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So… new chapter! This one takes place after Scorpia Rising, Alex never left with the Pleasures, instead he joined MI6. Funny how most of mine are like that, huh? Also, ignore how Q-Unit just gives out info without much proof… doesn't make sense, but…

Alex Rider shuffled forward, his stocking feet making no sound on the tile floor. He paused, glanced around the corner, and waved his hand behind him. Director Tulip Jones, gadgeteer Smithers, and MI6 agents Tamara Knight –transferred from the CIA, Ben Daniels – ex-SAS, and Tom Harris – the junior agent there – moved forward. The Deputy Head of MI6 lead the way, gun in hand, prepared for anything.

- 15 minutes later –

Rose Rothman, daughter of Julia Rothman, stared angrily out the window of her helicopter at her demolished HQ. Somehow, during the hour she was gone, her prisoners – whom she had captured after 10 years of careful planning! – had escaped. On top of that, they found the explosives.

- three miles away –

Tom rolled on the ground, cracking up. The other people from MI6 watched him, barely keeping grins off their faces. Tom always made them laugh, and when they were off duty, it was ok. But after being kidnapped and escaping, they had to focus.

After another minute, Jones snapped, "Agent Harris! Collect yourself!"

Jumping to attention, the 25-year-old man calmed himself.

"Mrs. Jones?" Agent Daniels questioned. "What are your orders?"

"We are only twenty miles from Brecon Beacons," she noted. "We will go there and take command of two cars and 18 guns with extra ammunition. Then, we will o home in those cars. After organizing a raid, of course."

Tom bounced excitedly. "And explosives?"

Mrs. Jones nodded, but added, "In Agent Daniels' hands unless we are attacked."

Agent Harris made a face, but nodded.

Everyone else gave sighs of relief. Tom plus explosives equaled disaster.

Then, Alex and Ben gave gasps of horror as they realized were they were headed. Hell.

Five minutes later, Alex gave a sigh of annoyance as they walked on the highway. "Really? Do we have to be on the highway to Hell?"

Tom frowned. "Huh?"

"The old song," Ben explained. "And Brecon Beacons is Hell."

"Huh?" came again.

Alex groaned. "Remind me again how you became an agent?"

"Well, first-"

'Aha! A car!" Smithers interrupted, pointing at an army jeep driving down the highway.

Mrs. Jones smiled satisfactorily and stepped into the road, holding her hand out in the universal sign for stop.

- in the car –

Cheetah screamed, "Watch out!"

Falcon, who had been having a conversation with Bear, twisted around and, seeing the woman standing in the middle of the road, stomped on the brakes. Cobra and Bear squawked like chickens as their heads slammed into the seat in front of them. Cheetah pulled a face of annoyance as he pushed the passenger seat airbag back into the compartment and out of his face. Falcon breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the woman still standing, unharmed.

This all lasted until Bear, known for his short temper, saw the cause of everything and exploded out of the car, clutching his throbbing head.

"What do you think you were doing?!" He yelled at the woman, not even noticing that she didn't flinch, avert her eyes in shame, or take a step back. "You could have been killed! We could have been killed! And all because you didn't look both ways!"

This went on for a while until Alex lost his patience and yelled, "Calm yourself soldier!"

The leader of Q-Unit was shocked into silence. Falcon, Cobra, and Cheetah stopped laughing at Bear's outburst abruptly.

"Thank you, Agent Rider," the woman said calmly. Then, turning to the SAS unit, she snapped, "Names, unit and rank." When their mouths didn't move, she roared, "NOW!"

Rocketing to attention in record time, Bear saluted. "Bear of Q-Unit, Captain."

Cheetah quickly followed his leader's example. "Cheetah of Q-Unit, Medic Lieutenant."

"Falcon of Q-Unit, Soldier," the sharpshooter saluted.

The explosive expert also saluted and announced himself, "Cobra of Q-Unit , Soldier."

The woman, obviously of high rank now that they took her in, examined them before saying, "At ease."

The four SAS men of Q-Unit moved into a relaxed position.

Mrs. Jones stated, "Jones, Head of MI6."

Bear's mouth almost dropped in horror. He had been yelling at her!

"Agent Rider, Deputy Head of MI6," interrupted his thoughts.

"Agent Daniels, Senior Agent," a familiar voice said. This time, Bear's mouth did drop.

"Fox?" he cried.

The ex-SAS soldier nodded and grinned. "Good to see you again, Bear."

As said man opened his mouth to reply, a voice said, "Nice as this reunion is…" the new woman trailed off before stating, "Agent Knight, Senior Agent."

"Agent Harris, Junior Agent."

"Smithers, Gadgeteer."

Q-Unit took them in, and then Bear asked, "What are you doing here, and why did you stop us?"

Agent Harris opened his mouth to answer, beaming at them, when Agent Rider cut the man off. "We were in the area, making sure no one was doing anything illegal around the base. Unfortunately, someone is, so we need a faster ride to get there. Once there, we'll organize a raid and leave."

Falcon, the best of Q-Unit at uncovering lies, scrutinized Alex. The man stared back evenly. Eventually, Falcon nodded to Bear. His leader gave a sigh of relief as he motioned the MI6 people into the jeep. He did not want to say no the heads of MI6. Turning, he froze. How were they all going to fit?

- three hours later –

Eagle of K-Unit was mad. He had turned the sergeant's clothes pink and been caught. As punishment, he had gate duty. And everyone hated gate duty. You had to stand in a little hut that did nothing to block the cold. If someone came, you had to step out, rain or shine, to check their id. Plus, it was incredibly boring. You sat for hours on end with no entertainment, as hardly anyone came through.

Eagle was playing tic-tac-toe (hard when your by yourself) in the dirt when he heard the sound of a straining motor. Almost shouting to the heavens in joy, he hurried to the door. Laughing, he stared at the sight before him.

Falcon was driving. Next to him was Cheetah, who was sitting awkwardly between the front seats. Next to him was a young man and an older woman, sharing the passenger seat. In the back was Cobra and Bear, sharing the left seat. Next to them was another young man and a woman. Next to them was a large, bubbly man who was taking up the whole right seat. On the floor was a familiar man that Eagle couldn't place.

Bear growled, "Stop laughing, Eagle, and let us in."

Eagle continued to laugh for another minute, just to annoy the man, before saying, "Id, Bear. For all of you. Can't let you in without 'em."

Bear growled again but handed his over. So did everyone else. Eagle glanced at all of them before holding them under a scanner. 'Captain Bear, Q-Unit'. 'Medic Lieutenant Cheetah, Q-Unit'. 'Soldier Falcon, Q-Unit'. 'Soldier Cobra, Q-Unit'. 'Classified, Head of MI6'. Eagle started, glancing at the woman in the passenger seat. 'Classified, Deputy Head of MI6'. The guard looked up again, once more to that seat. 'Agent Harris, MI6'. 'Agent Knight, MI6'. "Agent Daniels, MI6'. 'Gadgeteer Smithers, MI6'.

- in car –

Ben stared at his old comrade, praying he didn't recognize him. He was also thankful that their ids were sewed into hidden pockets that Rothman hadn't found.

Ben watched as Eagle finally handed over their ids. "Go," he said, sighing. "But bring my case to the sergeant. Please. I'll be lucky if anyone else comes."

"We will, my friend," Cobra sighed. He understood where Eagle was coming from, having been there himself.

Bear shook his head, "Tough luck, Eagle. We can't, we have business to do." The leader then kicked the back of the driver's seat and Falcon, startled, put his foot on the gas.

Eagle cried out in despair as the car drove away. As he did, Ben laughed. The man still in K-Unit stopped abruptly, staring after the car, his mouth forming the name, "Fox?"

- Sergeant's office –

Sergeant Hayes looked up, startled, when his office door slammed open. He jolted to his feet and saluted when he saw who was coming in. "Mrs. Jones," he gasped. "You are unexpected, so I apologize for not being prepared –"

"I am taking over your troops for a few days, Sergeant," the Head of MI6 interrupted him.

"What?" The poor man was completely bewildered.

"Out," Jones said simply.

The sergeant exited the room – his office! – and met with a confused Q-Unit. "What is going on?" He demanded. "I've just been kicked out of my office! My office!"

Bear shook his head, "We met them on the road and gave them a ride here because they had discovered some kind of cult near here. That's all we know."

That knowledge grew only a little as time passed. This was because the spies stayed hold up in the sergeant's office. Occasionally they came out and gave orders, but that was it. As the orders grew, however, a picture began to form.

By the end of the third day, by which everyone was tired, the terrorists had been captured and the spies gone. Along with them were two cars, 18 guns, and extra ammo. The soldiers guarding the weapons shed had no idea how that happened.

Eagle, when he was finally relieved from guard duty at the gate after being forgotten till the second day after the spies left due to all the commotion and confusion – he was lucky to have taken enough food and water to last for weeks for a normal person's stomach, said only one thing before collapsing into sleep after learning what happened, "The trouble with spies is when they over occupy."

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