Date 4: HokutoxChihaya

"Good morning, Chihaya-chan~"

"Please do not address me in such an informal manner."




"Please do not address me in such an informal manner."



"Good morning, Kisaragi-san."

"Same to you, Ijuuin-san."

So far, things were not going as planned.

Hokuto was supposed to completely sweep her off her feet! But here he was, not even two minutes into his date and he'd already gotten on her bad side. Not to worry, though. He was the Idol Prince, after all. Wooing girls was like his specialty.

"I'd like to thank you for agreeing to come out with me on this fine day," Hokuto said solemnly.

Chihaya said nothing in return, but the Jupiter idol did not miss the slight narrowing of her eyes. This meant she did not want to be here (not that Hokuto couldn't tell by himself). Knowing her, in fact, she'd probably rather be practicing more songs or whatever. To a girl like Chihaya, singing - and consequently, work - meant everything.

Hokuto did not like work.

But perhaps he could move this to his favor.

"Angel~ have you ever been to karaoke?"

This time a wince. Ouch. Hokuto found himself surprised that someone like Chihaya wouldn't like karaoke.

"Okay... we don't have to..."

Chihaya did not respond.

Hokuto found himself flailing.

Seriously! How could he be expected to impress Azusa and Makoto if he couldn't even get Chihaya to crack a smile? Hokuto really had to turn up his charm here or else his entire plan would fall to pieces. Looked like it was time to bring out his secret weapon he knew no girl could resist.

"Why don't we go get lunch?"


No, Hokuto wasn't completely absolutely utterly incredibly relieved that Chihaya had agreed to eat with him.

He'd known all along that she would accept because who wouldn't want to eat lunch with the Idol Prince himself?

And so they sat in a café, Hokuto with a cup of coffee and Chihaya sipping a glass of water as they looked over the menu. Hokuto had already assured Chihaya that he would pay for everything so she could order whatever she wanted.

"It's all on me," he said with a wink.

Unfortunately, Chihaya missed it because she was looking at the menu. Hokuto sat back, coughed, and also turned his attention to the list of delicious food before him.

It wasn't long before a waitress approached them and asked to take their orders.

"I'll have a plate of spaghetti," Hokuto said, fighting the urge to add 'angel~' in a flirtatious voice accompanied by a sexy smirk. This was his date with Chihaya and he had to make sure she got all the attention.

"I'll just have another glass of water, please," Chihaya said.

The waitress nodded, took their menus, and walked away.

Hokuto stared. "Just a cup of water?"

"I ate prior to meeting with you."

"... Why didn't you say so?"

"If you were hungry it would have been rude of me to prevent you from eating."

The rest of the lunch was spent in very awkward silence as Hokuto ate his spaghetti and Chihaya drank her water.


"Kisaragi-san, you make this very hard on a man."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Hokuto sighed dramatically, shrugging his shoulders in a lost way. "Why, even Yukihime – Yukiho, of course – was willing to at least talk to me. Tell me, Angel, what can I do to allow you to have a good time today?"

"For starters," Chihaya said evenly, "please do not address me in such an informal manner."


"The arcade is always a good place for a date," Hokuto said, repeating the very words Shouta had told him a year ago.

That alone should have alerted him to how desperate he was getting.

Chihaya stared blankly at the flashing machines in front of them. All around the two idols, grade schoolers were running about screaming for more games. A group of boys were crowded around what seemed to be a racing game, and a few girls were marveling at how one of their friends had bested the claw machine. Elsewhere, other kids were cashing in their tickets for a receipt, which they then presented to the counter in exchange for a bouncy ball or a model airplane.

"Do you take me for one of the twins?" she asked.

"… I'm sorry."


"Why don't we catch a movie?"

They were now standing in front of a theater, observing the shows available. Chihaya did not seem particularly interested in any of them. Therefore, Hokuto decided, it was up to him to make a choice.

Oh, yes, he wanted to pick the most romantic movie of all (he heard it had very good reviews) but he'd also noticed the new 765 Pro movie was out. Something about mafia and guns and the such. And what better way to show his love than to treat his date to a movie starring her own coworkers?

Chihaya had no reaction to his decision, and silently followed him into the building.

It was a very violent movie, Hokuto noted. Right off the bat, poor Hibiki had died, and following that was Yayoi and Makoto and the twins and Takane and…

Turned out at the end, Chihaya died, too.


"Don't you think the park is just so relaxing?"

This time, Chihaya actually seemed to be at ease, as she glanced around with almost a serene smile on her face. "It is very nice here," she said.

Hokuto beamed. "And you know what I love to do here? Feed the ducks." As they passed by the pond, Hokuto produced a stale loaf of bread from his jacket pocket and, with some effort, proceeded to tear off a piece and toss it into the water.

Immediately, a group of ducks swam up and one gobbled the piece of bread down. Hokuto smiled, tossed another one, and then offered the loaf to Chihaya. "Would you like to try?"

She tentatively accepted it. Internally, Hokuto threw a party.

Chihaya tried to rip off a piece of bread, but apparently the loaf was older than Hokuto had thought. Finally giving up, she threw the entire loaf in and smacked a duck on the head. Across the pond, a police officer yelled at them.

Hokuto grabbed Chihaya's hand and ran.


"I'm really screwing this up, aren't I?" Hokuto commented once they'd gotten a safe enough distance away from the duck pond.


"This date. You're not having fun at all."

Chihaya considered this for a few moments, and then said, "That is true. But to be fair, Ijuuin-san, I have been told by several of my coworkers that it takes a lot for me to open up."

"Oh?" Hokuto smiled, glad that he had finally gotten more than one sentence out of her. "Then I suppose if even 765 Pro can do it, it should be more than possible for the Idol Prince, yes?"

And that sealed his fate.

"Would you happen to be implying something from that statement, Ijuuin-san?"

Hokuto was caught off-guard by her sudden cold tone. "Um… no?" Wait, what had he said? He'd been teasing her, not insulting her friends! "An- Kisaragi-san, that was a joke, of course-."

"It was not an amusing one."

Yup, he was definitely screwing this one up big time.

"I do not find entertainment in you making fun of 765 Pro."

Holy crap, Chihaya actually looked legitimately angry now."

"Even if you did not intend it in such a way, the fact remains that you thought of those words and said them despite knowing what meaning was hiding behind them."

"Kisaragi-san, I can assure you that I in no way meant to insult you or your-."

"Perhaps so, but you still did."

Hokuto winced, trying to think desperately how he could get out of this situation. Finally, he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"While I can't deny that that's how it came out, you can't just excuse my feelings in all this. I honestly did not mean to refer to your friends in such a negative away, and I sincerely apologize for my thoughtlessness. If you'd forgive me, Kisaragi-san, I would be most grateful."

Was everyone in 765 Pro this overprotective? Honestly, it was almost getting ridiculous.

Chihaya watched him for several moments, the anger in her eyes now subsiding back to their usual blankness. Hokuto lowered his head to further emphasize his apology, hoping fiercely that she would accept it and they could go on with their date.

Finally, she bowed and said, "I should return to my work." And then she walked away.


Touma and Shouta later found Hokuto lying on the couch in their office. He didn't respond to any of their words, only stared at them blankly, so they left him there for the night.

The problem with Jupiter is that they're so used to insulting 765 Pro they kinda forget that their dates are from 765 Pro...

Oh, Hokuto, in the end it was never meant to be. Don't feel bad... you still have two more chapters to make up for this complete and utter fail! Also, I apologize sincerely for the late chapter. I had written this out previously, my computer crashed and I lost it, and then I was too lazy to retype it until a certain reviewer managed to give me the motivation again. Thanks for that :3

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