Hi! I'm Alexandria Crane, but most people know me as Molly Hooper. Yes, I am the Molly Hooper who worked with the famous Sherlock Holmes at St. Bart's. However that has changed…. I am now working for the only consulting criminal in the world, James Moriarty. I know that it is a shocker. I mean, how could a shy, innocent lab assistant be working for James Moriarty! Well, let's just say that I did something to make me criminal. And there is quite a story with the explanation on how I could go from an innocent girl, to a criminal. I must start at the beginning, when I first met Moriarty…

It was 9:00 AM and it was a typical cold, rainy afternoon in London that day. I was walking to St. Bart's to go to work, keeping my brown coat close to me. I don't want to go to work. I don't want to have to work for someone who I know will never chose me I thought when I ran into someone.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry! ." I said hastily.

"It is quite alright." A smooth, calm voice said. I looked up. I was looking at a tall man, he had a small beard that was nicely trimmed and was wearing scrubs. He seemed normal, only his eyes were the only thing startling me. They were almost black. The weird thing was that I wasn't drawn away from those eyes, I pulled toward them. They should have scared me, the blackness. He could have been hiding so many thing behind them.

"I didn't look to where I was going. That happens to me all the time!" I said in a trance.

"I understand," He said with a smile, " I'm Jim Moriarty."

"Molly Hooper"

"Nice to meet you" Jim replied.

"Likewise" I said, I shifted awkwardly.

"Where are you heading Miss. Hooper?" He asked

His voice is like silk "I am heading to St. Bart's," I said, "I work there."

"Oh really! I do as well."

"My, what a coincidence! I suppose we could walk there together?"He seems nice enough I thought perhaps he can take my mind off of Sherlock...

" Of course! I would love to."

"Perfect!" I said. He smiled at me. and I smiled back. This might actually work I said to myself. We walked in silence for a few minutes before he asked me, "What do you do at St. Bart's?"

"I work down stairs in the lab. Once in awhile Sherlock asks me for a favor. Otherwise that's all I do." I replied. Sherlock... I thought. When will he ever actually see me for what I really am..
"What about you Jim? What do you do?" I asked

"I work a level above you, up in the labs up there." Jim said.

"Wow, we seem to work quite close."

"It seems that way. Ah here we are." We were by the elevator in St. Bart's. "Well, it looks like we must part ways now." He said.

"Yes, it does." I said. I was a bit sad. I enjoyed his company even though I had only been with him for about 15 minutes. He was about to enter the elevator when I said, "Jim, would you like to go out for coffee later?"

"I would love to go out for coffee with you Molly."

"Lovely! After work maybe? When do you get out of work?"

"Around six."

"I get out that same time!"

"Wonderful! So after work then?" He asked

"After work," I said with a smile, "See you later."

"Later." He said as he stepped into the elevator. We smiled at eachother until the elevator doors closed. I stood there for a second thinking I just asked a guy out! I was so excited and I went away smiling to myself.