The Trouble With Spies...

Ok, so I need some help here. I have trouble for all the letters of the alphabet but i, k, q, u, x, y, and z. The last word has to rhyme with spies. You can use this chapter as an example. They can be from Sabina, Blunt's, assassins, K-Unit's, etc POV. The chapters- of which there will be 26 -will not be connected in the plot line, only that they are all what is the trouble with spies. Please enjoy! Oh, and I don't own Alex Rider. If I did, K-Unit would be some of the main characters.

Chapter 1:

assassin's POV:

I have a sniper's rifle in my hands. I look at the picture of my target and check it with the boy below me. There is no doubt. They are one and the same.

I do not know his name. That is not necessary. It would slow me down, make me think of him as a person. But he is not, not to me. To me, he is just another target, one that will bring me five million dollars.

I have been hired, by Scorpia, to kill him. I know why they cannot. They made an agreement with MI6 not to kill him. That does not matter. I know not who the boy is, what he has done to anger Scorpia, or his role in this world. I know nothing of him but his face. That is all that I need.

Now, I chamber a magazine into my gun. I pull back the safety, aim... and I fire. Before the bullet has left the gun, I know that I have missed. I know that I miss timed it. As I fired, the target shifted. The bullet will go into his chest a few centimeters to the left. Exactly where he was shot before.

I know that I have failed. But I continue to watch. I continue to watch, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, he will die anyway. Maybe from blood loss, or the bullet nicking a vital organ. Maybe it did hit the heart, just not exactly.

But I know that this is a false hope. And I know that, with the blood streaming from the boy's body, proving that he is human, and the woman who screamed "Alex!" in such an anguished way, giving a name to my target, that I cannot shoot him again.

I have failed. I will not be given my payment. Instead, I will be hunted down and killed for my failure.

The trouble with spies is that they always arise.

I hoped you enjoyed. I will probably be updating frequently on this, as each chapter has its own plot line, so I don't need to really reach for it. Please review!