Summerland – Bradin is too sick to go to the surf competition

It was a Wednesday in July. Bradin woke up not feeling like himself.

He opened his eyes, and suddenly felt hot and achey.

He thought to himself, Ugh, today is the surf competition that I've been training so hard for. I'm not sick maybe it's just hot today and I'm nervous.

He walked downstairs to see his Aunt Ava, Nikki, Derrick and everyone eating and making breakfast.

Aunt Ava: "Good Morning, Bradin. You slept longer than usual. Is everything alright?"

Trying to make it look like he was okay, he said "Yeah, I was just really tired. I'm fine"

Aunt Ava suspected a little something about him, but since she didn't live with him long enough she wasn't sure what it was.

Nikki looked at him, she could tell anytime he was sick. "You're sick, I know it".

Bradin gave her a dirty look and responded "No I'm not I feel fine".

Nikki gave him an odd look back. Aunt Ava examined him some more and I agreed with Nikki.

Aunt Ava: "Bradin, come here".

Bradin: "I'm fine, I'm not sick!"

Aunt Ava: "You look really pale" Nikki nodded agreeing with her statement.

Bradin walked over to her and started coughing, Fuck!

Aunt Ava felt his forehead, it was warm.

"Bradin, you're burning up. Go back up to bed, I'll be right there"

Bradin didn't argue with her, he did as she ordered.

He headed into bed, and saw his cell phone light up.

He started coughing while he answered it. "Hello…"

It was Sarah, his girlfriend. "Woah, Bradin you don't sound good! Are you alright?"

Bradin: "My aunt sent me back to my bed, I'm sick".

Sarah: "Oh! Babe, that's not good! You know what today is right? Everyone's going to be so disappointed".

Bradin: Like I didn't know that already…

Sarah: "Do you want me to come over and take care of you?"

Aunt Ava yelled up the steps, Bradin! Are you in there?

Bradin told Sarah he would call her right back.