Edge's emerald orbs rolled back into his head as Randy's hand worked magic inside his tights. His breath caught in his throat for a moment, one of his legs nearly giving out beneath him.

The brunette's viper tongue hissed into the Canadian's ear... "Mine", as he pleasured his lover, watching carefully of his expression, their heads side by side. Randy loved the things he did to Edge, the lust-filled moans, the desperate faces, the muscle twitches; he took pleasure in it all, knowing that it was he that did those things to Edge. And on any given night it was also Edge that made Randy go wild too. The two were a delightfully sinful match made out of the craziest deepest depths of hell. And they truly reveled in it. Edge sighed to himself closing his eyes.

And when his eyes opened again he wasn't in the hotel room all those years ago... but Edge was in the present, standing across the ring from Randy. They were often the same mind in two different bodies, but even so Edge often wondered if Randy thought about all those times too. The times they'd spent doing the unmentionable behind closed doors. Did Randy ever think about the past? About him? Staring across the ring at the coiled pit viper, Edge wasn't so sure, wasn't sure that Randy was even the same person underneath it all. He wasn't even sure if he himself was the same person. He wasn't, and neither was Randy.

His wolfish features strained. Bell rang. They charged towards each other. Thundering.