Fear had gripped him instantly the moment his beloved captain had fallen. Eyes wide, he could no nothing but stare. Captain was... captain was... suddenly everyone was running to him but Tenma could do nothing but stand there and look on in absolute horror.

"Captain!" He finally called out as he too rushed to check on his beautiful captain. Tears threatened to spill, as he tried to make his way closer to him, closer, just a little close Tenma,but he was blocked. The closer he thought he was the farther away he seemed.

He wanted to break down, to hug him, his beloved captain. But he was so white, he looked so lifeless.

It all seemed hopeless to him. He was so far from him, his captain.

"Takuto..." He whispered...

And everything seemed to fade to black

"Please!" He begged the doctor, tears once more threatening to fall. Everyone around him was frowning, looking down, trying to avoid the gaze of either Tenma or the doctor. "Please, Sensei! There has to be someway. Just please, let him play!" He knew it would hurt his Captain if he couldn't play.

And he worried about the other.

"I'm sorry..." The doctor said, giving one last look at the people around him, before looking at the door the the operation room that suddenly opened. Tenma was the first one there, looking at the face he most dearly loved. It was so pale, so cold, and if it wasnt for the slow constant up and down motions of Shindou's chest he would have feared the worst.

"He's going to be just fine." One of the nurses, one whom Tenma recognized as the attendant of Taiyou, told him.

He was so glad.

So very very glad. He was going to be okay, he was going to live. The burden on his heart lifted a little as he smiled as tears ran down his cheeks.

Making his way to his captains hospital room, he knocked announcing his presence. When the 'Come in' came from the other side. He walked in, head down.

"Tenma..." Gazing up straight into the eyes of the other, Tenma started to tear up. With his captain in the hospital on bed rest and the team thinking he, Matsukaze Tenma, could be the replacement captain, he had been going through a lot of emotional turmoil.

"T-Takuto..." Tenma whispered, calling the other the name he only dared call him in private. Takuto smiled gently before patting the sheets next to him on the bed.

"Come here Tenma."

Tenma quickly made his way over to the other and as soon as he was close enough Takuto quickly wrapped his arms around the other and pulled him down onto the bed so they were lying next to each other.

Tenma blushed, looking away.

"Tenma, I chose you as the captain for a reason."

Tenma stayed quiet, enjoying the warmth that surrounded him. He hadn't been able to be this close to the other for a long time, the last time being when he had stayed over at the others house a few weeks ago.

"You opened my eyes..." Takuto said, burying his face into Tenma's hair. "You showed me that there was more to soccer then the fake soccer we were brainwashed to play. You showed me... what soccer was. But most of all, you taught me how to love."

Tenma cuddle in closer to his boyfriend (secret as it may be) as Takuto held him a little bit more tightly. "And so, that is why I believe you can be the captain, because you started this wind of change. You showed us what real soccer was. And I believe with all my heart, you can show the others as well."

Kissing the top of Tenma's head, he whispered. "I love you Tenma, do your best."

"I love you too, Takuto... I'll try my best..."

Leaving the hospital that day, Tenma had a new goal in mind.

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