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~InuYasha POV~

I scowled glaring at the stupid giant yellow pack that Kagome insisted to bring each and every time. It seems like the damn thing was getting bigger each time she brought it back to this side. Picking it up I examined it closely.

"What are you doing?"

I looked over at Kagome who had some ramen in her arms, her head tilted while she gave me a baffled amused look.

I shrugged "Trying to figure out what the hell is this pack of yours made out of" I said peering in to the empty bag "If I didn't know any better I would have said it was some sort of weird frog demon the way you stuff it to the brim and never splits apart…it only gets bigger"

"Ah the magic of nylon" she said to me walking over to the bed and placed the ramen inside of the pack "I know what you're really thinking about InuYasha and it has nothing to do with my backpack"

I looked at her, leaning back against her head board I sighed "If I could find a way for you to stay here….I would have you do it" I confessed.

"I know you would" she said with a small smile "But I belong by your side" she said turning to me once she stuffed her pack with her first aid kit "Me and your children. I will worry myself sick on this side….not knowing if you're going to come back. If you're dead, alive or hurt" she shook her head "No…..I'll be an emotional wreck within the week" she said shuddering.

I could understand her reasoning and I knew I would be the same. We couldn't be apart and perhaps it was for the best. We are stronger together anyways.

I eyed her as she dashed about stuffing the yellow monster making me sniff at it….just to be sure. That thing was not normal.

"I think I like that better than I ever liked that green uniform of yours" I said eyeing her black leggings with male appreciation. They hugged her legs in such an alluring way that it was going to get some men in trouble, I could tell. Her top was a pink kimono style top that had extra fabric in the front showcasing her little belly beautifully.

Now if only Naraku would just fuckin die then maybe I could lie back and enjoy the thrill that my mate is going to have two of my pups damn it.

She turned and gave me a saucy little grin "Oh do you?" she said putting down the pocky she was packing for Shippo and crawled on the bed towards me. I smirked, gods I loved it when she acted like this. Nuzzling my chest I closed my eyes in pure pleasure when her lips kissed my neck.

"Love you" she breathed before she nibble on my bottom lip gently making me growl.

"You damn right better" I said pulling her closer one hand cupping the back of her neck the other going to her waist smirking "Come on…I'm sure Shippo is anxious to see you"

She smiled at me "You really like him don't you?"

I rolled my eyes at her "Not at first. I mean sure tolerated him but I didn't see him as my own until I mated you. Shippo is now my pup because you are my mate"

"How does that work?" she said tilting "Is it like a switch?"

"Kinda" I said then growled low when she started to rub my ears "Our poor pups are going to have bald ears" I said sourly when she laughed.

"No they are not….that's why I have you" she said leaning down and kissed my lips briefly.

My ears twitched in response making her sigh lovingly then reached up and gave them one last rub before resuming packing up her monster of a bag.

"InuYasha?" she said softly while packing her sleeping bag.

My ears swivel to her in response "Yeah?"

"Can you promise me something?" she said. I didn't like the way her voice sounded, she was hesitating to ask me something. Linking in to her emotions I could tell that she afraid, but of what I did know.

"What is it koi?" I said standing up and pulled her into the shelter of my arms. This was the only way I knew for sure that she was safe; the need to consistently have her in my arms was getting stronger as her pregnancy progressed.

"Promise me that no matter what happens we stay together. If you go off to confront Naraku….I go with you" she said her face setting into a firm glare.

I was already shaking my head at her "Oh no" I said snarling softly at her "You are going nowhere near that asshole Kagome. I won't allow it"

She glared up at me "I don't give a flying monkey's butt what you 'allow' I am not going to stand by idly while you go off and place yourself in danger. We are stronger together…remember?"

I growled at her making her flinch, forcing her to submit "I said no. It's already bad enough that I am taking you to look for shards while you are pregnant with our two pups. Do not ask me to willing put you in harm's way"

I sighed when she started to tear up "I'm sorry koi" muttered holding her tightly to me.

"I hate it when you use your mate powers against me" she said "I feel like you don't care to even know how I feel. You hear something you don't like and you force me to shut up"

I sighed; I knew this would be a bit of a problem in mating a human. She did not understand that my youkai was always the dominate one in our relationship; ultimately my word was final between us.

"You are my mate, my bitch" I said placing my on her chin and tipped her had back so that I could look into her blue eyes "I do care how you feel but I am your alpha, it's my right and pleasure to keep you safe"

She wrapped her arms around my waist "Then understand that I have to be there with you…..I rather be there with you than worry if you're going to come back to me. You can't place me in a bubble forever"

"Wanna see me try?" I said then chuckled when she growl at me in frustration "I'm not going to get confident just cuz you can put up a barrier….we don't know if it's stronger than Naraku's. That's not a risk I'm not gonna take Kagome" I leaned back and cupped her face and kissed her hard, pouring all of my yearning and love into.

Breaking away I was pleased by the glazed look in her blue eyes "I will do anything that you ask, give you anything you want but fuck woman….the one thing I can't ever do is place you in harm's way"

She sighed "Geez…..out of all the men in the world, how did I get stuck with the most stubborn one the kami's ever created?"

I smirked "Just got lucky that way I guess. Now come on wench, I wanna get back so I can start hunting down that asshole and kill him once and for all….Ow!" I cried out as she flicked my ear hard "What the fuck?"

"Don't call me wench" she growled at me putting her hands on her hips "I'm your mate you jerk and the mother to your pups, show some respect"

I growled but decided to let that one slide, I didn't like aggravating her, her pregnancy hormones made her scarier than usual. I still was going to do my best to keep her out of Naraku's grasp, even if I had to chain her ass and seal her into the cave were we conceived our pups…then so be it. She was too important, too precious for me to lose.

After we said our goodbyes to her mother we headed to the old well house and jumped in allowing the blue lights to take us back home. Determination filled me as I vowed to make sure that my era would be safe for her. I will kill Naraku if it was the last thing I did.

~Kikyo POV~

I gazed out at the valley where the bone eaters well was at and felt the urge to scream out my frustrations and anger.

Damn that wretched girl to hell! He was supposed to mine!

From here I make out Kagome's figure and her slightly swollen from pregnancy. I felt the bitter stab of pain, envy and hatred coursed through me but I didn't fight them instead I welcomed the feelings, savored them.

I wanted her dead.

I wanted to look into her eyes and see her fear as I slowly and painfully rip out her heart but not before I plunge a dagger into her stomach. I had no problems killing off that thing inside of her; she should have never spread her legs to my beloved in the first place. That child should have been mine and I was not going to raise another woman's child.

Narrowing my eyes I saw the way InuYasha held her protectively as they made their way towards my village. She's taking everything that was once mine and I did not like to share. InuYasha will be mine again; he always did have a soft spot for me, proof that he loved me not her, she's just a poor copy. Once I have the jewel I will wish myself alive and take my rightful place by his side.

I caressed the head of one soul stealer gently, forming my plan. Getting InuYasha to come to me shouldn't be all that difficult; I knew he still felt some guilt where I was concern. Even if he did know I gave information to Naraku, I was confident that he would forgive me if I said that I was forced.

I smiled; yes…..I would blame Naraku and lure him away from Kagome's side. Entice him with the promise of my lips.

He was, after all, my ever faithful dog.

~Kagome POV~

I sat on the cool grass feeling relaxed munching some trail mix. I needed something sweet and the raisins and cranberries where hitting the spot.

InuYasha was patrolling the area never straying too far away but still keeping a close eye for danger. There hasn't been any activity for a while and I for one was happy for this peace.

"What some Shippo?" I said holding out my hand for him.

He sniffed the nuts and raisins and shook his head and sighed "I really want some rabbit meat" he said mournfully "It's been a while since I had some. I'm tired of fish"

"Well….why don't you ask InuYasha to catch you one?" I said with a smile, running my fingers through his hair.

Shippo blushed and looked down "Nah…don't wanna bother him, he's got enough to worry about what with you and the babies"

I was about to tell him that I was sure he wouldn't mind when InuYasha suddenly appeared in back of Shippo and pulled him up by the back of his shirt and turned him so that Shippo was looking at InuYasha.

"You know I can hear you Shippo" said my mate raising an eyebrow "What is the first rule of being part of a pack Shippo?"

I saw his little face scrunch up before chirping "The alpha takes care of the pack"

"And what am I?" said InuYasha rolling his eyes.

"You're the alpha" said Shippo looking down.

"And what are you to me?"

"I'm….your kit?" that last part was more of a question than an answer which made me smile. Shippo still needed reassurance where he stood with InuYasha and I found it both endearing and sweet at how much InuYasha's changed around Shippo.

"Keh, of course ya little runt. What else would you be? Now stay here and guard your mother, I'll be back"

With that he deposited Shippo on my lap and winked at me before looking over to Sango and Miroku "Watch them for me"

"Of course" said Miroku and came to sit close to me.

I saw my husband leap up into the trees and disappear.

"You see Shippo?" I said "all you had to do is ask"

Shippo nodded and leapt up and started to play with Kirara.

It took InuYasha twenty minutes to come back with about five rabbits already skinned and ready for cooking. My mouth watered when I smelled the cooking meat, I had realized just hungry I was until now. I have never been much of a meat eater but the smell of the rabbit meat was making me very hungry. I wondered if it was because of the two little hanyous inside of me.

I was wondering this while eating strips of meat that InuYasha cut for me when I felt the aura of a very strong demon. I knew this power.

"Fuck" muttered InuYasha getting up on his feet his hand on Tetsusaiga "What the hell does he want?"

I looked over the open field where our camp was "Sesshomaru" I said in a whisper.

The tall DaiYoukai emerged from the trees and looked straight at me. I didn't know what it was that he wanted but it was obvious that it had something to do with me and I was sure it was because I was carrying InuYasha's pups.

"What do you want Sesshomaru?" said InuYasha walking towards him but still kept close to me in case the older Inu decided to attack.

Sango and Miroku both stood close to me, Sango with Hiraikotsu and Miroku with his staff ready to attack at any moment. Reaching in I drew my barrier around me held my head up high, I would not cower to him nor will I let anything he says affect me. I was expecting a slew of insults and derogatory comments on InuYasha's half-blood but it never came.

"You mated the miko" said the deep voice of demon lord addressing InuYasha. It wasn't an insult, it was merely a comment.

"Yeah, I did" said InuYasha hesitantly "Why are you here?" he asked again.

Sesshomaru walked a bit closer and inhaled deeply before answering "Did you know that once born within the blood circle of our father you will always be pack?"

I didn't know what he was talking about but by the way that InuYasha stiffened I was guessing that he did. Oh dear…..I didn't know if this was going to end good but I truly hoped that the older youkai was not here to fight.

~InuYasha POV~

I was fighting to keep my temper under control; my brother was just as much of a threat as Naraku was in my eyes. Every single time I met with the bastard it always ended up in a fight. Why…I honestly didn't have the slightest idea.

As far as I was concern, I didn't hate the ice cold prick I never knew him enough to hate him until he started to attack me. He was the one who started the while mess in the beginning. I was never looking for the Tetsusaiga, never cared about it. It wasn't my fault that father left it to me, and it sure as fuck wasn't my fault father fell in love with my mom. How was I to blame for something I had no control over? So I never really got Sesshomaru's whole animosity towards me.

"Look, your fight is with me" I growled "I don't really give a fuck but you leave my mate out of this" I said.

"Your mate" said the cold bastard looking over my shoulder at Kagome "A half demon and a priestess…. tell me. When have you ever heard of demon blood mixing with holy blood?"

I frowned then looked back at my mate. Sure it was…..unusual but…

"It has never happened" broke in the voice of my bother "There have been demons who has fall in love with mortals and create hanyous but that is as far as it goes. Miko's are the natural enemy of demons to have had two of the them fall for you is an accomplishment that has never been heard of before" said Sesshomaru then scoffed "Thank our father for that handsome face of yours little brother"

It was now my turn to scoff "Mom was just as beautiful as my mate you jackass. Dad can't take all the credit"

I watched Sesshomaru look over at my mate "For a human I suppose your miko is quite easy on the eyes, I will give her that"

"Way to make a compliment seem like an insult" I muttered "Okay so yeah my mating Kagome is…rare but what do you care?"

"It's more than rare…..it's never happened ever since the Kami's gave a handful of humans the ability to use spiritual powers. What you and your miko have done goes against every demon law and yet…..you were able to create something that is going to be far more powerful than any miko and demon combined"

"What do you mean?" I didn't like where this was going.

He didn't answer instead his gaze went to my mate "What makes you so different?" he asked her. I turned around to see Kagome walking towards us, her barrier in place. The sun hit her head making the blue in her hair stand out and her pale skin to glow. My Kagome was more than beautiful and I was a lucky bastard.

"I don't judge a person, whether they are demon, human or other, it is not my place to do so. Every living being as the capability to be either good or bad, it's a choice not something that is born. Yes I may have miko powers but that does not mean that I am your enemy. I love InuYasha for the person he is on the inside demon and all, not what people perceive on the outside. Just as I don't judge you Lord Sesshomaru"

I saw my brother raise an eyebrow at her "I have tried to kill you before girl, how could you not judge me for that?"

Kagome shrugged "I have seen the way you take care of Rin, a cold hearted killer would not see to the welfare of a child. Yes, you have tried to kill me and my mate but I also believe in the power for forgiveness"

Sesshomaru scoffed "A weakness"

Kagome smiled at him "It's easy to hold on to hate and a grudge but it's takes great strength of character and will of heart to look at your enemy in the eye and forgive them my lord. It is not a weakness"

Sesshomaru looked over at me then "What about you? Do you hold a grudge and hatred towards me?"

I shrugged "I never did hate you bastard. You're the one who kept coming after me"

He looked at me for a long moment before he nodded "Very well then. I will be staying with your pack. I have sent Rin back to the moon palace with Jaken, it is safer there and in the mean time I will be completing your training"

"Whoa!" I said holding out my hands "What? What do you mean your completing my training? Why do you even care?"

"InuYasha, I am the alpha of our family bloodline, a responsibility that has not surfaced until you decided to mate and sire pups. Your pups, as of right now until I take on a mate or if I do, are heirs to the western lands. There demon blood is strong I can feel their auras; they are going to be powerful. Demons with the ability to not only use demonic powers but spiritual ones as well. Never before has there been such a hybrid. Can you not guess what it is that Naraku is after now that he has learned what the outcome is of miko blood and hanyou blood?"

I snarled after a few minutes, my eyes turning red in my rage "Not fuckin likely" I growled low "Hell will freeze over before I allow that piece of shit to touch a single hair on my mate's head"

"Then I suggest that you take my offer for training and protection"

I couldn't help feeling suspicious of this sudden change in my brother.

"Why the sudden need to come to my aide? You never cared in the past so what gives?"

I saw him grimace "I have fought you in the past yes, but have I ever been able to land a killing blow when I have defeated stronger youkai than you?"

I frowned, it did seem kinda odd.

"It is because I have always been your alpha. Now that you have a mate and pup they too became my responsibly"

"You're not my fuckin alpha" I growled out.

"I am your alpha but you are your mates and kit's alpha" he explained flatly.

"So I take it I'm stuck with your frigid ass?" I said with a smirk.

"Indeed little brother, perhaps I can also work on that language of yours while I am here"

I barked out a laugh.

"Not fuckin likely but your welcome to try"



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