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Justin Valentine, the newest person to try and take over the world, hid behind a desk in his office.

All had been going well with his operation of wooing every girl and boy in the world before Alex bloody Rider had arrived. Suddenly, his work had gone downhill. Justin had ordered his guards to shoot the boy, and they had. There was just one problem. They missed.

Now, Rider had killed one guard and taken his gun. This led to the rest of his guards trying to shoot him before he could shoot them. They missed again.

Shouting at his guards to cover him, Justin dashed for the windows. The one time they really needed to obey him, they didn't, and Justin screamed in pain as a bullet connected with his thigh and arm in rapid succession.

Before he passed out, Justin had one thought back to the beginning of the shoot out.

'The trouble with spies is, no matter what the occasion, they always reply.'

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