No one at the institute knew Rogue's name. And no one certainly knew about her past. On a few occasions Jean had tried to look into her mind to get some answers, but was often met with Rogue's mental barriers.

For Rogue, the institute meant new beginnings, and she had no reason to hang on to her past. With that, she didn't mind the nickname she got from Mystique, the brother-hood, and everyone else. Rogue wanted to forget about her past, and decided that the name Rogue suited her now as much as that other name suited her past.

At the present time, she was ruthless, fearless, independent, and tough. No one ever messed with her. No one dared to. She was not some sweet southern belle that she used to be.

Rogue continued to lie on her side, eyes open and staring at nothing, lost in her thoughts. The darkness of the early morning hours was beginning to fade as the sun began to slowly rise. She watched shadows form as light began to fall into her room. Blinking a couple times to clear away her thoughts, Rogue looked at the clock on her bedside table and groaned inwardly. Kitty would be up soon and singing, ever the morning optimist, and ever a tone-deaf.

Rogue closed her eyes, ignoring to the best of her abilities the vices in her head, the birds just beginning to chirp outside, and the reddish-brown color she saw through her closed eyelids. She just wanted peace and quiet for a few more minutes, a few more minutes to think.

Every day it seemed there were more students at the institute, more people to avoid, more people flooding the halls. She didn't like the loudness of it all, and didn't like the weird looks she still got from other mutants here at the institute, one of distrust. It's not as if Rogue's just planning on randomly reaching out and soaking up their memories and powers solely for the fun of it. She hated doing that. And it just added more voices and thoughts to her own head, and that kind of loudness would stay with her, just like Cody had.

Suddenly her alarm clock started blaring and she heard Kitty murmur, "Mmmph…m' just gonn' sleep f'r few more min'nits…gonna get up, don' worry." Opening her eyes Rogue saw Kitty pull a pillow up over her head in an attempt to drown out the noise.

Rogue sat up and pushed a button on her clock, encasing the room in silence again. Yawning, Kitty peeked out from under her pillow and looked at Rogue sitting on the bed opposite her. Rogue looked miles away, staring off in the distance again.

Kitty and her roommate didn't often have heart-to-hearts, and Rogue never talked about her past. But looking at her now, Kitty knew what she was thinking about.

"Do you miss it?" Kitty asked, moving the pillow off her head and sitting up too. "Your home? Mississippi?" Rogue looked up, and Kitty thought she had never seen Rogue look so far away.

"Nah," Rogue answered, shaking her head, her green eyes still pensive. "Naht anymore."

They sat in silence for a few more minutes before Kitty jumped up and started "singing" as loud as she could as she waltzed across the room and into the bathroom. Wincing slightly at Kitty's so called singing voice, Rogue left and headed to the kitchen. It was still early enough that no one else was really roaming the halls, and there would be no one else in the kitchen to bug her.

Once in the kitchen, she set about making some coffee and pouring some cereal. Out of nowhere she got a head ache, and three psyches began talking to her.

What're ya doin' kid? Drink it black. Logan's gruff psyche ordered her.

Ew, yuck. I can't believe you drink that stuff. It's like, totally not good for you. Kitty's voice said.

Look, Rogue, chug that stuff down as fast as you can, then maybe we'll have enough time to freestyle it some before school, Spyke excitingly suggested.

Shut it half-pint, and you too porcupine, let stripes eat.

But Mr. Logan-Kitty whined.

"Ugh," Rogue made a face as she realized she just drank her coffee black and it tasted terrible.

Ha! There ya go, stripes, you'll get used to it, Logan assured her. With those thoughts from Logan, her head seemed to pound even more as a lot more psyches broke into her thoughts, but only a couple joined in the conversation.

Meine schwester, you shoult try some ov de coffee they haf back home. Kurt told her. It iz very goot.

Toad's psyche loudly told her to Forget coffee and try a bite of that fly over there, Look, while it's not moving, just creep a little closer and-

Do flies really taste good Toad? Fred, or Blob, was actually curious.

Yes, but quickly before-n' aw man, Rogue, why'd you go and do that? Toad was referring to the fly guts that were now all over Rogue's napkin.

Because she has a little more sense than you all do, Kitty stated.

Pandemonium ensued in her head, likely from the outrage some felt at Kitty's statement. Rogue winced and threw the rest of her cereal and coffee away, finding she didn't much have an appetite anymore, and that her head was killing her.

"That's such a waste of food, Rogue." Rogue thought at first that this was a voice in her head, but looked up to find Ororo.

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Ah'm sorry. Ah'm just naht in th' mood fer eatin' Ah guess." Rogue replied, shrugging, not looking all there. Ororo nodded, understanding, and watched as Rogue left the room, presumably to get ready for school. Ororo didn't voice her thoughts just yet, but she was worried about Rogue. Lately something seemed… off.

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