Fabian's POV

Oh Shit what is Nina going to think! I quickly ran into the hospital to Nina's room. She was lying against the bed talking to Amber. Good she hasn't seen the message yet. Amber's phone buzzed and looked at it. Her jaw dropped "One minute Nina I have to go talk to Joy."

"Ok Amber." She muttered as Amber raced out of the hallway.

"What's up with her?" she asked me.

I walked over to her and sat in the chair that Amber was in. I heard a buzzed and Nina's ringtone. I looked at the side table her clothes and her phone was sitting there."Neens don't answer that." I yelled trying to get her away from the phone.

"Fabian we're not dating anymore I can do whatever I want." She claimed as she started to choke up like she could look at me. She grabbed her phone and read the message her eyes widened then she broke down crying. I took her phone away and hugged her. He cried into my chest and held my shirt tightly. I shushed and rubbed her back.

"It's ok Neens. We all know it isn't true so we have nothing to worry about."I comforted her as I rubbed her back.

"No it's not ok Fabian! It's not ok it's true!" she yelled.

"WH-What?" I asked her in shock. She just continued to cry in my chest.

"I'm pregnant. Please don't be mad." She sobbed.

"Neens it's fine. You now I love you and this all my fault it was my idea and I shouldn't have pressure you."

She continued to cry into my shoulder. I lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. Once we pulled away she smiled as I kissed her temple.

"So does that mean were back together?" I asked her knowing the answer.

"Well duh I'm having your baby." She whispered in my ear causing me to get the chills.

I smiled at him and kissed her passionately. Amber walked in and squealed "Fabina!"

I nodded and she squealed and ran to Nina and hugged him.

"Does he know?" She asked Nina.

She nodded and hugged me again. Amber rubbed her back "I'm going to go tell Trudy for you ok?"

"That is ok." I said as I snuggled into Fabian's shoulder.

"When did you find out?" I asked her out of curiosity.

"Oh, whenever you left the doctors came in and told me. But I'm wondering is how did Joy find out." She muttered into my now tear filled shirt.

"I don't know."I said as Joy walked in with a smirk.

"What's up?" she chirped.

"I think you Joy. How could you?" I yelled

"Hey I warned you!"

"Yea I know but why did you have to tell the whole school." I shouted as Nina cried harder into my shoulder.

"Wait what so it's true?"

"Yea, it's true and you spit the secret to the whole school." I wailed as I started to walk toward her but Nina wouldn't let me go.

"I didn't know it was actually true and I can believe you life really be ruined!" She laughed.

"Gees joy you're such a bitch! Fuck you and I hope you go rot in hell!" I yelled.

"You know what I hope Nina and her baby rot in hell so you will come to your senses and realize the girl you truly love me!" She screamed causing Nina to bawl into my shirt.

"I hate you Joy Gabrielle Mercer! You are a bitch and a whore! Nina is the most amazing girl I have ever met. It's not her fault I got her pregnant. I love her and I wanted to do it and she agreed it's my fault! So don't take it out on her Joy!" I screamed at her as Nina stopped crying but also stopped moving.

I lifted her off my shoulder to see that she had passed out in my arms. I laid her against the bed and tucked her in. "Fabian I love you and that slut is nothing compared to me. You could have me but I guess not!"She yelled before she stomped out of the room. I sat next to Nina and held her hand tightly. I kissed her forehead.

"Hey Fabian, I told Trudy and it took some threatening and time but I got her to be ok with it not expel you guys!" She squealed as she ran into the room. I got up and hugged her.

"Thanks Amber you really are a great friend. Nina will appreciate it." I claimed as I hugged her.

I walked out of the room to talk to the doctor. I walked up to the doctor "Mr. Lewis when will Nina be able to be released?"

"Today around 4:00." He answered. I sigh with relief as I went back into Nina's room she had woken up from passing out.

I walked up to her and sat on the edge of the bed. "I love you Fabian Rutter." She said as I grabbed her hand.

"I love you too Nina Martin." I whispered as I kissed her passionately.

I hope you like it was Fashionlyobsessed idea to make her pregnant so yea.

-Katy Random