-Next Day-

The alarm clock read 11:30 AM

Bradin couldn't believe he slept that long. He got out of bed, and went downstairs doing the normal routine. He walked past the living room and Ava spotted him.

"Bradin, what do you think you're doing? You should be in bed".

"I feel fine. See, all better" and he let out a few coughs.

"You're still sick. The flu doesn't just miraculously go away".

"Unless you're faking!" Derrick yelled from the table.

Bradin gave everyone a look, and marched back up to his room.

Ava came up with some pancakes, and a thermometer. "Thermometer first, breakfast second".

It went as she said. She put the thermometer in and then out. It read 101. "Good, it went down a little". Bradin was relieved and said "Yeah, see I'm better fine 24 hour thing". "You still have a fever, eat this and see if you feel better". Bradin ate a few bites of it and ran to the bathroom, he started vomiting all over". He finally had to admit to himself that he was sick no doubt about it.

Ava ran in the room. "Are you okay?" "What do you think" He gave an attitude. She felt his forehead, because his fever probably went up. "You're burning up! I'm calling the doctor in." Bradin rolled his eyes, too much energy had been taken out of him to care about anything else going on.

Ava watched him get into bed and went downstairs to call the doctor.

The doctor arrived in an hour or so. They headed to Bradin's room. The doctor took his temperature and looked at his body. He announced, "Yep. This is deffinately the flu. He should be better in a few days. Just needs lots of rest. No moving. Just rest". Bradin nodded.

Ava made sure Bradin was in good hands, and he was better in no time.