Chapter 14

Tony walked along the hallway once again and found himself trying hard not to listen to any conversations, much less Gibbs and Fornell's. He'd had enough of people ever since he'd heard THEM talking…

His ears though, once again failed him.

"God Gibbs," Fornell growled. "Now there's white stuff everywhere and it's all sticky!"

"It's not my fault you squeezed so hard!" Gibbs growled right back.

"Well I told you not to eat it like that," Fornell groaned. "Now I need a tissue or something…"

Tony's eyes went wide. Damn…they were exhibitionists too?!

Tony ran off down the hallway, never looking back.

"Seriously Gibbs," Fornell said as the pair cleaned up the floor with the remnants of the pastry they'd been eating. "I told you not to bite into it like that or else we'd have the worst mess ever, but no you never listen!"

"I think THAT was established a long time ago Tobias." Gibbs only laughed.

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