Based around my experience at FYE today… I didn't see anyone I knew but still…


Tony DiNozzo stood in the music, movies, and whatever the hell else store. He had decided to indulge in his inner child that Friday night and buy a comedy movie to watch. Yep another Friday night for him…forever alone. He walked over to the comedy section and picked out "Best in Show" from the selections. He had heard from McMovieGeek that it was hilarious.

He had just begun to leave when he decided he had best get another one for afterwards when the first movie ended. He walked around the corner to another one he wanted but not before crossing the Playboy movie section or the sextion as Tony liked to call it.

Oh why was he always his funniest when no one gave a damn?

He looked for the movie he had wanted he couldn't help but glance over at the poor souls rummaging through the dirty videos, the men who couldn't ever get any.

His stomach about fell to his feet when he saw one face looking at them…


Gibbs picked one up and tucked it under his arm he was about to leave when he spotted Tony staring awkwardly back at him.

"Something you needed from me DiNozzo?" Gibbs walked over to him and asked.

"Oh no boss," Tony smiled awkwardly. "Just never thought I'd find you…here…you know in a place like this?"

"Only place in town to get good movies." Gibbs replied with a smile.

"Yeah," Tony stammered. "Good…movies..."

Was Gibbs talking about any old movies or ones like the one currently in his hand?

"What you picked out," Gibbs pointed at Best in Show. "It's a good movie trust me."

"I wish I could say the same for your uh," Tony stammered again. "Choice…"

Gibbs smiled and begun to walk off.

"Have fun tonight with your movies DiNozzo." Gibbs smiled.

"Yeah uh," Tony blushed. "You too…"

God he felt weird saying that…

He found himself in line behind Gibbs who was still holding a tight clench on the movie in his hands. Tony gulped… he'd never look at the boss the same again now.

Gibbs stepped up to the cash register and paid for his purchase. The man at the register didn't seem fazed at all by the DVD and gladly bagged it. Gibbs signed the receipt and went on his way out of the store.

"Excuse me," Tony asked the register attendant as he walked up to pay for his movies. "Does that man come in here often and buy movies like that?"

"Why yes quite often," the man said. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh he's," Tony blushed out of embarrassment as he signed the receipt. "He's my boss…"

"Oh," the attendant said. "Awkward…"

Tony nodded and left the store.


Gibbs walked up to the front door of Tobias Fornell's house and rang the doorbell. Tobias answered the door and cracked it open just barely.

"Jethro how can I thank you, next time I'll get the movie myself I promise?" he took the movie from Gibbs careful hand.

"I know Diane liked this one," Gibbs replied. "And please next time don't send me, at least not on a Friday night…"

"Why not?" Tobias asked.

"I saw Tony…" Gibbs laughed.

"Oh lord." Tobias laughed as Gibbs left to get back into his car.


Tony lay in his bed. He had watched his movie, well only one of them. He couldn't get what he had seen out of his mind.

Not prancing dogs, but Gibbs…

"Gibbs," Tony said to himself. "Gibbs was buying a porno…"

Tony turned to face the ceiling. Tony could only imagine what the film Gibbs had selected was about and more importantly another thing…

What was Gibbs doing while watching it…?

"I can never look at him again…" Tony groaned and pulled the pillow over his face.

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I actually had fun writing this one. I honestly can't believe they have Playboy dirty movies in FYE but whatever I mean the name insinuates "For Your Entertainment" so well…

Ok I'm going to get my mind out of the gutter now…just as Tony should.