Chapter 5


Ruxaton, AKA Naruto, was sitting on the roof of Tazuna's house looking out towards the ocean on night watch duty while his Shadow Clones patrolled. He had taken over for Xion, and Natsumi was next to go. Although Gato was dead, the Konoha team's mission to protect the bridge builder was still active. So Naruto and Xion volunteered to help out.

Naruto heard footsteps behind him, and recognized the person's aura. He didn't react as Natsumi sat down next to him. Natsumi looked at him for a moment before staring at the ocean as well. The two just sat there in silence.

"Your shift doesn't start for another thirty minutes." Natsumi almost jumped when Naruto spoke up.

"I couldn't sleep. I keep thinking about my brother."

"Your brother?" What's this about?

"He disappeared seven years ago because he felt like none of us cared about him. You see, the day we were born, our…father, Minato Namikaze sealed the Kyuubi's power into me and the soul into my brother. He planned to use my brother as a scapegoat for the people while he and mom trained me to be a weapon for the village. Mom objected, so he sealed her memories of my brother and placed a Genjutsu Seal that would prevent her from noticing him. After all, if she had seen a boy who looked like a miniature version of her husband around the house she would get suspicious and he couldn't kick him out onto the street or he would lose his perfect hero image."

"When I was old enough, I asked Minato about the strange boy living with us and he told me it was a figment of my imagination and to ignore him. So, like any child I listened to him, and by the time I was old enough to start being suspicious, I rarely saw my brother."

"He left on our eighth birthday, the only trace of him being good-bye letters to his few friends. One of them, who was once one of mom's students, was suspicious because he remembered mom being overjoyed when she became pregnant and even more so when she learned she would be having twins. So he came to our house and asked mom about him."

"Even though she couldn't remember him, mom's motherly instincts had been going off since my brother left. When she was questioned about her unknown son, the feeling grew. However, before she had time to think on it, Minato interrupted them. But the seeds of suspicion had been planted in her mind."

"Later on she began trying to figure things out, and discovered the seals and released them. Of course, she wasn't happy when she realized what Minato had done to her. She got a divorce and full custody of me with help of the Fire Daimyo and immediately began to try to find her son. However, the team she was with lost the trail, and they couldn't find it again no matter what they tried. We still keep looking though, and I'd give anything to make things right."

Naruto had listened quietly to her the entire time, putting his arm around her when she started to cry being the only action he made. His mind on the other hand…

SON OF A BITCH! I'M GOING TO KILL THAT BASTARD! Wait. Calm down… Remember, a clear mind is key to success. Wait, why would she just unload all of this on someone she barely knows? Unless…If she truly means what she says, then I'd bet my life that Akane is on speaking terms with her, probably befriended her. And I know Akane would have recognized me. And this must is Natsumi's way of trying to make things right without making me panic by outright confronting me and possibly making me leave. I'm impressed.

At least now he knows the truth, hopefully he will think about forgiving us now. Natsumi thought as she calmed down. She then noticed her brother's arm around her and blushed. Why am I blushing!? He's my brother! Natsumi gently pushed his arm off before getting up and preparing to start her shift.

"So how's Akane doing?"

She froze in surprise at the question.

"Come on, you didn't think that I would think you're dumb enough to tell a complete stranger your life story."

Natsumi slowly turned to face him as her eyes began to water. He was standing up while facing her and had his arms crossed, "Thanks for explaining things. However, I won't forgive you…" Her breath hitched as she began to panic. He suddenly smiled and held his arms out, "Because there's nothing to forgive."

Naruto found himself tackled to the ground by a sobbing blond blur. He chuckled and held her until she calmed down before glancing towards the ground, "You two can come out now."

Anko and Kakashi revealed themselves. Anko was trying to decide whether to glare at him for leaving and hugging him from the joy of seeing him again. Kakashi just eye-smiled, "We noticed Natsumi watching you all evening, so we were curious, and when we sensed her get up and join you we decided to listen in. After hearing enough we just put two and two together. It's good to see you again, Naruto."

Anko finally just huffed, "I would beat the crap out of you for leaving with nothing but a note to say good-bye, but Natsumi's in the road right now.

Naruto chuckled, "You'd have to catch me first."

"You think your fast enough to escape me? You sure as hell couldn't seven years ago. Or do you not remember our training sessions in the Forest of Death?"

"I remember, but seven years worth of dango at the amount you eat is bound to get a kunoichi out of shape."

Kakashi and Natsumi's eyes widened as they moved out of the way. Anko's eyes narrowed, "…Are you calling me fat?"

"No…you did it yourself." With that, Naruto backflipped off the roof just in time to dodge Anko's attack. Even as he ran for his life, he laughed. It was good to be back.

XXXXX Naruto Ruxaton Zero The Forgotten One XXXXX

The group of eight was on the road after a huge good-bye party held by the citizens of Nami no Kuni for the group's actions. Team Anko, Ruxaton, and Xion were further ahead of Team 7 and talking with each other. Of Team 7, Kakashi was reading his smut, Sakura was pestering Sasuke, Sai was drawing as he walked, and Sasuke was glaring at the newcomers, particularly Ruxaton.

Why? Because Ruxaton "stole" his glory. Because Ruxaton was seemingly stronger than the "Almighty" Uchiha. And because he was talking to "his" woman like they were the best of friends. He had been trying to get her to fall for him so she would help rebuild his clan for a few years now, and this guy just shows up and they are closer than he had ever been.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, and fortunately for Ruxaton's group, between Sakura's chatter, the sound of pencil on paper, and Kakashi's perverted giggling, he couldn't hear what they were saying. However, he quickly gained a cruel smirk. When we get to Konoha, I WILL have your power, your teammate, and my woman.

Ruxaton scowled. Natsumi asked, "What's the matter?"

"I have a feeling that I'm going to tear an emo apart very soon."

XXXXX Naruto Ruxaton Zero The Forgotten One XXXXX

Minato Namikaze was looking at two of his genin teams and their guests after they gave him their report. Sasuke, and by extension Sakura, were glaring at Team Anko, Ruxaton, and Xion. Kakashi was reading Icha Icha and Sai was drawing, like usual. Natsumi was staring at him coldly with her arms crossed while Anko was reclined against the wall. Ruxaton and Xion were next to each other watching him.

He sighed, "Alright, Ruxaton and Xion, you have two options. You can be tested to determine your rank, or you can join as genin to complete Team Anko."

Ruxaton and Xion looked at each other before Ruxaton spoke, "I think we'll start as genin and work are way up."

"Very well. Kakashi and Anko, start filling out those mission reports. The rest of you are dismissed. Natsumi-" Unfortunately, Natsumi had left the second they were dismissed. Minato cursed. There has to be something I can do to get her back. Think!

XXXXX Naruto Ruxaton Zero The Forgotten One XXXXX

Team Anko walked down a street when Naruto asked, "So where are we going?"

"Home. Mom bought a small compound after we left Minato. Anko moved in after some asshole burned down her apartment and Mikoto and Itachi, who's on a mission right now, moved in after she had enough of Sasuke's attitude."

"Seriously? They left their only other family member?"

"Mikoto tried to help him, she really did. She put up with everything he did for several years until he decided to try and force me to help him rebuild the Uchiha Clan. After that she declared that her real son died during the Uchiha Massacre and disowned him. Itachi kept trying for a while, but he eventually came to the same conclusion as Mikoto."

Naruto's eyes narrowed at that fact. He mentally placed Sasuke at the #2 spot on his shit list, under Minato.

"So…How are you feeling at being back in Konoha?" Anko asked.

Naruto shrugged, "Happy to see my old friends again, want to kill Minato, Sasuke, and Sakura, fairly neutral about everything else."

"Speaking of old friends, what's your plan to explain things to them?" Anko asked mischievously.

Naruto paled, "Shit."

XXXXX Naruto Ruxaton Zero The Forgotten One XXXXX

A woman with coal-black eyes and with long, black hair with bangs hanging on both sides of her face to roughly frame her cheeks was sitting on a couch trying to read over the sound of pacing. She wore a black shirt and black shorts covered by a short black kimono closed by a dark orange sash that had that had a forehead protector attached on and black sandals.

She finally sighed and looked up at another woman who was pacing, "Enough already Kushina. Natsumi will be fine. She has both Anko and Kakashi with her."

Kushina sighed, "I know, but she's just a genin. And it's her first time outside of Konoha. What if they are attacked? What if she gets poisoned? What if-" Ever since she lost Naruto, Kushina had always been scared of something happening to Natsumi.

"It's a C-rank. The worst that could happen is a small bandit attack. And there is no way she is weak enough to be defeated by a group of bandits, especially with Kakashi and Anko around." (If only she knew.)

Their discussion was interrupted by the sound of a door opening, "Mom! I'm home."

Kushina bolted to the front room and hugged her daughter before holding her at arms length and started to fire off questions, "Did you get attacked? Are you all right? Did you get hurt? What happened?"

Anko chuckled at the scene while Ruxaton and Xion just stared. Natsumi had warned them about Kushina's slight overprotectiveness, but it was still a little surprising. Mikoto arrived quickly and joined Anko in chuckling at Natsumi's frantic escape attempts.

"Mom! Enough! I want to introduce you to my new teammates!"

Kushina finally let go of her daughter, now noticing Anko, Ruxaton, and Xion, "Hello Anko. Now, who are our guests?"

Natsumi smiled, "These are my new teammates. We met them on our mission and they joined Konoha."

"Good for you. Teammates and teamwork are often vital to mission success. I'm Mikoto Uchiha, and the overprotective redhead is Kushina Uzumaki. So, what are your names?" Mikoto asked while ignoring Kushina's indigent "Hey!" over her description.

The girl smiled, "My name is Xion."

The boy was silent for a moment as his thoughts raced. Should I go ahead and tell them now? Should I wait? Fuck it. Natsumi, Kakashi, and Anko will no doubt pressure me into telling them if I don't now. "I go by the name Ruxaton Zero. But that wasn't my original name."

Kushina looked at him curiously, something about him drew her, "What do you mean?" Mikoto just tilted her head in confusion as Anko, Xion, and Natsumi realized what he was doing.

Ruxaton sighed, "How do I put this…This isn't the first time we've met. However, I've changed a lot since then which is probably why you don't recognize me." At this point Kushina was barely keeping her curiosity contained and Mikoto began to get suspicious. "Anko, Kakashi, and Natsumi already know. Anyway…I guess all I can say is, 'Hi mom.'"

Kushina and Mikoto froze for a moment as their minds pictured Ruxaton aged back a few years, his hair turning blond, and developing whisker marks. Naruto then found himself tackled by another crying woman as he nervously smiled at Mikoto's glare. Crap. Natsumi and Anko all over again.

Naruto will be called Ruxaton when in the presence of/or from the point-of-view of people who don't know his identity.