that noise. "I can't say enough about how much I'm sorry. But please, if Shell is dead… we only have each other."

I feel something touching my face and my eyes instantly shoot open.

It's his nose.

I push him away immediately. "What was that? You have your stupid Dratini! I don't want you!" I lift into the air but am dragged down again by that annoying Haxorus. "Stop it!" I push her with all my might and she falls over, but drags me down as well.

"Hey! Watch it!" Rue shouts.

"Let me fly! Let me fly let me fly let me fly!"

"Nova, let's head back Fen's place first," Hale proposes. "I mean, Silex isn't here so we don't know where other water sources may be and finding them ourselves is too unreliable. I'm sure you wouldn't want the Dratini to dehydrate."

I stand up and stare at the Dratini I've ignored so far. Its breathing does seem weak. "Fine."

I leap into the air successfully, taking advantage of a lapse in their attention. I speed in the direction that we came from, ignoring the voices from behind me.

The flight is all but silent as I flap my wings fervently. Finally.

Salamence. He just had to be a Salamence. I would have been angry even if he wasn't. B

What was my mother thinking? I remember… she was injured in a hunt and walked into a cave where she found my father. And then she decided to just choose him to be her mate?

Every single tiny thought of ever possibly wanting a mate has been dashed from my mind. No, I'm not going to be like everyone else that lets sensual pleasure enslave them. I'm better than them. And it's disgusting, anyway. Who would want to do that?

…I guess I do know the answer to that question. It's what everyone is biologically programmed to do. But that just makes it sounds like we're machines obeying the commands set for us.

I probably shouldn't be so extreme. Of course it's going to happen. Otherwise I wouldn't exist. But then again… a Salamence and a Flygon. Thinking about that makes me rather not exist.

But I still want to. I still want to taste food when I'm hungry, lie down when I'm tired… and feel the exhilaration of flying. I'm still not talking to him, but I need to act normal to the others. They haven't done anything wrong. To them, Silex just disappeared. It is a pretty big deal…

I look backward down the path I have taken through the skies of the expanse of grassy hills. No one could follow me at this speed. The rational part of my mind awakens slightly and tells me that they can't get back without me carrying someone.

Unsure of what to feel, I halt my wings to a stop, and stay hovering in the air.

Even though I know I'm acting weird, I can't help but feel entitled to it. But then I feel sorry for the others, who have just witnessed Silex disappear for no reason and now have to deal with me… but they don't know how I feel. They don't understand what it is like to have your mother die protecting you while your father was off mating with some Dragonite.

I can feel tears approaching but I keep it in. If anyone saw me, they'd just laugh at me. They don't understand. Of course they don't, they didn't have a parent suddenly turn up with a half-sibling.

The sun has moved down somewhat. I don't even feel like I flew much. It still is going to take a while for someone to find me.

I don't know why I'm hovering here instead of traversing back. But I see a speck of something in the distance. At first it's a shout, but when it's made clear that I wasn't going to respond he comes up close.

I'm surprised that it's Hale. I'm not particularly close with him.

"Nova. Snap out of it!" Hale shouts from beside me.

I stare at him, trying to formulate a response, but I fail.

He seems to think I'm ignoring him on purpose. "I'm serious! Because of this you left Rue by herself! No one can carry her!"

The mention of her brings back a particular memory from today. "Who cares?" I respond. She's so mean and heartless. 'At least we know this father is authentic.' What was that for?

"We can't just leave her there!"

"We? You don't have to. I can do whatever I want."

He grunts in annoyance. "I know you're upset but come on! We still hunt for you."

I turn my head towards him again. He's right, they do. And they really have done nothing wrong.

"Fine," I say and change my wings' flaps to glide slowly towards returning. "What do you want me to do?"

"…Just come to get Rue."

"Okay." I dive immediately towards the direction which they must have been. Hale yelps in surprise but follows me quickly.

"I know it's hard," Hale yells through the air, "but you need to calm down."

"I'm calm, I'm calm." I shake my thoughts away and stare straight ahead. It's actually not going to take that long at this speed. Hale is doing a good job of keeping up, and the group arrives back in sight fairly quickly.

It's not exactly the same place; they've found a small stream for the Dratini to rest in, apparently. The Haxorus seems extremely cross when I land. Not that I didn't expect that.

"You-" she stops herself. "I don't even know what to say anymore. And I refuse to believe that you don't know anything about Silex. Look at me! This is serious! Someone has just disappeared!"

"It's not like I know where she is," I answer and sit down next to the stream.

"You know what happened though, right?" She tugs on my arm.

"No." I raise my head and glance around. Phendrene is curled up a small distance from the others. Vie is glancing at me worriedly and Hale has landed next to her. My f… the new Salamence is tending his Dratini carefully and Spire is pacing around restlessly.

"Why didn't you send some of them ahead so we could get back earlier?" I ask.

"Because none of them can carry me, idiot. Now can we head back?" she asks.

"Why did they all have to stay with you, though?"

"You'd think it's a lot easier to spot a group of dragons rather than a lone Haxorus in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I thought you were the one that wanted to head back fast? Or are you going to sit here forever?"

"Fine." I stand back up and stretch my wings, showing my back for her to climb onto. "Don't talk to me."

She's silent as I feel her secure her limbs onto my body. I'm about to take off when I hear someone else shout.

"Nova! Take me too!" The Charmeleon scuttles over.

"Go find someone else. I can't carry both of you," I say without turning around.


"I'm the only one that can carry Rue. Stop whining." I leap into the air with effort and try and stay aloft. Then I try and gain altitude. Somewhere in my subconscious I know it's not my wings doing most of the work.

I don't glance backward as I spread my wings and glide away. Hale catches up almost effortlessly, but Vie is stuck with carrying Phendrene, a job that she doesn't appreciate too much. The two Salamence also lag behind a bit but I can't outfly them with a heavy Haxorus on me.

Rue actually obeys and doesn't make a single sound as I fly, and instead lies on top me, not too unlike what happened last time after the Dragonite left. But that time she was a Fraxure. Now she feels a lot stronger, and the fact that she is resting on me makes me feel more powerful as well. Or maybe that's just the discovery of psychic powers.

It's evening by the time we arrive, and I start to feel hungry. Rue and some others go off to hunt while Spire shows the new Salamence the stream. I opt to remain in the air. For a moment I can see Phendrene glance at me from the door but I move above the cliff so she can't see me. I want to go get a drink as well but not with that Salamence anywhere near me, so I head further upstream.

Seems like he still spotted me, though. "Nova?" That voice sounds behind me. "Can we please talk?"

I turn around and wipe my mouth. Spire has flown away somewhere and the Dratini seems to be swimming about in the limited space it has.

"What do you want?" I respond with hostility.

"I… What happened to your mother?"

"Didn't I tell you? She's dead. Killed by one of your kind." I sit back down again against the stream. The urge to fly away and never listen to him had dampened. I feel a bit tired of it.

"I'm… sorry."

"She's still dead. And you still went and screwed some Dragonite."

He seems taken aback by the directness. "…Yeah. But I still tried to find your mother. She just… wasn't in our old cave and every time I tried to look around there were always some Flygon looking to fight me."

"Then knock them out!" I shout, still not facing him. "Someone who defeated the Hydreigon? Barred by some mere Flygon?"

"I couldn't hurt them," he says. To be honest, I probably couldn't either. "They were just defending their homes. And I didn't know… that we had you."

"She. She had me. You didn't do anything but-" I stop, realising what I would naturally say from there.

"I'm really sorry, Nova! If I knew you were there, I'd have done anything-"

"But you didn't," I say. I can't stand much more of this. "I'm hungry. If you really care, go help the others hunt."

"Oh… Okay then. Maybe we can talk… later?" It's as if I can hear his smile. That just makes it worse.

"Whatever." I just want to be left alone.

He must be wondering why I'm not hunting if I'm hungry but I don't have the patience to explain it to him and he doesn't seem to want to question me after I've at least not run away from him. And though I am curious about what happened with the Hydreigon, but I'm not going to show it. Still not calling him my father for that.

I hear some wing beats as he flies off. Salamence tend be louder than us Flygon, and that's the least of our differences. I can't imagine how Mum would even like him, let alone love him.

As I'm left alone in the setting sun, seeing my shadow drag downstream, I notice the Dratini.

What would Mum think of this little Dratini? Somehow, I don't think she would be mad. She'd just pick him up just like she did to Phendrene years ago. In fact, what would she think about the whole situation? Surely she wouldn't want me to be so hostile to her mate. But she had a reason to love him. I don't.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to interact with the Dratini. Whatever that Salamence did, this child's still innocent.

I walk downstream to where the Dratini is swimming upstream to maintain his current position. I'm actually a little worried that he'd fall off the waterfall when he gets tired but I assume his father knows what he is doing. Is it a 'he', anyway?

I lower my head to the water. The Dratini seems to perk up.


A soft, child's voice sounds through the water. "Hello." There is a weird accent.

"Are you tired, having to swim upstream? Do you want help?"

"It okay. But better if lake."

"I don't think there are any around." The voice and scent is muffled by the water. His different accent doesn't help. It would be rude to ask, though. "Can I leave you here for now?"

"Yeah. Papa will come later."

I take one last glance before turning around and leaping into the air. I still don't want to be around many people but I've flown enough today. My mind turns to one thing I can use to pass the time before they finish hunting.

In the setting sun, I easily spot a long shadow cast by a tree. Leaves are the best choice for starting, I feel. Harder materials like pebbles could potentially be dangerous. I throw the leaf into the air immediately and try getting to control it.

It floats.

Keeping my eyes on the leaf, I walk in a circle around the tree, and it seems to follow where I want it to go. I even try switching arms, and it hovers. But as soon as I try to lower my arm and keep it aloft just by staring at it, it starts to drift, which prompts me to bring my arm back immediately.

The sensation is weird yet familiar. Like you can't explain how you move your limbs other than the fact that you just will them to move, the same can be said for the leaf. It seems like I can just make it go wherever I want to go, corresponding with the movement of my arms.

I wonder eventually if I could practice moving things without even moving my body. That would be a lot more convenient.

Learning to handle the leaf is a simple task. I can make it crumple and shoot off with only slight movements in my arm and hand. I quickly get bored of it and pick up a pebble lying on the floor. Extending my arm toward it, I gain control and have it fly around into the air easily.

I find a piece of barren land and stare at it. After a little while of shaking, it pulls from the earth as a piece of dirt, about the size of a head.

This isn't difficult at all. After all, don't I use this ability to somehow propel myself during flying?

I let the pebble and the dirt fly into each other and they create some debris. I catch them easily and swirl it into a star shape.

Suddenly, I feel alarmed. My concentration goes away and everything falls splat to the ground. I can tell that someone is coming.

I swish the dirt around on the floor swiftly so it doesn't look that suspicious, then fly back head on, clutching my arm. I sense the creature coming above the cliff and predict the immediate moment that Vie comes into vision.

"Nova?" she calls, not expecting me to be grounded. "It's time to eat."

I nod and walk over to the cliff.

"Wait!" She pulls on my shoulder. "Is your arm okay? You've been clutching it a lot today."

"No, it's fine." I release the grip on my own arm, and glide down to the entrance quickly. It seems crowded as I walk in, with the two Salamence ex-soldiers amidst the rest of our group.

"Are you sure?" Vie asks again as she walks in behind me. "Maybe we should let Fen check on it."

"It's not a problem," I respond flatly, and find a corner to sit in. "Where's the food? And that Haxorus?" I note Phendrene curled up in the corner, and Spire giving his subtle glare at Hale and the other two Salamence talking.

"Rue and your fa… Blight are hunting," Vie tells me.

"They're still here?"


I feel like I've already given her enough face by talking to her, and promptly close my eyes. It's been a tiring day.

I still want Silex back. With her, it would be so much easier to deal with him. And Phendrene is annoying as well. I'm not in a cuddly mood, so she better find someone else or grow up.

"So you guys are just gonna sit here?" Rue's loud voice rings and grabs my attention. She carries on her shoulders all little sorts of rodents that I'd rather not know the name of. "It's not a small number we have to hunt for now. You two should get up," she says pointedly at Sylar and Era as she dumps the food in the middle. Phendrene's the first one which tentatively grabs one (and retreats back into her corner) and the others follow suit.

The room is positively crowded as Blight enters with another pile of game on his back. Vie sits down next to me and hands me a leg of something which I accept, but I'm disrupted by Blight settling in front of me. I'm going to get out of here as soon as I finish eating.

"Another Salamence? Is that the reason why you guys came back so fast?" Era asks Hale.

"Well, he had a Dratini and we don't know where water is in the vicinity, so we came to ask Fen," Hale explains. "You probably should go ask now," he turns and says to Blight.

"No," Spire suddenly interrupts. "You should go get food for the Dratini first. Shouldn't you?"

Blight seems confused at the different commands, but ultimately nods to Spire and walks out carrying a piece of meat.

"So what's his name?" Sylar asks as he casually chews on a bone.

"Blight. Not very… auspicious," Hale comments.

Spire suddenly tenses, his eyes primed on the other two Salamence. Era snorts and keeps on eating, but Sylar stops with his bone in his mouth.

"What again?"

The younger Salamence darts across the room immediately. "Sylar. Come with me."

"You just made a mess!" Rue shouts. "I don't care what drama you Salamence have, but you can't just-"

"Tell Blight to clean it up for me," Spire says. "Sylar, inside, now."

An extremely troubled Sylar stands up straight onto his leg and walks into the corridor. Spire follows in behind him.

"If I spot any of you coming I will destroy you," he declares before slamming the door.

"Like you can!" Rue shouts back. "What the hell does he think he's doing?"

"Era, you've any clue what's going on?" Hale asks.

She shrugs and goes back to eating. She doesn't seem like a talkative type, but apparently friendly enough with Hale for him to call her by name.

I'd would've been more interested in what's going on with Spire if not for all that has happened today. Right now, I'm honestly quite apathetic. Spire seems to be obsessed with names, and I'll leave him to that.

"I knew I shouldn't have evolved," Rue starts complaining. "First we have to interrogate injured Salamence and then Silex disappears and we have more people to feed and now Spire starts going crazy. Ugh."

She intentionally eyes me after that sentence. Seeing my lack of a response, she continues her ramble. "And not like she flew off or anything, she just literally disappeared in a blink when we were standing there. And Nova suddenly became weird as well and won't tell us anything."

"I fell over and didn't see anything," I repeat quietly.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. This is such a bad day."

I'm sick of her complaints. "Scarface, do you know how hard it is to carry you?"

"Are you calling me fat? And I don't even have a scar anymore!" She stands up.

"Calm down, guys," Hale walks over. "I'm sure everyone's stressed about Silex disappearing and Nova's father appearing. Let's get the Dratini settled down at a place tomorrow and then sort out everything else. I'm sure someone at Lyrl will know something to do with Silex."

Rue sighs loudly and sits down. "Still doesn't make anything better."

Vie tries to change the topic. "Why doesn't Fen ever come out to eat with us, though? The meat here tastes pretty good."

"Rat flesh tastes good?" Rue exclaims. "That's only because you've eaten forest prey the whole time when you're suited to desert food. Anyway, I'm sure Fen's used to his own food that his sister brings him. Probably a lot more energy efficient, and he doesn't even need to hunt."

"What does he do all day, anyway?" Hale asks. "Filing reports about Salamence sightings? If he's a real doctor then he shouldn't be in an outpost like this."

"Dunno, send her to ask," she gives a nonchalant gesture to Phendrene which the Charmeleon in turn seems offended by and I catch her glancing at me again before she scuttles through us to outside before any of us can react.

"It's dark, I don't think a child with a tail fire should be out alone," Vie says.

"Yeah, go get her, Shiny," Rue says as she takes another bite.


"Come on, she's your responsibility."


The Haxorus glares at me. "You serious?" She makes a dramatic gesture with her hands, pretending to latch onto an arm beside her.

"I'll go get her," Vie says in my stead and stands up.

"…Thanks," I manage to get out as she leaves.

"Come on!" Rue runs over and tugs on my arm. "Finding out your father is a Salamence isn't that bad." She narrows her eyes. "This isn't the Nova I know."

"…You don't know me, then."

She crosses her arm. "Whatever. I'm not playing around anymore. I have a serious question. I know you know what happened to Silex."

A sudden claw pulls my head so that I am facing her. "So tell me, or I will treat you like you murdered her."

"I don't know!" I yell, losing my calm at her intensely close face. "It was the same as you guys! I fell over and she was gone!"

She releases me and walks off, deep in thought. I rub my chin and stare at her backdrop angrily. It's none of her business. It's my own problem.

I stand up and shove her out of the way and run out and break into flight immediately, ignoring Vie leading Phendrene back even though the Flygon calls my name. The sun has set almost completely which is perfect because no one will be able to find me.

I land beneath the tree I had been practicing beforehand and spot the debris. Manipulating dirt shouldn't be difficult. After all, I've heard of other Flygon that mastered their control of the ground and could create minor earthquakes.

But I bet they can't make leaves float.

I laugh at the circumstances. I used to be the weakest, by far. No hunting, no fighting, at best a transport tool. But now, if I practice these powers, I can take responsibility for everyone. How are we going to lose any fights if I can control the enemies' bodies?

You should be careful. Don't overestimate your powers.

What are you saying? No one can beat a psychic.

Psychics are beatable by normal Pokémon. Strength matters.

Then I'll practice until my psychic skills are honed! Who are you to talk, anyway?

A shiver runs down my spine.

There has been this sensation before. That there's someone talking to me. I always thought it was just my overactive mind combined with my high empathy that brought the random bouts of philosophy. But now…

It really feels like there's someone inside me. Maybe that's where my abilities come from.

The sensation isn't coming back. …Better get to work.

This is the first time since my father appeared I have a large chunk of time alone, and it sure is helpful. At first, I continue to practice with the earth and pebbles around me. Even though I need to use my arm, my motions are a lot more fluid and I can fling them fairly accurately. I can even bring some into the air with me flying.

Thankfully, the moon continues to shine as I perform the repetitive motions. Despite being a dragon, I still don't think I would feel safe if it was pitch black.

After a while, I feel like practicing with the same substance isn't good enough, so I glide quietly over to the river.

Lifting the water is much harder. First, I have to pull it from the current, and when trying to suspend it little droplets keep on falling off. But at least it's still floating. Perhaps it's like this for all of telekinesis.

What's he doing?

I turn around instantly, hoping the splash wasn't too loud. I was glad that no one came to find me, but now I'm disturbed that someone could have been spying.

"I know you're watching," I shout to the wilderness in a forced calm tone.

"How?" I hear an unusual voice from somewhere in the grass. A figure leaps out and I see a small red canine walking towards me. "What are you doing this late?"

"What are you doing this late?" I snap at the Growlithe.

"Mama says hunting's a lot easier in the night. You can sneak up on prey!" She straightens her legs and lies onto the ground in a mock pounce.

"That's nice." I find a smile creeping up onto my face. "Why aren't you hunting, then?"

"I was thirsty, and… well, you're here. Why aren't you telling me to go like you did last time?"

I sit down, so I don't tower over her and feel arrogant. "There aren't any other dragons here, so it's not dangerous for you."

"Oh, okay." She sits down next to me. "Can you do the water trick again?"

"Sure." She's not going to talk to anyone else I know. I stand up and move my arms and hands, creating a small swirl of water. Then, with a motion, I make it rise into the air, sprinkling little droplets constantly."

"That's so cool! Teach me!"

I look over to the Growlithe who has crawled to my side, and let the water drop slowly so she doesn't get wet. "I don't think you can do it."

"Oh? Then why can you?"

"I… don't know," I tell her truthfully.

"That's weird," she says as she laps at the water.

"Yes. Yes it is. I think you should get going soon, though. I don't think your mama would like to see you talking to a dragon."

"She didn't believe me when I told her about you!"

"I can see why. You really should go do your hunting. My friends still might come to find me at any time."

"But I wanna watch!"

"Nova? Who are you talking to?"

"Go!" I shout at the Growlithe whose expression has suddenly turned fearful, and she has no hesitation in scarpering through the undergrowth.

"Nova?" Blight's voice sounds again. "Who was that?"

I stare at him. "No one. I'm crazy and I'm talking to myself." I wouldn't mind talking to him, but intruding my Growlithe time is just rude.

"Come on, you can tell me, I'm your-"

"Look, I don't care how you want to make it up, how sorry you are, but Mum is still dead and it's still your fault and you are not my father. Bye." I was just beginning to feel better with the Growlithe. And he had to come.

"Wait! Nova…"

The sound of calling fades as I fly into the distance, leaving all the distractions behind to find a new place to practice in peace.