AU Future fic based 11 years after 4x04 when Hal leaves the house. I liked the concept but I'm unsure If I should continue or not. So, let me know what you think. Disclaimer: All rights BBC and Toby Whithouse.

They were tedious and vicious but so was he and this was necessary. With the scale on which the dog fights grew, regulation and control became an absolute must. For this, an Old One was required. Mr Snow was adamant that he went to London and made sure his face graced every city occupying Britain. Everyone feared him and this was good. Fear enabled discipline.

However, the room was not disciplined tonight. It was boisterous and loud, with deep laughter filling ever corner. In the middle of the chaos, Hal was quiet and resolute, allowing them their fun. This was business and he no longer got any pleasure from the fights.

Hal preferred Cutler when he was obedient and whimpering and desperate for attention. Now that he'd gained the attention and oozed with confidence, the novelty had worn off. Cutler sat next to him like he always did. His neck constantly arched to lift his mouth to Hal's ear and always with the incessant need to be listened to. That's why Hal merely nodded with a half-smile when Cutler's lips pressed against his ear with whispered jokes that were wasted on Hal but the Old One humoured him anyway. He was company and a warm body at night. Maybe one day he would even grow to like him.

'Wait, I think I know him. No way. Looks well different.' Cutler says, stretching to get a better view of the werewolf.

The crowd parted and jeered as the young man walked towards the cage. There was no wavering in his manner; he walked with confidence and self-assurance, opening the cage door himself and walking straight in. He threw his leather jacket over the fence and began removing his boots. He didn't seem fazed by the audience who were cheering and shaking the cage or the girl cowering in the corner. He'd obviously done this before.

Hal squinted his eyes then lurched forward, grabbing the bar in front of him for support. He needed a better view. The man before him had a set jaw, a body that filled out and hair that was messy. He looked and acted so very different from the puppy he once knew.

'Jesus Christ.'

Hal remembered when he last saw Tom. They were fighting over something trivial – something had angered the boy, something no doubt Kirby had fed to him – and Tom managed to get his blood on his arm. It left a an ugly scar. Hal flinches every time Cutler licks and sucks and kisses it.

The noise faded out as the crowd turned towards the Old One, every set of eyes locked in confusion. It was the first time they'd heard Hal speak or look anything but bored during the fights. Tom looked up now, following the vampires gaze till he saw what they were fixated by. His eyes widened slightly then he barked out a humorless laugh.

'Lord Hal. It's a pleasure,' Tom gave an extravagant bow and a clipped smile.

Hal, taken back by the slight change in accent and the major change in demeanour, did nothing but stand still and stare at Tom.

'I'm sure it is.'

The atmosphere became stifled and more intense. Every person was now invested in what was happening.

'You know him, too?' Cutler askes, his mouth hanging slightly open.

'I lived with him.' Hal replies. There's rustling then soft whispers. His past record of leaving this life behind and running away with a werewolf has already left a small black dot against his name.

'God, you really do have a thing for dogs, don't you?' Cutler says, mostly to himself.

Hal laughs loudly, brushing the comment off and walking towards the stairs, motioning his hand to the door.

'I think that's enough entertainment for tonight.'

The vampires merely stand and look at him with blank eyes. They can be such a dim race that Hal often finds himself ashamed to be one of them.

'Out. Now.'

And they comply. They always do.

There are only 4 of them left in the room now and Tom's more occupied with his body doubling over in pain to take any notice of Hal.

'Cutler, grab the girl. She can be your supper for tonight.'

'Are we going to share her?' He asks expectantly, while dragging her out of the cage.

'No. You can go to your own home tonight.'

Cutler waves him off. 'Suit yourself. Try and not get killed if you can. Either way, not too fussed. Hey, maybe they'll give me your position.'

'Bye, Cutler.'

'Henry, In all seriousness, I want you back in one piece. Just, you know, be OK.' Cutler's eyes go soft as he shuts the door behind him.