Suffice it to say, Remy LeBeau could've had a worse reaction from those words. As it was, he accidently charged the phone it that moment, dropped it out of shock, watched as the phone, and his socks, blew up, and then snapped out of it before roaring in rage and taking out his cell phone. Hastily, with just the feeling of immense anger and worry charged in his mind, he redialed Rogue's number.

It only took half a second of ringing for Rogue's Aunt Irene to pick up. "Hello?" the woman sounded both freaked out and exasperated.

With each word spoken in a cool, collected tone that Remy had somehow accomplished, he said each word slowly and carefully, "What d' toi mean de chére est gone?"

It took an impossibly long second before the woman on the line to state, "You didn't get my messages."

"What 'appened t' 'er?"

The aunt sighed, but she could see this had to be done, if just to save Rogue's endangered future. With that thought running around in her brain, she still couldn't force herself to speak over the phone.

"Look, Madame, I know dat tu est mon chére's tante, mais if y' don' explain what 'appened, I will find y'."

The woman sighed again, saying the only words she could at the moment, the only words she could force herself to say, "Just get the others and come down here, it will make things easier."

Before Remy had a chance to start screaming at the woman in total frustration, she hung up, which only infuriated him more. First the constant worrying over the past the past two weeks that he had pushed to the side in his mind, then those three little girls talking about his chére, then him finally giving in to his instincts to find out that he should've listened sooner because his chére was missing. But the topper for the cake-the aunt hung up on him before he could get anything more.

Whether Rogue was truly in danger or not didn't matter to him, he wasn't going to sit around, worry, and ignore his instincts this time. He was going to protect what was his. Running from the room, he attracted more than his fair share of stares. He ignored them. He "heard" Xavier open up a channel to his mind.

Remy, what is the problem?

Remy's answer was a loud snarl to Bobby to move out of his way. Practically shoving Bobby into the wall and aside, Remy trampled over anyone and anything else that stood in his path.

He had stood aside and left his chére alone before, and she was almost killed. Remy would never let that happen again. He would always find his Rogue.

When Wolverine entered Remy's room, Remy didn't once acknowledge his existence. Wolverine stood in the doorway, watching Remy throw things around the room, occasionally shoving thins into a black bag. He noticed Remy was mainly throwing equiptment in it, there only seemed to be one change of clothes.

Logan watched for a moment more before saying anything, "Remy, what's going on?"

Remy was red in the face, and every couple of seconds something he was holding would be charged and nearly blown up before Remy would toss it aside, those few seconds in Remy's hand proving a challenge. With a loud crash, a flowerpot that Storm had given Remy for Christmas shattered as it hit the wall on impact.

"Merde! Where is it?" Wolverine had never heard Remy's words pronounced so clearly before, but was tired of being ignored. With two large steps into the room, Logan brought back a fist and punched Remy clear across the face, hoping to get his attention, and Remy collapsed onto the ground. Remy looked up at him and glared, his eyes and face icy, yet more beastial than Wolverine's had ever been.

Not even in the blink of an eye, Remy was up and had returned the favor, punching Wolverine across the jaw, then a jab to his gut, and quickly dodging Wolverine's retalliation before grabbing Wolverine and throwing him against the wall. Hitting the wall with a large crack, Wolverine was crouched and drew his claws, ready to spring and force his claws into Remy's abdomen. In that same second, Remy had pulled out a set of cards and had charged them, ready for the moment when Logan jumped.

Neither got the chance to do what they were planning because they both froze up to their necks mid motion. Their bodies were litterally encased in ice.

"Thank you Bobby," the old man's voice was tired. Xavier wheeled himself into Remy's room, now looking at the two men who were growling at each other. "Will either of you care to explain what is going on?"

Like two children, the angry men began loudly shouting out what happened.

"Wolvie started it!"

"Gumbo here wasn't listening."

"De Wolvie came int' mon room!"

"He was throwing things around."

"Y' were goin' t' slice moi wit' ton claws!"

"You broke Ororo's plant!"

"BOYS!" Both men turned their attention to Xavier, who was practically steaming in anger. "Will you shut up?" They both calmed down and nodded their heads simultaneously.

Xavier eyed them for a moment before re-asking, "What. Happened?"

The men looked at each other, still frozen, and then Logan answered, "I told ya, Chuck, I came in here 'cause Gumbo over there was throwin' things around. You might want to ask him." Wolverine inclined his head in Remy's direction.

Eying each other again, at one point Remy looked away and towards Charles, explaining his side of the story with three words, "Rogue's in danger." At their clueless looks, Remy gave them five more words, "I'm going t' find 'er."

Irene had never been one to feel guilty, she hadn't allowed herself the pleasure. If she had, she'd have realized that over the course of the years she could've prevented many more deaths by not undergoing some of her very choicy actions. Her entire life it had been about what she could do to improve her own life. To damn with everyone elses.

However, she couldn't prevent it's place in her emotions right now. She had never anticipated how much she would regret her actions. She was respocible for what was happening to Rogue right now, had known when she saw the visions that Rogue's answers to their proposals would be no. But even if Rogue had said yes, it wouldn't have changed what was going to be done to Rogue, what Sinister was going to do.

All Irene had done was play along with what they were asking of her, she couldn't let them kill her long time friend, spiritual sister Raven. Irene had loved her too much, and had owed her more than one life's debt. They had told her that they had her, that they had Raven.

Playing along seemed like a reasonable idea at the time, they had assured her that Rogue would not be hurt, she would mainly be used as bait to find someone or other. Irene now knew otherwise. They had lied to her, and she felt so stupid. Raven wasn't being held captive by them, they weren't just planning on using Rogue for bait, and if the X-men don't arrive soon, Rogue would be lost. They all would be.

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