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"For the last time, Shouta, leave me alone," Touma growled, pacing the office room fervently in an attempt to get rid of the grinning green-haired boy behind him.

"Aw, come on, it'll be fun and you know it~!" Aforementioned green-haired boy replied cheerfully, completely unfazed by his co-worker's dangerous tone. "Hokuto agreed. And you don't want to be a spoilsport, now do you, Touma?"

Touma shot a glare at the group's third member. Hokuto, who had been sitting on the couch watching the two, caught Touma's eye and smirked back, shrugging his shoulders innocently. Touma scowled and spat at Shouta, "As if I care what Hokuto agrees to. You two are annoying. Just go play your stupid game by yourselves and leave me alone."

Shouta frowned and looked over at Hokuto, silently willing the blonde to do something about their leader's bad attitude. The taller man winked in return and said, "Now, now, Touma. I understand that you're always cranky but I never knew you were that scared of girls. Although I suppose that does give you an excuse, hm?"

"What?" the brunet grunted irritably. The mention of girls seemed to have caught his attention at least. "What are you talking about?"

"Why, our 'stupid game' of course," Hokuto replied. "Surely the reason you don't want to participate is because you already know you have no hope of winning, correct?"

"That's not true at all. And why the hell were girls brought up all of a sudden?"

Shouta blinked, and then placed his fist over an open palm. "Ah, did I not explain it to you? Our game's about scoring dates with girls. Whoever can treat four girls to an awesome date each and then have all of them admit it was awesome without being questioned first wins." He smiled brightly. "See? Sounds fun, doesn't it?"

"And I suppose that since you don't want to play that means you're already admitting that both Shouta and I are much better at flirting than yourself, isn't that right, Touma?"

"As if I would ever admit that!"

"Then why don't you prove us wrong?" Hokuto challenged, closing the net around his prey. "Go ahead and show us the mighty wooing skills of Touma Amagase. Assuming he even has any underneath his grumpiness."

Jupiter's leader twitched at the taunting words, opening his mouth to snarl a reply when Shouta spoke up.

"Touma's a tsundere, of course he has something under that moody shell of his," the youngest member said. "A gentle, kind heart that loves to play soccer and cook. Ahh~ what a softie, huh?"

"Shut up, you two. You're just trying to piss me off, aren't you?"

Shouta grinned, knowing they practically had him. "Well, of course even with such a caring inner self there's no way he'll be able to satisfy four girls. I'll definitely win 'cause I'm the best!"

"You're still a kid, Shouta," Hokuto said, finally standing up and joining his companions. "I'm the one with the most experience here. Obviously I'll be the one to win."

"And yet you've never once had a girlfriend," Touma pointed out. His angry eyes now held a determined look to them as he stated confidently, "As the leader of this group it's only natural that I stand above the both of you. Prepare to lose."

Hokuto tilted his head with a satisfied smile. "In that case, I look forward to your participation in this game, Touma." He clapped his hands once before continuing, "Now to decide the rules and reward."

"We can each pick four girls from 765 Pro, and those can our victims—I mean, dates," Shouta offered cheerfully. "Rock paper scissors decides who gets to pick first."

Hokuto looked fine with the idea but Touma scowled. "Why 765 Pro?" he demanded. "They're just scum dirtying the title of idol. Plus, they're annoying. Like half of them speak in third person!"

"Well it's not as though we have very many other places with twelve girls around our age," Shouta explained. "765 Pro works 'cause it all divides out evenly so long as we don't include that producer-turned-idol. Besides, they're all cute."

Touma made a face. "You shouldn't be saying that about the enemy. Why can't we just find some outsiders to go out with?"

"It's no fun without a challenge. The majority of people around here are our fans—they'd all agree on a date and say it was the best one of their lives," Hokuto pointed out. "Then no one would win. If you're as confident in your wooing skills as you say you are then the girls at 765 Pro should be no problem, right?"

"Tch. Whatever. And what happens if all twelve of them are happy with the dates we provided?"

"Do you believe that will happen? How optimistic you are, Touma! Yet another hidden trait," Hokuto smiled. "Should that situation arise we'd obviously just need a tiebreaker. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now I believe we should discuss what the winner receives."

"A chance to be lead singer in one of our next concerts!" Shouta proposed excitedly.

Touma looked less than happy with that decision, and even Hokuto didn't seem particularly spurred by it. Sensing this, Shouta shrugged and asked if they had any better suggestions.

"Bragging material?" Touma suggested half-heartedly.

"The title of Jupiter's Most Attractive," Hokuto said with an air of finality, as though he'd already decided upon it long before. "We can even have it publicized. Basically it means whoever wins will have a popularity boost among the fans, and what better way to please Kuroi-shachou?"

Touma rolled his eyes, wondering why they would want to please the old man in the first place. However, popularity boosts were always a good thing to have since it just meant Jupiter had that many more fans than any of 765's units. "Sure," he said nonchalantly.

Shouta also gave his consent and Hokuto quickly wrote down the game rules, names of the girls, and reward on a sheet of paper.

"We'll have a month to complete all the dates," the blonde said. "If by the end of the month not all four girls have admitted to being happy with their date then the man loses. Also, in order to confirm that the girl has actually said it she will have to sign a piece of paper."

"What? We have to get the girl to say it without directly asking her and get her to give her signature?" Touma's tone was full of incredulity. "That's ridiculous."

"That's the rule, Touma. If you don't like it you can always forfeit."

Touma frowned but didn't protest any further. Hokuto smiled, obviously enjoying his power over Jupiter's leader. "So, without any further ado," he said, "shall we decide our future dates? Rock paper scissors on who gets to pick first."

Shouta nodded enthusiastically, holding out his fist. "I've totally already figured out who I wanna go out with!"

"I think I need to refresh my memory on who's in that agency in the first place," Touma grumbled, but nonetheless he stuck out his fist as well.

"Everyone ready?" Hokuto asked. Without waiting for confirmation he declared, "Rock… paper… scissors!"

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