Deadly Performance

Summary: The episode 'Performance' but with a twist. Instead of the villain being Parasite, Robin has to face a ghost from his past. Can he keep his secret identify hidden from his team while trying to take down the one who changed his life forever? Rated for language.

AN: I know I should update 'Finding Their Way Home' but this has been bouncing around my head ever since I saw the latest episode last Sunday. Though, since it's still early, I will probably go work on that after I finish this chapter up. Not exactly sure how long this will be yet…I'm pretty much just going with the flow. Since it's only really covering one episode, I don't expect it to be very long...anyway, let me know what you guys think and enjoy the story~! You don't have to have seen the episode to understand what's going on, but I'm pretty much following the same time frame but not exactly since I can't remember all of the details, but if you've seen it, you know the flow :P

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December 22. 20:08pm. Bruges.

"Welcome to Haley's Circus!" An older man dressed in a top hat and a colorful suit calls loudly into the microphone to the audience. The ringleader bows grandly in the big top circus tent, smiling warmly. "Tonight's performance is starring our newest act! The Daring Dangers!" The ringleader steps aside as the spotlight flashes back to the teens behind him. He starts introducing the teens as Roy and Artemis shoot off flaming arrows and Conner lifts up a bolder above his head effortlessly. Megan and Dick soar through the air on the trapeze.

Robin. Is everything alright? Megan's soft voice comes through the mindlink as the two land on opposing platforms.

Yeah…think I just picked up that twenty-four hour bug that's been going around. Dick answers, wiping sweat from his forehead. He jumps off the platform with the trapeze in hand as Megan does the same. The acrobat flips through the air and reaches out for the martian's hand, only to fall short. His eyes widen in horror as he starts to plummet towards the ground. Megan quickly uses her telekinesis to catch him and pull his hand into hers. Don't break cover.

No one will notice from way up here. Megan states soothingly as the crowd goes wild. They love it.

Thanks for the save… Dick's voice comes through quietly as they both land back on their platforms, holding their arms up and bowing for the crowd.


After the show, the team hangs back, observing the other circus members' interactions. The Interpol agent storms off, after trying to unsuccessfully intimidate the owner of the circus, Jack Haley. There had been a string of robberies of weapons technology in all of the cities the international circus had been in. The team was undercover to see what was really going on and to try to clear the circus' name. Roy frowns, glancing over at their youngest member. "You're not looking so good…maybe you should go rest…"

"I'm fine." Dick snaps before leaning against a crate for support.

"He's right…you'll need your strength for later." Megan steps forward, placing a comforting hand on the young bird's shoulder. Dick quickly slaps her hand away, shrinking away from her touch.

"Just back off." He growls before storming off. Conner glares after him as Artemis raises an eyebrow.

"What's got his tights in a twist?"

"He had a fever…maybe it had something to do with that?" Megan tries to reason, rubbing her hand absently. She had never seen him react like that…something must have happened.

Megan approaches the door to Dick's room cautiously with Artemis close behind for moral support. She glances back at the blonde nervously, who nods in encouragement. The martian reaches up, gently knocking on the door. "R-..Dan? Is everything alright? You haven't eaten dinner yet, so we brought you something to eat…"

"Not hungry." Dick's muffled response through the door earns a frown from the two women.

"Can we get you anything at least?" The archer asks, starting to grow worried about their teammate.



"Go away." Her eyes narrow as she grabs Megan's hand, dragging her off. Megan gasps at the forceful behavior as they make it back to their room. Artemis looks around suspiciously before closing and locking their door.

"What are we doing?" Megan asks nervously. She was growing concerned at the furious look on the archer's face.

"Wally knows him the best. I'm getting his lazy ass up here to fix Robin." Artemis pulls out her comm link, placing it in her ear.

"What if he's just sick and doesn't want to be bothered?"

"I think it's something more than that…he seem rattled…I've never seen him like that…he always keeps his cool." She clicks the communicator on, rolling her eyes at Wally's typical response.

"Awesome Speedster here. How may I help you?"

"Robin's acting weird." She frowns at the long pause from the ginger on the other end.

"…Weird how?"

"Well, we're on a undercover mission in Bruges at the moment…we're a part of Haley's International Circus, investigating a string of robberies…everything was going fine until Robin got sick tonight…"

"…Wait…you're at Haley's? Is Bats okay with this?"

"He said Batman and Red Tornado authorized it."

"Did anything different happen?"

"Well…he wasn't at one-hundred percent tonight, so he fell a little bit, but Megan caught him."

"I'll be there in five minutes." Wally quickly ends the comm link as the archer's eyebrows knit in concern. Megan glances at her curiously.

"How did it go?"

"Strange to say the least…Wally is on his way here."

"Oh…I didn't expect that."

"I didn't expect him to come so easily. I thought he was going to whine about it."

Roy cocks an eyebrow as Wally slowly approaches. "I didn't know you were coming."

"Artey called me…said Rob was acting weird…I'm here to help!"

"He's a strong kid. He can handle himself."

"I know he's strong…hell…he's probably stronger than all of us…but I'm his best friend…I can't just leave him when I know something's wrong." Roy sighs, nodding slowly.

"He always did trust you the most…his room is the last door on the left." Wally smiles warmly.

"Thanks, Roy." He trots off towards Dick's room and knocks on the door. When he doesn't hear an answer, he kicks the door open, much to the bird's surprise.

"What the hell?" Dick shouts, throwing the covers off of his head. His eyes widen in shock upon seeing his best friend. "What…? Why…?"

"You're at Haley's…" Dick nods slowly as Wally puts the door back on the hinges before sitting next to the bird. "And you fell from the trapeze." The acrobat flinches, looking away.

"I'm fine."

"No, you're not…it's alright, Dick…you don't have to pretend in front of me." Wally wraps an arm around his best friend's shoulder, pulling him into a hug. Dick leans into the touch, resting his head on the ginger's shoulder.

"I could have ended up like them…" He mumbles hollowly.

"But you didn't."

"I almost died the same way they did…" Dick's eyes water as his breath hitches. "I know how they felt as they-…"

"Dick. Stop thinking like that. You know Megan, let alone the rest of the team, would let you get hurt…"

"I know…but…this place…it still brings back so many memories…they even still have posters everywhere…it's like constantly being slapped in the face." Wally squeezes him tighter.

"Just remember. I'll always have your back…and I'm not going anywhere." Dick nods slowly, wiping his eyes. "Now, get suited up. We have a thief to catch! We have to clear Jack's name, after all!" The acrobat smiles softly, nodding again as Wally makes for the door.

"Wally?" The ginger turns around, raising an eyebrow curiously. "Thank you…I'm sorry I didn't invite you earlier." Wally waves his hand dismissively.

"Don't worry about it. That's what best friends are for!" He beams before walking out.

The team crouches down in their positions to stake out the weapons warehouse.

"Are you sure this is where the thief is going to hit?" Roy asks, readying his bow.

"Yes. According to the patterns from the other thefts, this place has the most advanced weaponry." Dick states, checking the stats again on his hologlove.

"How are you feeling, Robin?" Megan asks worriedly as she eyes his pallor complexion.

"Like crap, actually…but I'll manage." The bird's eyes narrow as a shadow makes its way to the dark warehouse. "Looks like we got him." He grins, disappearing into the shadows with his eerie cackle.

The thief pries yet another crate open, grinning when he finally finds what he was looking for. "Perfect." He pauses, hearing a laugh coming from the darkness above him.

"Looks like we've caught you red handed…bet you're red faced too!" Dick smirks, crossing his arms.

"Acrobatics won't save you this time." Artemis states, knocking an arrow and aiming at the thief as Roy does the same.

"You're too late…I already have what I came for." The burglar sneers, whipping out match, and blows fire at them. The team dives out of the way. When they look back, the thief was gone, leaving the lit match by a crate full of live ammo.

"Crap! Get down!" Dick shouts, but it was too late. The warehouse explodes, sending the team flying in all different directions. Conner managed to hold a piece of collapsed roof over Megan and Artemis, protecting them.

"Is everyone alright?" Conner calls out, tossing the piece of roof off to the side.

"Get Megan out…we'll go after the thief!" Dick answers, staggering to his feet. He coughs roughly before collapsing, blood slowly trickling from his head. Wally gets up tiredly, wincing as he hauls a piece of concrete off of his left arm before getting up. It didn't appear to be broken, but it was definitely going to leave a mark. His eyes widen when he hears Conner calling out for Robin, as his voice gets further away. The clone was no doubt getting the martian away from the fire.

"Rob? Roy? Artey?" Wally shouts, looking around frantically through the blaze. A piece of rubble topples over next to him, causing him to jump. Roy glares over at him, looking worse for wear.

"Artemis is fine. Conner got her and Megan out. We need to find Robin." Wally nods in agreement, helping his fellow ginger look. They both pause in shock when they see their bird crumpled on the ground.

"Robin!" They call out in unison, rushing over to their comrade and long time friend. The two haul Dick up, and start dragging him towards the exit. Before they could make it out, the roof starts caving in causing them to curse under their breath. Just before a metal rafter hits them, Conner rushes in, shoving them out of the way and catches what would have been his teammates' doom.

"Thanks, Conner…I owe you one!" Wally beams, picking himself off the ground. The clone nods, tossing the metal beam off to the side. He heads out of the burning warehouse with the three remaining members of his team before eyeing Dick wearily.

"Is he alright?"

"He probably has a concussion…and smoke inhalation…but he'll be fine…just needs to sleep it off." Wally states, as Roy nods in agreement, taking a closer look at the cut on the bird's head.

"Now, we need to get out of here before the poliece show up." The others nod in agreement. Conner scoops Megan up and they all head back to the circus; the gingers carrying their fallen bird the whole way to safety. Once he regained consciousness, they had a lot to discuss. Was ever member of the circus seriously a part of a crime ring?

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