Weddings are supposed to be happy right? How could I be happy? Preparing for the wedding I was reminded of everyone who wasn't there to see me walk the aisle. I had always planned to have Prim as my maid of honor. Peeta had always thought of Finnick for a best man.

The morning of my wedding I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I had to continuously remind myself, This is what you want. Y ou've dreamed of being Mrs. Mellark. You love him. Maybe I had cold feet. I was worrying myself sick.

I wore a white wedding dress. Nothing like the one I had wore before my second time in the arena. This one was simple. Simple was beautiful. I usually never fussed with my hair. Everything was different today though, I wanted to look perfect. I braided my hair just like my mother had braided it the day of the reaping for the 74th hunger games. I learned to braid it like this when she taught Cinna. Oh how I wish Cinna was here! He would know just what to say. If only he could see how beautiful I look right now.

I was ready to walk down the aisle. I was ready to become Katniss Mellark. I was ready to start my new life. I walk outside where our wedding is held. The scent of roses fills the air. I think of President Snow. Shuddering, I continue to walk. I meet Haymitch at the end of the aisle. I've asked him to walk me down.

The music begins to play. It's no ordinary wedding song though. It's a lullaby. The same one I used to sing Prim when she had a bad dream. The same lullaby I had sung to Rue as she died. I feel the tears swell up in my eyes, but I smile. I spot Peeta. Our wedding has no maid of honor, no best man, and no bridesmaids. Haymitch begins to walk. It's really happening now. Peeta and I are really getting married. I feel more tears fill my eyes. They are not tears of sorrow though. They are tears of joy.

I reach the beautiful alter. Peeta reveals a jaunty grin. His eyes sparkle. We lock hands, standing before Greasy Sae. Who else would be expected to marry us? We say our vows staring deep into each other's eyes. We don't look away for even a second. He brushes a stray piece of hair from my face with his gentle fingers. Our smiles instantly become brighter.

Finally the words ring out. "I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." I watch Peeta blush. He pulls me in tight. I can't help but love every second of the comfort of his arms around me. He kisses me. This is no ordinary kiss though. There's magic to it. A kiss like the one in the cave or on the beach. There's something special to it.

We turn to the rows of guests. Portrait after portrait or people we wished could have attended our ceremony. Prim, my father, Peeta's family, Cinna, Finnick, Annie, Beetee, Rue, Effie, Johannah, Castor, Pollux, and rows and rows of more. Peeta grasps my hand. I feel unsteady. Once more, he pulls me in. I feel safe.

Peeta and I finish the night with traditional district twelve dances. Peeta whispers to me "I have something special." He rolls out an immense, beautifully decorated cake. It reminds me of the cake he had made for Finnick and Annie's wedding. He must have spent days working on the flawless detail. I'm breathless. Peeta knows true beauty.

My life as Mrs. Mellark has now begun.