Ginga Ocean James: Liara

Chapter 1: Brief recap of GOJ

The wind blew gently, signifying that spring was coming soon to Japan. A group of dogs known as the Ohu army lived in a rock structure called Gajou. The dogs that lived there have gone through many battles and wars, from the battle against Akakabuto to Sniper's takeover to Tegan's castle. The leader there was a silver Akita by the name of Gin. His actions led to the defeat of the demon bear and helped countless others.

James on the other hand, after a car crash that separated him and his sisters from their parents, left for Ohu to see if they were there. That car crash sent in course a great destiny for the little Akita mix. Soon after he arrived at Ohu, Gajou was attacked and he, his sisters and a few select friends escaped. It was then he and friends decided to gather soldiers under the guidance of Bill and Minazuki, two soldiers from the war against Akakabuto. He went far across Japan, on the same path that Gin had once treed himself. He soon gained many friends and allies and even a mate in the process. Soon after he defeated Sniper, his mate gave birth to his four pups.

Six months later, Gin, Minazuki, and Gin and John's pups were kidnapped by Tegan, one of Sniper's soldiers. He and some of his friends went to the castle where she was. There he lost one of his old friends, Minazuki had sacrificed himself in order to protect his daughter Sara and her friends. Soon after, Sara killed Tegan herself. It seemed after that that peace would come. But that was not the case…

After James's mate Smoke was taken to New York, James snuck aboard a ship to find him. He later met two dogs that would help him find his mate. After he found Smoke and his two new pups, they left for home soon after.

A year later, fate would set his eldest daughter's life into action…