That's what it means to be a Big Brother

Soft clapping distracted the two brothers from their short rest. They looked up at the girl in a white dress waiting for them at the door outside the conference room. Scot shot her a questioning eyebrow but didn't speak a word as he followed his brother outside. She didn't speak a word and neither did they. They didn't need to. After all, there is still one piece of business that needs taken care of.

It was over fairly quickly.

Mona followed as England and Scotland walked into the room upstairs and above the secure one they had been murdering each other in. Many eyes widened in panic and fear at their approach. Some eyed Mona questioningly but their main focus was on the fearful British brothers. Oh, it soon will go back to normal. It's bad publicity if people knew about England and the others' taste for blood and fights. Especially England's slight insanity issues. It'd be trouble. Tourism would seriously drop.
The girl chuckled at how irrelevant her thought was. Tourism! If that were an issue, the world would be covered in roses! But it's not. And even the most beautiful of roses has hidden deadly thorns. It's fine though. Because even if the rose stands tall and faces off outsiders, it will remain tamed. So long as the Thistle crawls around it in a protective wall.

A large unmovable wall.

For every blood thirsty killer, you need a trigger. And for every trigger you need a pacifier. For England, the trigger and the pacifier are one and the same person. The only person he would accept defeat from. The only person he can never beat. The only person he is willing to bow his head to. Because that's what all younger brothers would do when faced with their older brothers.

Cute, isn't it?

Mona ended her chant and snapped her fingers. She wasn't called here on purpose but since she was there and the most skilled in magic, she might as well seal all these nations' memories. Nations dropped like flies, unconscious and in a deep sleep. It won't take them long to wake up. Maybe a few hours. And when they do … the dream will have all but vanished. Like dreams do.

Wales and North had already left in Ireland's car. Hopefully they won't crash before getting back home safely … nah, most likely, they will crash. After walking back to his car, England was tapping at the wheel of their Aston Martin, shooting him impatient glances as the Scotsman strode casually towards the car. Neither ever noticed the girl disappearing. But even if they had, they wouldn't have questioned it. Mona is always one to wander around places like a ghost. Never around but never quite far.

"So what's all this about?" Scot asked with growing curiosity as to the reason behind his guest's presence for tea.

It's been a few months now since the "Big Brother Incident" as the Britons like to call it. Scotland still had no idea why his presence at one measly meeting could have caused such havoc. England seemed to have figured something out and was slowly changing, accepting other's attention with more care, and trying really hard not to block out people. He still couldn't fall in love yet but he was socialising more. The memory spell had worked and nobody seemed to remember anything. It's good. Scotland isn't very keen on letting others find out about Arthur's dark side.

But although things had gone back to normal, there is the question as to: Why Isle of Man had currently invited herself for tea at his house? Oh yes, did we not mention? Isle of Man is actually a woman. Just because her name is Man doesn't have any impact on her gender. But it always amused the Britons and they would tease her endlessly about it. Not that she minded. Mona was a very understanding and joyful person.

The woman smiled mysteriously and put down her cup in its saucer, admiring the fine china of it before speaking in her usual strange voice. Scot could swear she was speaking since he saw her lips move but the voice resonated in his head like a thought. Nothing new here.

"You did this on purpose, didn't you?" She asked but it sound more like a fact than a question.

"Did what?"

"You knew it would cause trouble if you showed up. And yet, you still did. And you didn't stop."

"… Are you referring to that incident?" Scotland chuckled dismissively. "I only did my job!"

"Your job? Making the world frustrated and jealous? Isolating your brother? Causing him too much stress that he would snap? Your job?"

"Mona, you're angry because Arthur nearly got into trouble?"

"I wouldn't say I'm angry … I'm a little bit upset. And curious. Very curious." She tapped her chin, trying to make sense of her feelings. She wasn't really good at that.


"Why? I want to know why?"

"… That's a silly question."

"Is it? I think anyone would wonder. Why go through all that trouble? Why, now that it's over, let Arthur hang out more with the very people you were trying to shield him from before? Why did you ask me to erase their memories of the entire incident and not just the Jack-the-Ripper flash? Why did you even start this whole ordeal? And why are you ending it upon such an incomplete note?"

Scotland sipped his tea with a mysterious grin of his own on his lips. Mona frowned. Nobody really understood what was going on in between Scotland and England. But they both seemed to have come to some sort of agreement without anyone knowing. But why …? Why was all this so … out of place? Why did it feel like something was still unexplained?

"That's a lot of questions. But you know … I can answer them all with one single answer."

"… Which is?"

"The conference should be ending soon. Hope it went alright this time." Scot suddenly changed topics as he glanced at his watch, ignoring the curious eyes of Mona narrowed on her. She was not angry. She simply waited until he answered. She knew he would. And he knew she wouldn't leave until he did. The man sighed, laughing softly as he answered her.

Her eyes widened. She nodded and without further words, excused herself. Out of thin air, she walked through nothing and disappeared. Like she always does. He didn't question it. Never does. Nobody questioned the impossible in his family. And it was fine.

It was all fine.

"Artiiiiiiie! Wait up, dude! Let's have coffee together! That conference was really tiring, right? Hey, Artie? Are you listening?"

Arthur smiled as he looked up from his phone. Alfred froze. He had never seen such a soft smile on his ex-caretaker's face. And he knew it wasn't a smile addressed to him. A few other nations were walking out. Many shot watchful discreet glances at the blonde Englishman. And usually, Arthur would never see those eyes watching him. But ever since the "Incident" he was now much more aware of his surroundings.

But it was fine. Nothing had changed.

"Artie …?"

"I'm sorry, but it seems I have date! Maybe next time, Alfred!" The blonde chuckled as he walked away until he was out of sight. He needed to be if he wanted to quickly teleport back home. Planes take way too long. And he had plans so he didn't want to be late.

Alfred stayed standing, confused and lost. A date?! What the fuck ... with fucking whom?! There is one thing that struck him and he had no idea why but it brought back some strange dream. Shaking his head, Alfred pondered on Arthur's words.

"Did he just call me … Alfred?"

Not America.


The American felt his face turn bright red and he hurriedly shook the thought away. Arthur must have let it slip unconsciously. Yeah, it was just an old reflex from when he was his …

His big brother.

Isle of Man walked back into her living room, passing through a space portal that she would use to move around but it looked like she walked into an invisible door made of thin air. She sat in front of her television and zapped from channel to channel, not really paying much attention to the shows, her mind focused on her conversation with Scotland.

His big Brother.

"I really ... don't get it." She laughed to herself. The answer was just ... was it really that simple? All this trouble? All this drama? All this mess? Just because of such a ridiculous reason?

"Because I'm his big brother!"

"I'm home!" Arthur called.

"You're late!" He heard Scot answer.

A grin stretched on his lips as he looked up at the scarlet haired man with the identical eyes of his own. His big brother.

"Got held up."

"I know. Mona came for tea."

"I know."

Everything was fine.

"Shall we? The Queen is waiting."

"Hm. Let me change and we can go."

"Hurry up, Blondie Rose!"

"Piss off, Thistle Head!"

Scotland laughed as his brother disappeared to his room. Everything was back to normal. And it was all fine. His brother is smiling and healthy. His deed is done … well, no, actually, you can never be 'done' with his job. After all, it is a full time job. A life's time job.

He wonders why Mona had to ask him in person. In his eyes, the answer was obvious. Although he hadn't planned things to get out of control, he didn't regret his decision of accompanying his brother that last meeting to investigate the nations having their eyes on him. He'd do it all over again if he had to. In a heartbeat, he would. Even if it meant having the world hating you. Even if it meant having Arthur hating him. Hell, that's not even new! They did get times when they hated each other. And he still would do it. He didn't even need to worry about this because it made absolute sense to him. He doesn't do this to be appreciated. He does this because that's what he should.

Because obviously, that's what you do.

That's his job.

That's what it means to be a big brother.


"Scot! What the hell did you do to my room?!"

"Eh~? What did I do?"

"You bloody git! You find it funny?! Why on earth is there a sea-monster in my bed?!"

"Nessie likes you!"

"Get her out! NOW!"

"We'll be late, brother dear! I'll go start the car, shall I?"

"No, wait! Where the hell do you think you're going! I'm not letting you off the hook! Scotland! Brother! Oi! You bloody blasted idiot of a brother! I'm talking to you!"

"That's lovely! Hurry up, brat or I'm going to have to drag you to the palace myself!"

"I'd like to see you try, Thistle Head bastard!"

Scot's grin grew wide.

"Oh, you are going to regret those words, Rosie!"


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